These 15 Reddit Tips Can Help Achieve Better Control Of Curly Hair

At the moment, many people dare to return to naturalness for hair. And for people with curly hair, wearing the natural texture of their hair has become a pride. However, these beautiful, well-defined curls generally have a very specific care routine, which involves particular techniques and products.

In this selection, you will see some tips shared by people from the curly hair community, who are proud to show their evolution and hair care. At the end of the list, you will find a bonus that will certainly surprise you.

1. "Shrinkage is not a myth"


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"Routine for curly hair:

I wash my head every four to eight days, depending on the dryness of my hair. I wash my hair with shea butter moisture retention shampoo, then untangle it in the shower with a pimple brush with the corresponding conditioner.

After the shower (when my hair is wet), I use the no-rinse hair care product that helps strengthen the hair and a quarter of a product that gives volume. I use the rake method to apply these products.

I lightly oil my scalp with a mixture of argan oil, jojoba oil and tea tree oil.

I use the diffuser on the roots and dry the tips in the open air. Then, I shake my hair and ruffle it with my hands when it is dry!

I use a spray bottle to spray my hair with a mixture of water and rose water throughout the week to keep it fresh." © j4de-mp4 / Reddit

2. "The day of the curly cup is the best day!"


© Dapingian / Reddit

"Yes, the photo before shows hair dried in the open air with just a little conditioner without rinsing. The next one is a cut and styling, and my stylist used rinse-free conditioner, curl cream and gel." © Dapingian / Reddit

3. "I cut my hair. A year of transformation."


© MeaningAdventurous55 / Reddit

"To be honest, I didn't care much about the shampoo or mask to use for my hair before, so I just washed them with a shampoo! In addition, I did not dry them after washing, they could take up to an hour to dry, but then they were more beautiful than if I used a towel or a hair dryer! Now, I use an anti-dandruff shampoo because my skin is very dry, and an aloe vera mask! I don't dry my hair either. Two photos a year apart!" © MeaningAdventurous55 / Reddit

4. "It took me 10 years to learn how to take on my Asian curls"

© curlythrowthrow / Reddit

"I wash my hair in the evening, sometimes with shampoo. I then apply a lot of conditioners, then rinse them. In the morning, I usually wet my hair, crumple it and dry it a little by tapping, then apply curling gel. I wait for them to dry a little, then I apply gel to fix the hair while I wrinkle and twist it. I use this gel, because my hair quickly loses its style if I use the simple ordinary gel, especially when it's windy." © curlythrowthrow / Reddit

5. "I recently cut my hair. Which cut do you think is the most beautiful?"

© Those_are_sick / Reddit

"Here is my routine: stripping shampoo, co-wash shampoo, conditioner, shea butter leave-in cream, cream and gel for curls." © Those_are_sick / Reddit

6. "Before and after cutting my hair and starting to treat it properly"

© freshouttabottle / Reddit

"- I wash my hair twice.
- Then I wrinkle my hair, head down with my bare hands until there is not too much water left in it.
- I use the diffuser.
— Finally, I apply the defining foam after drying and every other morning, until the next wash." © freshouttabottle / Reddit

7. "After long deliberations, I finally opted for this damn fringe! I'm really happy with the result!"

© sarahjgjg / Reddit

"Here is my routine: Biotin shampoo, conditioner, clarifying product, combing in the shower (sometimes I also use a brush), styling with a leave-in and foam for volume; then I let it dry in the open air or I use the diffuser."© sarahjgjg / Reddit

8. "Progress made in the past year and a few"

© yraja / Reddit

"Here is my routine: washing with a conditioner, then normal gel, I wrap in a T-shirt.

The first photo was taken about nine months after I started growing my hair, and I had no idea how to do it, but I'm happy to get there."© yraja / Reddit

9. "Cut for hair type three a/b/c, little porous, dense and rough"

© LosNava / Reddit

"- I wash with Co-wash.
- I apply the conditioner without rinsing in the shower.
- On soaked hair: I rake the curls with the gel-cream.
- I apply the foam with a brush.
- I apply the gel.
- I brush the hair with a wild boar bristle brush to smooth it.
- I brush with the special buckle brush.
- I dry in the open air.
— I do 'scrunching' with black castor oil" © LosNava / Reddit

10. "I finally found out how to do my hair 🤭

© FireCat115 / Reddit

"Here is my routine: for shampoo, I usually use a blueberry leave-in, but I didn't have any more, so I used the moisturizing and repairing conditioner.

I applied it with a brush, then the cream and gel for the curls. I twisted the front and a few strands, then I used the diffuser and dried in the open air (I pulled more on my hair because I wanted a little length)." © FireCat115 / Reddit

11. "I think progress has been made"

© raindropsbloom / Reddit

"Here is my routine once a week:

— Sulfate-free shampoo.
- A product to untangle with the brush.
— Hair mask with Jamaican black castor oil.
— Conditioner (without rinsing).
— Styling cream." © raindropsbloom / Reddit

12. "Before and after bleaching and dyeing my hair when everyone had told me not to do it!"

© poetfraud / Reddit

"I always wanted to dye my hair, so I started and had my hair cut and colored by a professional. I can see that my curls have lost their extreme elasticity, but I had prepared for it and I will continue to apply my protein and revitalizing treatments as I have always done to help them. I can't wait to see where this process will take me." © poetfraud / Reddit

13. "Freshly washed hair vs four-day curls!"

© SuperfluousTrebuchet / Reddit

"During cool days, I spray water mixed with a detangler on my hair in the morning, and let it dry in the open air. I tend to tie my hair for work.

In the shower, I untangle my hair with my fingers, then apply the conditioner. I rinse completely and then, on wet hair, I apply a small amount of cream, followed by the curl activator and 1.5 cm in diameter of gel. I extw the excess water, let it rest for 20 minutes, then use the diffuser." © SuperfluousTrebuchet / Reddit

14. "Before and after the experience. Without product and dried in the open air!!! I only used the hotel's shampoo and conditioner and some intense finger rolls 😅

© ashweeuwu / Reddit

15. "First attempt at waterfall wolf cut"

© nerdbane / Reddit

"For the cut, I used a long-haired brush rather than a wide-toothed comb."© nerdbane / Reddit

Bonus: "The length my father likes for my hair and the length I like for mine, what do you think?"

© JacieMHS / Reddit

  • I say it gently, but you look like one of the angels on the wallpaper of my grandmother's bathroom, which I looked at with obsession when I was a child. You are beautiful. © scandr0id / Reddit

Obviously, these people attach great importance to the care and softness of their hair and curls. And they are quite right, because not seeking to modify or hide the nature of their tignasses, they also encourage others to accept themselves.

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