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Generally speaking, you 'll only see  3 projects today that would be likely to make us travel from Paris to New York  5839km in an hour (and with a regular line):

  • Hyperloop: A project started by Elon Musk and now a few more startups, a tube in which capsules are propelled by magnetic field. For the moment, they travel at the maximum at 1000km / h, that is to say the speed of an airliner approximately. So a little more work before arriving in New York in 1 hour

Supersonic plane (the return of concord): Boeing is starting to take an interest in this type of plane again, which we recall connected 50 years ago from Paris to New York in 2h30 (absolute record). It should be able to travel at 6174 km / h , or a Paris New York in 1 hour (on paper).

A Big Rocket: Elon Musk, still him, suggests that we go from Paris to New York in 30 minutes… I let you see the video below which will explain this somewhat crazy project better than I do.

All of these projects are due for 20 to 30 years, so unfortunately we will still have to wait for a coffee in the evening before returning to Chatelet in a bar in Manhattan.

Soon a supersonic plane at Boeing?

The plane would be able to reach London to New York in two hours, at a speed of 6,174 km / h.


A supersonic plane that would fly at a speed of 6,174 km / h, at an altitude of 28.9 kilometers. This would connect London / New York in two hours and New York / Tokyo in three hours.

This is the project presented by the American Boeing on Tuesday at a conference in Atlanta (United States), reports La Dépêche . A first for the American manufacturer.

Virtual windows

The aircraft would be made of titanium in order to withstand the high temperatures, which can reach 6000 ° C, caused by friction due to the high speed. This is also why the angles are shallow and the leading edges in the shape of an arrow.

Kevin Bowcutt, director of research and supersonic technology at Boeing, also explains that the plane would not have windows in order to obtain the smoothest surface possible. For passengers, there would be virtual windows, made up of screens that would broadcast the outside view captured by cameras.

However, the project could not see the light of day for another twenty or thirty years.


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