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Use Avocado to Dye Clothing @ mariajohnson3295 /

Use Avocado to Dye Clothing @ mariajohnson3295 /

Using an avocado to dye clothes

What it consists of: Dyeing the clothes pink with an avocado.
Materials needed: Avocado.
Does it work? No.

It is said that by taking the stone and bark of an avocado and boiling them gently with a white cloth, the latter will turn pink. While this is technically wrong, you could get different shades of color depending on how much baking soda you add and whether you remove the outside of the core or not.

If you are looking for a natural way to dye clothes pink, you are more likely to achieve this by using roses and lavender. This is of course much more logical than avocado and you can also adjust the pink or purple you want to give the garment by adjusting the proportion of pink and lavender.