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The craziest stories about a mad genius: “Steve Jobs smelled bad”

The fact that we spend half our time on our smartphones is not our fault, but that of Steve Jobs (1995-2011). Few people have had as much of an impact on our way of life as the Apple mogul.

Allergic to soap

At Atari, the video game company where his professional career started, they were more than happy about Steve's jobs because he was very smart and full of ideas. However, they didn't want him to come to work. Not during the day, at least. The reason: Steve Jobs stank.


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And not just like most of us from time to time. Steve Jobs smelled bad from sunrise to sunset. The cause was simple: he never washed. And his colleagues at Atari suffered as a result. Steve Jobs didn't shower or take a bath because he was a hippie. And personal hygiene was at the bottom of the hippie to-do list.

The man who would go on to become a tech giant was also known to be extremely lazy. The rare times he got up from the bed or his chair, he was even too lazy to put on shoes. His feet were so disgusting that even his hippie friends, used to being a little cra-cra, didn't even dare to look at them. The man who made Apple the most influential company in the world thought it was funny. He didn't care. To make matters worse, it was not uncommon to see him put his dirty feet on the table in public.

Inedible apples (Comparison between apples and pears?)

Hollywood actor Ashton Kutcher prepared so well for his lead role in the biopic Jobs that he ended up in hospital in 2013. Diagnosis: Pancreatic problems due to unilateral feeding.

He became fruit-eating, just like Jobs in the 1970s.

They eat, as the name suggests, fruit. Some fruit eaters eat nuts and seeds every now and then, but a few fools, including Jobs of course, stick only to the fruit. You would think that such a healthy and natural diet would be healthy, but eating only fruit is just as unhealthy as living on lukewarm beer or fatty sausages. By eating only fruit, you are missing out on essential fatty acids and vitamin B, according to science.

With all the consequences that this implies, therefore.

Jobs found that the simple act of eating fruit was still too varied; there were times when he ate strictly apples or pears for weeks. The first diet led him to be in the bathroom constantly, the second seemed to him to be a stroke of genius. Along with his breath, which was anything but fruity, it gave him the inspiration for the name of the small business he started in Cupertino, Calif., In 1976.

Even after the 1970s, Jobs continued to follow his crazy diets. Towards the end of his life, he tried to fight his cancer with strict diets. He eventually opted for the traditional treatment. Drinking was a much simpler subject for him. He only drank tea for his entire adult life.

Hell manager

Was Jobs a smug, manipulative motherfucker who didn't care at all about those who weren't at his level?

Yes, in New York City one day he sent an assistant to a florist in the middle of the night because he thought the lilies they already had didn't fit well with the presentation of the new Apple computer that was taking place on next day. Jobs got his girlfriend pregnant but denied it… until the girl was 14.

His mother lived on government grants and did everything she could to put food on the table while Jobs got richer and richer.

Jobs cursed everyone around him whenever he wanted. In meetings he didn't conduct himself or if he wasn't interested in the topic, he would throw tantrums like a ten-year-old boy. The combination of his genius and the fact that he was a full-time asshole initially cost him his head. Jobs was kicked out of Apple by John Scully, a marketer who had been employed by Jobs himself.

But Scully got away with it. By the time of his release, Jobs was arguing with everyone in the company, from programmers to coffee machine maintenance technicians. Much, much later, Jobs said that getting fired was the best thing that could happen to him.

After Apple, he founded Next and Pixar, two failures at the start, until Apple decided to take over Jobs in 1995, more than ten years after his dismissal, due to the brilliant software he had written for Next. At the time, Next and Apple were both on the verge of bankruptcy, but when they joined forces, it all fell into place. Jobs then became the marketing leader for Apple. Although he was a pain in the ass as a marketer.

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Is a fruit only diet unhealthy?

Profile photo for Georg Pfolz

Georg Pfolz

Tai Chi School owner at Tai Chi Vienna (2006–present)

Extremely unhealthy, even if by fruit you mean tomatoes and peppers.

Most fruits are sugar-bombs, especially our big newly-bred specimen of today. The fruits we evolved with were way smaller often less sweet and much more fibrous and they were only found in the right season.

Fruits contain fructose and glucose in various ratios depending on the fruit. Both sugars are detrimental for our health, fructose maybe even more so (for example too much fructose causes a fatty liver, since the advent of fresh fruit und fruit juices, the non alcoholic fatty liver (NAFL) is on the rise (before that, people got fatty liver from alcohol only).

Both sugars contribute to insulin resistance which in turn is the root cause for all our “diseases of civilisation”, like metabolic syndrome, diabetes 2, gout, cancer, etc…

A fruit only diet is extremely deficient in many nutrients, especially protein and fat (although there are some fatty fruits, like avocados) and so in all vitamins that are fat-soluble.

Fruits often contain vitamin C, but as they contain so much sugar, only a fraction of it can be used by the body, because vitamin C and glucose fight over the same receptor on cells (Glut-1), glucose being generally preferred.

What about the “fruits” many would classify as vegetables? Eating a lot of the same vegetables is never a good idea, because they contain a lot of natural plant toxins (anti nutrients such as oxalates, phytates, tannins, saponins, etc…) which will become too much for the body to handle if the same vegetables are eaten over and over again. In the case of tomatoes and pepper: both are plants of the nightshade family which all contain alcaloids such as solanin.

How do you structure a fruit—only diet?

Profile photo for Craig Good

Craig Good·

Promoting a healthy relationship to food, and warning that diets don't work.

Don't even attempt a fruit-only diet. You'll die, slowly and painfully, of malnutrition.

