This is why Hillary Clinton wore a $12,000 Armani jacket

This is why Hillary Clinton wore a $12,000 Armani jacket


PUBLISHED THU, JUN 9 2016 12:19 PM EDTUPDATED FRI, JUN 10 2016 8:13 AM EDT    Sarah Young

What's more infuriating than Hillary Clinton wearing a $12,000 jacket? The fact that so many people care.

"Why is it always the women who are questioned for what they spend on their clothes?" asked Rebecca Klein of Media Style NYC.

Sarah Palin, Michelle Obama and Clinton, among other women in the political spotlight, have often found themselves the center of debate because of their wardrobe.

Palin was widely criticized in 2008 for her $150,000 wardrobe purchased by Republican National Committee during her vice presidential campaign, and Michelle Obama faced backlash in 2014 for wearing a $12,000 gown to a state dinner, a dress that some report was likely donated.

Of course, these public figures have also influenced shoppers. The yellow Narciso Rodriguez dress that the first lady wore the State of the Union in January, which once retailed for just more than $2,000, sold out online not long after the event.

"It's an unfair double standard that typically works against the woman," Jennifer Rade, a Los Angeles-based celebrity stylist, told CNBC. "It runs across the board whether it's red carpet or real life, I think that women are just generally judged more heavily on their clothing."

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Male politicians, however, are often overlooked in this regard, according to Rade and Klein, for one simple reason: It's their uniform.

"For men's clothes, especially bespoke, custom-made, which is what a lot of these men are wearing, or tailor-made, at least," Klein said. "These suits often cost well in the excess of $5,000 to $10,000. But because that is so much the uniform for menswear, especially in this political world, the price tag is just simply overlooked."

Republican candidate Donald Trump has often been spotted in Brioni suits, which can cost a whopping $7,000 each, if not more.

"No one is talking about it because it's not distinctive," Rade said.

Klein, who has a combined 20 years in the industry with her Media Style NYC co-founder Martina Gordon, noted that the price tag for women's clothing is often greater than their male counterparts. In order for Clinton to be on par with her competitors, she needs to have a high-caliber wardrobe, which means spending quite a bit of money.

Clinton's wardrobe has long been a topic of discussion. Prior to her 2016 presidential run, Clinton was well-known for her vast pantsuit collection. This cycle, she has upgraded her wardrobe in an attempt to be more relatable.

Some social media users don't seem to be buying it, however, noting on Twitter that clothing items like the $12,000 Armani jacket make her unrelatable.

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But Clinton is "damned if she does, damned if she doesn't," said Rade. If Clinton were to wear a lower priced wardrobe, she would be criticized for not wearing the same caliber of clothing as her competitors.

"It's not appropriate for the forum," Klein said. "She is a presidential candidate. That would be disrespectful. ... She is dressing for the occasion."