Best Professional Hair Straightener : These Brands Are The Ideal Companion For Curly And Rebellious Hair

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Best Professional Hair Straightener : These Brands Are The Ideal Companion For Curly And Rebellious Hair

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Find a very wide choice of straighteners : steam straighteners Find a very wide choice of straighteners : steam straighteners Get super sleek, streak-free locks with these hair straighteners.

Get super sleek, streak-free locks with these hair straighteners

Get super sleek, streak-free locks with these hair straighteners


Do you dream of frizz-free hair straight like poker? Tired of having more bad hair days than good ones? The best straighteners are knights in shining armor when it comes to problem hair, taming flyaways, and imparting shine and shine .

However, cheap and poor quality hair straighteners do more harm than good, frying our hair.

The best hair straighteners, on the other hand, are expertly designed to straighten and straighten without singing your hair in the process. They provide even, predictable heat at the temperature that's right for your hair type. Plus, they're so effective, you only need a few passes to achieve salon-quality results , and you don't have to be a master stylist to use them.

But how do you choose between the best hair straighteners? They all have nifty extra features, whether it's ionic technology for extra frizz control, tourmaline plates for a shiny finish, multiple heat settings or narrower blades for shorter hairstyles.

Our list of the best straighteners includes something for everyone, no matter your hair type. In addition to the standard straighteners, we have a hair straightener brush, steam straightener and compact, travel-friendly flat irons for those who want a flawless hairstyle wherever they go.

The 12 Best Hair Straighteners

RankBrandBest for
1InStyler CeraSilkBest overall
2BalmainBest high end
3CHIBest Value
4Glossy InStylerIdeal for curly, thick and frizzy hair
5GHD Platinum+Ideal for damaged hair
6RemingtonIdeal for fine hair
7Gold GHDIdeal for short hair
8T3Ideal for long hair
9BaBylissBest compact
10L'OrealBetter vapor
11DysonThe most innovative
12HSIBest budget

Check out our specialty straighteners buying guide after the list to see exactly what you need to look out for when buying a straightener online.

InStyler CeraSilk: Best Overall Straightener

Weighing the most important considerations of performance, ease of use and value for money , the InStyler Cerasilk hair straightener is definitely our new favorite hair straightener.

Using the brand's patented technology, this styling iron minimizes damage by creating indirect heat pockets that allow heat to pass through the plates and style hair quickly without burning. Beveled edges ensure no kinks or creases while Constant digitally controlled heat allows for even styling and further minimizes damage.

This straightener is lightweight and comfortable to hold and there are also four different heat settings. The swivel cord avoids getting tangled in the wires during your styling session. Also, you are not limited to smoothing. You can also use the styling iron to create beautiful bouncy curls.

This CeraSilk flat iron even features automatic shut-off for complete peace of mind.

Best for: Superbly smooth locks with no burnt bits in sight.SEE PRICEIonic technology: No Type of plates: Ceramic Heat settings: 4 (150 to 226°C) Colour: white

Balmain: Best Luxury Hair Straightener

Balmain's cordless straightener may not be cheap, but can you really put a price on salon-perfect locks?

One of our favorite things about this Balmain titanium flat iron is its cordless design . There's nothing worse than constantly having to negotiate a wire when straightening those hard-to-reach areas of hair.

With three heat settings, you can customize the flat iron's performance accordingly while the titanium plates allow for a frictionless glide , delivering a silky, oh-so-shiny finish. You can also use the straightener as a curling iron by twisting strands of hair over the barrel, creating perfect coils and waves.

This Balmain straightener has been designed for backstage use during photo shoots and fashion shows, channel a bit of glamor on the catwalk with this expert styling iron, bringing high fashion to your hairstyle.

Best for: A premium hair perfector weaponized for high-end hairstyling arsenals.


Ionic Technology: No Type of Plates: Titanium Heat Settings: 3 (goes up to 200°C) Colours: A range including Black, Red, Turquoise

CHI: Straighteners at the best value for money

The best thing about investing in your own high-quality straighteners is the money you save on salon blow-drying. So you don't really want to shell out a small fortune on your flat irons. Hence the appeal of this CHI straightener.