Stop thinking in terms of narrow diets. Get a variety of foods, mostly plants, not too much or too little. Variety is the key.

There are no superfoods. There's no magic. Just enjoy your food and relax.

How effective is a fruit only diet for weight loss?

Profile photo for Elizabeth Sunny

Elizabeth Sunny

To lose weight you need to take less calories but that doesn’t mean that you have to eat less. Fruits add bulk to our diets and do not provide many calories. They can be used as a substitute for high calories foods in our diet, making you feeling full and satisfied with an intake of fewer calories.

For example, if we add fruits like peaches, strawberries and apple to our breakfast cereals then we can cut down the cereal portion size, thereby reducing calories without starving ourselves.

Fruits can be also used as a substitute for high glycemic index foods in our diet and thus can help in weight loss. You should aim for eating five serving of fruits every day and opt for different colours,” explains Dr. Gargi Sharma, Weight Loss Consultant, New Delhi. Recently, scientists at Harvard Univers

What are some adverse effects of eating a fruit only diet?

Profile photo for Donna Norris

Donna Norris

Studied at Univ of Alabama

Malnutrition, & other diseases from lack of certain vitamins and nutrients, (like rickets = lack of vitamin D, & beriberi = lack of thiamine, ), a raging case of diarrhea, possible blindness (from lack of vitamin A), & death.

These diseases are just a few from certain vitamin deficiencies.

{Sounds fun, no?}

The human body & digestive system needs certain nutrients (vitamins & minerals) for optimal health.

An all fruit diet only would NOT be advisable, nor healthy in the long run.

Thiamine deficiency - Wikipedia

Rickets - Wikipedia

Especially read THIS → article, in full!! (& all related links therein: →

Vitamin deficiency - Wikipedia112 views · Answer requested by Tylor Wallace

What is the process of transitioning to a fresh veggies and fruits only diet?

Profile photo for Khepra Anu

Khepra Anu

15+ years raw vegan. Owner of Khepra's Raw Food Juice Bar in Washington, DC

The process requires creativity, knowledge, and discipline. When I decided to eat primarily just fruits, vegetables, and nuts/seeds I was in my late 20’s and the most difficult part was realizing that I was addicted to processed starches (carbs). Because of my addiction, I ate mostly fruit to begin with as I basically replaced one sugar for a better one. Most nutritionists will demonize fruit but I was not eating a balance of other foods to compliment the fruits I was eating. I later realized I needed to eat more greens and after that realization the transition became much easier. I would eat at least 2 big salads a day with usually kale, collards, chard, spinach, etc as my green and accent it with avocado, olives, hemp seeds, pumpkin seeds, tomatoes, onions, etc. Those daily big salads were vital to my success. Green vegetables perform 2 very important functions on this transition. One, they provide your body with alkaline minerals that most people are deficient in, like iron and calcium. Two, greens will eliminate your starch addiction, which for most people is the real barrier to a fresh food diet and lifestyle. It is of critical importance to eat a proper balance of fruits, green leafy vegetables, nuts, seeds, and sprouts. It is also important to eat as much local produce and to eat with the seasons.

This process later moved me to become a chef and to ultimately make a business of it. The end of this year will be 5 years for my quick service restaurant, Khepra’s Raw Food Juice Bar in downtown Washington, DC. Physically I haven't really aged since my late 20’s when I decided to embark on this lifestyle path. I will be 44 next week! I now regularly counsel clients who are usually younger than me but look older. Socially there were awkward moments and long periods where I definitely felt isolated as I didn’t have any associates or peers eating this way. Food is a facet of every part of life, so you have to be truly committed. Nonetheless, I truly believe that more and more people will turn to this way of eating as the results speak for themselves.

Is it true that a fruit only diet is healthier than the average diet?

Profile photo for Murray H.G. Paterson

Murray H.G. Paterson

Consulting Viticulturist, in wine industry since (1972–present)

Is it true that a fruit only diet is healthier than the average diet?

I do not believe so.


Fruits in general are very high in fructose (fruit-sugars), which are metabolised in the liver with a complex manner of being broken down (fructolysis). Between say a quarter and a half of the fructose is converted into glucose (stored in the liver) and the balance into other products (some glycogen, some lactate - to triglycerides).

Secondly, though full of nutirents - fruits do not make up sufficient protein and fat in order to make an average, let alone a “health” diet.

There is nothing wrong with eating fruit - indeed three to four pieces a day (as the whole fruit), would be part of that healthy diet.181 viewsView 1 upvote ·

Is the fruit-only diet good for quick weight loss? Are there any side effects?

Profile photo for Soniya Kashyap

Soniya Kashyap

Owner and Founder (2017–present)

No that's really not a solution ..the fruit only duit wouldn't provide you enough nutrition and if you're planning to lose your weight then eating less isn't a solution trust will only increase your fats.

On the other hand fruit contains sugar such as glucose or fructose and taking only sugar on a daily basis is really not a good option it will harm your body.

So rather than this eat veggies and in fruits eat fruits which is rich in vitamin C like orange , grapefruit, grapes etc. Don't eat oily or junk food no no!!

and offcourse exercise daily if not do running atleast for 30 min a day fats free but healthy breakfast ,make sure the time gap between your meal is not more than 2 hours eat fruits or raw veggies as a snack.

Eat light dinner always and take a 45min walk after your dinner.

If a person is stuck in a jungle, what is better, meat only diet or fruit only diet?

