Where To Find A Fresh Christmas Tree And How To Pick A Winner

The Christmas tree is the essential element when the end of the year holidays approach. But when to buy it to be able to make the most of it?

By Deni Porter | YEET MAGAZINE | Updated 0439 GMT (1239 HKT) October 16, 2021

When to buy my Christmas tree?

When to buy my Christmas tree?

The Christmas tree is the essential element when the end of the year holidays approach. But when to buy it to be able to make the most of it? Too early, the natural tree will only be a shadow on D-Day, too late, the artificial tree will have taken time but you will not benefit enough from its decoration. The tradition had very specific dates for the installation of Christmas decorations, but they are being installed earlier and earlier, it's so nice!

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When to buy my natural tree?

Cut firs

Which Christmas tree to choose? The most popular species  are:

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  • The Nordmann tree is the most popular tree . Nordmann is the king Christmas tree . This is normal, it does not lose its needles and therefore lasts much longer than the other species that can be chosen as a Christmas tree, between 3 weeks and a month. In addition, it displays a beautiful conical shape which makes it easy to decorate. Purchased in the first half of December, you will be able to keep it in good shape until a few days after the New Year. Find out more about the Nordmann Christmas tree !
  • Spruce is chosen for its delicious resinous smell, but it quickly loses its needles when inside. Therefore, you will need to buy it only a few days before Christmas, to be able to keep it until New Year's Eve. This weakness dethroned it as a traditional Christmas tree, indeed the spruce is the tree of childbirth, associated with the month of December by the Celts and even before, for millennia.
  • The noble fir : wait until mid-December to buy this fir tree with the good smell of fir. Its blue-green needles are quite resistant to heat.
  • The blue fir : like the Nordmann, it is heat resistant and keeps its beautiful silvery blue needles for a long time. A purchase in mid-December allows it to remain beautiful and supplied.

Think of the Christmas tree bag ! It decorates the base of your tree before packing it for disposal and part of its price is donated to Handicap International.Do you know the origins of the Christmas tree? And do you know how to make a Christmas tree?

Potted firs

These trees, whatever their species, last longer indoors, but the conditions they find there are not their favorite! Repot it in a larger pot after purchase. If you have an exterior, you can buy your tree at any time of the year, only to install it in your home in mid-December. If you must place it indoors immediately after purchase, wait until this period. You will need to water it regularly, once a week.
Installed late indoors and well cared for, you can then either keep it in a pot outside or plant it in the ground. Less than 1m, 1.50m, 2m? What size tree to choose?

Our selection of natural Christmas trees:

Nordmann Christmas tree 150-175 cmNordmann Christmas tree 300-350 cmNordmann Christmas tree 100-125 cmSpruce Christmas tree 175-200 cm - Label RougeSpruce Christmas tree 100-125 cm

Nordmann Christmas
tree 150-175 cm

Nordmann Christmas tree
300-350 cm

Nordmann Christmas
tree 100-125 cm

Spruce Christmas
tree 175-200 cm - Label Rouge

Spruce Christmas
tree 100-125 cm

Tips to keep your tree longer:

  • The later you buy it, the more beautiful it will be at Christmas time.
  • Do not install it near a window exposed to the sun or a heat source: its needles will dry out more quickly. A slightly cool place should be preferred.
  • Also avoid locations exposed to drafts.
  • For cut trees, place them in a pot with sand kept moist and spray water on their needles every day if it is not decorated with fairy lights!
  • Artificial snow also dries out the needles, so try dusting with talcum powder or flour!For a more sustainable tree , follow our advice on:  how to keep your tree looking good until Christmas
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When to buy my artificial tree?

All our artificial Christmas trees

An increasingly successful visual aspect makes artificial trees a very often chosen alternative. The number of models is multiplying, with snow or without, of different colors, of all sizes . Easy to install, to store, you buy it once and no need to sweep! Although some models are so close to reality that they even lose their needles ... (and it's real life!).
Artificial Christmas trees also play on originality and come in wicker pyramids, flocked trees, feather pyramids, and even posters for places that are too small!
No particular moment of purchase in this case, you just have to wait for them to be in store!

You can also set your sights on a wooden tree: a wooden tree to make yourself and why not  in driftwood . Unless you prefer to make your Christmas tree yourself, in a pallet for example. Find all our DIY ideas around Christmas and the  existing alternatives to the Christmas tree.And once I have it, how do I make my artificial Christmas tree? Choose it, assemble it and decorate it?

When to make your Christmas tree?

Traditionally, the Christmas tree should only be decorated on Christmas Eve and set up for only 12 days, until Epiphany. But its presence in our interiors, warm and herald of festivals, pushes us to install it much earlier! Arriving nowadays at the beginning of November in the stores, the constantly renewed decorations are also a springboard, and it is often in the first 15 days of December that the family tree is decorated.
If you have chosen a natural tree , you will wait at least the first week of December, or even a week before Christmas, since buying it earlier would deprive it of some of its needles for the holiday.

For artificial trees , on the other hand, it's when you want! But to keep the magic of Christmas, why not wait at least until Advent, on December 1st.
Some prefer December 6, Saint Nicholas, or December 21, the date of the winter solstice (the decoration of the tree dates from the Celts, who adorned a spruce tree with fruits, flowers and wheat to celebrate the solstice. winter) and holiday season in many pagan beliefs.

How to decorate your tree?

Do you have your tree? It's time to move on to decorating it! But how to decorate a Christmas tree? What's the best way to do it? Which tree decoration to choose? Follow our 3 tips for a successful decoration ?
Perhaps you preferred a unique and original tree, far from the traditional tree? Test our Christmas tree ideas and our  13 ideas for an original tree .

Start by making the right choice of colors , choosing 2 main ones: red and green, pink and white, red and silver , blue and white ... Bet on the golden tree for a chic and luxurious look. Then, bet on the garlands , the Christmas balls, the subjects, the pendants, the star at the top of the tree, without forgetting the foot of the tree ... Give your Christmas tree a decoration in the pure traditional style ! Unless you prefer something more modern? Find our Christmas tree decoration ideas , our natural decoration ideas , and trendy decoration .

Are you more of a DIY enthusiast? Try these 11 Christmas decorations to make yourself , and if you are the good handyman type, try the manufacture of a fake tree , whether it is cardboard, paper, bottle,  wood ( wooden cleats, branches, pallet, driftwood ...). Find many ways to make a "homemade" Christmas tree .

Find our Christmas decorating ideas , our natural decorating ideas for a very natural tree , and trendy decor. Without forgetting the surroundings of the tree, the centerpiece but which does not have a monopoly!

If you buy it already decorated as is the case with our small trees , follow our advice to make your decorated Christmas tree a success . Need some inspiration? Discover the most beautiful Christmas trees around the world!

Do you have a cat and / or a dog ? Watch out for the Christmas tree ! If you want to touch it, your animal may injure yourself!

And outside? The surroundings of the house and in particular the alley which goes up to the front door can be the opportunity to give an atmosphere before having even crossed the threshold! Follow our tips on how to have a beautiful outdoor Christmas tree , and make it all lit up !

What to do after the holidays?

What to do with your Christmas tree after the holidays? In the case of an artificial tree, take it apart and keep it in its original box. Store everything in a corner of the house where it won't get in the way and can safely wait for next Christmas. Handle it with delicacy each time to increase its lifespan, ideally more than 6 years so that its environmental impact is less severe. Read our article What type of tree to choose: natural or artificial? to know more.

If you have opted for a natural potted Christmas tree, you can try replanting it in the garden. To find out more, read our article on tree planting : how to plant your Christmas tree ?