Queen's Elizabeth II : The 93-year-Old Monarch Is By Far The Richest member of the Royal Family With Personal Assets Estimated In Billions. Here's What They Include.

Queen's Elizabeth II : The 93-year-Old Monarch Is By Far The Richest member of the Royal Family With Personal Assets Estimated In Billions. Here's What They Include.

The Most Expensive Things Owned By Queen Elizabeth II

Queen Elizabeth II has more than one trick up her sleeve.

The British royal family is not the richest in Britain, it lags far behind the wealthiest tycoons  of the business world.

But it is surely the most intriguing: where does their wealth  come from and how is it perpetuated?

According to the Sunday Times ranking of great fortunes, the Queen's personal wealth  stands at 350 million pounds.

On March 08, 2021, during an interview for the CBS, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle explained their decision, taken a year earlier, to gradually withdraw from the heart of the British royal family to live a more independent life .

By stepping down, they were withdrawing from the "Civil List", meaning that they will no longer receive the taxpayer's money, paid in salary to the Queen and therefore to the royal family.

The opportunity to dive back into the history of the British crown and of this monarchy that survived democracy.

Elizabeth II is the most advanced and longest-reigning British monarch before Victoria since 2015, reigning today for 69 years.

Queen Elizabeth II is one of the richest women in the country.

According to the latest annual rankings of the wealthiest from the Sunday Times, the Queen's assets are valued today at 350 million pounds, ranking her in 372nd position among the richest personalities in her country, far behind the much wealthier from the business world, like that of the Dyson family or Richard Branson. She is one of the UK's largest landowners and arguably has the largest private collection in the world.

One element very often remains unclear when it comes to the Queen's wealth : it is the distinction between the private and the public realms.

The Queen does not own Crown property: she cannot sell such property, but several private estates and collections have been passed down through her family for generations.

And of course she owns goods, lands and surprising things that you will never have imagined. The descendant of Queen Victoria has in her possession things that even date from the 15th century, which are part of her inheritance.

They are spread all over the world. It goes from precious jewels to rare diamonds to the possession of an entire coastline ... And if we told you that even the seabed belongs to the mother of Prince Charles, and as if that were not enough, this place is full of secrets, and we think we are in a fantastic movie. We hope the numbers here won't spin your head too much.

The seabed

Queen Elizabeth II owns most of the British beaches but also the seabed, it is a tradition and a heritage dating back to the conquest of the Normans, having created in 1066, a British Kingdom that we know today.

It was during the take over of the 11th century that the Queen alone has had possession of much of the British seabed as well as a submarine territory. The whole is valued at an estimated $ 100 million.

An impressive personal art collection

King Charles I had started collecting works of art and over the years had a fine collection of Art from the greatest painters in history.

Over the successive thrones, each King and Queen therefore had in their possession the collection of King Charles I, dating from the 17th century, and each continued the collection.

As a result, there are now 150,000 original works of art valued at $ 10 million that Queen Elizabeth II owns.

Among the authors of the paintings, there may have been Leonardo da Vinci, Peter Paul Rubens, Fan Hals, or even Rembrandt.

Several royal residences

The many residences that Queen Elizabeth II owns allow her to stay all over the UK, if she wants more greenery and enjoy the Scottish mountains of Edinburgh, there is Holyrood Castle which is her favorite.

It is possible to visit it, except of course the private rooms and rooms. In total, the Queen has six royal residences, the main one being Buckingham Palace.

A safe residence that brings good luck to the royal family as they survived 9 bombs during WWII. Among all its residences there is Windsor Castle (photo below) which was built in the 11th century. It is worth $ 18 million.

Shopping centers

Imagine owning a mall and being able, on a whim, any day, anytime, explore the stores and try and buy whatever you want. This dream can come true by being part of the royal family. Indeed, Queen Elizabeth II owns three shopping centers, so she has all the rights to buy anytime. In total, there are 17 stores for shopping, and in 2021 the number could increase. The 3 shopping centers are located on a large plot of 7 million square meters… They have together 3 a capital of 2 billion dollars.

