The Most Expensive Cat Breeds In The World : These Kitties Can Cost As Much As Tesla

Cats have been part of history for thousands of years. But it's only in the last few centuries that people have started paying money for these little furballs. Many cats can be found for free at a local shelter, but special breeds can cost quite a hefty sum.

The Most Expensive Cat Breeds  In The World : These Kitties Can Cost As Much As Tesla

20 most expensive cat breeds
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Red Persian Cat ©pio3/

Red Persian Cat ©pio3/

Cats have been part of history for thousands of years. But it's only in the last few centuries that people have started paying money for these little furballs. Many cats can be found for free at a local shelter, but special breeds can cost quite a hefty sum.

Whether it's the result of a single attribute or the general rarity of the breed itself, some very expensive cats exist. Here's a look at a few felines that could cost as much as a brand new Tesla .

1. Asherah

Weight: 13-16 kg
Life expectancy: 24-26 years
Average price: Up to $125,000*.

Ashera cats are some of the most expensive cats a person can (legally) have as a pet in the United States — well, in most states. They are a mix of savannah cats and Asian leopard cats (among others) and can be over a meter tall when fully grown.Advertisement

Ashera ©Pierre Aden/

Ashera ©Pierre Aden/

At $125,000 apiece, the Asheras aren't cheap. These exotic cats look a bit like something out of Disney's . The Lion King and are very loyal to their peers. Asheras also like to fetch the ball once in a while and aren't totally against being hitched up for a walk around the neighborhood.Advertisement

2. Savannah

Weight: 6-12 kg
Life expectancy: 18-22 years
Average price: 10,000 to 50,000 dollars*.

There is no larger known domesticated cat breed on Earth than the adorable Savannah cat. The Savannah is a cross between an African wild cat called a "serval" and a domesticated feline. Depending on its sex and diet, a Savannah can measure up to 30 cm and weigh up to 25 kg.Advertisement



For Savannahs to grow strong and healthy, it is important to give them a regular diet of raw meat (liver, beef or chicken). However, as they age, regular wet cat food should suffice. They may look like big predators but Savannah cats love cuddles.Keep Watching

3. Sphynx

Weight: 3-6 kg
Life expectancy: 8-14 years
Average price: 1,500 to 10,000 dollars*.

Better known as the creepy hairless cat or 'the thing' Rachel brought home in Friends, Sphynx cats are the very definition of why you shouldn't judge a creature by its looks. . The Sphynx is actually quite docile in nature and very friendly with strangers (with a few exceptions).Advertisement

Sphynx ©New Africa/

Sphynx ©New Africa/stock.adobe.comAdvertisement

There are two variations of the Sphynx cat, both originating in the 1970s. The first came from the home of Target in Minnesota in 1975. The other, classified as the Canadian Sphynx, was first spotted in Toronto in Ontario three years later.

4. Persian

Weight: 3-6 kg
Life expectancy: 12-17 years
Average price: 500 to 5,000 dollars*.

Resembling giant furballs with squashed faces and drooping eyes that seem about to pop out of their heads, the history of Persian cats is said to date back a few thousand years; however, the first documentation of the breed dates from 1620. There are a few variations of the Persian cat but the best known is the Persian Longhair.Advertisement

Persian ©NTP_RASTA/

Persian ©NTP_RASTA/Shutterstock.comAdvertisement

Persian longhair cats are extremely gentle and fantastic with children. They usually don't mind participating in dress-up time but more than anything, they pride themselves on their long, luxurious hair. And for good reason: it's beautiful.

5. Scottish Fold

Weight: 3-6 kg
Life expectancy: 11-15 years
Average price: 250 to 3,000 dollars*.

After seeing the ears of this next cat, we understand why it is called a Scottish Fold. His folded ears give the impression that he is always a bit sleepy but in reality, he is just very cute. These furballs look just like any other tabby right down to the "M" pattern on their forehead. Except for their folded ears, of course.Advertisement

Scottish Fold ©Andrey Tairov/

Scottish Fold ©Andrey Tairov/Shutterstock.comAdvertisement

Scottish Folds aren't the most extravagant or expensive cats but one member of the breed managed to become the 6th richest cat in the world - 'Anderson Pooper' of the Walmart family empire .

6. American Curl

Weight: 2-5 kg
​​Life expectancy: 12-15 years
Average price: 800 to 3,000 dollars*.

Just as the Scottish Fold is recognizable by its unique ears, so is the American Curl. But unlike the Fold, the Curl wasn't born with its listening devices already in their final position. Basically, the American Curl's ears look like those of any other cat. It is not until the kitten is a few days old that its ears begin to curl back into their permanent place.Advertisement

American Curl ©Seregraff/

American Curl ©Seregraff/Shutterstock.comAdvertisement

American Curl cats are relatively small, playful, affectionate, and lively little creatures that are even more inquisitive than the average cat. These funky-eared felines sell for between $800 and $3,000 — depending on the breeder and how tightly their ears are curled.

