Best Hair Growth Shampoos for Long Locks

Thinning hair? Thing of the past. It's hair growth time, and by that we mean incorporating a hair growth and thickness shampoo so impressive you find yourself brushing your lengths like something out of a commercial. of shampoo.

Best Hair Growth Shampoos for Long  Locks

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By   Gaurav Inani |  YEET MAGAZINE |  Updated 0439 GMT (1239 HKT) February 17, 2021

27 Best Hair Growth Shampoos For Women: Thicker, Fuller Hair (2021)


We're often told not to wish our lives away, but when you've got a bad haircut or want your hair to grow longer, you'd be forgiven for ticking the days off eagerly .

Tilt your head back and look in the mirror; pull your GHDs through each lock until they are straight; apply and style and make your hair grow longer - sometimes it doesn't matter what you do: your hair stubbornly refuses to grow.

But that just means it's best to go back to basics: with the addition of a hair growth shampoo that can renew your long, luscious locks and regenerate hair like you've never seen before. previously.

Thinning hair? Thing of the past. It's hair growth time, and by that we mean incorporating a hair growth and thickness shampoo so impressive you find yourself brushing your lengths like something out of a commercial. of shampoo.

If you're looking to stimulate hair growth, regrow hair, or simply add a hair thickening shampoo to your routine, you've come to the right place.

27 best shampoos for hair growth for women

RankBrandBest for
1KerastaseBest overall
2OribeBest premium
3Pura d'OrBest value
4Aesopbest natural
5pure biologyBest stimulant
6Philip KingsleyBest volumizer
7ChloraneBetter reinforcement
8OlaplexBetter clarity
9SachajuanBetter thickening
10ViviscalBetter densification
11DavinesIdeal for fragile hair
12VirtueBest complete
13RedkenBetter anti-breakage
14Rene FurtererIdeal for frequent use
15BriogeoBest dry shampoo
16KerastaseIdeal for oily hair
17Ultrax LaboratoriesBest for regrowth
18YeahIdeal for fine hair
19EeveeIdeal for treated colors
20become gorgeousIdeal for damaged hair
21NioxinIdeal for thinning hair
22LaritelleBest organic
23ArtNaturalsBest with argan oil
24Philip B.Best with peppermint
25BriogeoBest with biotin
26Dr. HempsterBest with hemp oil
27OGXBest budget

Check out our special women's shampoo buying guide after the list to see exactly what you need to look out for before buying hair growth products online.

Kerastase: Best Overall Shampoo for Hair Growth

It doesn't matter whether your hair goals are silky smooth Rapunzel-like lengths, a haircut that didn't go as planned, or thinning hair: Kerastase's Bain Extentioniste shampoo will calmly take care of things with a formula nourishing and dense that says goodbye to all your hair problems once and for all. Making slow growth a thing of the past, you will begin to appreciate the strength and health of your hair when you successfully transition to using this shampoo.

Its list of winning ingredients is long enough, including hair favorites like Taurine, Castor Oil, Creatine R, and Ceramides to restore your hair to peak health. The addition of taurine also works to nourish your scalp, meaning not only will your current lengths see big improvements, but your new hair will look healthier too.

Best for: Leveling your hair in the crown will never take off.SEE PRICE

Oribe: Best premium shampoo for hair growth

Just standing in the shower is elevated once you've swapped your everyday bottle of shampoo for a bottle of Oribe's Gold Lust Repair & Restore Shampoo. You may even be unknowingly mistaking this bottle for 'gold dust' rather than 'gold lust' - partly because it will feel just as luxurious when lathered in your hair, but also because you will take care of this bottle with so much care. as if it were real gold.

Repair & Repair Shampoo has two major areas of expertise. Combining extracts of cypress, argan and maracuja, it rejuvenates and strengthens your existing hair while paving the way for your new hair to regrow in its healthiest state. Vegan, cruelty-free, and gluten-free, it's the ultimate answer to restoring smooth, smooth hair without adding chemicals or unwanted ingredients to your haircare routine.