Thames River Swans

The swans of England and Wales have belonged to the Crown since the 15th century. The exact number of swans in this area is not known, but a swan is known to be worth $ 300 and the current swan population totals $ 130,000. The Queen is regularly counting to see that the population of these majestic birds remains stable. It was very honorable at the time to have swans, but things have changed since then.

Tiara diamonds

This magnificent crown belonged to Queen Victoria and it has exactly 1,333 diamonds called Tiara diamonds. They were designed by designers Rundell & Bridge in 1820. The crown was part of Queen Victoria's most valuable coin collections. It is estimated to be worth $ 700,000. This crown is the one that Queen Elizabeth II received, and wore, at her coronation in 1953. And she wears it regularly.

450 race horses

Know that Elizabeth was passionate about horseback riding in her youth and often rode horses in the 1940s and not just any thoroughbreds who were the winners of races. You could say she took advantage of the speed and the well-trained horses. In total, the has 450 racehorses, the majority of which no longer run.

There are 30 of them still running for the races. She knows them so well that some say she would have won the racing games multiple times! The horses she owns are estimated to be worth $ 9 million.

The tower of London

Since Queen Elisabeth II took over the throne in 1953, she has officially owned the Tower of London. This majestic building was built in 1078, and served as a penitentiary residence during the 17th and 18th centuries.

The prison hosted famous figures such as Sir Walter Raleigh and Queen Elizabeth I. The building was then used to house the crown jewels and was then the residence of the Tudors. Now it belongs to Queen Elizabeth II and is estimated to be worth $ 56 billion, anyway!

Regent Street

Regent Street is one of the most popular in the UK and welcomes new tourists every year. It houses hotels and shops of all kinds. It is located in London and is a must see, with its tidy style.

Queen Elizabeth II seems to love clothing stores and this street is home to the most luxurious of London stores. It is also long and seems endless compared to other streets. The whole is worth an estimated $ 2 billion.

Balmoral Castle, Scotland

One of the Queen's favorite residences is the famous Balmoral Castle. The rental is ideal for the Queen who is very fond of the Scottish landscapes and the surrounding peace.

The castle stretches over 50,000 hectares of greenery, it feels like a movie. If Elizabeth II finds there is too much noise in Edinburgh at Hollyrood Castle, she can always ask her personal driver to take her close to nature in the Aberdeeen area a two hour drive away -low. Balmoral Castle is estimated to be worth $ 140 million.

Sandringham Castle

Spread over 24 hectares, Sandrigham Castle has belonged to the royal family since 1862. It is not only loved for its vastness and the surrounding calm but also for its position: indeed, it is located near a lake, magnificent gardens strewn with fountains, as well as trees of rare species.

Inside the castle there is a museum, paintings and statues, which can be visited, and the gardens are sumptuous, one of which is romantic and another is labyrinthine. It is found in the Norflok area of ​​England and is estimated to be worth $ 65 million.

The continental shelf

All the waters surrounding the UK have belonged to the Queen since 1963. Her possessions include the English Channel, the Irish Sea, the North Atlantic Ocean and the North Sea.

The UKCS, is the United Kingdom Continental Shelf (United Kingdom Continental Shelf) and has the country's main resource, namely gas and oil. The whole thing is invaluable, but oil is known to be worth $ 60 billion.


In addition to owning swans, the Queen of England also has a bat colony! This is very recent, she acquired them in 2019. They are invaluable.

They had first found accommodation in the cellars of Balmoral Castle and since then they have fascinated the Queen, who wanted them to come back and feel at home.

This is why the chateau attendants leave the cellar windows open so that they can enter.

A total of 6.6 billion acres worldwide

Since the conquests of the Normans who took the totality of the territories of the United Kingdom but also in some lands in the world, the Royal family inherited it, since the 11th century.

The Queen is the monarch of 32 countries and owns a large part of Abdullah's multi-billion-acre kingdom.

The 6.6 million acres represent one sixth of the entire Earth's surface and Queen Elizabeth enjoys 15% of the economic profit of these territories. The royal family has owned all of these lands since British colonization.

