In The Dressing Room : 10 Easy Tips For Finding Your Style

Are you a fan of neutral shades because you don't know how to combine others? You may be depriving yourself of a pink that would suit your complexion.

In The Dressing Room : 10 Easy Tips For Finding Your Style

By YEET MAGAZINE  Updated 0518 GMT (1318 HKT) August 5, 2021

Our easy tips to take control of your wardrobe.

1.Know your color palette

Are you a fan of neutral shades because you don't know how to combine others? You may be depriving yourself of a pink that would suit your complexion. Do you always get compliments when you wear this lichen green sweater because it highlights your eyes?

Keep it in mind for your next purchases. Establishing your color palette has multiple advantages. You save time during your shopping sessions because you more easily identify the pieces likely to suit you, you indulge yourself by nourishing your taste for colors that give you joy and you build yourself, garment after garment, a guard. -dress in which everything fits together.

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To start, open your closets and notice the dominant colors, the ones you wear most often and the ones that, on the contrary, you do not manage to combine with the rest. These observations will allow you to identify your main, neutral and complementary colors.

Running after thinness often blurs the quest for style . We dream of an outfit, telling ourselves that it would suit us so well with five kilos less. We postpone a purchase while waiting to lose weight , or on the contrary we buy a skirt that is too small, seeing it as a good way to motivate ourselves to "lose a little more". In all these cases, while we fix our attention on our weight, we lose sight of our style.

"Doing with" rather than "doing against" your body allows you to start looking at it in a more constructive way. Instead of necessarily trying to hide what you don't like, it may be more judicious to learn to play with the proportions of your morphology , in order to restore balance if necessary.

Analyze and sort your closet

Before you engage in a shopping spree, get in the habit of going through your closet like Ema, 41, who found her style looking "in my closet which I easily put without asking questions and which I never happened. to wear". Identify the type of pieces you like, but also the materials and colors that come up most frequently. "Once you understand what you feel good in, it is a question of persisting, of perfecting, of refining, of going to the essentials of this style. 'we got it under control,' says Ema.

To see more clearly, it can be useful to put away out of sight things that are out of season, that don't fit anymore, or that you haven't worn for over a year. Thus "edited", your wardrobe becomes more readable. Duplicates, like shortages, are more readily apparent. Not to mention the soothing effect of a locker room where you know everything fits!

Pin dozens of crop-tops on Pinterest? Maybe it's time to take a look at what it looks like on you in store. If the social network for sharing images makes it possible to become aware of the recurrence of one's own tastes influenced by current trends , going back and forth with reality helps to gradually refine one's research without being locked into a style that has been fantasized for too long. .

The fitting, a crucial moment

Whether you're trying out an online purchase at home or pulling on a piece in a store's dressing room, never underestimate the importance of this step in building your style. This moment is so important that it is also better to have time in front of you before possibly going to the cash register. Rush is a bad advisor.

In front of the mirror, several questions deserve to be asked:

Do I feel good inside (priority to comfort)?

Could I wear this garment the same day, with the rest of my outfit (the easier a piece is for you to match, the more it matches your style)?

Will maintenance not be a problem (check the label, both for the " made in " item and for the list of materials and washing tips)?

What will be its cost per wear (cost of a garment compared to the number of times it will be worn)?

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Choose advisors to gain confidence

Are you comfortable in the coat or the shoes you tried on but still doubt that this piece will really suit you? Before cracking, seek the advice of a loved one. It could be a boyfriend, your girlfriend or your mother, it doesn't matter as long as that person has the same tastes as you and looks at you kindly. It is indeed difficult to have the necessary perspective in all circumstances to assess whether a garment falls well on you. You don't have eyes on the back of your head to appreciate the effect that jeans have on your buttocks or to judge the correct height of a boot on your calf!

Also, make good use of the compliments you get. Your nature may tend to minimize them or even not hear them at all, but they are often valuable indicators of what is right on you.

Prioritize according to needs and opportunities

Unless you earn exceptionally well, it's difficult to afford everything you want at the same time. It is therefore necessary to prioritize according to your needs, but also to opportunities ( sales period , travel, etc.).

In order not to catch fire too quickly in store or on an e-shop, establishing a wishlist that you update throughout the year can prove to be invaluable. Planning your purchases allows you to become aware of the need to ensure basic supplies before giving in to a strong piece, so dressy that you can only wear it a few times a year.

Also learn to distinguish the priorities dictated by your tastes and those which your job imposes on you. Depending on the dresscode of your company or your sector of activity, the acquisition of certain parts may pass before the purchase of a new pair of Nike !

No need to try to please everyone

Some people find your style too wise, too sassy or not feminine enough (very smart the one who will really know how to define what a "feminine" style is as it varies according to the character of each one)? Listen with one ear but try to please yourself above all, this task is already difficult enough.

Make mistakes

Pauline, 31, is categorical: "What helped me find my style was to make lots of mistakes. For example, I have always loved prints, but I get tired of a color very quickly. lively or with a showy pattern. I have worn a lot. Today, I know that it will have fun for three days and that I will eventually go back to my stripes, my plain sweaters and my checked shirts. "

Rather than feeling guilty about a garment or an accessory that collects dust, we integrate it into our thinking for a smarter purchase next time. “I managed to define my style by crossing three axes, continues Pauline. What I like, what suits me (being realistic about the evolution of his body shape, it's important) and what I can wear without get bored (which will last). Now when I want to buy a part it has to be validated by each of these filters. I make a few fewer mistakes like that and my friends start to tell me 'this is well your style '. "


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Adapt your style to the life you lead

That's it, do you get your style? Well done. Keep in mind, however, that it is not doomed to stand still. A style corresponds to a personal and professional situation. A baby or a new job, and the whole sartorial balance is altered. No need to fear these changes, approach them with curiosity and without preconceptions, it will help you make choices that suit you.1.1.