An upgrade to the original CHI flat iron, the CHI Pro G2 has been optimized for silk, shine and frizz reduction. High-grade titanium-infused ceramic floating plates provide strength and durability along with a fast, snag-free styling experience.

With different heating options , you can choose the temperature that's right for your hair, whether it's blue for fine hair, green for medium hair, or red for hair that just refuses to submit to your control.

Preparing in a rush? This Chi straightener only takes 40 seconds to heat up while the ergonomic design makes the whole styling process painless.

Best for: The most economical way to ensure salon-quality styling.SEE PRICE

Ionic technology: No Type of plates: Ceramic and titanium. Heat Settings: 3 (187-218°C) Colour: Black

InStyler Glossie: Best straightening brush for curly, thick and frizzy hair

If you're blessed with thick, curly or frizzy hair and find that most straighteners don't deliver results, we highly recommend getting this InStyler Glossie Ceramic Styling Brush.

With its brush-style design, this straightener offers an innovative take on your classic flat iron. The increased surface area means you can handle strands of hair four times larger than that of a traditional straightener. And the patented Precision Press™ technology , in combination with the powerful ceramic and tourmaline heating elements, delivers impressive straightening with far fewer passes.

The result? Super fast styling. Plus, this Glossie straightening brush features ion-tipped bristles for a frizz-free finish, perfect for those of you who are still trying to control flyaways. Definitely the best straightener for thick hair.

Best for: Powerful frizz removal for even the curliest hair.SEE PRICEIonic technology: Yes Type of plates: Ceramic and tourmaline Heat settings: 4 (150 to 230°C) Color: Black white

GHD Platinum+: Best straightener for damaged hair

Too much time spent using a low-quality straightener can leave your locks looking dull, to say the least. But that doesn't mean you have to give up on your wish for straight, straight hair. Instead, get your hands on the best flat iron for damaged hair: GHD Platinum+.

This GHD straightener changes the game of hairdressing with its predictive technology . The styler monitors heat output 250 times per second, allowing it to maintain the temperature of 185°C, ideal for styling. This SMART technology also recognizes the thickness of your hair and how fast you style, adapting accordingly.

The result? Superior protection for your hair, minimal breakage and color treatment that stays vibrant longer. Because straight hair doesn't have to mean sick hair.

Finally, this GHD Platinum+ straightener features a triangle hinge that ensures the plates stay aligned and there's no snagging or tangling.

Best for: Tame your hair without leaving it worn and damaged.SEE PRICEIonic Technology: No Plate Type: Ceramic Heat Settings: 1 (185°C) Colours: A range including black, red and pink.

Remington: Best Straightener for Fine Hair

This Remington straightener is our pick for the best flat iron for fine hair. Thin hair is much more prone to static electricity, which means all of your hair stands on end or clings tightly to your scalp. Neither is a great look.

This flat iron features anti-static technology that delivers 50% less static and significantly less flyaways. The addition of tourmaline, a semi-precious stone, further reduces static and frizz. Double thumbs up from us.

The Remington's long, thin ceramic plates allow for an ultra-smooth glide whether you're straightening or curling, while the intense 210°C works faster so you don't overheat your hair. But you can use one of 5 different heat settings to find the one that's right for you.

Best for: Adding frizz-free volume to fine hair with custom heat settings.SEE PRICE

Ionic technology: No Type of plates: Ceramic and tourmaline Heat settings: 6 (up to 210°C) Colors: Coral or purple

GHD Gold Professional: Best flat iron for short hair

GHD Gold Professional: Best flat iron for short hair

GHD is one of the best and biggest brands in the hairdressing industry, so it was inevitable that they would feature on this list more than once. And this GHD Gold Professional flat iron is our ultimate pick for those of you with short hair.

The large plates of most flat irons make it impossible to get close enough to your scalp to straighten pixie cuts or other cropped hairstyles. But these mini flat irons make styling short hair simple and straightforward with narrow gold plates for precision straightening all the way to your roots.

It's also great for smoothing out the bangs too. Plus, you can use the sleek edges of the straightener to create curls and waves.

