YEET MAGAZINE Editorial Guidelines 2021

   Content guidelines 2021  

Thanks so much for your interest in YEET MAGAZINE. This guide will give you a sense of the kinds of pieces we're looking for and how to pitch them. (We'll also put you on a list to receive occasional calls for pitches or to inform you about upcoming special issues.

Writer Guidelines

YEET MAGAZINE is a magazine of reported stories, mostly about innovations, people, and entrepreneurs. If you have a good story idea, we’d love to publish it.

The magazine has two departments, shorts and features.Features generally run between 1250 and 2000 words and we’re open to big ideas that would run much longer.

What makes a story particularly right  for YEET MAGAZINE from both Blogger entrepreneur and Classic blogger ?

The idea is to  publish  service writing as much as possible —advice about where and how to travel, where to eat, what to wear, how to get in shape, what to buy. We generally do cover the release of new products or the opening of new stores or restaurants  if they are internationally newsworthy and there is a fascinating story to tell that does not appear in other outlets. We’re really doing something different.

What makes a story right for YEET MAGAZINE?

+ Stories can  be set  anywhere in the world, all five continents.

+ We’re interested in all topics: technology, entertainment, politics, money, science, social issues, business, sports, art, food, the environment, design, style, agriculture, music, etc.

+ It’s important to us that stories are stories. This is true for both shorts and features. There’s a character or a cast of characters, and things happen. This might mean a profile of a fascinating person. Or it might mean a writerly dispatch. Or it might mean an intimate look at some hidden world, and the people who inhabit that world. Or it might mean a yarn, a story with a plot like a great movie or TV episode or piece of short fiction. Many of our stories, especially our features, explore issues and ideas. But they do so in the context of a good story.

+ Timely is good. Funny is good. Surprising is good.

+ If someone is fascinating in conversation, we’re happy to consider Q&A pitches for both shorts and features.

+ We occasionally publish excerpts or adaptations drawn from forthcoming books. Please don’t send book manuscripts or galleys unless we request them. Let us know, first, what you have in mind.

+ We’re very interested in photo essays, as well as stories told through illustration, for both shorts and features. Send your ideas to

+ We’re very open to experiments, that’s why we’re YEET.

+Think pieces or personal essays: We can publish your opinion on a cultural phenomenon or a topic in the news, or the story of an experience you had and the insights you drew from it.

What about other media?

+ In the future, we’ll be interested in talking to documentary filmmakers about short films. Send a note to to receive our contributor guidelines for filmmakers when we make them available.

+ If you think the digital version of a piece would benefit from the addition of sound or video, tell us. Note that our standards for sound and video are very high.

How do I submit a story idea?

+ Send a pitch! We’re primarily interested in reported stories rather than personal narratives, though we welcome reporting in which the writer is present, or that is informed by personal experience and insight. We are most excited by stories where food and restaurants intersect with, illuminate, or are illuminated by other subjects: business, technology, history, science, fashion, design, news, innovation, the arts, pop culture, travel.

+ Please send your pitch in the body of an email  or pdf  to Every pitch sent to this address will be read by an assigning editor, and the author will be notified by email.

+ If you’d like to be considered as a contributor to our themed Shorts sections, please send several clips and a brief description of the types of subjects that interest you. Again, email

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