Profile photo for Paul Thomason

Paul Thomason

Strength Training and Weightlifting for nearly a decadeMeat only. Now, if you are stuck in a jungle there could also be an abundance of fruit and some (non-lethal) veggies; but I’m really not sure. At the end of the day, your body doesn’t need carbohydrates, but it does need something very important: Vitamin C. Without Vitamin C, you get scurvy. And not the funny pirate “scuuuuurvyyyy” kind of scurvy. That shit will destroy your gums, skin, hair, internal organs. It’s no bueno. You’re probably going to either need to be really quick or really deceptive to survive in a jungle with, I’m assuming, just a knife. Good luck trying to catch leopards and monkeys and birds (oh my!). Which is better? Probably the meat only one, but it will eventually kill you without any outside supplementation of vitamins, or the hope that the animal you kill would have e(more)

What are the dangers of suddenly changing to a fruit only diet from a varied (meat rich) diet?

Profile photo for Juan Miguel Soliman

Juan Miguel Soliman

Studied at Polytechnic University of the Philippines - Sta. MesaOriginally Answered: What are the dangers of sudddenly changing to a fruit only diet from a varied (meat rich) diet?

A sudden change of diet is bad especially when our gut has been used the type of diet. Gastrointestinal discomfort and Nutrition problems will be your primary concern. If you're planning to become a fruitarian or vegetarian in general you must have a good meal plan to ensure that all nutrient requirements are met. Consult a doctor/Dietitian so they can advice you food supplement and meal strategy that could help you met nutritional needs. Being a fruitarian, you could be possibly deficient to protein, B vitamins and other nutrients that can only be found in meat source. But there are also alternative ways to meet that needs.

Where should I begin with a fruit only diet?Can you live off of fruit?

Profile photo for Lisa Chen

Lisa Chen

Studied International Baccalaurate (IB) Program at Colonel By Secondary SchoolOriginally Answered: What would happen to a person if all they ate was fruit?

Logic would suggest that Noah Verdugo is correct.

However, there are many cases where people chose this diet and survive just fine. I once watched part of a documentary featuring so-called “fruitarians” (or something else, I’m not sure). These were people choosing to eat only fruit. Why? For the “health benefits”.

Benefits claimed include more energy/less fatigue, better skin, and one woman even claimed to have cured her chronic illness.

And then again there’s always Freelee The Banana Girl.

She’s one of those extremist youtubing vegans. Eats 30 bananas/day, along with what seems to be around 30 normal-sized portions of other fruits for breakfast. She claims that her diet made her lose a ton of weight and gain muscle. (which is pretty ludicrous, since sugar and calories aren’t exactly diet material. The gains should be attributed to exercise.

I never quite understood how these low-protein, high-sugar diets were enough, but apparently, it’s possible. Just wanted to throw it out there.

How many kilos can you lose with a 7-day fruit only diet?

Profile photo for Sunny Tomar

Sunny Tomar·

Trainer at Health

You cant lose weight on fruit diet. Our body starts accumulating fat when we don't provide it healthy nutrients. You need to eat proper diet to lose weight.(lose fat)

A healthy diet consist of following - ( 30% good complete protein ,60%good complex carbs,10% good fat)

Complete protein sources (milk ,egg, fish ,chicken)

Good complex carbs sources ( whole wheat 🍞 ,Indian bread ,lentils , green veggies )

Good fat sources ( almond , cashew, peanuts).

by Parvathy Suraj

Is it safe to go on a 3 day fruit only diet just to detoxify and lighten the system a bit?

Profile photo for Zahrah Murdock

Zahrah Murdock

Amateur writer and poet

Skip the fruit. You don’t need to ‘detox’ your body, what toxins are you even talking about? There is a reason they are never actually identified - tell someone to detox carries this scary connotation that you’re just ‘full’ of toxins! Rubbish. The body has systems that cleanse itself already - liver, kidneys, etc. They don’t need to be ‘detoxed’.

Fruit these days is barely concealed, glorified sugar. Sure, you can enjoy fruit just fine, and it does have some fiber, but if you want to lighten your system, skip the fruit. Just fast. That’ll give you far more benefit than going on a 3-day sugar kick. You can include water, black coffee, plain tea, homemade bone broth, apple cider vinegar, and if you need something to help you make it through, some pure fat like butter, coconut oil, etc, can be added to your coffee.

What are the benefits of an all fruit diet?

Profile photo for Pandit Jamwal

Pandit Jamwal·

MA in Nutrition, Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) (Graduated 2019)I am not supposed to guide u as I m not a doctor. But still being having some knowledge and experience about nutrition, I will put benefits and harmful effects in front of u. So choose wisely- Benefits 1. Fruits are packed with vitamins and Anti-Oxidants including Vitamin C and Beta-carotene. It may be useful in Skin Related Problems like Reducing Wrinkles and may act as Anti-ageing as well. 2. Fruits can reduce the Risk of Cancer and other chronic diseases. 3. Fruit Diet may reduce your weight for shorter period of time. Harmful Effects 1. Excess of Fruit diet deprived your body from Essential Proteins and Fats, which may slow down the metabolic rate at some time to conserve energy and you will fill starved all the time. 2. Fruits don't contain Omega-3, Calcium, Vitamin D and many more essential nutrients whi(more)

Is the supreme leader Snoke (Star Wars) on intermittent fasting? Why is he so skinny? Perhaps, he is on a fruit only diet?