This GHD straightener also includes dual-zone sensors to monitor heat, ensuring optimal styling temperature that is effective without damaging your hair.

Best for: Getting closer to your short haircut without singing your skin.SEE PRICEIonic Technology: No Griddle Type: Ceramic Heat Settings: 1 (185°C) Color: Black

T3: Best straightener for long hair

Looking for a straightener for your long, luscious locks that won't snag or tangle hair as you go? This T3 SinglePass X flat iron is a great choice.

The aptly named SinglePass X is designed to straighten hair very effectively and quickly perfect if you have a lot to do. Extra -wide plates plus SinglePass technology let you straighten more hair faster while the internal microchip keeps the plates at an even temperature , sealing the hair cuticle for a shiny finish.

There are also five different heat settings so you can choose the right level for your hair type or needs. Finally, this T3 flat iron features an easy-to-use audio-visual interface , making the whole process simple and stress-free. You certainly won't miss the living room.

Best for: Simple maneuverability for even the longest manes.


Ionic technology: Yes Type of plates: Ceramic Heat settings: 5 (126 to 210°C) Colour: white

BaByliss: Best compact straightener

Looking for a hair straightener to take with you everywhere? Something compact and lightweight that won't take up space in the bathroom? Check out this mini straightener from BaByliss.

This cute little flat iron still packs a punch despite its small side, delivering even heat distribution up to 226°C without dangerous hot spots that could damage your hair. And the negative ions will leave your hair with an enviable mirror-like shine.

With dual voltage for worldwide use and only 6cm in length , you can throw this BaByliss hair straightener in your carry-on bag for salon-quality locks, wherever your location.

Best for: Space-saving straightening for ultra-sleek locks on the go.


onic Technology: Yes Griddle Type: Ceramic Heat Settings: 1 (up to 226°C) Colour: Blue

L'Oréal: Best steam straightener

L'Oréal: Best steam st

The benefit of a steam hair straightener is that it adds moisture to your strands while smoothing them, preventing dryness and damage. That's why we love the latest L'Oreal Steampod 3.0, which uses steam technology to shape your hair.

This steam straightener is a progressive alternative to traditional straighteners and which favors the health and well-being of the hair . Worried it doesn't have the same power as your standard straightener?

Think again. The smoothness and smoothness imparted by this steam straightener can last for days , withstanding even rain and humidity.

The L'Oreal Steampod 3.0 also works twice as fast as a regular styling plate while pro-keratin technology minimizes heat damage. Dual plates allow for smooth glide without tugging, reducing the appearance of split ends and creating a polished, add-on-worthy finish.

Best for: Ultra-efficient styling that doesn't leave hair dry and crusty.SEE PRICEIonic technology: No Plate type: Ceramic Heat settings: 3 (180 to 210°C) Colour: white

Dyson: the most innovative hair straightener

Why stick to traditional styling tools when you could have a pioneering creation like the Dyson Corrale? This highly innovative straightening instrument uses patented flexible manganese copper alloy plates to mold around the hair, gently gripping it and allowing you to straighten your strands in just one stroke with only the minimum heat required.

This straightener may not be cheap, but it certainly gets the job done, with three precise temperature settings that let you choose the right intensity for your hair type. It's also been weight balanced for a comfortable grip and you can keep an eye on the settings on the OLED display.

With its cordless design, it is ideal for reaching difficult angles. The 30-minute runtime should be enough for most manes, but if not, just attach the 360° magnetic cord.

The Dyson Corrale also boasts universal voltage which makes it incredibly travel friendly. Just use the flight ready feature when packing the hair straightener in your carry-on for the holidays.

Best for: Less damage, less effort, more time for more important things.


Ionic technology: No Type of plates: Manganese copper alloy Heat settings: 3 (up to 210°C) Color: Black and fuschia

HSI: Best Cheap Flat Iron

HSI: Best Cheap Flat Iron

It's hard to believe you can buy the HSI hair straightener for less than $50 considering all the features included in that price.

Spoke micro-sensors to regulate temperature, distribute heat and prevent hair damage. A combination of ceramic ion plates and tourmaline crystal to create a shiny, silky finish. A fully adjustable heat range for more control and specificity. And dual voltage so you can take it with you anywhere.

