Your Role.

As a YEET MAGAZINE Blogger, you commit to generating  engaging, original content for our website.

To succeed ,  you should be focused on generating and composing interesting content and expanding your readership.

You should be creative, adaptable, and analytical with excellent writing skills and a unique voice.

Blogger Responsibilities.

  • Generating, researching, and pitching ideas for posts.
  • Writing, editing, publishing, and promoting content.
  • Promoting new posts using advertisements, emails, social media, and other methods to alert and attract new readers.
  • Advocating and educating others about interests, products, or services.
  • Maximizing site traffic by utilizing Search Engine Optimization keywords.
  • Inviting other bloggers, experts, or other notable guests to contribute content to the webpage.
  • Monitoring responses to posts via the website, social media, or other platforms to better understand the audience.
  • Staying current on industry trends for possible opportunities to attract new readers or create stronger, more engaging content.