Best for: Making every hair wash feel like a spa day.SEE PRICE

Pura d'Or: Shampoo for hair growth at the best value for money

Pura d'Or is one of the OGs in the world of hair growth shampoos and it gently but firmly leads the way when it comes to encouraging consistent growth. A selection of powerful ingredients combine to create a formula that wastes no time in adding a burst of energy to your hair. Key ingredients in Original Gold Label Anti-Thinning Shampoo include biotin and a proprietary blend of plant-based DHT, which work together to discourage hair follicle shrinkage and maintain existing hair in premium condition.

Biotin also adds an extra dose of nutrients by allowing new hair to grow with an extra layer of armor. Nettle extract, pumpkin seeds, and black cumin seed oil are some of the other crucial ingredients in this vegan and cruelty-free shampoo, making it an all-purpose shiner that doesn't cost a fortune.

Best for: Enjoying those newly needed trips to the hairdresser.SEE PRICE

Aesop: Best Women's Shampoo for Natural Hair Growth

Aeosop's winning combination of all natural ingredients may sound too good to be true, but it just goes to show that sometimes you don't need a long list of ingredients to be successful. And, in true Aesop form, it's a shampoo that smells as good as its results. Volumizing Shampoo uses an important ingredient for success: Polyquaternium 67. Ideal for limp, fine or thin hair, this miracle shampoo delivers the same effect as vigorously shaking your head upside down - but with style.

By adding volume and bounce where there was none before, you'll start to notice your hair quickly getting longer and thicker. After a few washes, you'll start to notice that your hair feels softer and lighter; almost as if it started each day with the announcement of good news and strong coffee.

Best for: Letting your newly thickened hair air-dry and loving the results.SEE PRICE

Pure Biology: Best Stimulating Shampoo for Hair Growth

Pure Biology is the shampoo equivalent of the friend who always has everything at hand: a pen, a notebook, tissues and even a change of clothes. But in this case, each of those necessities is replaced by a hair care necessity: biotin, keratin, castor oil, coconut oil, vitamin B, vitamin E, saw palmetto, green tea extracts and more. Think of a beneficial ingredient to throw in a hair growth shampoo and you'll almost certainly find it in this bottle.

As a result, Pure Biology Revivahair Shampoo is one of the best hair growth shampoos you can buy, with ingredients designed to thicken, stimulate and nourish your hair without any damaging factors. A brilliant daily shampoo, it manages to do all of the above without weighing hair down or adding oil, making it ideal for those with dry hair to those with oily roots.

Best for: Bringing your scalp to attention, sergeant major style.SEE PRICE

Philip Kingsley: Best Volumizing Shampoo for Hair Growth

It'll feel a little like stepping out of the barbershop every day once you incorporate Philip Kingsley's Bodybuilding Shampoo into your daily routine. Undoubtedly the best hair growth shampoo for voluminous hair, a quick lather with this bottle and you'll feel like you've experienced blow-drying every day. Bodybuilding by name and bodybuilding by nature, this shampoo somehow manages to do the impossible and combines a weightless formula with a shampoo that adds just enough weight for great effects .

Calming flyaways while giving your hair an awesome boost, it uses ingredients like strengthening keratin protein and natural cellulose to thicken each strand. Say goodbye to frenzied morning routines involving a barrel brush, upside down, and hair dryer fiddling for hours: this shampoo will give you the same overall effect but just through its magic, rather than your own hard work.

Best for: Making lifting part of your daily routine at the gym and in the shower.see the price

Klorane: Best fortifying shampoo for women

Gone are the days of wincing when you accidentally catch your hair in your necklace, or having to very gently pull out a hair tie without breaking it. It's time to add a fortifying shampoo to your hair care routine. Klorane Shampoo with Quinine and B Vitamins should almost be touted as one of your five a day, thanks to the impressive and almost unbeatable effect it can have on your scalp.

