Yeezy: Kanye West To Partner With Adidas Again

Yeezy: Kanye West To Partner With Adidas Again
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Adidas and Kanye West experienced tensions in their partnership after controversial remarks made by the rapper. The brand had announced that it wanted to end their collaboration, but it finally decided to backtrack. Indeed, it suffered a significant financial loss due to a stock of unsold goods related to the Yeezy brand.

This collaboration between Adidas and Kanye West has been fruitful since 2015. Together, they launched several successful shoes such as the Yeezy Boost 700 and the Yeezy Slide. Despite the problems encountered, Adidas is now considering renewing its partnership with the rapper and relaunching the Yeezy brand.

This decision is good news for fans of the brand and sneaker lovers. The Yeezy brand was a great success thanks to the collaboration between Adidas and Kanye West.

It remains to be seen what the nature of their future partnership will be, but this announcement suggests that both parties are ready to continue their collaboration despite past difficulties.



Adidas wanted to play hard when they didn't have their shoulders... all this to follow this fashion effect against lobby censorship

Dear Blacks around the world, the solution to make us respected is to hit where it hurts: THE CURRENCY HOLDER,

Kanye West must review its advantages in this contract upwards to give a lesson to the next brands and brands

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Horten Okob

A real boomerang! If there is no cash inflow, the Business stops! Business is money. Congratulations to Kanye West. I hope that Westerners will set an example on Adidas to review their sanctions against Russia that further complicate things for them

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Sophie Ademar

It's not that at all, the deal was signed 2 days ago. They reached an agreement to sell the $500 million in stocks. I don't think KW is going back to working again with Adi d by tomorrow and the Adi to renew a license with him. It smells like the Yeezy promo.�

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Sophie Ademar replied · 18 replies


Elvi Wesh

This is proof that the mass can stop any dictatorship, adidas, Nike and some lobbies have this bad habit of crushing some of their contractors when they do not go in their direction, congratulations to the Kanye west community

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Jamesi Sai replied · 1 reply


Denzel Blackman

So he was right he can say everything he wants anti-Semitic or not so much it doesn't lose hundreds of millions of euros🤷🏾‍If it makes you lose biff, we close our eyes�on the words�🧑🏾On the other hand, he who already had an extraordinary boulard is not going to help him deflate��

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Yagouba Lelato Barry

''They called me crazy, but they never called me a liar'' - Kanye West I love the guy if����

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Ali Kelah

Kanye West just collects a little more tune, and hop! He launches his brand in a personal capacity.

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Horus Donkovi

And how many are he willing to put to re-drag him? You have to have strong kidneys to refy a lost darling�

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Hugues Ngbanda

Overall, this is not good news, it will make even more useless sneakers that will capture the meagre incomes of young people, in a world where supply is already much higher than real demand.

Obviously, in the century of appearance, it is a language of the deaf.

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Màama Diiaby

Kanye understood that he weighs heavily in the fashion industry he must create his own brand and cut short with all those who abandoned him.

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Jean-blaise Mebenga

"They said I was crazy they never said I was lying"

This sums up KW's position, which has never changed it and which they are forced to accept because the world of Capitalism only when it loses money. We can clearly see that the Pseudo support to the large community people who have "suffered the most" of addidas only want if there is a last guarantee to make money.

One more thing may be is the beginning of the rationality of the capitalist world that thinks that you turn off the taps when we don't go in their direction or we don't give them allegiance it's the big punishment this time it's failed. And this is the beginning of the beginning.

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Remy Hair

He should create his own sports brand I hope he will refuse

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Ornella Bricia Adoula

Ahhhh! If Kany West embodied Africa! We may weigh in the balance! But it's a shame!

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Jonathan Mahoto

Let's not forget that the power is us

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African Mirror

We want to say "All That for That" Black People let's unite to counter these hard cardboards.

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Sliman Ben Keith

This proves that the Afro community has certain financial weights. If we get together, we can move even montages.

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Øffĩćiâl Al Bendekouré

One thing is certain, money is not anti-Semitic�.

Adidas quickly understood this and very quickly by the way.

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Janyce Delgado Monteiro

Lol then adidas the loss of money is hard a����I hope with all my heart♥️who will no longer make a contract with this brand.

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Modibo Touré

�Kanye West must know how to contract with them to possibly protect himself in court�

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Emile Mbeke

Lollll CNN journalist Parija Kabilanz wrote yesterday that sales of Yeezy Sneakers have exploded since the break-up with Adidas. Kanye West wanted freedom above all. I really hope he will never return with Adidas again.

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Penda Soumare

All right

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Romy MT

Power only respects power if you can't go your way. If I had been Kanye I would have signed there and asked for the double band of Nabooo

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Kongo Ra AkhThoth

So Kanye West's words can be erased if he agrees to work with Addidas?

It's ironic, isn't it?...�

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Aysat Kooda Ba'muum Jamaiocourant

That's what we call swallowing his vomit! In reality, money goes over pseudo opinions and false support

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Romain Marek

Kanye stronger than adidas..!!��

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Izo Ismaël

We called him crazy etc... with hindsight I tell myself this guy is very intelligent�indirectly they showed us how the black man must be respected even if I do not endorse what he does attack where it hurts he waited for the right moment I take my hat off the message instead of crying let's become our own bosses economically to better respect our community

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Noemie Amanda Gombe-Kette

No, but there will be no other collaborations.They decided to work again with to LIQUIDATE stocks and only that.

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Sophie Ademar replied · 1 reply


Lydie Puati

I hope he will make them pay for everything he lost!!

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Ondo Zogo

Kanye is a genius #BlackPower✊�

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