Profile photo for Ian Su

Ian Su

Oompa Loompa at Daiya Foods (2020–present)

I’m Snoke! The supreme leader! Finally, I can speak and channel through my friend’s physical body on planet Earth. Yes, I was practicing intermittent fasting. That is why I look like a sex God. All the human like women from different planets went crazy when they see me. It is not because of my power and force choke. I never force choke on women. I only force grab. Some people think I’m too skinny, that is because they are too fat. If you see yourself always fat, then you see a sex God looking person, you would feel that person is too skinny. In this universe, I ruled everything and I could have sex with any animal, any specie and on any planet I want. It’s all because of Intermittent Fasting! My testosterone is shooting through the roof! My mating session is long like a marathon. If you want to work for me and help run this galaxy, you need to begin intermittent fasting too! Without this power via intermittent fasting, you are just a jedi.

Until next time…

I will be back.

That’s right. I didn’t die from the new star war movie, the last jedi. That was only a projection of my image. How can a supreme leader die so easily?

Is a fruit-only diet good or bad to reduce acne?

Profile photo for Rashi Singh

Rashi Singh

studentyou are going to get get weak if you’ll eat only fruits just because of the acne eat everything but clean and healty eat less oily , spicy for skin you can apply aloe vera gel to get rid of acne !

)What is it like to shift to a completely fruit-only diet?

I have been on a salad and fruit only diet for a month now, yet I still look pudgy and out of shape. What am I doing wrong?

Profile photo for Lily Alexander

Lily Alexander

February 20

This is very simple, a fruit and salad diet is only slowing your metabolism down. When we think of a diet we are brain washed to think a diet only lasts until we have lost weight/ fat eating as little as possible. however, this doesn’t work at all, if you want to loose weight permanently then you need to make your diet a sustainable lifestyle- not 2 week “diet”. The only way to truly loose weight is to eat less calories than you burn, this can be achieved by just eating healthier. For example a balance of carbs, protein, fats, healthy sugar/glucose - because all are essential for your body to function properly and to speed up your metabolism. Research some healthy low calorie meals and snacks and lastly, exercise. Trust me you don’t need a gym membership to exercise, even a walk a day ( m(more)Nutrition And Health

How many kilos can you lose with a 7-day fruit only diet?

How will it affect my body if I could afford to live on by eating fruits only?

Profile photo for Robin Robertson

Robin Robertson

Studied Nutrition at California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo (Graduated 2006)The diet you’re describing is called “fruititarian” it is a subset of veganism or raw veganism where an individual eats only fruit. In many cases, a fruititarian only eats what would naturally fall off the tree or bush, so as to not be cruel to the plant. Its not a great way to go. While you would get some fiber, carbohydrates, some vitamins and a little bit of protein and a little bit of fat (because, technically, nuts are fruit). You’d become deficient in calcium, zinc, most B vitamins and iron. You’d probably also become deficient in protein, because you’d have to eat a lot of nuts to meet your protein needs. Also, and this is just for the short term, you’d likely experience either very soft bowel movements or diarrhea. Fruit is high in fiber and water content, both of which will slide r(more)

Steve Jobs is famous for his fruit-only diet. I was wondering if this is a safe and legitimate diet plan if I take care to consume a good variety of fruits with the proper amount of vitamins and minerals?

Profile photo for Gill Matthews

Gill Matthews·

degree in plant biochemistry and soil science

Whatever Steve Jobs diet was, it didn't exactly lead to a long and healthy life did it? That for a man who could afford to source the absolute premium version of everything. A fruit only diet is not really suitable for humans. Getting all the nutrients you need to be healthy from fruit is not really a viable option.

How many kilos can you lose with a 7-day fruit only diet?

Can a fruit and nuts only diet be suitable for bodybuilders?

Profile photo for Jackey Ng

Jackey Ng

Lives in New York CityNo, fruits alone can’t provide nutrients anywhere close enough for bodybuilders to meet their daily quotas. You’ll literally be sitting at your dinner table eating a mountain of fruits, and you’ll still not get 1,500 calories by the end of the day. You’ll also be overloaded with the natural sugar and acidity from all the fruits you eat. Nuts is high in fat, and oxalate, there are even some nuts and fruits such as cashews and mangoes that are related to poison ivy. Over consuming high oxalate foods such as dark leafy greens, soy based products, and nuts on a daily basis will increase the chances for kidney stones and thyroid issues. In general, trying to survive on fruits and nuts alone is not good at all. For bodybuilding, most bodybuilders do their research on food and nutrition, they kno(more)

Will you get diabetes and cancer consuming a diet of fruits only?

Profile photo for Dimple Parmar

Dimple Parmar

Co-Founder & CEO at (Integrative Oncology) and Love Heals CancerFruits are very beneficial and it will never cause diabetes or cancer instead it is used in good amounts in not only these two diseases but also other big diseases such as hypertension, obesity, PCOD and also in gastrointestinal disturbances. Eating certain types of anti-cancer fruits is very helpful in all types of cancer such as breast cancer, prostate cancer, stomach cancer and colorectal cancer - however, please note that choice of anti-cancer fruits varies depending on the type of cancer, other conditions of the patient, and body terrain. Following are the benefits of consuming fruits: * Fruits are naturally low in fat, sodium, and calories. None have cholesterol. * Fruits are sources of many essential nutrients that are under consumed, including potassium, dietary fiber, vitamin C, and fol(more)

Can I live of a diet of fish and fruits only?

What are the pros and cons of fruit and vegetables only diet?

Profile photo for Victoria Rehn

Victoria Rehn

Nutritious cooking for 30+ years

Diets always cause problems because they imply restriction. Not allowed to eat animal proteins or carbs? We are almost guaranteed to crave them.