This is a shampoo that's confident in its ability to make a difference - and rightly so. As one of the first hair growth brands to hit the stage, Klorane knows what it's talking about when it comes to finding the results you want. Strengthening, stimulating, fortifying and revitalizing: this shampoo is the closest thing to a day at the spa designed for your head.

Best for: Ruthlessly tying your hair back with reckless abandon once again.SEE PRICE

Olaplex: Best clarifying shampoo for hair growth

If the devil on your shoulder is frizz, dry hair or constantly breaking ends, then Olaplex is the angel on the other shoulder. One of the biggest household brands in the world of hair care, Olaplex is beyond reproach and well deserving of its superstar status. One of those brands that is ultimately on everyone's lips, you might at first be hesitant to believe such claims, before you try the shampoo yourself and be a convert forever.

Olaplex No.4 Bond Maintenance Shampoo will quickly become your new haircare staple, thanks to its sheer variety of ingredients and immediate results. You can get away with just using this clarifying shampoo once and admiring its results, or you can treat yourself to regular use and get used to smooth, soft hair that refuses to stop growing while shining with a healthy glow.

Best for: Finally getting on that Olaplex hype train and enjoying every minute of it.SEE PRICE

Sachajuan: Best Hair Thickening Shampoo for Women

It's all well and good to encourage your hair to grow longer, but it's not as nice if your hair is longer but thin, brittle and generally unhealthy. So while you're working to grow your hair, it's also invaluable to invest in products to help each hair follicle develop an extra layer of protection. Sachajuan's Thickening Shampoo will almost have you guessing the limits of science with its fast results.

This understated bottle delivers results that can't be overstated enough, and it's all thanks to its Ocean Silk technology. Just as soft and creamy as its name suggests, this shampoo will transport you and your hair into a defined film of enviable levels of hair . Repairing your existing hair while ensuring all new hair has gorgeous shine, you'll treasure this bottle as soon as you see its results.

Best for: Getting family and friends to run their fingers through your hair.SEE PRICE

Viviscal: Best densifying shampoo for women

A premium thickening shampoo will peek through thinning hair and shake it up with impressive results. Sure, they may not be visible after just one shampoo, but good things happen to those who wait, and your patience will more than pay off with your thicker, softer, and better conditioned hair. Viviscal's Gorgeous Growth Densifying Shampoo promises just that: impressive hair growth that's witnessed high levels of TLC and is able to thrive. Famous for its long-lasting results on all hair types, Gorgeous Growth comes with delicious depth, serious smoothness and terrific texture.

If you have short hair, use this product as a hair mousse for best results. Doing this also comes with the added benefit of feeling the delicious scent for longer, rather than just standing in the shower trying to inhale every last bit of it.

Best for: Making "dense" sound like an ambitious thing for the very first time.SEE PRICE

Davines: Best shampoo for fragile hair

Davines' Energizing Shampoo is not only a great choice for anyone who wants their bathroom cabinet to look as stylish as the rest of their lives, but it's also a great option for those with fragile hair who refuse to resist heavy products. It can be difficult trying to find a hair growth shampoo that targets fragile hair without overpowering it, but this shampoo promises just that.

Its clever combination of ingredients is specially formulated for thinner hair, promising to whisper comforting words to encourage growth . The main ingredients of this shampoo's success are caffeine-based phytoceuticals, which stimulate circulation and improve hair elasticity, preventing hair loss and keeping new hair healthy. Refreshing and revitalizing, this Italian-made brand is sure to become a repeat purchase for its overall effect on your scalp and hair follicles.

Best for: Bringing your shy lengths out of their shell with a huge confidence boost.SEE PRICE

Virtue: Best complete shampoo for hair growth

Much like eating a hearty meal or quickly downing an entire bottle of water, Virtue's Full Shampoo will keep you stuffed for hours in the best possible way. It's hard to sum up exactly where this particular shampoo thrives, as its list of benefits and abilities seem to never end. In addition to cleansing your hair like any good shampoo would, Full Shampoo also thickens, volumizes, lifts and plumps your hair from the roots up.

