By Amie Song |

I know how frustrating it can be to feel like no matter what you do, women just aren't attracted to you. You watch as other men seem to have women chasing them with little or no effort. This feeds a spiral of doubt and insecurity within you, which in turn causes women to be even less attracted to you. I know how you feel because for years I experienced the same anguish and frustration!

But then something happened a few years ago which changed everything. A friend introduced me to the topic of social dynamics. Social Dynamics is the way in which humans interact with each other in social situations. Social Dynamics includes all types of human interaction, but the area which interested me the most had to do with the factors which govern male/female romantic relations.

I was simply blown away by the realization that women respond to men in systemic ways based on biological factors! That other guy, who seems to always be surrounded by beautiful women, is surrounded by women because of specific behaviors he exhibits. And here's the kicker- women respond positively to these behaviors because these behaviors demonstrate reproductive value to women. That's right - women are naturally attracted to men who exhibit attractive reproductive traits!

The great thing was that I realized that these behaviors could be modeled. I could actually learn to be attractive to women. So over the last couple years I devoted myself to learning how to be attractive to women and I'm happy to report, I've had great results! I didn't become a different person or act inauthentic. I simply learned all those behaviors, the successful men earned early on in life. Succeeding in your dating life is like succeeding in anything else. Knowledge is POWER! If you take the time to learn the basics you too can attract beautiful women into your life.

Principle #1 Women Are Attracted to Men Who Exhibit Emotional Independence

First and foremost, you must understand that women can detect authentic emotional independence. There is no faking this. The great thing though, is that once you achieve this you've instantly taken a step towards being attractive to women. Women can sense this from a mile away. You almost don't have to say anything and they'll be able to sense it.

Put simply, emotional independence is your ability to survive and thrive no matter what comes at you in life. It is a demonstration of inner strength, which women find very attractive. Think about why this makes sense. A woman is at her coreBusiness Management Articles, looking for a man who can protect her and her baby.