7. Peterbald

Weight: 4-5 kg
​​Life expectancy: 10-14 years
Average price: 2,000 to 5,000 dollars*.

Peterbald cats were first bred in 1994 as part of a breeding experiment conducted by Olga S. Mironova in post-Soviet St. Petersburg. Not all Peterbalds are born completely hairless but they all have an inherited hairless gene.Advertisement

Peterbald ©seregraff/

Peterbald ©seregraff/stock.adobe.comAdvertisement

Thanks to their hypoallergenic nature and the fact that they are easy to groom, Peterbald cats have gained popularity among cat lovers whose allergies can't stand the hairy air that accompanies most pets. Like its hairless relative in North America, the Sphynx, Peterbald cats are quite affectionate and love spending daily playtime with their owners.

8. Russian Blue

Weight: 3-7 kg
Life expectancy: 15-20 years
Average price: 500 to 3,000 dollars*.

Before anyone gets their hopes up thinking they're about to see a blue cat, you're going to be disappointed. The Russian Blue cat is not blue but gray. The fur of this breed only appears blue when the sun catches it just right.Advertisement

Russian Blue Cat ©benevolente/

Russian Blue Cat ©benevolente/stock.adobe.comAdvertisement

A hypoallergenic breed, Russian Blues are very active cats and like to have plenty of room to roam and explore. Russian Blues are generally calm and do their own thing but also greatly appreciate the affection of their masters. Unlike many house cats, Blues don't mind strangers visiting and they're happy to scratch their backs.

9. Khao Manee

Weight: 4-5 kg
​​Life expectancy: 10-12 years
Average price: 7,000 to 11,000 dollars*.

One of Southeast Asia's mystical cats, the Khao Manee cat has a history that has been told in poems that date back to the 1300s in Thailand. They are short-haired white cats with gem-like eyes that are either blue or gold or a mixture of the two.Advertisement

Khao Manee © Pattana /

Khao Manee © Pattana / stock.adobe.comAdvertisement

Few people have heard of the Khao Manee. However, due to their mischievous nature and desire to learn about anything and everything, these troublemakers won't be forgotten anytime soon. Buying one of these "white gems" will cost someone about as much as a return flight to Thailand (first class) on a United Airlines flight .

10. Bengal

Weight: 4-10 kg
Life expectancy: 12-16 years
Average price: $1,500 to $10,000*.

They are a mix of the Egyptian Mau and the Asian Leopard Cat. Some can reach a height of 16 inches and weigh up to 10 kg. He looks like a jungle cat but behaves like a house cat. Bengal cats are a playful breed that was first bred in the 1970s and have earned a reputation as one of the laziest domestic cat breeds.Advertisement

Bengal © Sanozar /

Bengal © Sanozar / stock.adobe.comAdvertisement

For a Bengal cat to be considered genuine, its wild ancestry can only be traced back a maximum of four generations – otherwise it would be too domesticated. Their wild heritage made these cats very popular but it's also what caused the breed to be banned in states like Hawaii and New York.

11. Toyger

Weight: 3-7 kg
Life expectancy: 13-17 years
Average price: 1,500 to 5,000 dollars*.

If you've always wanted to have a tiger at home but were too worried about the consequences of having a jungle cat in a home environment, this is the cat for you. The breeders who brought the Bengal cat to the world in the 1970s played God again in the 1980s when they crossed a Bengal with a domestic short-haired cat and got a round-faced feline similar to a tiger. It was aptly named "Toyger".Advertisement

Toyger © Kutikova Ekaterina /

Toyger © Kutikova Ekaterina / Shutterstock.comAdvertisement

As the name suggests, it is a toy-sized version of a tiger but its face, pattern and orange tint to its fur are where the similarities to its namesake end. . Toygers are energetic, playful cats who love the attention and cuddles of their human families.

12. American Wirehaired

Weight: 4-6 kg
Life expectancy: 14-18 years
Average price: 800 to 1,200 dollars*.

The American Wirehair is particularly unique because unlike Bengal and Toyger cats, its existence is the result of a spontaneous mutation occurring in an American Shorthair's litter and not the intentional creation of a new breed. The rough coat is a kind of hybrid that evolves naturally. He is like his short-haired relatives but he does not leave his fur everywhere.Advertisement

American Wirehair ©Boyloso/

American Wirehair ©Boyloso/Shutterstock.comAdvertisement

Super intelligent and sometimes obsessively curious, American Wirehaired Cats are loyal companions with lively personalities. They are easy to groom and are as low maintenance as a cat can be. Many people think that since this breed has metallic hair instead of fur that they are hypoallergenic, but that is not the case. If you have allergies, remember to bring your antihistamines when playing with an American wirehair.

