How To Find Your Beauty Style: Understanding Your Unique Features

By Rupsa Debnath | YEET MAGAZINE | Published 0456 GMT (1256 HKT) July 3, 2021 -Do you find yourself wondering what your beauty style is? Do you feel like you have a hard time finding...

How To Find Your Beauty Style: Understanding Your Unique Features

By Rupsa Debnath |YEET MAGAZINE  Updated 0200 GMT (1000 HKT) July 20, 2021

Do you find yourself wondering what your beauty style is? Do you feel like you have a hard time finding products that match your skin tone or hair colour and don't know how to get the right look for your unique features? If so, then this blog column is for you!

First, we'll explain how to decide out which category of beauty styles best suits your needs.

Beauty is a tricky thing. Everyone is different and has unique features that can make it difficult to find the right look for themselves. But remember, true beauty comes from within, which can never be lost.

You're beautiful! But maybe not all the time. Sometimes a particular season calls for lighter makeup, while other times, you want more coverage due to dark circles from lack of sleep (it happens). Nowadays, there are so many different types of looks made possible by new technology in cosmetics; it's tough to know where to find when it comes to selecting products!

What is the particular definition of beauty?

Some people say beauty is what you make it. Some go as far as to state that each person has their definition of beauty, which differs from the next individual's idea of beauty. Thus, you may have a distinct impression than someone else about who should be labelled "attractive" and how they are attractive; this does not mean one is more correct or valid than another when assessing any particular case.

What is your beauty style?

Have you ever found yourself asking, "what's my skin tone?" or "which hair colour do I have?". If so, then this post may be helpful for you! But, first, we'll discuss how to figure out which category of beauty styles best suits your needs.

What if I'm unsure?

The way you assess your features can vary depending on how confident you feel about them at the time. For instance, some women might judge themselves harshly for dark circles under their eyes. In contrast, others will not let those imperfections bother her much because she knows they're temporary (plus concealer exists!).

The key is only to be critical of your features when you know you can do something about them. This might mean purchasing a new concealer or mascara to complement the look, but if there's nothing that can be done, then avoid worrying too much!

What would be the best way to feel confident in your shoes?

You should know your features inside and out before you start trying to figure out what type of style suits them. Consider the shape, size, location, and colour of all aspects of your face; this will help narrow down options for a look that's best suited to you.

I have round cheeks! What can I do about this?

If you're concerned with more volume in a specific area, then use bronzer or blush to emphasize cheekbones when doing makeup each morning. This is both simple and highly effective, so don't be afraid to experiment! Bronzers are available at any store these days, but if they aren't working as well as desired, buy from a higher quality brand like Tarte Cosmetics which offers natural-looking colours.

I have a round face! What should I do?

Round faces are often described as "pudgy," which is an adjective that doesn't sound very flattering. If this sounds like you, then use more angular makeup products to emphasize the facial features you're proud of and de-emphasize those you're not pleased with.

What about my skin tone/hair colour? This seems important, right?

Yes! To figure out your beauty style, it's necessary to understand what type of colouring or complexion one has since different styles are created for each unique feature. For instance, if someone finds they naturally have light hair and fair skin, she might want to select a type meant for lighter complexions; this might include more neutral tones for eye makeup and lighter lipstick shades.

I have black hair but light skin! What should I do?

If your natural features are dark or if you're worried about having to deal with both, then the best way to go is by using a style meant for darker complexions like those that contain bronze-toned eyeshadows and lipsticks in browns, plums, or reds.

Do you enjoy dressing up?

If you enjoy more elaborate styles, then it's best to use a type meant for lighter complexions with warmer tones. These might include clothing in whites, creams, or pastels such as pink and lavender; jewellery made of brass, copper, or gold; eye makeup that is light brown-toned instead of black; hair colours like chamomile honey blonde or peach apricot, which are more natural than darker shades.

Do people ever judge me based on my skin tone?

It can be difficult to tell if someone appreciates your features when they're not telling you themselves! You'll have the most luck by wearing products for dark complexions since this will show how much confidence you have in them.

It's always possible that someone might be judging you for your features even if they aren't telling you. To help diminish this, take a deep breath and think about something else; either focus on the positive compliments or ignore those who are meant to make their words go away.

Is there anything else to consider when figuring out beauty styles according to skin tone/hair colour?

Make sure that whatever style one chooses, they select products that will complement their complexion well. For instance, peach apricot hair is best with light brown-toned eye makeup, while chamomile honey blonde hair is best with dark brown eye makeup.

Additionally, suppose someone wants to find out what style would be best for her natural features. In that case, she should consider the shape, size, and colour of all aspects before experimenting or worrying about it too much!

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Do I have to follow makeup trends?

To figure out which trend fits best with one's natural features, a few things should be considered first. For example, does one prefer an adventurous look or more elegant style; does she care about experimenting with different colours or stick to neutrals without changing up too much; does one enjoy wearing bold patterns instead of minimalistic designs? Based on this information, we can determine if someone prefers the latest runway styles from New York Fashion Week or something completely different!

Do you know your beauty style yet? If not, then it's time to start figuring it out. It may appear a bit daunting initially, but hopefully, this blog post has helped give you some idea of where to start!

Learn to keep these points in mind when picking out a beauty style: your skin tone, hair colour, and if you enjoy dressing up or not!

The best way to go is by considering the shape, size, and colour of every feature before experimenting with what might work for oneself.

After that, we can determine which trend fits well with our natural elements such as an adventurous look versus more elegant styles, experimenting with different colours or sticking to neutrals without changing up too much; wearing bold patterns instead of minimalistic designs?

Know what your natural features are before starting to experiment with different styles or colours; the best way is by considering shape, size, and colour for all aspects before selecting something that might be too overwhelming.

Once someone finds her unique personality through makeup, she'll have the most fun experimenting without fear because she knows how beautiful they already are! Don't forget about skin tone either because there will inevitably come a day when one needs to wear products made especially for their complexion, so make sure those match up well as well if possible. Good luck!

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