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By   Sophia  Ava   YEET MAGAZINE | Updated 0339 GMT (1239 HKT) May 19, 2022


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In October 2021, Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, created a surprise by changing the name of his company to Meta and introducing the general public to the world of Metaverse (Metaverse in English). This announcement has undoubtedly drawn the attention of investors to this new sector linked to the use of immersive technologies, NFT and the development of artificial intelligence. It is a sector of the future that attracts colossal investments! Here are 7 reasons to be interested and invest in Metaverse.

The neologism "Metavers" is composed of the term "meta", which means "beyond", and "worms" which comes from the word "universe". The Metaverse is, therefore, a world beyond reality, which is based on the creation of virtual, 3D and immersive universes. You enter it in the form of an avatar, thanks to a helmet specially designed to access this parallel universe where you can perform an unlimited number of actions. The enthusiasm is such that the Metavers has become a sector with high potential in which it is good to be interested. If we compare the Metaverse to the Internet, which some predict is the next iteration (Web3.0), this augurs huge profits.

 1. Metavers: The booming virtual reality sector

7 reasons to invest in Metaverse(s)

The Metaverse industry is, undeniably, in full expansion and a great opportunity for small or large investors! This is only the beginning of an inevitable evolution which should accelerate in the next 10 years.

Thus, according to Bloomberg , which is an authority on finance and investment, the Metavers sector should represent a market of nearly 800 billion dollars in 2024! For analyses, the Metaverse is, without a doubt, the new revolution or technological breakthrough with the convergence of the digital and physical worlds!closevolume_off

It would even be, still according to the Bloomberg site , a radical change in the societal paradigm. As you will read in listicles 3 and 4, it is no coincidence that Facebook has become Meta and that a large number of companies and investors are interested in Metavers on the lookout for nuggets that are building today. the world of tomorrow!

2. Metavers: Announcement of a change of society!

7 reasons to invest in Metaverse(s)

The irruption of the Metaverse in our life is not only a marker of the birth of a new technological innovation, but also the announcement of a change in society!

If indeed, the game is often the gateway to the Metaverse, this New World heralds the advent of Web 3.0 and radical changes in our relationship to entertainment and work with new ways of working, collaborating, shape and manage our relationship to others.

We can even predict that this virtual universe will change our social interactions in all areas. More generally, the existence of the Metaverse is above all the precursor of a new way of thinking, of living and announces a radical change in society

3. Metavers: Facebook becomes Meta and sets fire to the powder!

7 reasons to invest in Metaverse(s)

One of the main reasons to invest in the Metaverse is the decision made by Mark Zuckerberg , the CEO of Facebook, in October 2021! You can imagine that if Mark decided to change the name of his company to Meta and to embark on this ambitious project, it was not to play the role of figuration. He expects big profits from it in a booming sector, albeit in its infancy.

It's also obvious that this is an opportunity for Mark Zuckerberg to change Facebook's brand image which is deteriorating in the real world because of his tax problems . The American company is, in fact, suspected of practicing tax evasion, of not paying as much tax as it should, but also of having been the victim (?) of leaks of personal data of thousands of customers. . For some, these security flaws are not accidental. Using this excuse would be a way for Facebook to hide paid transfers of customer files to companies or marketing companies.

What's more, the Metavers is a universe that foreshadows huge profits! Meta plans to offer, among other things, "entrances" to virtual worlds and interconnected adventures. The entry into the virtual world has also triggered the development of new techniques and innovations in the field of “Metaverse” technologies. and AI (artificial intelligence).

Thus, Facebook had already bought, in 2014, the company Oculus , the manufacturer of virtual helmets, for two billion dollars. This advance purchase was a brilliant idea, because the virtual helmet is, for the moment, the gateway to virtual worlds, without which nothing is possible! Meta has thus positioned itself as the benchmark for immersive technologies on hardware, software and platform!

