Summer Beach Style : Embrace The Season With These New Swimwear Cuts

The swimsuit is the beach uniform. Available in a thousand and one different cuts, the must-have for the summer season adapts to everyone's desires. Here are all the shapes of swimsuits you need to know before choosing your summer model.

Summer Beach Style : Embrace The Season With These New Swimwear Cuts

By YEET MAGAZINE | Updated 0200 GMT (1000 HKT) June 6, 2021

The swimsuit is the beach uniform. Available in a thousand and one different cuts, the must-have for the summer season adapts to everyone's desires. Here are all the shapes of swimsuits you need to know before choosing your summer model.

Choosing your swimsuit is a thorny fashion challenge. The cut, the material, the color, the prints ... the selection criteria are numerous. To make it easier for you, we have brought together the essential swimwear cuts as well as the new trendy shapes to test.

The different cuts of two-piece swimsuits

In the two-room department, the possibilities are endless. High-cut or more covering swimsuits, classic or more daring cuts, we take a tour of the most popular models of the moment, to keep only the best.

The 80s panties

Retro inspiration and maximum cut, the 80s cut panties have been everywhere for a few years now. Its rise accelerated the fall of the low-rise jersey, a bit less flattering. We wear it in an embossed texture and bright color, to stick to the 80s style .

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etam high waist swimsuit panties


The triangle bikini

Let the one who has never owned a triangle bikini (or more) come forward. A true staple of swimwear collections , it has been at the top of trends since its creation in 1946. To upgrade its look, choose it in multicolored crochet and mismatch the top and bottom.

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shein trendy crochet triangle bikini


The swimsuit: a look back at the evolution of an essential fashion piece

Bandeau bikini top

A true ally for a flawless, streak-free tan, the bandeau swimsuit is also terribly stylish. We add a twist to its minimalist appearance with a big bow on the front, playful prints, frills and ruffles. Perfect for small breasts.

Bandeau bikini top, shop at  PARIOLI

h & m headband swimsuit


Bra-shaped swimsuit

It takes the shape of your bra, with its straight straps and its push-up or basket effect. A good option for those who need maintenance. We choose it with removable straps to easily transform it into a headband.

Padded bikini top, shop at PARIOLI

la dread bra bikini top


High waist panties

She was not unanimous on her return a few seasons ago. And yet, here it is more coveted than ever in the collections of influential lingerie and swimwear brands . We like it in its plain and understated version, mixed with a more whimsical top.

Aubade high waist bikini bottom , shop at PARIOLI

high waisted swimsuit panties aubade


One-piece swimsuit: which cut to choose?

The bikini does not have the monopoly of interest on the beaches. The one-piece swimsuit even manages to dethrone it little by little. And for good reason, this covering model seizes notches and cutouts that we all love. One thing is certain: the one-piece swimsuit is anything but boring.

One-piece swimsuit with a square neckline

The square neckline is everywhere, on tops as well as dresses, and trendy swimsuits . On a one-piece model, it shows off the neckline, without revealing too much. Often combined with spaghetti straps, the square neckline is the '90s fashion detail we love.

Square neck swimsuit, 25, shop at PARIOLI

Monki women's trendy square neck swimsuit


Swimsuit with a plunging neckline

The most sensual model of the summer is this one. With its deep cut, the plunging swimsuit reveals, more or less subtly, the hollow of the breasts. Whether you have a small or a big breast, you can let yourself be tempted by this model, by simply adapting its cut to your morphology.

Plunging neckline swimsuit, shop at PARIOLI

plunging neckline swimsuit

Tips to know to adopt the plunging neckline with confidence

Asymmetric swimsuit

Asymmetry is the right alternative to twist a swimsuit that is too classic. On the one-piece model, the asymmetrical strap will draw the eye to the upper body and change the usual straight straps. We love this fashion detail so much that we don't hesitate to wear the swimsuit in the city  under denim shorts or a midi skirt.

Asymmetric one-piece swimsuit, shop at PARIOLI

mango asymmetric swimsuit


The trendy trikini

The cut-out trend that is invading dresses and other summer tops is also attacking the swimwear department. We find these cuts on the sides or on the front of her one-piece swimsuit. Ideal to avoid the block effect and ventilate the silhouette. Less ideal for tan traces.

Striped trikini, shop at PARIOLI

trendy undiz trikini


Now that you are up to date on the various cuts of trendy (and essential) women's swimwear , which summer model (s) will you turn to?

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Have you ever been yelled at for wearing something considered "inappropriate" at the beach or at the pool?

Yes, it happened to me. In this pool while I was with my friends:

There were children around us, and a group of mothers approached me, and one of them asked if I could put something more decent, because there were " young people. impressionable kids "around, and she didn't want them to be negatively influenced.

