17 Tips And Benefits Of Lemon

We all know the lemon is the king of citrus! Lemons are not just there to add a little tangy note to our dishes, our drinks or to balance a too spicy meal, they also have a lot of benefits for our health.


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We all know the lemon is the king of citrus! Lemons are not just there to add a little tangy note to our dishes, our drinks or to balance a too spicy meal, they also have a lot of benefits for our health.

They help us to fight many diseases and dental problems, to fight against hair loss, against skin problems and to detoxify our body. So here are 17 tips you need to know about lemons and how to use them!

What are the benefits of drinking lemon water?  We at Bright Side are big fans of this little yellow fruit — so unassuming, yet with so many unexpected uses. Not long ago we reported on what happened when we drank water with warm honey and lemon every day for a year — and the results were fascinating.

As if you needed any more convincing that starting your day with a glass of warm water and lemon was the way to go, we have compiled this ultimate list of health and beauty benefits that can be derived from lemon water. Other videos you might like: I Drank Only Water for 20 Days, See What Happened to My Body

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TIMES TAMPS: It improves your digestive health 0:40

It keeps the right balance of minerals in your body Lemon water improves your eyesight 1:39It makes your skin soft 2:05Lemons are your liver’s best friend 2:36Lemons are rich in potassium 3:00A lemon a day keeps the doctor away 3:25 It’s an inflammation buster 3:45It maintains pH perfection 4:13It boosts your metabolism 4:41

You’ll step away from the coffee 5:00 SUMMARY: - Lemons are a primary source of pectin fiber which is necessary for good colon health. - Drinking water alone will rehydrate you, but if you add a few slices of lemon, it will speed up the process of rebalancing the minerals in your body. - As a citrus fruit, lemons are packed full of Vitamin C and antioxidants which work together to form a protective effect against cataracts and macular degeneration. - Lemons contain powerful antioxidants so that you will notice a decrease in blemishes and wrinkles, and smoother, healthier-looking skin as a result of its detoxifying benefits. - Drinking lemon water can help your liver function at a tip-top level. - Drinking lemon water will help to ensure optimal heart, brain, kidney, and muscular function. - Those who drink lemon water every day tend to experience fewer colds. - Lemon water decreases your body’s acidity levels, which in turn assists your body in removing harmful uric acid which might cause inflammation. - Lemons are acidic by nature, but you might be surprised to learn that once absorbed into the bloodstream lemon water has an alkalizing effect on the body tissue. - If you want to lose weight naturally and change your diet and lifestyle, lemon water is the perfect accompaniment. - If you replace your morning coffee with a cup of warm lemon water for just two weeks, you will feel so alert, refreshed, and healthy that you won’t ever go back to caffeine.

1. Hello vitamin C!

Lemons are a very great source of vitamin C, containing 88% of the recommended nutritional allowance (for a 100g serving). On top of that, the flavonoids found in lemons help fight colds and flu.

17 Tips and Benefits of Lemon People

2.  Lemons help you lose weight

You will love this one! Drinking hot water with a slice of lemon and a little honey helps you lose weight. So instead of choosing a 'Grande Double Cappuccino' at Starbucks, save your money and go for a more neutral choice.

17 Tips and Benefits of Lemon People

3.  For natural looking lips

During the Renaissance era, fashionistas swore by lemon for natural looking lips. Simply rub lemon juice on your lips before going to bed to bring out their natural color, wait for them to dry, and moisturize them. The next morning you will feel like you've applied lipstick!

17 Tips and Benefits of Lemon People
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1. Hello vitamin C!

4.  Remedy for toothache

Got a sore tooth but don't want to spend that hard-earned money going to the dentist? Use freshly squeezed lemon juice on the affected area, it will lessen the pain. If you suffer from bleeding gums, try rubbing lemon juice on them. It may sting a little bit, but you will heal more easily.

17 Tips and Benefits of Lemon People
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1. Hello vitamin C!

5.  For healthy hair

Say no to dandruff by applying lemon juice to the roots of your hair. For a natural shine, rub your hair with lemon juice after you shower while it is still damp.

17 Tips and Benefits of Lemon People
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6.  Rebalance your body's pH

Known for their acidity, lemons help you rebalance your body's pH by alkalizing your body fluids.

17 Tips and Benefits of Lemon People

7.  Lemon heals wounds

After you burn yourself on the stove or cut yourself on a fall from a bike (that's okay, we've all been there!), Use lemon to heal faster. Note that citrus also works on mild acne.

17 Tips and Benefits of Lemon People

8.  Goodbye fever!

If you have a fever, bite into a lemon wedge a few times a day, you will tend to sweat a little more, which will help the fever to pass faster and naturally. If you want to do a little more, mix hot water with juice and slices of lemon, orange, and ginger.

17 Tips and Benefits of Lemon People

9.  Glowing skin

For naturally beautiful glowing skin, concoct a face mask by mixing lemon, honey, eggs, yogurt and avocado. Not only will your face look fresher and brighter, it will also help prevent wrinkles and acne from appearing.

17 Tips and Benefits of Lemon People
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10.  Fight indigestion

Do you have a bad stomach? Help your body digest by adding a slice of lemon to your meal or even better: drink freshly made lemonade with dessert. Lemon acts as a cleansing and purifying agent; your interior will thank you later.

11.  For a healthy colon

Lemons contain excellent dietary fiber for you and your colon. Drinking hot lemon water is the same as drinking a strong antibacterial.

17 Tips and Benefits of Lemon People

12.  Potassium!

Did you know that lemons are very high in potassium and that potassium is the key to a healthy heart? Indeed, the potassium level is higher there than in apples or grapes, so cook with lemon!

17 Tips and Benefits of Lemon People
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13.  Perfect after a workout

For anyone who goes to the gym or exercises, lemons will become your best friends! Drink a glass of lemon water after exercise to replenish the body salts that you have sweated.

17 Tips and Benefits of Lemon People

14.  Get rid of blackheads!

If you have pesky blackheads on your face, go for a natural solution and soak cotton wool in fresh lemon juice then gently apply to the affected area.

17 Tips and Benefits of Lemon People
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15.  Lemon + liver = Good health

Lemon water is great for detoxifying the liver! Indeed, lemon juice stimulates the production of bile and facilitates the breakdown of fats and their evacuation.

17 Tips and Benefits of Lemon People

16.  Good for the blood

Due to its vitamin P or bioflavonoids content, lemons help blood vessels prevent internal bleeding and are naturally involved in the treatment of high blood pressure!

17 Tips and Benefits of Lemon People

17.  For healthy hands and feet

Do you want healthy hands, feet and nails? Squeeze half a lemon in 250ml of hot water, then soak your feet and / or hands in it for about ten minutes. You can also rub your nails and push back the cuticles with the white part of the lemon or go for a body scrub by mixing lemon juice with sugar (or olive oil for a sumptuous body oil).

17 Tips and Benefits of Lemon People
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