The story of Sacoor Brothers cannot be told without mentioning the cherished dream of four brothers, whom in November 15th 1989 embarked upon an incredible adventure to build a brand that curates a fashionable lifestyle synonymous with quality, design, value, service and above all elegance. Values that have made the brand a major global fashion house, seen in upmarket fashion capitals all over the world.

The Brand's DNA

Service and experience are at the core of the company’s DNA. A passion that has lead the brothers to continuously design high-quality collections combined with an excellent and ever improving service. There are no secrets to this, as it is the company’s commitment to train its employees in the Sacoor Business School method in the warm and welcoming spirit of the Portuguese people. A successful strategy that promptly attracted loyal customers and business growth

Sacoor Brothers is set out to craft pieces that reflect emotion, aesthetics and a deep appreciation for culture.

How it started.

Sacoor Brothers started out as a small fashion retail store that sold clothes exclusively for men. It was located right in the heart of the European capital of Lisbon, on a busy street where the smell of freshly brewed espressos and delicious pastries filled the air.

Even today, the brand offers its customers espressos as they are welcomed to lounge and feel right at home while they shop for their favourite styles. The brand is proud to bring lifestyle through a unique retail experience, along with our in-house complimentary tailoring service to ensure customers receive a perfect fit.

The Official Tailor.

Sacoor Brothers became the official tailor for the Portuguese National Football team until 2020.

Made in Portugal the three-piece suit was designed and made on the most demanding criteria of quality and precision of traditional tailoring, in high-end fabric and half-canvas.
Each suit was tailor-made and customized individually for each member, consisting of unique details: the logo of the Portuguese National Football Team on the liner with the player's name, the phrase "Conquista o Sonho" embroidered under the collar and details as the colors of the national flag. All done with the utmost requirement.