Plant proteins and complex carbohydrates can form the basis of a healthy diet if one adds supplemental B12 as well as EPA and DHA fatty acids. For vitamin D, make sure you get plenty of sunshine on skin that is not covered in sunscreen. If you live north of Phoenix & Atlanta, you need to store enough vitamin D in the summer to carry you through the fall and winter. Northern Winter sunlight is not strong enough to produce vitamin D (and in Winter, our skin is normally covered in coats, sweaters, tights and pants anyway.) . Plant based foods do not provide any vitamin D. Well, mushrooms that have been exposed to UV provide some, but you’d need to eat pounds of mushrooms everyday to meet the requirement for Vitamin D.

Eating whole fruits and vegetables you’ll get plenty of fiber, both soluble and insoluble. Legumes and whole grains provide all the amino acids required by the human body. But plants do not produce vitamin B12 or the EPA & DHA omega-3 fatty acids we need. Some people convert plant based ALA omega-3 fatty acids efficiently to EPA, but it is hard for a vegan to produce sufficient DHA. Thus the need for supplements.

Is Jordan B. Peterson still following a meat-only diet that eschews all vegetables and fruit?

Profile photo for Clemens Katzer

Clemens Katzer

married since 2001 (20 years), 3 childrenI haven’t heard anything stating the contrary (and I follow what he’s posting on youtube and thinkspot rather closely), so I would assume yes.

Is the “potato only” diet legit for workouts or a myth? If it is true, can I add fruits and oats?

Profile photo for Matt Maier

Matt Maier

I'm learning and experimenting and sharingThe potato only diet works because it's super boring. There's no stimulation in the food so you won't enjoy it enough to over eat. Which part of “potato only” diet makes you think you can add fruits and oats? It's literally named after the answer (no) to that question.

Is it okay to follow a keto diet that is not so harsh? It is the only diet that has worked for me, but I quit as I couldn't eat fruits and bread.

Profile photo for Harold Green

Harold Green

raised and sold freshwater and marine fish for over 60 yearsIf you can’t follow a keto diet then possibly any low carb diet will not be something you can live with. I don’t eat a keto diet but I do eat a strict low carb diet allowing myself 12 carbs a day max. I’ve eaten a low carb diet for 25 years now and it’s never going to get really easy but what you have to do is make a decision as to whether you want to eat a healthy diet or just eat lots of franken foods. The key to staying on a low carb diet is to find low carb replacements for what you’re missing. You’ll always have to stay away from fruit in general but after reaching the maintenance period of the diet you can have a couple of berries from time to time and on occasion an avocado. All other fruit is not allowed. Breads can be replaced. Look up soul bread. It’s made from zero carb protein(more)

How much fat would a person burn if they are on a strictly protein diet which includes boiled egg whites and boiled chicken, vegetable and fruit only? And are walking fast more than 2 kms daily?

Profile photo for Shahin Soltanian

Shahin Soltanian

PhD in Philosophy (University of Auckland)The amount of fat a person burns is dependent on their calorie uptake versus the amount of calories their body uses.

If you consume food the total calories of which is less than what your body uses then your body “burns" fat for energy (though it could also consumes muscle mass). If you consume the same amount of calories that your body uses then your body maintains weight. If your calorie uptake is more than your body's usage then the body stores the rest as fat.

So the foods you mentioned are certainly healthy and nutritious and the way to go for losing fat weight. But calorie count is still important. Eating too much healthy food which increases calorie intake to more than what your body uses will still result in weight gain. So eat what you said, maybe add other ingredients with altern(more)

What are the benefits of eating fruit as breakfast?

Is it ok to only feed fruits to parrots? What are the possible consequences of a diet based largely on fruits?

Profile photo for Mercedes R. Lackey

Mercedes R. Lackey·March 19, 2019

Owned by 12 parrots and a Starling

A fruit-only diet will kill your bird. Unless it is a toucan.

The high sugar content, uncut with anything else, will ferment in the crop, causing “sour crop,” and bacterial infections. By the time you realize something is wrong it will be too late.

Parrots should be fed a diet of whole grains, vegetables, and occasional fruit, supplemented with a good pelleted diet.1.9K viewsView 176 upvotesView shares · Answer requested by Endran Ratnasothy

What will happen if I only eat fruits and vegetables every day?

Can we survive without eating any type of meat, just a diet based on fruits and vegetables?

Profile photo for Nikki Saco

Nikki Saco

Works at saco media llcYou can live without meat, but not without protein. So you have to make sure you get enough plant protein with the essential amino acids. BUT YOU HAVE TO ADD FAT to your diet and cut sugar whether you eat meat or choose not to. Too much glucose and insulin (NOT MEAT) can result in cancer, diabetes, obesity and heart disease. Animal protein (meat) got a deservedly bad reputation from inhumane meat processing practices, and an UNdeservedly bad reputation from bad research, specifically the studies against saturated fats, and the now debunked conclusions of Ancel Keys who ignored his own data when it didn’t fit his premise. There is no study, no proof at all, that saturated fats cause heart disease, cancer, obesity, diabetes. In fact, what we KNOW is that starving cancer cells of glucose.

Are tomatoes fruits or vegetables?

Is a diet that consists of primarily fruit (fruitarianism) healthy?

Profile photo for Sutrisno Sukendy

Sutrisno Sukendy

The Number 4 Boss. I.e CEO of a family company.

There is a difference between primarily and only. So if you mostly ear fruits but do consume animal and other variety of foods in reasonable amounts, it can be healthy. However some care need to be taken if you have diabetes as fruits contains high amounts of fructose which may be problematic.

A healthy all fruit diet can be very difficuly unless you take the word fruit in its fullest meaning, part of the plant that contains its seeds. If you do, you basically have most beans and legumes, corn, and other products derived from the plants' reproductive system to eat. If so it will be a standard vegan diet without leaves. Doable, but hard without suplements.

