What We Can All Learn From Silent Retreat.

What We Can All Learn From Silent Retreat.

What can  you learn from a silent retreat?

By YEET MAGAZINE | Updated 0449 GMT (1249 HKT) May 29, 2021

In a Himalayan Silent meditation retreat, I learned some very important lessons of my life.

Is there a place in the Himalayas where I can spend some days, months (or maybe the rest of my life) in meditation & spirituality?

I heard about the Paroksh Yogi community, but how do I join them?

You don't need to live in Himalayas for spirituality and Meditation. You can create a the space in your sweet home and perform you mediation, if you are willing. This space you create should be only used for your spiritual practice and keep it clean and nice. Honestly the people who renounce everything and go to Himalayas are different being…in the sense they might be well guided by the GURU. The question should arise if you are totally ready for this. In whichever case, you can still achieve the same thing by staying at home, caring your family and at the same time totally involve in spiritual practice. The GRACE is every where, you should be receptive to the GRACE to descend up on you.

Why does Paroksh Ji's meditation retreat camp in the Himalayan region only allows committed spiritual seekers? Don't you think beginners need the help the most?

I cannot speak specifically for this gropup but we must be both understanding and persistent at the same time, if you believe this center is important for your further learning I would knock on the door with polite persistence. I know that in my SGI practices our meetings are open to all who may casually walk in, yet we have further learning retreats that while are open in general we must request admission… and be accepted. the retreat you speak of my have any number of concerns to which we are unaware , such as pure numbers and having the facilities to safely manage a certain number. it could well be that they may have basic levels of understanding requirements which can speak to your benefit after all if we don't have a minimum level of exposure the gift of their teachings may be lost…… think of his as great benefit for you to show cause in your heart

Does effortlessness guided meditation really work? Should I try these free guided meditations of the Paroksh Yogi community?

Ultimately you are just quieting the mind and there are many ways to do that. But if you are here asking the question, then yes these guided meditations are probably for you. And I think you are very lucky to have come across them!

Is the Paroksh Yogi Himalayan retreat legit?

Yes it is very much legitimate. I'm well aware as you now it will also help eliminate all of the stress in your life. You can fill your soul with calmness, silence, and happiness through deep meditation. Sometimes that's what we need to fulfill Our Lives. Par0ksh Yogi in the Himalayan Mountains is the best thing for you. Stay there for weeks or months as long as you like as long as your money doesn't run out. It is one of the most Pleasant communities that you would ever want to live eat and sleep and meditate at the same time.

Who is Paroksh Yogi?

Shri Paroksh yogi ji is an unknown and mysterious yogi living in himalayan area of Uttarakhand.

It is not clear whether this is his real name because people call him by many names.

He is a part of a hidden community of yogis who does not allow outsiders easily, until they feel the person is eligible.

It is not clear whether he has already taken samadhi (and left his body) or is he still active in giving spiritual discourses to his selected disciples.

As per the rumours of local people, even if he is still alive he only meets his disciples.

His disciples sometimes arrange meditation camps in himalayan region but again they only allow selected few people, after going through tests and preparatory steps.

There programs are free of cost and people usually arrange their accommodation / meals on their own.

There is no information available about the location of their camp and how to contact them.

We waste a lot of life energy in useless thoughts and useless words, most of the time.

By being silent in those 7 days, I was not only able to save energy by being silent, but surprisingly my mind also started becoming silent.

The teachers of Paroksh Yogi Spiritual community are anonymous yogis of Himalayas and they never share their identity.

Their Guru Shri Paroksh Yogi ji says:

'Silence' is the source of whole universe, hence when you are absolutely still & silent, you are very close to the creator himself.
-Shri Paroksh Yogi Ji

I used get angry very soon and smallest of things (like traffic on road) could easily disturb my mental peace easily.

But after returning from that meditation retreat, I am completely a different person and outside situations cannot disturb my inner peace.

Silent meditation holidays is all about connecting with yourself.

Sometimes, all you need is a quiet vacation in a tranquil set-up. A silent meditation retreat is the perfect setting for you to recharge yourself on all levels.

Here, it is all about meditating, sitting, and walking around in relaxed surroundings, free from distractions.

The time observed in silence will give you the chance to connect with your soul and to discover yourself fully.


What was your experience of the Himalayan silent meditation retreat by the Paroksh Yogi community?

Definitely a place to go to if you want to deepen your experience of life. Don’t form any opinions or prejudices and come here as a blank slate because whatever you think you know probably is distorted in some way from reality and doesn’t matter anyway. So if you feel like going to the Himalayan silent meditation retreat by the Paroksh Yogi community I definitely recommend it.

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