It's full in every sense of the word; from its thick, dense formula to how your hair feels after a quick lather. The checkbox continues with this shampoo's relevance: it doesn't matter if you have fine hair, colored hair or flat hair - this shampoo will do its magic with hydrolyzed quinoa and biotin in a way that will eat your superfoods. could never achieve.

Best for: Effortlessly ticking all the boxes in the hair growth world.SEE PRICE

Redken: Best Anti-Breakage Shampoo

There's no more need to mourn the loss of your GHDs or curling wand for fear of causing further breakage: the best anti-breakage shampoos will laugh at anything that looks like weak strands of hair, with a powerful formula that seems to almost magically coat every strand of hair.

Sitting high on its metaphorical throne, Redken's Extreme Length Shampoo is the win-win for anyone whose hair grows to a certain length before seemingly accepting defeat and breakage. If you're tired of your hair reaching shoulder length and refusing to grow any longer, this is the shampoo to use for long-lasting results. The anti-breakage shampoo works with its infusion of biotin, which strengthens existing lengths and promotes healthy new hair at the same time.

Best for: Rightfully deserving of his seemingly endless 15 minutes of fame.SEE PRICE

Rene Furterer: Best Frequent Use Hair Growth Shampoo

Gym bunnies, hat wearers, and anyone who washes their hair every day: it's time to sit up and pay attention. You're probably already familiar with the idea that washing your hair less can promote hair growth, but sometimes that's just not an option. Especially if you're someone who likes to spend a morning at the gym before work but adamantly refuses to show up with anything less than sleek, stylish, and above all clean locks.

Rene Furterer's TRIPHASIC Strengthening Shampoo is designed with you in mind: it's an impressive shampoo that stands up to daily use while keeping your hair in perfect condition. It combines ATP, pfaffia extract and encapsulated essential oils to energize the scalp in a way your standard daily shampoo never could. Make the switch from your go-to shampoo to a bottle of Rene Furterer and you'll quickly reap the benefits of clean, healthy, and super strong hair.

Best for: Squeezing in an extra shower just to use it again.SEE PRICE

Briogeo: Best dry shampoo for hair growth

Did you sleep while you woke up? Dry shampoo. Hot water apparently refuses to turn on? Dry shampoo. Icy morning where the idea of ​​getting out of the shower fills you with dread? Dry shampoo. A good dry shampoo will turn flat, lifeless hair into something that feels like a put together look. But a good shampoo goes one step further, with a formula that works almost as awesome as normal shampoo, without requiring you to stick your head in the shower.

Briogeo's Scalp Revival Charcoal + Biotin Dry Shampoo will save you time and effort on styling, with a dry shampoo that takes over the years of accepting defeat with dusty hands and a slight gray shadow on your roots. But not only does this dry shampoo do its job of enhancing your hair, it also works to keep it strong and nourished, with a combination of charcoal, clay, tapioca and rice starch.

Best for: Replacing a cup of coffee with a “late” morning necessity.SEE PRICE

Kerastase: Best Hair Growth Shampoo for Oily Hair

Apply to wet hair. Lather, rinse, repeat…and happily tell your friends that you've discovered your new haircare savior. There aren't many shampoos that manage to keep hair thick and healthy without causing oil buildup. And it's a problem you probably want to avoid, if you're someone who has oily hair in the first place. But Genesis Bain Hydra-Fortifiant shampoo acts as the perfect midpoint: degreasing and removing oil and other polluting particles from your scalp before injecting a huge dose of hydration directly.

The hydration in question is formulated with native Edelweiss Cells and Ginger Root, which you might not see frequently on shampoo bottles, but are fully deserving of their gold medals for impressive results. Together, these ingredients control oil, slow hair breakage from brushing, and strengthen from the roots upwards, all at the same time.