A large collection of Fabergé eggs

Faberge eggs were first manufactured within the Russian Empire during Easter and other occasions. They have the particularity of being handmade and each one unique, with their surprise inside.

They are the most expensive and valuable decorated eggs in the world with their real gold decorations. Queen Elizabeth has a collection of 600 eggs. The collection in the royal family has started since 1900. In total the 600 eggs have an estimated value of $ 200 million.

Scotland's gold mines

As Queen Elizabeth II owns the Scottish gold mines, she has the right to have miners searched for gold if she wishes. In the past, some people have gone to look for gold in these mines without authorization and have never dared to report what they found on pain of punishment.

Scotland’s mines are estimated to be worth $ 300 million. In addition to owning these gold mines, the Queen also has the right to fish all salmon on the Scottish Continental Shelf.

The most precious diamond in the world

This diamond has been a royal jewelry item since 1910. It owns 530.2 Karats, making it the most expensive diamond in the world, valued at $ 51 million.

But, its value does not exceed Jay-Z's Maybach car, which stands at $ 2 billion and is the only model that exists in the world, as does this rare diamond, which is the largest, and the most finely cut that exists in the world. It was first presented to Mary of Teck in 1910 and has been in royal jewelry since.


Queen Elizabeth II has always loved dogs and especially Corgis as well as Dorgis. These dog breeds have always accompanied the Queen in her life, since her childhood. She had two Corgis that she grew up with and then a few years ago she adopted a pair of Dorgis rabid dogs again.

They are very good, loyal dogs, easy to train, and very playful. They also need a lot of space, and that's not what's missing with Queen Elizabeth II, we agree!

UK dolphins

It can be said that the Queen of England is very fond of animals and nature as much as the most expensive jewelry that exists in the world. What a paradox, but the Queen seems to love everything and she is quite right.

She is lucky to enjoy spending time with dolphins. Know that all dolphins that are in the UK belong to him. She also has all the porpoises and whales, but also all the fish that inhabit the UK sea! The people of the Ocean have belonged to the royal family since the 14th century.

Hyde Park

Hyde Park is one of the most popular places in London and many visitors come each year to visit its beautiful gardens. It is famous, like Saint James Park, for having its famous gray squirrels which were imported from North America, and unfortunately made the red squirrels disappear.

Hyde Park is located near Kesington Palace. It is a very lively place, as it is home to parties, concerts and street vendors. It has been owned by the royal family since 1660 and is worth $ 19 billion.

Luxury cars worth $ 10 million

Like most Hollywood stars, the Queen of England has a fine collection of luxury cars. She started the collection in the 1940s before her coronation. In addition to riding, she enjoys driving the most beautiful luxury cars since WWII.

She owns Bentleys, Rolls Royces, like singer Beyonce, she also has Range Rovers and an LWB Landaulet. Don't be surprised to see her driving one of them one day, as she still enjoys driving them so much! The whole is worth an estimated $ 10 million.

Two black jaguars

It appears that Queen Elizabeth II owns a good chunk of the UK's animals and even those imported to London Zoo, two black jaguars, named Aizita and Marques, which are among the many exotic gifts the Queen has since received. his coronation, in 1953.

These jaguars are endangered, there are only 600 in the world. The other even rarer jaguar in the world is the elusive black jaguar. The two Queen's jaguars are estimated to be worth $ 56,000.

Wind turbines worth $ 900 million

If the Queen loves nature and animals so much, it is not surprising to learn that she cares about the environment and global warming. It owns the majority of wind turbines in the UK, which are part of the environmental protection scheme. Located on the coasts of the United Kingdom which also belong to the Queen, it belongs to her like all that is on these coasts. They were built in 2010.

200 Launer brand handbags

And of course, if Queen Elizabeth owns three shopping malls, as seen at the start of this article, she sure couldn't resist buying the Launer handbags. She has been a fan of them since the 1950s and prefers them to other competing brands such as Chanel or Gucci…

Each bag she orders costs her $ 2,500 and in total, she has acquired 200, and spent nearly one. half a million dollars for it all. She really likes the rectangular cut and we can mention her favorite styles which are Traviata or The Royale.