13. Ragdoll

Weight: 4-7 kg
Life expectancy: 12-15 years
Average price: 425 to 5,000 dollars*.

In the 1960s, an American cat breeder developed the semi-long haired Ragdoll cat and he is just as cute and cuddly as he looks. Personality-wise, the Ragdoll is commonly referred to as the closest cat to dog you can find. He has no problem being held and he loves a good belly rub and follows his master everywhere.Advertisement

Ragdoll ©cat/

Ragdoll ©cat/stock.adobe.comAdvertisement

The standard characteristics of Ragdoll cats are: V-shaped markings on their foreheads, super soft thick fur, and piercing blue eyes that always get what they want. To get one of these "dogs in a cat's body" it can cost as little as $425 or if it's show quality, up to $5,000.

14. British Shorthair

Weight: 3-8 kg
Life expectancy: 15-20 years
Average price: 800 to 2,500 dollars*.

British Shorthairs are a beautiful breed of cat whose coat is more fluffy than hairy. If one were to go as far back in their Shorthair's ancestry as possible, one would learn that their little friend is a mix of a domestic feline from the Roman Empire and the wild street cats of Britain. Advertisement

British Shorthair ©Jiri Foltyn/

British Shorthair ©Jiri Foltyn/

It's hard not to fall in love with the broad fluffy face of a British Shorthair especially after playing with one for a few minutes. They love attention and aren't overly aggressive when playing.

15. Maine Coon

Weight: 4-12 kg
Life expectancy: 12-15 years
Average price: $1,200 to $4,000*.

The Maine Coon cat is a breed apart. For a domestic cat, these felines are huge. Holding the record for the longest domesticated cat breed (48.5 inches), adult males have an astonishing average length of around 1.5 meters from nose to tip of tail and stand 16 to 17 inches at most.Advertisement

Maine Coon Cat ©TRAVELARIUM/

Maine Coon Cat ©TRAVELARIUM/stock.adobe.comAdvertisement

Their enormous size can be quite intimidating but when it comes to interacting with people or other animals, these gentle giants are more like the feline version of a Labrador Retriever. A Maine Coon costs about the same as a one-year lease for a Ford . Focus but these adorable monsters are worth every penny.

16. Siberian

Weight: 6-10 kg
Life expectancy: 12-15 years
Average price: $1,200 to $4,000*.

Very few purebred Siberian cats exist outside of Russia which makes the breed all the more rare in North America and Europe. In other words, the cat costs $4,000 because the demand for them is skyrocketing. Siberian cats look a lot bigger than they are but that's mainly due to the size of their coat.Advertisement

© fantom_rd /

© fantom_rd / stock.adobe.comAdvertisement

Due to the harsh landscape of their homeland that gave them their name, Siberian cats have thick, weather-resistant coats. Combine their winter coat with the affectionate personality and gentle demeanor that the Siberian cat is known to have, and they become the perfect playmate for cat-loving toddlers to grow up with.

17. Egyptian Mau

Weight: 4-6 kg
Life expectancy: 9-15 years
Average price: 800 to 1,800 dollars*.

Also known as the "Pharaoh's Cat," the 3,000-year-old Egyptian Mau is the fastest house cat. Thanks to its primordial sac (the loose skin between the cat's knees and belly) which allows it to take longer strides and be more agile, this Egyptian feline can reach speeds of 30 mph, which is just under half that of a cheetah!Advertisement



The medium-sized Egyptian Mau has a resilient short coat of silky fur that has the ability to keep its body at a comfortable temperature when exposed to extreme heat. Egyptian Maus thrive on doing things on their own, but that doesn't mean they appreciate personal affection any less.

18. Selkirk Rex

Weight: 3-8 kg
Life expectancy: 15-20 years
Average price: 600 to 1,500 dollars*.

We've all heard the saying "a wolf in sheep's clothing". Well, the Selkirk Rex is known as a "cat in lamb's clothing" but for a very different reason. The Rex's dense fur is about as similar to a sheep's wool as a cat's coat can be.Advertisement

Selkirk Rex ©TonelsonProductions /

Selkirk Rex ©TonelsonProductions /stock.adobe.comAdvertisement

Selkirk Rex cats depend on their owners for more than just food. Although they love to run and play, they are happiest curled up in the lap of someone they trust. The price one pays for his Selkirk Rex usually comes down to the thickness and curliness of his coat.

19. American Bobtain

Weight: 3-8 kg
Life expectancy: 11-15 years
Average price: 600 to 1,200 dollars*.

