Why Wait To Get Inspired By Others: When Inspiration Lies In The Little Things?

By Vibha Singh

Why Wait To Get Inspired By Others: When Inspiration Lies In The Little Things?
By Vibha Singh

“Oh!! I desire for it to happen, but I lack an inspiration!” Sounds familiar, isn’t it? Inspiration or motivation is something that we perceive to be a catalyst for our success, forgetting that the real inspiration is WE.

I remember a close friend of mine went through a severe injury once. Just an everyday thing right, but the way the person handled the challenging phase was incredible! My friend? No, my friend wasn’t any “Bestseller of the year” or not someone with a huge fan base.

Being an ordinary person, just like You and Me, taught me the things I wouldn’t have learned if I waited for some “big inspiration.” My friend inspired me to feel the change in my behaviour and approach to a level where I could feel the difference.

I don’t say that looking for motivation is wrong, or we can get inspired only by our friends, family, relatives, just a random person, or a living thing only, for that instance. Your phone....yes, you read it right!! If you can keep your phone on “Do Not Disturb,” why not set your mind to “Do Not Disturb” and positively take all the criticism you get and evolve you as an entirely new person.

I remember a famous saying, BE THE CHANGE YOU WANT TO BE. I feel it’s very much connected to the self-motivation thing I am talking about in this article.

Ever wondered why it isn’t like, GET THE INSPIRATION TO MAKE A CHANGE? Because it’s not worth your time to wait for anything that lights up your stamina and only after that you would work for your goals. Don’t procrastinate!

Get inspired from the books you read, from the people you meet, from the people you meet from the things you see, or maybe this piece of writing that you’ve read.

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