Is a fruit diet worth it? I want to lose some pounds.

I'm 5'7, 17 years old. My weight is 175 pounds. I've been eating only fruits for breakfast, fruits for lunch with a little bit of meat, and for dinner fruit or vegetables.

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Promoting a healthy relationship to food, and warning that diets don't work.If you are 17 you should not be trying to lose weight except under direct medical supervision. Don't go on any kind of diet without checking with a doctor. In any case, a fruit-only diet won't be healthy for anyone. You need a variety of foods.

What if I stop eating everything else and only eat fruits? What happens in long term?

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  • Bowel Discomfort and Irregularity

Fruits are loaded with fiber. While you need fiber to keep your bowels moving, too much of a good thing causes problems. You could experience bloating and gas as your system tries to deal with the fiber overload. Belly cramping may soon follow. Your intestinal tract might pull in extra fluid to help the big fiber dose pass through easily, leaving you with diarrhea. Or it could have the opposite effect. All that fiber could back things up, making you constipated and unable to pass stools for days.

  • Weight Loss or Gain

Weight loss from an all-fruit diet may sound like a perk, but it’s not. When you go into starvation mode because you’re not getting enough calories, your body starts burning up the fuel it has on deck. Sure you might burn off stored fat initially. However, your body could start breaking down protein, and thus muscle tissue, for energy. Even though that number on the scale might be getting smaller, it isn’t a positive thing if you’re losing muscle mass. On the other hand, you could gain a lot of weight. If you're not monitoring your portion sizes, you may be taking in more calories than you're burning off. This can happen if you're eating lots of high-calorie fruits like avocados, which have about 320 calories each; grapes, which provide roughly 230 calories in 2 cups; or papayas, which contain around 150 calories each.

  • Poor Growth, Energy and Blood Functions

Fruits have high amounts of many vitamins and minerals, but they don't provide everything you need. With a fruit-only diet, you won't get vitamin D and may only get small amounts of bone-building phosphorus, magnesium and calcium. Ultimately, this could lead to weak and fragile bones. You'll also be lacking in some of the B vitamins, particularly B-12, riboflavin, niacin and biotin. Without these vitamins, your body will have a hard time making red blood cells and converting foods into energy. You probably won't be getting enough vitamin K either, possibly creating problems with blood clotting. Plus you may become overly fatigued because you most likely won't have enough iron in your system to deliver oxygen to cells.

  • Other Malnutrition Issues

With the exception of avocados, the majority of fruits have only a trace amount of fat. You actually need fat in your diet, particularly the heart-healthy mono- and polyunsaturated kinds. Fats help your body absorb and store the fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E and K; create hormones and enzymes; protect vital organs; and stabilize your body temperature. When fat is lacking in your diet, you could become malnourished and start having complications with these functions. Your protein intake could also fall short in an all-fruit diet. Without adequate protein, cells and tissues can't function and could start to break down. You may also have problems with growth, wound healing, nerve signaling and digestion.

Would you choose fruits or vegetables if you could only eat one type of food?Are Diet Coke, Sprite Zero, Coke Zero and/or other diet sodas bad for your health? How bad? Why are they bad? What are the bad side effects?

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Is Diet Coke or Coke Zero bad for you at all?

Artificial sweeteners are probably the most studied food substances next to sugar and water. Don’t go looking into preliminary studies and doctorate dissertations that aren’t peer reviewed. Don’t stare down lengthy documentaries that don’t get into the science. If you decide you do want to look into those documentaries, at least follow up on the credentials of any experts put forth in them. Google their names. Find out how they know what they know. Google the studies they reference.

I’ve read articles that claim that consuming bacon is linked to a statistically significant increase in the chance of catching a cancer (there are lots of different cancers.) But people still eat bacon because it’s tasty and it won’t kill you right away. There were also preliminary reports that consuming turmeric was statistically linked to reduction in occurrence of cancer. Funny thing is that turmeric is also statistically linked to cultures which cover up when outside. The link between solar radiation and cancer is known. The relation between covering up and reductions of radiation are known. Any relation between turmeric, bacon, and cancer is speculative right now. However, TV, Magazines, and Newspapers are absolutely blowing up like these are done deals. “Bacon causes cancer.” “Tumeric cures cancer.” No. DNA Mutations cause cancer. Surgery, chemotherapy and radiation therapies cure cancer. Get it right, guys.

It bears repeating. DNA Mutations cause cancer. Your body does have some schemes to fight against cancer, including your immune system killing off your own cancer cells. There are just some DNA mutations that it can’t handle. There are also carcinogens which clog or stop those mechanisms. Those should also be considered cancerous.

The pink packet used to carry a warning label that it might cause cancer. Looking over this packet I have here, it’s gone. This was in part because the state of California enacted a law that, in effect, said that if a study concluded that something causes cancer, it must have a warning on it. However, the method was flawed for the study that found it causes cancer. In essence, they did a study on rats. They fed the rats low calorie sweetener, and very little else. If they fed you the same amount by weight of that sweetener, they’d feed you about 10 cups of it every day. When rats died of undernourishment, they just excluded them from the test. Of the rats that lived, some of them had cancer. The problem with taking these findings as-is is that if you starve rats, they catch cancer as a result of the undernourishment. Yet the law in Cali said that this one flawed study meant you need to put a label on it, even though the tests weren’t done in humans. Rather than not being able to sell in California or having to make two sets of labels, one for California and one for Everywhere Else, the just put the warning label on and sold it that way everywhere.

