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According to a psychologist hired by Johnny Depp's defense as part of the defamation lawsuit he is bringing against his ex-wife, actress Amber Heard suffers from personality disorders.

Johnny Depp trial: according to a psychologist Amber Heard suffers from personality disorders

The domestic violence trial between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard continues in the United States. Since April 10, the two actors face a jury which must determine which of the two has really been the victim of the other . As a reminder, the two ex-spouses accuse each other of domestic violence, after a first trial in the United Kingdom lost by the comedian of The Ninth Gate.

The latter claims to pay the high price of this legal case , with the destruction of his reputation and many lost contracts. It is true that Johnny Depp had to give way in the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise just like in Fantastic Beasts. He has been there replaced by Mads Mikkelsen for the 3rd installment .

Since the start of the trial, low blows and revelations have followed one another and it is difficult to know who to believe. On April 21, incredibly violent emails sent by the comedian to his friend, actor Paul Bettany, set the courtroom on fire. " Let's drown it before we burn it" was it written . Shocking words about Vanessa Paradis had also been revealed … But this Tuesday, April 26, Johnny Depp's defense scored points thanks to the testimony of an expert.

Amber Heard unstable?

This Tuesday, April 26 at the helm, Shannon Curry, clinical and forensic psychologist, who had been in charge of evaluating, in December 2021, the 36-year-old actress, for 12 hours , presented her diagnosis and struck a blow. in defense of the Aquaman star . She thus revealed two psychiatric diagnoses - borderline personality disorder and histrionic personality disorder. Amber Heard, she said, oscillated between " princess and victim " . As sophisticated, " cute and feminine " as these people may seem, Ms. Curry said, they " can actually be very destructive " ," dramatic, erratic and unpredictable " and possess an " underlying desire not to be abandoned but also to be the center of attention ". Shannon Curry said borderline personality disorder represented an unstable personality, susceptible to rejection, with little access to self-regulation and marked by " a lot of anger, cruelty towards less powerful people, preoccupation with image , attention-seeking and prone to externalizing blame", a personality marked by "a lot of pent-up anger that can explode outward " . Anyone attempting an intimate relationship with such a personality, according to Curry, would risk going from " idolatry to trash ". She added that it's typical of borderline personalities to be " aggressive as partners. They make threats using the legal system, threaten to seek a restraining order, pretend they're being abused. "

No one will win this trial

Lawyers for Elon Musk's ex sought to discredit the testimony, arguing that the psychologist had been hired by Johnny Depp's defense. " I report scientific facts regardless of what they tell us ," replied the expert.

The psychologist thus reported that, during a test carried out during her analysis, the actress had " grossly exaggerated " the symptoms of post-traumatic stress which she could have suffered as a result of alleged domestic violence. A testimony which would therefore go in the direction of that of Johnny Depp who affirmed last week, to have never hit his ex-wife .

Johnny Depp is claiming $50 million in damages from his ex-wife because of which "he allegedly ' lost everything ', Amber Heard also filed a lawsuit demanding $100 million in compensation , claiming that Johnny Depp had caused her to suffer" permanent physical violence and abuse ".

One thing is certain after all the revelations during this sensational trial, neither of the two actors, whatever the verdict, can really consider themselves the winner of this sordid affair.

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