Thinking Of Making A Movie With Your Smartphone Here's How

When we take into account the cinematographic works made by great directors, such as Steven Spielberg or Luc Besson, we realize how the making of a film was an enormous and arduous task.


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When we take into account the cinematographic works made by great directors, such as Steven Spielberg or Luc Besson, we realize how the making of a film was an enormous and arduous task. However, that was before the development of digital technology. Nowadays, it is possible for you to make a quality film by having a smartphone as only material. Obviously, the result will not compete with the behemoths of the cinema, but you will produce a quality film with the minimum of material.

Award-winning works

Carlos Delgado / Wikimedia Commons

Many professional filmmakers make the creative decision to shoot their films on a smartphone. The 2015 award-winning feature film “  Tangerine  ” was shot on an iPhone 5. Director Park Chan-wook shot his 2011 award-winning short “Night Fishing” on an iPhone 4.

The 21st century is such an exciting time as it opens the horizon to new filmmakers. With a smartphone at your fingertips, you just need to take

Hold the device securely

Make sure to capture the video by holding your phone horizontally so that you take a landscape photo rather than a portrait. Otherwise, when going to edit your footage, some of it will be cut off at the top and bottom. Likewise, your sequences will be framed by a black square on each side.

Wipe your lens

人工 知能 / Wikimedia Commons

If you carry your smartphone in a bag or pocket, it will get dirty and it will be the lens of the device that will be the main victim. Dirt sticking to the lens will spoil the clarity of your videos. So always wipe off your lens before you think about using the device or capturing any video.

Use a tripod

Smartphones are small in size unlike professional cinema cameras. Even the most still hands will cause the smartphone camera lens to shake and this will not be good for the quality of your movie. Attach your smartphone to a tripod. This will make moving shots much smoother and easier for your audience to watch.

Juggle well with framing

PantheraLeo1359531 / Wikimedia Commons

What is in your frame, why is it there and where is it? Make firm decisions about what your audience will see. Think about the composition of the shots and the staging. Knowing these visual techniques will help you improve the quality of your movie.

The plan, the plan! Always the plan!

This is one of the most important elements to take into account when making a film. Make sure you know what you want to film and how you are going to achieve it before entering the set or the location. A list of shots and a well-planned storyboard will allow you to make the most of your filming time. This also allows you to succeed in the sequences and realize them according to your shooting plans.


Can I make a movie or film with my mobile phone?

Vivek Samrat

Avid reader and lazy writer of an inquisitive mindset.October 8, 2015

Actually it comes very handy if u dont want to spend too much money on DSLR or something.

Well, you can do it very easily...Ingredients:

A camera bag

Your camera phone

Another camera phone, as a backup (an older model or a friend's one )

A charger

A portable backup charger

Cell lenses, such as Phone Lens Series or the Olloclip

Optional: the iPhone SLR mount

Glif plus tripod mount (for the iPhone )& a tripod

Apps required:For Androiders, picsay and camera360are both excellents app for making small exposure adjustments, straightening, and cropping.PhotoForge2 also gives you control of curves and levels in your photos.

HDR mode (either built-in or via an app, like HDR Pro) will help capture a balanced exposure when you have bright skies and a shadowy subjects


How long or how short do you take to make on-the-road home movies using your smartphone or handheld video camcorder?

David Sandoz

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Over 45 years working as a professional photographer.October 9, 2021

I first write a script which includes all the subjects and scenes I want in my video.

I then shoot 30 to 40 seconds of each scene from different points of view.

My establishing shots can be over two or three minutes.

I also carry a ZOOM H4N Pro where I record dialogue and scene descriptions before and during each video session.

I take notes in the margins of the script to later aid me when I start to assemble the rough cut of the video.

Usually the whole video when completed with music, sound effects, Foley and editing translations is 5 minutes or less.

What should a boy do when a girl(sister/wife/girlfriend) is on periods?

Avadhesh Khanna

A learner Updated August 21, 2021

Originally Answered: What should a boy do when his girlfriend is on periods?

Five straight to do list:

Be attentive. It’s your job to be attentive to unsaid demand of good company & affection.

Be patient. It’s just a hormonal activity. Everything will be right soon.

Bring her favourite food/snacks.

Go for a night walk or a movie (of her choice obviously).

Don’t blame her for her behaviour during periods.

But most importantly Five damn straight not to do list:

Dont talk about yourself.

Don’t argue.

Don't be logical.

Don't try to understand because you never will.

Don’t tell her she is pretty because she knows you are lying. :P

Now, just make a note of above things in reminder facility of your smartphone.

What are some of the wittiest pieces of sarcasm?

Aishwarya Maheshwari

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Dream. Explore. Learn. Imbibe.september 23, 2015

I love everybody: some I love to be around, some I love to avoid, and others I'd love to punch in the face.

What didn't kill you, should have tried harder!

Some cause happiness wherever they go; others whenever they go.

I can't make everyone happy. I am not Rajma chawal.

When Amir khan's poster was released for the movie PK-

"Thank god Amir khan doesn't use an iPod mini to listen to music in the movie."

The only reason lesbian wedding is still illegal in India is because no one has been able to figure out the Dowry Logistics.

India had entered into the AD (after Dhoni) era and with Kohli as the new captain, it is also the BC era now. :3

Best way to save your smartphone's battery is to spend more time with your own family, & not with your future family.

Girls who tell they are Daddy's princess, never tell that they're Mommy's maid too. :3

SAAS-BAHU daily soaps in HD quality means that now women can easily differentiate between the real and imitation jewelry. -.-

I still can't figure out what's growing at a vigorous rate. Terrorism or your belly?

It's 2015 and you're still as useless as "ueue" in Queue.

Math would have been much more interesting had Priya given 45 kisses to Ramesh instead of watermelons. -.-

What are some good Android apps for video editing?

