Touching Photos Capable Of Melting The Most Insensitive Of Hearts

Many think that love no longer exists in this lower world. That individualism and selfishness have taken over. That hatred is the major feeling.

By Joan Carmichael YEET MAGAZINE | Updated 0439 GMT (1239 HKT) December 3, 2021

Touching Photos Capable Of Melting The Most Insensitive Of Hearts The ability to feel empathy is something that unfortunately not all people have. Some people are so cold-hearted that not even the most heartbreaking image could make their eyes water or warm their hearts.

This is sad to think about, but not surprising in the society we live in nowadays. That’s why we have put forth some effort to try and warm even the coldest of hearts through these 40 heartbreaking and touching images.

Many think that love no longer exists in this lower world. That individualism and selfishness have taken over. That hatred is the major feeling. But if you look a little better, it's easy to realize that the love is still there. Whether it is animals or humans, this feeling does exist and continues to invade our lives.

Here are 28 very touching photos, proving that love is still there.

1. This plush has been loved and kept for 20 years

© Connguy /

“My great-aunt bought me this stuffed cat in 1995. We quickly became inseparable, I slept with him every night when I was little. When my great aunt died, I discovered that she had kept a second copy for herself, but this one was new… ”

2. This man made it his mission to buy toys every year and to dress up as Santa Claus to distribute them to children in hospitals.

© GallowBoob /

3. These two elderly women are sisters and are 93 and 96 years old respectively. Every year they spend their vacation at the beach together

© missprecocious /

4. Unforgettable and so important memories

© asian_princess /

“This photo is from the 1970s and it's my parents. I don't remember my father, he passed away when I was still a child. His best friend contacted me recently to tell me that he had found pictures of my parents and sent them to me ”

5. “This photo captures the moment my parents met. They were playing volleyball and bumped into it. Since then, they haven't left each other ”

© theshamwowguy /

6. “This man protected my sister in the Las Vegas shooting. He was shot in the knee to save her ”

© tynation /

7. This young man has "made" a remote control for his grandmother, so that she does not make mistakes when looking for her chains

© Tdorn91 /

8. Bill Murray and his generosity

© nickgrayiscool /

Bill Murray made a lovely gift to everyone in line for a folk music concert: he bought all the tickets and gave them away to everyone for free!

9. “Our 8 year old son got up early this morning to give us a present. He filled two plastic bags with the things you see here to thank us for being good parents to him ”

© fried_eggs_and_ham /

10. A touching photo

© monkeypugs1 /

“My mom passed away in February and my sister was getting married in July. Thanks to the skills of the wedding photographer and Photoshop, my mother was also present in one of my sister's shots. This photo is overwhelming with emotions ”

11. Animals are true friends

© adoptabeagle /

" Here's my sister. She is autistic and had never allowed anyone to touch her. I finally see her laughing and being happy thanks to this parrot named Fuzzy »

12. A Dane has decided to end loneliness

© LordLichtenstein /

“According to alarming statistics, 210,000 Danes feel lonely. This is why I organized an evening between strangers: the loneliness is broken! "

13. Animals are faithful and loyal: these two are the best friends in the world!

© hawktremor /

14. Love always lasts, even after death

© attheisstt /

15. A promise must be kept: this former soldier has promised to accompany his best friend to his grave ...

© gsteelbk /

16. This dog lives near a school. Every day, at recess time, he escapes and comes over this wall while waiting for the caresses of the children!

© Seanc90 /

17. “In my company, there is a dog. And this one loves to come and say hello to us by begging for hugs! "

© lvl99slayer /

18. “My grandfather found the letters he wrote to his mother in January 1968 while on the battlefield in Vietnam. He spent over an hour reading them ”

© nightowlsmedia /

19. “This is my mother… Today, she risked her life to save 40 children in a school bus that caught fire”

© wisemansaypizza /

20. Recognition of true love

© cgrabowski /

“This man loved my mother and accepted my sister and me. Growing up, I put him through hell. But he put up with it all without ever ceasing to love the three of us. I am really proud that he accepted to adopt me officially, even though I am now 28 years old »

21. Three generations: the grandfather in the background, the son and the grandson

© siredwardh /

22. This North Korean just met his South Korean brother after years without seeing each other

© wiffle33 / imgur

23. This man came to bring balls for the dogs of this shelter.

© GallowBoob /

24. This man never wanted to have a dog, until his children put him in his arms. Since then, he never leaves him and watches over him as if he were a child

© anniewolfe /

25. A huge act of generosity

© gangbangkang /

As the hurricane approached in Florida, generators were torn apart in supermarkets. When the lady arrived, there were none left. This man gave him his after hearing him cry saying that his father would not survive without his oxygen machine.

26. When you learn that you have been received to join the army: the absolute dream of your parents who will be more than proud of you

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27. This man can only see with one eye. He bought a dog who has the same eyesight problem as him because no one wanted him

© kt2133 /

If you were touched by these photos it is because you too have an enormous amount of love within you! Share it!