If someone says you should pay all sorts of attention to some study…read the study yourself (even though it’s super boring.) The reports with advertisements surrounding them simplifying the results of studies down to a few words are often trying to sell their wares. If you read the studies yourself, you can at least use your own critical thinking to see if it’s even relevant.

My least favorite fake sweeter is Splenda (sucralose) because there is no organism on Earth that can break it down. It breaks down with heat, but it has to get to about 119 °C, which is hotter than boiling water. When you eat it, you’re basically accepting to litter it later. Though it will take a very long time for splenda to be littered everywhere, almost all of the Splenda ever made, still is. Well, sort of. Most of the volume of Splenda that you buy at the grocery is dextrose. Dextrose is a sugar. Instead of 4 calories per 1 gram of sugar, there are 3.4 calories per gram in dextrose. In other words, it’s a scam. That’s only relevant to the sugar packets. Sodas (specifically Pepsi) doesn’t need to add dextrose so that you can use Diet Pepsi like sugar. You use Diet Pepsi like water, so it only has the sucralose. Pepsi switched to sucralose in part because it’s cheaper and in part because people wanted it.

They ended up bringing back aspartame Diet Pepsi because of people like me. My favorite sweetener is Aspartame. Aspartame breaks down into formic acid, which is toxic in high concentrations. To be clear, it takes a lot of said toxin to give you problems. You’d get more of that same toxin from eating a serving of ants than a serving of aspartame. Why ants? The formi- of formic acid is the Latin word for ants. The compound was discovered and isolated off of decomposing ants, which produce the acid as a byproduct of decaying. Aspartame metabolism also creates methanol. You know, that alcohol that can drive you crazy. You just would need to ingest a whole friggin lot of it for it to be toxic. Aspartame - Wikipedia Maybe I just like the idea of surviving daily doses of toxins. Also, sucralose Diet Pepsi is too friggin sweet.

Personally, I’m open to the possibility that artificial sweeteners increase the chance of cancer slightly. I’m willing to accept that risk. Oh, and U.S. Bacon Supplies Fall to Record Low for December.

Will eating fruits cause diabetes?

Is a high fruit diet good for me?

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Read below article for your info…hope this helps you ..

Fruitarian Diet: Is It Safe — or Really Healthy for You?


As a dietitian, I frequently discuss nutritional plans and lifestyles with patients. Many are curious about being vegan or vegetarian. Others are curious about low-carb or high-protein diets. Occasionally, someone will ask me about being a fruitarian – someone who eats mainly fruits.

The fruitarian diet is one of the most restrictive. The risk of malnourishment is high, so I don’t recommend it. But, if you’re interested in pursuing it or are already doing so, there are things you should know.

What does it mean to be a fruitarian?

Adopting a fruitarian diet doesn’t mean you eat only fruit. Instead, diet descriptions say raw fruit should make up no more than 75 percent of foods consumed. I advise patients to keep their fruit intake to no more than 50 percent to avoid any nutritional imbalances.

Transitioning to a fruitarian diet

If you choose a fruitarian diet, proceed slowly. Transition your diet to include a variety of fruits. And be sure to include nuts, seeds and vegetables with every meal because they will provide the fat and protein you need. They will also help slow down any blood sugar spikes that come from eating only fruit.

Remember that healthy diets include three fruit servings daily. Oily fruits, such as avocados, bananas and coconuts, are good fat sources.


Fruits are packed with vitamins and anti-oxidants, including vitamin C and beta-carotene, and some existing research shows fruits can reduce the risk of cancer and other chronic diseases.

You might lose weight on the fruitarian diet, but I don’t consider this a true benefit. Any losses are likely to disappear if you abandon the diet, and your weight will creep back up.


Fruit-based diets can be very restrictive and can cause several problems.

Weight gain: Fruits are heavy in natural sugars. While there are some people on this diet who could lose weight, eating large portions of fruit actually puts you at risk of gaining weight.

Diabetes: For diabetic or pre-diabetic patients, the fruitarian diet can be dangerous. Fruits contain so much sugar that eating too much can negatively affect blood sugar levels. A fruit-only diet can also be dangerous for people with pancreatic and kidney disorders.

Tooth decay: Fruit’s high sugar content can put you at high risk for tooth decay. For example, apples have the potential to be as corrosive as candy or soda. Some fruits, such as oranges, are highly acidic and can erode tooth enamel.

Nutritional deficiencies: Fruitarians frequently have low levels of vitamin B12, calcium, vitamin D, iodine and omega-3 fatty acids, which can lead to anemia, tiredness, lethargy and immune system dysfunction. Low calcium can also cause osteoporosis.

Nutritional supplements that fulfill these deficiencies are often made from food sources like dairy cultures or soy protein, which are considered off-limits in the fruitarian diet. This makes malnourishment far more common.

Cravings: Restricting your diet to mainly fruits can lead to cravings or food obsessions.

Starvation mode: By relying mainly on fruits and depriving yourself of needed vitamins, fats and proteins, it’s possible to push your body into starvation mode. If your body feels it’s starving, it will slow down your metabolism in an attempt to conserve energy for vital functions.

Talk to your doctor before starting a fruitarian diet

Before you start a fruitarian diet, I recommend you consult your general practitioner. He or she will likely prescribe the dietary supplements you’ll need to take to overcome the vitamin and mineral deficiencies.136 viewsView 1 upvoteView shares ·

Is eating only fruits and boiled eggs for 1 month a good diet plan?

