Scientists Reveal Why Being Successful With Women Is Easier Than You Think.

It is not uncommon to see that men who exude confidence are more successful than a simply handsome guy. And this can be explained.

Scientists Reveal Why Being Successful With Women Is Easier Than You Think.

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By Amie Song | YEET MAGAZINE | Updated 1817 GMT (0217 HKT) June 24, 2021

I know how frustrating it can be to feel like no matter what you do, women just aren't attracted to you. You watch as other men seem to have women chasing them with little or no effort. This feeds a spiral of doubt and insecurity within you, which in turn causes women to be even less attracted to you. I know how you feel because for years I experienced the same anguish and frustration!

But then something happened a few years ago which changed everything. A friend introduced me to the topic of social dynamics. Social Dynamics is the way in which humans interact with each other in social situations. Social Dynamics includes all types of human interaction, but the area which interested me the most had to do with the factors which govern male/female romantic relations.

I was simply blown away by the realization that women respond to men in systemic ways based on biological factors! That other guy, who seems to always be surrounded by beautiful women, is surrounded by women because of specific behaviors he exhibits. And here's the kicker- women respond positively to these behaviors because these behaviors demonstrate reproductive value to women. That's right - women are naturally attracted to men who exhibit attractive reproductive traits!

The great thing was that I realized that these behaviors could be modeled. I could actually learn to be attractive to women. So over the last couple years I devoted myself to learning how to be attractive to women and I'm happy to report, I've had great results! I didn't become a different person or act inauthentic. I simply learned all those behaviors, the successful men earned early on in life. Succeeding in your dating life is like succeeding in anything else. Knowledge is POWER! If you take the time to learn the basics you too can attract beautiful women into your life.

Principle #1 Women Are Attracted to Men Who Exhibit Emotional Independence

First and foremost, you must understand that women can detect authentic emotional independence. There is no faking this. The great thing though, is that once you achieve this you've instantly taken a step towards being attractive to women. Women can sense this from a mile away. You almost don't have to say anything and they'll be able to sense it.

Put simply, emotional independence is your ability to survive and thrive no matter what comes at you in life. It is a demonstration of inner strength, which women find very attractive. Think about why this makes sense. A woman is at her coreBusiness Management Articles, looking for a man who can protect her and her baby.

It is not uncommon to see that a man who gives an impression of security and confidence is more successful than a simply handsome guy. And this can be explained.

A study published by Psychological Science magazine assures that men whose appearance deviates from traditional beauty standards behave more confidently with women, and win them over more easily than more physically attractive men.

This study brought together 96 men and 103 women who engaged in speed-dating sessions, with the condition that they could only chat for three minutes. It emerged that " men who thought they were more beautiful than they were aroused the interest of women more". It is this overconfidence that breeds success with women.

The study reports that men who feel less conditioned by their physical appearance are not only more successful with women, but also pass this characteristic on to their children.

In addition, it appears that men with better physique have a greater tendency to infidelity.

So we know two things about the most attractive men: women prefer them honest, and endowed with an appearance that departs from classic canons of beauty; it is scientifically proven.

Scientists reveal which type of man is most successful with women

3 tips to have phenomenal success with women

"Women have a habit of being proud ... With men who do not please them".

(Adolphe Ricard)

Gentlemen, have you ever had ladies send you out for a walk while you were with your clique or nicely over a drink? What was your reaction to a rake? Through this post, I will help you develop workarounds .

1. Don't be afraid of rejection from women

"Success is made up of little things to which we have paid special attention."

If a woman turns you down, don't take it personally. There can be a ton of reasons for his attitude.

- She is in a relationship

- Miss has her period (hum)

- She just approached a guy who gave her a rake (too)

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Essentially, receiving a rake forges the fighter's spirit and allows him to develop ways of getting around.

  • Be courteous

She might expect you to insult her sharply before she leaves. Or, that you leave the tail between the legs. However, retreat in style. Besides, make sure you have a smile in your voice and have a sparkling look. Don't be predictable!

  • Destabilize her

Conversely, respond with a sentence that is totally out of context and you will force him to stop and think.

Notably, there are women who reject you outright just to test your patience. Sometimes you have to launch the challenge. However, there are times when a NO means outright NO. At that point, respect their decision not to relate to you.

2. Say NO to the Friend zone

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Eh yes. It happens that you are in love with your friend and that she is well rooted in her Friend zone.

As soon as she throws you things like:

- "You are like a big brother to me." "

It is because you are Friend zoner, the friend. Here are some techniques to apply in such a case:

-  Stop being available to her

Do you know the principle of scarcity? Practice absence: scarcity will increase your value. Stop answering his calls, and stop answering his texts.

-  Make her jealous

In fact, don't be afraid or ashamed to tell him your stories with other girls (even imaginary ones). Also, on your WhatsApp status, post quotes or punchlines that will have aroused his attention.

Be the new man who can stimulate her emotionally and physically.

3. Have a life plan

"There is no favorable wind for someone who does not know where he is going".


Have short, medium and long term goals.

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Honestly, gentlemen, women want men who perform.


  • Look her straight in the eye when talking to her.
  • Be elegant . Have a style of your own.

To conclude, this post is just a parody of an article. In fact, the information presented comes from sources compiled by a great master of male seduction.

More tips to be successful with women

If you are not a big seducer and you are not used to approaching women, in this article we offer you  10 tips to be successful  and become a Don Juan.