Best for: Turning oily roots into dazzling shine with growth along the way.SEE PRICE

Ultrax Labs: Best Women's Shampoo for Regrowth

Ultrax Labs Hair Surge is essentially a sleek science project revealed after years of hard work, determination, and endless study in the hair industry. This is a perennially top-of-the-line brand with a range of hair growth products made with only the best ingredients that are proven to be highly effective. If Hair Surge shampoo were a science project, it would be the obvious overall winner, putting all other products to shame and taking home the gold medal without even expecting applause.

Because this shampoo truly has it all: from key ingredients like caffeine, ketoconazole and saw palmetto to integrated essential oils and other active ingredients that combine into a true definition of success. Use this shampoo instead of regular shampoo and say hello to regrowth, and goodbye to hair loss without even touching your head.

Best for: Calming yourself after a hair disaster.SEE PRICE

Ouai: Best shampoo for fine hair growth

Fine hair has a life of its own with the addition of Ouai Fine Hair Shampoo. As the name suggests, this shampoo is specially formulated to thicken, nourish and add depth and character to even the finest hair.

A game changer for anyone looking to naturally thicken their hair, Ouai's Fine Hair Shampoo combines biotin, chia seed oil and hydrolyzed keratin to create a superfood-like smoothie that you'll be lounging every time you shower. As well as being an absolute joy both for lathering up and then styling your hair, it's a shampoo with a lovely scent to match. Orange, peony, magnolia, jasmine, musk and iris all work together for an incredibly floral scent that will follow you through your day.

Best for: Adds incredible depth without weighing you down.SEE PRICE

Evolis: Best growth shampoo for colored hair

You might be asked to pick your poison, focus on one issue at a time, or just accept that your beautiful new dye job won't last very long if you're also looking to strengthen and grow your hair. Most of the time, color friendly shampoos aren't designed for growth and growth shampoos don't even consider their effects on colored hair. But, this seemingly huge gap in the market was quickly filled by Evolis and its Promote Shampoo.

Almost seemingly too good to be true, Promote shampoo transforms fine, thin, or overworked hair with a nourishing formula that promises 180. Some of its core ingredients include antioxidants like baobab and keratin that promise smooth, straight just as vibrant as when you left the living room.

Best for: Hanging around after a dye job like a childhood teddy.see the price

Grow Gorgeous: The Best Women's Shampoo for Damaged Hair

If Grow Gorgeous was a juice, it would be a juice made entirely of superfoods. If Grow Gorgeous were an alcohol, it would be a spirit so strong you'd sip one shot and that would be enough. Grow Gorgeous as a shampoo is one of the most concentrated formulas available: a deep, dense and deeply nourishing shampoo, perfect for anyone with damaged hair.

Even if you've bleached your hair several times a year over the past decade, this is the shampoo that will restore it to its natural shine after a few washes, while encouraging new hair to grow back faster and even stronger. It uses amino acids, caffeine, protein, biotin, and B vitamins to do all of the above just as successfully, and works on all kinds of hair, from color-treated hair to sun-damaged, fine hair. or thick or anything in between.

Best for: No more regretting those endless days of relaxing in the sun.SEE PRICE

Nioxin: Best shampoo for thinning hair

The same way you pair tonic with gin, butter with bread, or oil with vinegar, you'll immediately pair thinning hair with Nioxin. One of the most recognized brands in the hair care world, Nioxin's System 2 Cleanser Shampoo is the shampoo equivalent of the comforting blanket and hot chocolate you run to when bad things happen. This purifying shampoo gently but firmly brings your hair back to its optimal condition to promote healthy hair growth. The first step? Eliminates sebum, fatty acids and other environmental residues from the scalp and hair.

The second stage is where the magic happens: the powerful formula strengthens and amplifies your hair structure, creating a stable base for your new hair to flourish. Nioxin is one of those brands that salons rave about, dermatologists talk about it like it's their firstborn, and friends who've tried the brand swear they won't use anything else. It may sound a bit cult, but it's well deserved.

