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Promoting the ideas of your colleagues over your own could boost your career, according to the authors of a recently published study. People who give credit to their colleagues in public would be more admired and more influential, according to this survey of nearly 2,800 people. The person whose ideas are put forward would also benefit, the researchers said.

In contrast, employees who often promote their own work are not appreciated, said a co-author of the study. Kristin Bain, an assistant professor of management at the Saunders College of Business at the Rochester Institute of Technology in the United States, told Insider that these results show that you don't have to be an "aggressive jerk" to progress in business. job.

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The results also suggest that promoting the work of other people can shed light on the qualities of generally overlooked groups in organizations, such as women and people of color, she added.

To carry out this study, which was published in the Academy of Management Journal , the researchers wanted to understand the effects of valuation - which they defined as public approval of another person's ideas, with credit to the latter. - could have on the way in which employees were perceived at work.


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Seniority in a company: what are the advantages?

PRACTICAL  To limit turnover, companies reward their loyal employees with additional paid leave, bonuses, etc. What are the advantages of seniority?

For the stability of teams as for productivity, companies prefer that the departures and arrivals of employees are limited. In order to retain them, they can grant advantages. There is nothing mandatory, but it remains a common practice that employees can expect from a few months spent in the same company. These advantages are mainly financial, but not only. Find out what privileges you can enjoy by staying with the same company.

How to calculate your seniority?

Your seniority begins on the date you take up your post for the first time. This is the entry date that appears on your employment contract and that you can find on your payslips.

This is the length of your employment period, whether you are full-time or full-time. It is not the hours worked that count, but your time in the workforce. In this count, you can also add your previous experiences within the same company, such as an apprenticeship or work-study contract, an internship, a fixed-term contract or temporary assignments if they have led to a permanent contract. And if your business is bought out or merged with another, you can also keep your seniority, as provided .

Certain absences for maternity leave, paid leave, sick leave for professional reasons or training leave are taken into account. But this is not the case with paternity leave , or even sick leave for personal reasons. To calculate or dispute your seniority, remember to keep the history of all your absences.

What are the financial benefits?

You can receive a seniority bonus. This benefit is not provided for by law, but it is becoming common in large companies. They are free to set the minimum duration of presence in the company to benefit from it and its amount.

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