The first important point is to have confidence in yourself . You have to come out victorious, otherwise women will feel something negative about you, which is never very pleasant when entering a romantic relationship . By having confidence in your potential, you forge a victorious mind in advance.

Having a circle of friends is important and reassuring  for a woman. It's better to be busy most evenings of the week with your friends than to be home alone all the time. In addition, it will allow you to showcase yourself by playing a bit of a leadership role. Women love gang leaders.

In order to be a seducer and to be successful with the fairer sex, you have to  have a little experience and be around women . Even without seducing, observe them in their amorous behavior, and try to decipher their code. She tells you no? She is just waiting for you to insist on saying yes. Isn't she free tonight? But she does, and she dreams of spending the evening with you. So many things that only the great connoisseurs of women know how to best grasp.

Professional success  is something you need to put forth. You are more likely to be attractive if you are a business owner or an executive in a business than a simple worker. Nonetheless, if you are an ordinary employee you have to spruce it up a bit and show off your successes, there is no shame in not being Bill Gates.

Finally,  the physical remains something very important , since it is very often what will make a woman wish to speak to you or not during a first contact. You don't have to be a model, you just need to be well dressed, have a smile, shaved skin and take care of your face and body to be attractive.

In order to be successful with women,  dress style is an important element . How would you like to go for a walk with a woman who is not dressed well and who does not take care of her appearance? Probably not, well, the same goes for women. If you are stylish, wear trendy clothes while maintaining your style, then you are most likely to stand out over other men your age who have not updated their wardrobe for a long time.

Your personality remains an essential factor in seduction . If the physique plays a significant role in seduction, women who are in their fifties will still be more attracted to a man who has charisma and humor. Tell them about funny events in your life, or the trips you have taken, or your passion, you certainly have a lot to teach them and they will find it even more charmed.

Gestures are also important . It's not always easy to control yourself because we all have quirks, but if you know you have some particularly annoying ones, try to get them under control. On the contrary, you can also convey messages with your hands, and they will know how to interpret them at their true value.

Remember that seduction always represents the risk of failure. Still, it's also not the big adventure that's going to disrupt your life in case you run into a woman who doesn't want you. Seducers know how to take risks, try their luck, other men cannot. The more initiatives you take towards women, the more chances you will have of no longer being alone.

Finally, the game of seduction is an important step that should not be skipped. This is undoubtedly the most pleasant moment, the one that makes your heart vibrate when you have fun seducing a woman who resists but whose eyes we see that she is waiting for only one thing: to succumb to your advances.

Discover these secrets to be more successful with women

So often women send you off when you flirt with them, maybe it's because you're doing it the wrong way. Indeed, there is a set of tacts that must be mastered when embarking on seduction. It's quite a program with a change of style, the assimilation of different methods of seduction, practice in the field ... However, to quickly be successful with women and be more comfortable in their company, here are our secrets . You may also like Become a desirable man with our advice.

How to be successful with girls?

Fear of Rejection  : If a girl ignores you and gives you the rake of the year, don't take her rejection too personal . Certainly, there are different reasons for her behavior, it may be that she is already in a relationship for example. Moreover, the rakes will allow you to forge your character while giving you the means to bypass them . Our advice is:

  • To remain courteous . Indeed, the girl who refused you may be expecting insults from you, but leave her gracefully. Leave with a smile and a sparkling gaze.
  • To destabilize the girl . When she rejects you, say a sentence out of context that will force her to stop dead and think.

Know that there are women who reject men only in order to test their patience, so you have to offer a challenge . However, in other situations a NO really means NO , and you should respect that.


Be successful with the opposite sex

No to the friendzone  : If the girl interests you is a friend and she has already placed you in her friendzone, there are tips to get out of this situation. In the friendzone, the kind of phrase that will spark your ears is: "You're like a brother to me". But to be successful with this girl, stop being available to her, and cultivate absence and scarcity in order to increase your value . So, no more texting and calling . Also, make her jealous by talking about other girls. Become a whole new guy to stimulate her physically and emotionally . Also, always look her in the eye when talking to her.

Life plans  : No matter your current situation, always have goals, whether for the short, medium or long term . Never forget that women love men who perform. Also highlight your ambitions and passions , activities that make you happy. In addition to your goals, it influences the subconscious of the opposite sex. Through all of this, you send the message that you are a determined and strong man, that you are a leader and that you really know how to take care of a woman . She 'll think right away that you won't be a burden to her, unlike a needy guy .

Your qualities  : In general, we all have everything we need to be successful . Each of us can succeed and has all the qualities to enhance ourselves , it can be strength, a sense of humor, intelligence, beauty … However, if you think that beauty is essential, you are wrong. . Casanova and Don Juan were far from beautiful, they only knew how to talk to women and how to use their qualities or even their faults well to be successful with women.

Chat with Strangers  : If you really want to be more successful with women, even if you are shy, you can do it. Start by engaging in conversation with strangers . Say to the baker, the saleswoman, the counter clerk, the taxi driver, the supermarket cashier… "hello" while smiling. Then chat naturally with these people. Also talk to people in the queue. Woman or man, young or old, do not hesitate to talk with others . Take a real interest in them even if you don't know them. The goal is for you to be comfortable talking with strangers .When you get into the habit of exchanging a few words with strangers, it will be easy for you to approach the girls you want, the conversation will be easier, they will easily open up to you .