The HSI flat iron can straighten, flip and curl, putting a whole range of super chic hairstyles within reach of amateur hairdressers. Check out the free style guide, which comes included with a travel size argan oil leave-in hair treatment.

Best for: Minimal damage, minimal cost, maximum potency.


Ionic technology: Yes Type of plates: Ceramic and tourmaline Heat settings: 60 to 230°C Color: Black

Buying guide: how to choose the best hair straighteners

Choosing a pair of hair straighteners can be a challenge with so many different options on the market. You want to choose the one that suits your hair type and specific hair needs. Here's what you need to know:

Straighteners vs Flat Irons: What's the Difference?

Hair straightener is a term used to refer to any type of hair styling device that flattens and straightens hair. This includes flat irons, but it can also include styling brushes and combs.

Different temperature settings

Most straighteners come with a range of temperature settings that you can adjust to suit your hair type and hair needs . Thicker, coarser hair will require a higher temperature than fine hair or damaged, brittle areas of hair.

The temperature range of hair straighteners also varies, but they usually go up to around 230°C.

Ionic technology

This technology is used to smooth the hair and give it shine. By releasing negative ions to reduce the positive charge on the hair, the ionic technology dissipates water and smoothes the cuticle, minimizing frizz and creating a smooth appearance . It can also reduce static electricity and flyaways.

Ionic technology is a good choice for fine or damaged hair as it provides softness without additional heat.

Plate materials

Different straighteners have plates made from different materials. These include titanium, ceramic and tourmaline. Often you will find straighteners made from a combination of all three.


It is the most affordable material and offers even heat distribution and effortless glide. However, ceramic plates do not get as hot as titanium plates, which means the straightening process may be slower and less effective on really curly or coarse hair.

Nevertheless, it is better for the health of your hair in the long run.


The titanium plates heat up the fastest of the three materials, creating an ultra-efficient straightening experience with super smooth results and fewer passes needed. But the extra heat can damage your hair. Titanium flat irons are also more expensive .


It is a semi-precious stone that can help smooth the hair cuticle as well as impart negative ions , minimizing frizz. Tourmaline plates also provide very even heating without hot spots that could damage the hair.

Plate width and size

The best size of heating plates for you will depend on your hair type. Obviously, the larger the plates, the faster you can straighten your hair because you can do larger sections at a time.

However, those of you with short hair will prefer a smaller straightener with narrower plates , allowing you to get closer to your roots without burning your scalp.

Top tips for using hair straighteners

  • Use a smoothing conditioner (and maybe even a hair growth shampoo) when you shower to add moisture and start the smoothing process. Then, dry your hair with a towel and then dry coarsely. Let the rest air dry.
  • Don't use your straightener until your hair is completely dry, as the water can heat up and crack the follicle, creating even more frizz.
  • Add heat protectant spray to act as a heat shield.
  • If you can, use a lower heat setting, even if it takes longer, as it means less damage. Opt for a temperature around 150°C.
  • Divide your hair into sections and work methodically. Hold hair taut so the flat iron can glide over it efficiently, minimizing the need for a second pass.
  • Clean your hair straightener regularly to prevent oil and dust buildup.

Frequently asked questions about hair straighteners

What are the best hair straighteners to buy?

The best hair straighteners are the InStyler CeraSilk straighteners, which provide an effective straightening and straightening experience, but also minimize hair damage by allowing heat to pass through the hair quickly and efficiently without burning it.

Which brand of hair straightener is the best?

The best brand for hair straighteners is InStyler, which makes hair straighteners that are affordable, powerful, and minimize damage. GHD is another great brand of hair straighteners. Check out our list of the best hair straighteners for more inspiration.

Which straightener is better than GHD?

The InStyler CeraSilk straightener is arguably better than the GHD straightener because it's cheaper but just as effective and also offers four different heat settings so you can adjust the temperature to suit your hair type or hair styles. needs.

Which Straightener Do Professionals Use?

GHD straighteners are a popular choice among professional hairdressers. Hair straighteners from brands like T3, CHI and BaByliss are also the best choices. Stylists often use titanium straighteners because they work faster.

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