What is the saddest moment you have seen in a movie or TV?

Dayamaya K

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Studying JEE since 2+ yearsUpdated May 27, 2021

The last pitch of S09E02 of Shark Tank was by a young man ‘Ryan Diew’.

He created an application for smartphones called ‘Trippie’ which would act as an Airport directory and reduce the stress of navigating in an airport.

He was asking for $100K for a 10% stake in his company.

He was a little naive relative to an average contestant; he was embarrassed when he was called out by Mark Cuban to finish his burrito before speaking and had a glass of water (you know the rarity of this if you’ve see a couple of episodes):

As usual, the sharks tore down the details of the business, user base, business model, and were turned down by hearing that he had only around 800 downloads and just ~160 active users. They weren't expecting to hear that he and his brother had to source all the data based of the websites and visiting the airports. Even the map navigator was using Google Maps API.

As he tried to defend by saying that he wants create a community of airport travellers, Lori Grenier said that was something totally different while Robert Herjavec said there was nothing proprietary about this.

Mark finally said that this is more of a feature than a product and he needs to come up with a better business model.

All the sharks dropped out one by one.

So it was supposed to be all over and end of episode as usual. But was it?

The entrepreneur walked towards the exit, but there was something he wanted to say so bad that he turned back again ! (I never seen this happen before)

He comes back and tries to explain his story: How he’s been coding all time, in the back of the bus, at the airport after his basketball games, despite having very tight student life; but when he complained about not having a rich uncle to fund him, it got Mark to start his rant.

Mark: ‘Stop patting yourself in the back. Accept that hard-work, struggle and sacrifice is a part of being an entrepreneur ! Don't feel sorry for yourself; Go get the job done!'

Still Ryan defended himself by saying he was not patting himself on the back. He wanted the sharks to invest in the entrepreneur as much as the business!

Mark: 'Ryan, try and prove us wrong. You know how many time I've been called wrong and an idiot? And every single one of those times have made me hundreds of millions if not billions of dollars. You just have go there and prove them wrong !'

This was it. Ryan was speechless.

Mark: ‘Good luck Ryan. We wish you the best.’

He turned back to the exit and this time he walked straight out with his head down as Mark watched him with an expression of guilt for having said something very bitter.

He was sobbing when he saw his mom outside.

Meanwhile in the tank:

Barbara: ‘Oh my gosh. Painful.’

Mark: 'I don’t want to say this


millennial stereotype but it does feel like it.’

This episode was one of the most intense (especially when you have Mark Cuban totally done) and sad moments in Shark tank.

Dayamaya K

If you wanted to keep a movie in your phone, which one would it be?

Pratiksha Mishra

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Articleship-Completed (2021–present)May 6, 2021

If I want to keep a movie in my phone, then definitely it's going to be - “ The pursuit of happyness.”

This is one of my favourite personal movie because whenever I feel low and when I watch this movie, I feel motivated and energetic. The story revolves around a man, whose name was Chris Gardener, who takes up an unpaid internship in a brokerage firm after he loses his life's earning selling a product he invested in. His wife leaves him and he is left with the custody of his son. Whenever I watch this movie, I realise that nothing is impossible in this competitive world, if a person makes his/ her goal as their priorities in their life then no one can stop us.

Life will always try to make things hard, but every time we overcome those obstacles, we people become stronger.

Life is not about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself!


How much time do you spend on your phone each day?

Akshay Jain

Professional phone slaveMay 9

No question makes you consider your life choices as much as this one does when the answer is “so very fucking much”.

I am blown away when I see bubbles, alright? So “blown away” is probably the phrase I won’t use when I saw my activity. Probably the phrase I would use is “fucking blown away” because no word demonstrates intensity as good as fuck does. And, that’s a fact.

Also, fuck weekly screen-time reports. But I won’t stop them because i ride on guilt thank you very much.

We’ll just attribute bits of it to working from home and the other portion to what alcoholics say in the middle of an intervention, “I think I have

a problem.”

But this is mostly the second bit because Tuesday was kind of a day off. Also, this doesn’t even include the movies. That’s TV and, thankfully, it doesn’t give me reports.

Also, this.

And, no, most of those weren't for checking time. Maybe, they were.

2.9K viewsView 41 upvotesAnswer requested by Suyash Dwivedi

and Preksha Sethia

How can I keep my mind positive in the lockdown of 21 days?

Anubhav Jain

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Written 3 books on Life, living and motivation.september 28, 2021

An ambulance arrived, forcefully took a suspected patient of the coronavirus, the family couldn't even say bye.

He was sick since days; his loved ones were worried and anxious about how things would unfold.

Later the family was informed about the death of the person, and they couldn't even see the body.

Rest of the family members had to be quarantined.

What if some more members have the virus?

This is the situation in countries like Italy and the USA.

We are living in negligible fear in comparison to these countries.

We must realise that this refraining and being bored at home is a fight to survive.

Sometimes you just want to go out and do whatever you want to; you want to go back to your home town and be with your family.

But the critical point to understand is that, by this refraining and staying wherever we are, we are saving our and our family’s life.

Better struggling and being bored for a few days than losing your whole life.

Since you are now focused and motivated to live inside, enjoy this phase as once in a lifetime opportunity.

Catch up on pending sleep, spend time with your smartphone, which is your dearest lover.

Do video chats with family members, relatives and friends every day.

Watch movies and shows.

Read interesting books, articles, watch knowledgable shows on Youtube.

Read about stock markets, and specific stocks, make a diary.

Today the internet gives you an unlimited opportunity to learn about anything in the world and multiply your knowledge base. So use it.

It's much better to be stuck at home in today's world than two decades back.

What more positivity do you need to survive this?

Thanks for the question, Js Boss.