According to legend, the American Bobtail cat was the result of an experiment that brought together the DNA of the ordinary domestic tabby cat with that of a wild lynx, but DNA tests have since disproved this theory. In reality, a tabby was involved in the genesis of the American Bobtail but the other half was not a lynx. It was a seal-point Siamese.Advertisement

© jane_khomi /

© jane_khomi / stock.adobe.comAdvertisement

Recognizable by their tails that are less than half (closer to a third) the proportional size of "normal" cats, American Bobtails are a highly interactive breed with a history of sensitivity to stressful situations.

20. Norwegian

Weight: 4-10 kg
Life expectancy: 12-16 years
Average price: 800 to 1,500 dollars*.

These cuddly and lovable creatures are great with children, the elderly, other cats and if circumstances allow, even with a dog. Their boldness is one of the rather unique things about the Norwegian Forest Cat. If (or when) he wants attention, he won't hesitate to let his loved ones know.Advertisement

Norwegian forest cat ©puteli/

Norwegian forest cat ©puteli/stock.adobe.comAdvertisement

Not to be confused with the larger Maine Coon cat, the Norwegian Forest Cat or "Wedgie" as it is also known is quite large and deserves plenty of room to play. But once given space it needs, this highly adaptive Nordic cat can feel at home almost anywhere.

21. American Shorthair

Weight: 3-7 kg
Life expectancy: 15-17 years
Average price: 500 to 1,500 dollars*.

American Shorthair cats have a different history than most other breeds. They are descendants of the first European cats that migrated to the New World on the Mayflower a few hundred years ago. At the time, they would have been used primarily to catch mice and rats. However, their main goal is to find a way to get silly these days.Advertisement

American shorthair cat ©Puris/

American shorthair cat ©Puris/stock.adobe.comAdvertisement

Steadfast in their loyalty when it comes to their favorite person, American Shorthairs are a bunch of happy felines who like to spend their time chasing anything that moves. These peregrine cats are a good choice of pets for young families due to their calm nature and relatively low cost.

22. Balinese

Weight: 5-7 kg
Life expectancy: 6-11 years
Average price: 800 to 1,500 dollars*.

Otherwise known as a purebred longhaired Siamese cat, the coat of the Balinese is usually a tan and dark brown/black coloring similar to that of the regular Siamese. Its tail is of the "feathered" type and its sapphire blue eyes are simply fascinating.Advertisement

Balinese cat ©aleisha/

Balinese cat ©aleisha/stock.adobe.comAdvertisement

The Balinese is just as compatible with people as it is with other pets. Due to their affectionate personalities, Balinese cat owners most often find themselves waking up with a shaggy ball of fur curled up next to them in their bed. As a hypoallergenic breed, Balinese cats are an excellent choice for pet lovers with allergies.

23. Exotic

Weight: 4-7 kg
Life expectancy: 12-15 years
Average price: $1,200 to $5,000*.

Exotic Shorthair Cats are an affectionate breed that prefers to live a peaceful, stress-free life. He achieves his goals in part by getting along with everyone (regardless of age or species) as best he can. Although they have short hair, regular grooming is strongly advised.Advertisement

Exotic ©OksanaSusoeva/

Exotic ©OksanaSusoeva/Shutterstock.comAdvertisement

Depending on the color of the cat's coat and the purity of its lineage, one of these exotic cats can cost upwards of $5,000. Allergy sufferers should try to keep their distance from these felines as Exotic Shorthairs are anything but hypoallergenic.

24. Burmese

Weight: 3-7 kg
Life expectancy: 14-15 years
Average price: 600 to 3,000 dollars*.

A Birman is a long-haired cat of French origin with a soft, silky coat. They don't get too big but due to their plushness, Birmans tend to take up a lot of space wherever they go. This is a breed that enjoys socializing both physically and vocally.Advertisement

Birman Cat ©DiegoRussoPh/

Birman Cat ©DiegoRussoPh/stock.adobe.comAdvertisement

It's true. Not only are Birman cats world-class cuddlers, they also love to talk. When they're really active, one of these French cats will have no problem meowing at their master all night or at least until she gets up to give him a treat and have a little fun. 3 o'clock in the morning.

25. Havana Brown

Weight: 3-6 kg
Life expectancy: 10-15 years
Average price: 800 to 1,500 dollars*.

In the 1950s, when English breeders bred a Siamese cat and a black domestic cat, they got the Havana Brown – a sweet, short-haired, small to medium-sized cat that has a way of demanding what it wants without doing anything but his soft gaze with his gray-blue eyes.Advertisement

Havana Brown ©Ivonne Wierink/

Havana Brown ©Ivonne Wierink/

Neutered Havana Browns are generally taller than their "unneutered" parents, but they are also generally a bit plumper. At first, when a Havana Brown meets new people, it takes a bit of getting used to. However, once they're comfortable with someone, it's hard to keep them away.

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