Best for: Stopping thinning hair in its tracks almost instantly.SEE PRICE

Laritelle: Best organic shampoo for hair growth

You can usually avoid hair growth shampoos for their insistence on using chemical ingredients or strong formulas with words you won't even try to pronounce. And, until recently, choosing a shampoo for hair growth meant accepting all of the above and choosing your battles: organic shampoo or pusher shampoo? Fortunately, the perfect midpoint now exists in the form of Laritelle Organic Shampoo.

Adamantly refusing to use ingredients that aren't organic, it instead favors things like argan oil, rosemary, and palmarosa to encourage hair growth and a healthy environment to let your scalp thrive. One of the best things about this shampoo is how ridiculously soft and smooth it is. Starting right at the hair follicles means every inch of your crown gets the special treatment and can grow accordingly. Eco-friendly and non-toxic, you'll feel a burst of positivity every time you use it.

Best for: Being much more potent than its ingredient list suggests.SEE PRICE

ArtNaturals: Best Argan Oil Hair Growth Shampoo

Besides smelling and feeling luxurious, argan oil is a brilliant addition to any shampoo if you're looking for silky smooth hair that refuses to stop growing. The vitamins in argan oil promote limitless hair growth, and ArtNaturals Argan Hair Growth Shampoo is a perfect example. The list of benefits of this shampoo is almost endless, starting with strengthening and rejuvenating the hair and ending with gloriously thick and healthy lengths.

A kind of armor if you go out in the sun or prefer to dye your hair frequently, the addition of argan oil in this shampoo allows you to tan as much as you want or dye your hair a whole lot rainbow of colors without seeing any negative effects. . And, if you weren't convinced, keep in mind that argan isn't the only shining star in this formula: biotin, keratin and caffeine are the supporting dancers that also keep your hair looking amazing. .

Best for: Not being sure to smell or touch your hair first.see the price

Philip B: Best Peppermint Women's Shampoo

That fresh, clean, and overall pleasant feeling you get right after brushing your teeth? Imagine the same effect on your hair and you'll begin to realize how great it feels to incorporate peppermint into your hair care routine. And besides being almost unbeatably refreshing, peppermint helps stimulate the scalp and promote hair growth from the inside out.

Philip B's Peppermint & Avocado Shampoo is a famous product and one of the brand's bestsellers, thanks to its ability to transform hair into something bouncy, soft and ready to go. action, no matter what they looked like before stepping into the shower. In addition to peppermint, this shampoo contains 16 herbal extracts, which come together to form a nourishing bond to your lengths with a cooling, refreshing blast that will keep you energized all day long.

Best for: End every hair wash with a spring in your step.see the price

Briogeo: Best Biotin Hair Growth Shampoo

Briogeo's Blossom & Bloom Ginseng & Biotin Volumizing Shampoo provides the same kind of mood booster as opening the curtains on a sunny morning. Beautifully scented and incredibly effective, this hair growth shampoo is uplifting and invigorating, encouraging hair to grow thick and long with renewed vigor you might have agreed was never going to appear.

It does this with a unique combination of ingredients that work together to improve your hair's overall health while ensuring new hair grows in perfect condition. Particularly suitable for fine or thin hair, this shampoo uses ginseng and vitamin B5 along with its superstar addition of biotin to hydrate hair while making it look thicker. The biotin in Blossom & Bloom shampoo works its magic by stimulating the production of keratin in the hair and can also increase the rate of follicle growth, causing new hair to grow faster.

Best for: Hair that people like and refuses to stop thriving.SEE PRICE

Dr Hempster: Best Hemp Oil Shampoo for Women

Hemp oil is one of the hot new kids on the block when it comes to hair-boosting ingredients and it's something you'll want to get fully involved with. Hemp promotes hair growth thanks to its high percentages of proteins, vitamins and minerals. It is also high in fatty acids, which promote blood flow to the scalp and can promote even faster hair growth. Dr. Hempster's Hair Loss and Biotin Shampoo is a natural and organic shampoo perfect for anyone who is a little tired of waiting for hair loss.