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4.Metavers: The GAFAMs also take a stand

7 reasons to invest in Metaverse(s)

Other important companies, other than Facebook (pardon Meta!) have also positioned themselves at the edge of this economic and technological revolution that the Metavers represents. There are already virtual platforms that are well known, profitable and booming! It is difficult to name them all as there are so many. These include, however, Decentraland , Axie Infinity and The Sandbox , among others . Some platforms will undoubtedly experience a natural selection effect and may be gone in a few months or even weeks.

Indeed, many projects have been launched in the Metaverse, but, as with any innovative sector, some will founder due to a lack of resources, customers and development projects. Among the most serious and destined (normally) to last, let's dare the virtual platform Roblox , launched in 2004, and having a capitalization, to date, of 50 billion dollars! It would already have more than 42 million users worldwide. The stock price to date is approximately $62. It was $45 in March 2021! Among the other heavyweights , in addition to Meta, already present or to come in the Metaverse, let us quote, among others: Microsoft , Niantic , Epic Games , Apple ,Nvidia , Google , Binance , Tencent , ByteDance and, more surprisingly, Tinder (perhaps to take advantage of the juicy dating market, but this time in the virtual world!)Advertisement

5.Metaverse: NFTs, the gateway to access the metaverse

7 reasons to invest in Metaverse(s)

The growing popularity of NFTs , particularly under the impetus of the art world and, in particular, following their adoption in the luxury sector and by many stars, such as in the world of American rap, has also played a big role. role and will come to have an equally crucial importance in the development of Metavers.

Indeed an NFT, (non-fungible token in English or non-fungible token) is a token produced in a single copy, that is to say that it cannot be reproduced, unlike crypto-currencies. An NFT can serve, in fact, as a guarantee of authenticity and prove to be a digital certificate of ownership. It is a market in which millions of dollars have already been invested and billions more are expected to be invested in the coming years!

NFTs can be used to authenticate files and transactions made in the virtual art market in the Metaverse! NFTs have the ability to contribute to interoperability between different Metavers. NFTs would make it possible to transport digital goods (objects, equipment, clothing, accessories acquired or won in digital form), from one virtual universe to another without problems. NFTs can therefore serve as a pass and guarantee of ownership for the avatars of people wanting to move with digital weapons and baggage from one virtual universe to another! Similarly, people participating in virtual events in the Metaverse could buy NFT tickets there!

6. Metavers: The Virtual Art Boom

7 reasons to invest in Metaverse(s)

Due to the digital form of NFTs, art already largely benefits from the digital existence of these non-fungible tokens. Many artists have already sold their virtual works of art in the form of NFTs for millions of dollars.

One of the most spectacular early examples of this movement was the sale, in 2021, by the famous auction company Christie’s in London, of a collage of digital images by the American artist Beeple for 69 million dollars!

In fact, the investor has purchased an NFT guaranteeing him ownership of the work. D e by its digital form, the Metaverse naturally lends itself to transactions of virtual works of art with NFTs. These certify the identity of the owner to avoid any fraud or theft! Likewise, your avatar will be able to browse art galleries perfectly to admire the productions of artists and to buy them!

You can also sell your own works in your virtual gallery. The Metavers makes the art market accessible to everyone in a kind of great movement of artistic democratization! Let's hope that quality will always be privileged there at the expense of quality and greed, because we see that, for the moment, many virtual works in the form of NFT are of distressing quality!

The prices paid for some of these artistic productions, which we wouldn't even watch in reality, are truly mind-blowing. We will comfort ourselves by saying that all tastes are in nature and that the notion of taste is very relative! Let's just say, if you see it more as a source of income than an aesthetic manifestation, that's another good reason to invest in the Artistic Metaverse.

7. Metavers: A movement that wins the cinema

While the virtual art movement is booming, all entertainment sectors are impacted, such as cinema. If there is a mythical work that has been premonitory on the world of Metavers, it is Matrix , even if, during the first films of the series, the term Metavers was known only to a few insiders. Perhaps the title of the Matrix movie would now be “Metaverse”! Indeed, the matrix of the feature films of the series of Matrix presents similarities with the virtual universe of Metavers.

There is no doubt that the cinema will benefit from the success of the Metaverse both for the film industry and for virtual reality platforms. Thus, the multinational Walt Disney is very interested in the Metavers.



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