By YEET MAGAZINE Updated 0118 GMT (0918 HKT) October 2, 2021

Have you ever wondered what life in the Old West could be like? Then you will be able to forget the drinking water and the soap and say goodbye to the medical care worthy of the name.

And if the idea of ​​a shared toothbrush turns you off, that's a shame. And if you think you know how dire living conditions were during the Old West days, you're still far from it.

The Terrifying toilets

Indoor plumbing is a relatively modern luxury. For those who lived in the Old West, the facilities were basic at best, and they were usually outside.

Most of the inhabitants had to be content with small constructions, which were little more than huts erected on pits dug in the ground. For convenience, they were not very far from the houses. And although there were ways to try and hide the bad smell, hordes of flies were buzzing around. Black widows were also prowling, ready to bite.