Its natural makeup also means it is suitable for people with sensitive skin. With hemp oil, it uses biotin to cleanse and thicken, saw palmetto to fight DHT-boosting enzymes, wheat protein for extra elasticity in your lengths, and antioxidant-rich argan oil. to stimulate hair growth. It's basically a whole collection of awesome shampoos rolled into one bottle.

Best for: Shopping the rest of the line and declaring hemp the buzzword of 2021-2022.SEE PRICE

OGX: Best Budget Hair Growth Shampoo

OGX Thick & Full Shampoo is not only a great budget-friendly shampoo for hair growth, it also contains a scent of bergamot, jasmine and vanilla that you'll be delighted with long after you stop staring at your new long hair in awe. OGX brings things back to basics in the best possible way with this shampoo, thanks to its natural approach and the addition of biotin and collagen.

Hair gets a full treatment with results that suggest a much more expensive shampoo, with renewed bounce and energy. Nutrient-rich and irresistibly good-smelling, this paraben-free is gentle on your hair while promising powerful results. Suitable for all hair types, you can expect to see abundant healthy hair growth whether you have straight or curly, thick or thin or even colored hair.

Best for: Pleasing your hair and your wallet in equal amounts.see the price

Guide to the best shampoos for hair growth for women

While supplements and serums can be beneficial for hair growth, you're missing out on an easy win if you skip a hair growth shampoo.

When choosing a shampoo for hair growth, choose a bottle with important ingredients that stimulate hair growth and prevent hair thinning. Some of the best include:

Stimulating ingredients

Caffeine, taurine and essential oils like peppermint all stimulate the scalp, encouraging renewed, fresh hair growth with improved blood flow to your head.

DHT Blocking Ingredients

Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) is an androgen believed to promote hair thinning by shrinking hair follicles. Ingredients that block hair-choking DHT, like saw palmetto, pumpkin seed oil, lavender oil, and biotin, all work to counter these effects and promote hair growth.

Hair nourishing ingredients

Shampoos containing oils (especially castor oil) and serums work on your existing hair, providing some kind of protection against environmental factors and heat damage. Although these do not encourage hair growth directly from the scalp, they do help keep your lengths healthy and prevent damage.

Of course, you can also stimulate hair growth and keep existing hair healthy by sleeping on a silk pillowcase, avoiding direct sunlight on your hair, or using a scalp wake-up device. like the famous masseur from Briogeo.

Frequently Asked Questions About Hair Growth Shampoos For WomenDo hair growth shampoos really work?

If used regularly, hair growth shampoos can definitely stimulate the scalp and encourage the production of new hair. These shampoos also work by improving the conditions of your existing hair, resulting in renewed thickness and clarity.What are the best products for fast hair growth?

The best products for rapid hair growth include caffeine, saw palmetto, ketoconazole, biotin, and essential oils. Look for hair growth shampoos that contain a number of these ingredients and you should notice a difference after a few months.Which shampoo makes hair grow faster and thicker?

Kerastase Bain Extentioniste Shampoo, Briogeo Blossom & Bloom Ginseng and Biotin Volumizing Shampoo and Ultrax Labs Hair Surge Shampoo are a few of our favorites for promoting thicker, faster hair growth. Read our full guide for the rest of our top hair growth shampoo picks.Which shampoo is best for female hair loss?

Ultrax Labs Hair Surge is the best shampoo for hair loss and hair regrowth in women. Check out our comprehensive guide to see which hair growth shampoo is right for you.What shampoos help hair growth?

Shampoos like Davines Energizing Shampoo, Klorane Quinine and B Vitamin Shampoo and Kerastase Bain Extentioniste Shampoo are some of our top picks for hair growth. Read our comprehensive guide to finding the best hair growth shampoos for your hair type and condition.