What can  you learn from a silent retreat?

In a Himalayan Silent meditation retreat, I learned some very important lessons of my life.

We waste a lot of life energy in useless thoughts and useless words, most of the time.

By being silent in those 7 days, I was not only able to save energy by being silent, but surprisingly my mind also started becoming silent.

The teachers of Paroksh Yogi Spiritual community are anonymous yogis of Himalayas and they never share their identity.

Their Guru Shri Paroksh Yogi ji says:

'Silence' is the source of whole universe, hence when you are absolutely still & silent, you are very close to the creator himself.
-Shri Paroksh Yogi Ji

I used get angry very soon and smallest of things (like traffic on road) could easily disturb my mental peace easily.

But after returning from that meditation retreat, I am completely a different person and outside situations cannot disturb my inner peace.

Silent meditation holidays is all about connecting with yourself.

Sometimes, all you need is a quiet vacation in a tranquil set-up. A silent meditation retreat is the perfect setting for you to recharge yourself on all levels.

Here, it is all about meditating, sitting, and walking around in relaxed surroundings, free from distractions.

The time observed in silence will give you the chance to connect with your soul and to discover yourself fully.

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