What I was wearing, lying on my bed to illustrate my point:

This is a perfectly normal, standard two-piece, a swimsuit that most people wouldn't blink if they saw someone else wearing it.

I didn't want to create trivial problems, and one of my sayings " live and let live ", so I just walked away and so did my friends.

Honestly, some people can be quite unreasonable!7.9k  viewsShow 157  positive votes15710Adding comments disabled

Quentin Burlot

What has that serious jersey. The woman should be able to dress however she wants. Your body belongs to you ladies and no one, neither man nor woman, has the right to dictate your physique to you and even less to touch you without your consent.

Alain Kadlec

What about the men? In what outfit were they in this swimming pool ...Positive vote·10

Elise wood

The swimsuit and the shorts are really hot!Positive vote·3

Kanhlayany Kousonsanong

To tell the truth I find that it is the bottom which looks a little low, even "flush".

But it would never occur to me to judge this young woman and tell her what to wear! If she has a great body and can afford it, she might as well enjoy it!

The lucky 😭

Roger politis

I wonder in which country it was? It seems like the kind of thing you would see in a Muslim country, not in the West ...Positive vote·5

Joelle ballestraz

False, the author is from Singapore. Buddhism is the most predominant religion. Beware of prejudices, there are morons everywhere. It could have gone very well in the USA elsewhere.Positive vote·24Mina Daoud In Muslim countries (not all, I know), she couldn't even wear this from the start. Egypt comes to mind. Unless she is a foreign tourist, because the dinar comes first. But he's right anyway, it's not a Western country and Singapore is a partially Muslim country (it's on the flag). It is a kind of union where the four great religions of are united and protected (each community lives with its own rules).

Pierre Signan

mmh I think there is an adage that holds true, it is that the sensuality does not depend on the swimsuit, but on what is inside;)

What I see in the photo is that Edelweiss Yong's chest is superbly highlighted by the bikini top… What I can check on her thread… I don't know ... (more)Positive vote·3

Alain Mory

Really cute!
I would also have been impressed.
In the correct meaning of the term.

Jean-Francois Denis

What is the difference between a bikini and a monokini?

bikini: 2-piece monokini swimsuit: when it was created, a swimsuit held in place by straps leaving the breasts visible, nowadays the straps cover the breasts more or less "slightly" and make them sexy outfitsAnswer Bikinis

Berry wafa

Doctorate in Linguistics from Sorbonne Nouvelle University - Paris 3 ( Diploma obtained in 1985 )

Why are women ashamed to be in their underwear in front of others, but act like swimsuits are totally different?

Because in society, everything is a question of codes, conventions and representations. The functionality of underwear is different from that of a swimsuit and therefore it is loaded with intimate, personal, private, modest connotations, while the swimsuit is a dress.


Hans-Georg Lundahl

Studied Latin (language) and Greek (language) at Lund University

Why does the bikini have this name?

The latest news at one time was, it seems to me, an atomic bomb test on Bikini Atoll. However, those days, we wanted to make the bikini the latest in fashion. It was given the name "bikini" after this latest news.


Evan nescent

What do you think of the connected bikini to prevent sunburn?Connected swimsuits warn users of a lack of sunscreen on their skin, via smartphone alerts. "Spinali Design" - A connected bikini against sunburn(more)Answer Bikinis

Zakia Beztout

In web integration training at ESECAD

What swimsuits would you choose to get maximum attention and shock on a prudish beach?None I think this is still the best way to shock on a prude beach. On the other hand, I don't understand why you want to shock people. Shouldn't you instead choose clothes that appeal to you before you try to annoy the world?

Laurent De Coudenhove

What's the smallest bikini you've ever seen wearing?

Beauty veils itself. A free woman who respects the work of her body is not ashamed of it. Her beauty is the most beautiful thing there is, and it is not all about the body. For the outraged of the question, the most beautiful is not a woman in a bikini, it is a woman slightly veiled in light fabrics that highlight her movements.

Only my beauties are not loved for their beauty but often for this ability to be dominated by a big horny and disrespectful male.

They therefore prefer to spare their eyes, words and deeds from their vomit.424  views22  comments from Alain Mas and other


Guillaume Dabosville

Are you against monokinis?

Much depends on who is wearing it.

To paraphrase Woody Allen who said: "a gentleman is someone who knows how to play the bagpipe but who abstains from it", we can say that in certain cases: "a gentleman" is a woman who would like to wear a monokini but who refrain from doing so.

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Gerard Bigot

Why are you wearing bikinis?

I am a boy, but I imagine a girl wears a bikini, because it is the smallest piece of clothing acceptable in the general case.

It allows you to offer most of your body to the sun's rays.

I eliminate topless and nudists from my response. Because, it's my choice ...142  views

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