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No. Not at all. Let's start by looking at th eggs. Eggs contain much more cholestorol than any other food on a per-calorie basis. Hello heart disease! Eggs are eventually processed in the body into TMAO, a toxic compound. Furthermore, eggs are also high in the amino acids of protein methionine and leucine, both of which promote growth of cancer, dramtically increased rate of aging, inflamation, and a host if other health problems. Having eggs be a cornerstone of your diet will not do you well.

On to the fruit. Fruit is less healthy than people think it is. One always hears the saying "eat your fruits and vegetables", but in reality it should only be vegetables. Vegetables are fruit but packed with way more nutrients, antioxidants, and disease suppressing compounds. Fruits also have a significant amount of sugar from frutose which actually does more damage to the body than glucose.

Maybe try something like only vegetables and legumes/ low glycemic grains instead with some fruit. It is far more feasible and not at all detrimental to your health.

Can a human survive by consuming only fruits, vegetables, nuts and milk in his diet daily, ignoring grains and rice completely?

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Diya Verma

One of my friend suffering from it.

I Believe we need protine to build and repair tissues ,hormones and other body chemicals.There is no risk with removing all meat from your diet if you replace it with other animal products such as dairy (milk, cheese), or eggs. This is called a vegetarian lifestyle , and is generally safe. People can not only survive, but thrive on only vegetables and fruits. If you look at fruitarians, or centenarian races like the Hunza ate mostly vegetables and fruits.

However, if you choose to follow a vegan lifestyle - which is to eliminate all foods derived from animals - things get more complicated. To get all the amino-acids (the constituent of proteins) and vitamins that our body needs, Vegans need to eat a proper mix of vegetal products - combining cereals, beans, with diverse vegetables and fruits.

Some cultures have developed a traditional vegan cuisine that combines all needed nutrients. But improvised Vegans are likely to fail to balance their food intake, unless they carefully educate themselves.

The impact of a deficit in some nutrients is typically discrete and reversible in adults; but imposing an unbalanced vegan diet on a child could have health consequences.

In today's "developed" (western) world, most would improve their health by eating less meat - few small portions of meat per week are enough. And there are valid ethical reasons to become a vegetarian. However, becoming a vegan requires more caution.11.2K viewsView 5 upvotes ·

Is fruit diet worth it?

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Procrastinator, chronic habitual nitpicker, atheistAlready many great answers here. I'd only like to add that fruit diet won't be worth it. In fact, as has been pointed out, diets are not usually worth it. When you go on a diet, you basically eat less calories. When you eat less calories, your brain thinks that you are starving and reduces energy consumption of the body, you do lose weight, but when you return to normal diet, your body is still consuming less than it used to do before diet and takes some time to re-adjust , thus you regain weight. I would suggest you analyse your calorie intake and consumption. A good and reliable method to lose weight would be to burn more calories than your intake while maintaining a balanced diet. However, the question arises that one might feel constant hunger going this route, and calories are st

Can a human being lead a healthy and fit lifestyle eating only fruits?

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Craig Good

Promoting a healthy relationship with food.

Yes, you can survive eating only [whatever].

Just not long or well. A fruit-only diet would be far too narrow, and would shorten your life significantly.

Is only fruit for breakfast healthy and a good diet?

Sunanda Jasrotia

Bsc medical from Guru Nanak Dev University, Amritsar (Graduated 2017)

Only fruits taken in breakfast do not accomplish all recquirements which our body needs .we should have our breakfasr like a king .if we eat only fruits in our breakfast we will not able to get calories which are necesaary in producing energy in our body .so in the absence of obtaining calories our body complete its need from stored proteins or fats present in our body and it will also take ketone bodies from our brain due to which alzhiemar disease and weakness and many other diseases will cause .

If I plan to eat only fruits, what are all the essential fruits should I eat for a healthy life?

Robin Finesilver

I cook, I eat

Fruitarianism is absolutely unhealthy, it's a fad and wrong.
What's wrong with pulses? Nuts? Green vegetables?
The answer is don't.
BTW there are carbohydates in fruit - bananas, cherries, mangoes and pineapple.
Highest protein is in dried fruit apricots, prunes raisins and figs.
For trace elements you need to vary your diet.
Apricots are also highest in iron, but mushrooms have more.
Avocados are amazing, they have carbs oils and lots of great vitamins but you're missing out on so much, better to be a vegan (though it pains me to say it).140 viewsView 2 upvotes ·

What is the best vegetarian diet plan to gain healthy weight?

Is it possible to have a healthy diet eating only non-perishable items (canned, boxed, etc… no fresh meat, dairy, fruits)?

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Ute Seebauer

I want to go as far as saying that it is impossible to have a healthy diet INCLUDING these items. I don’t know of anything boxed that is of any benefit other than keep you from starving if you were. Cans are preserved with substances that are usually destructive on your health and those that are not are commonly processed so far that there is no nutrient value left, aside from the fact that their content is just that: Processed and in being so, of a glycemic index that nature does not truly support (hence the diabetes pandemic). Processed meats then are ALSO associated with diabetes, never mind the sulfites found in there…… Anything that gravitates from fresh and in season FRUIT VEGETABLE ANIMAL OF SOME SORT and possibly dairy, and hand pressed oils is nothing you are by nature and by b(more)

Given that keto diets are so popular why is it that so many people lose weight by eating only fruits, that are loaded with carbohydrates?

Fire Hawl

This is because the keto diet is only one way to lose weight.

A keto diet just causes your body to use existing energy as it has no access to carbs see: Keto Diet Explained.

Other methods of weight loss focus on simply creating calorie deficits.

Now there is a lot of genetics involved here, so a low calorie but high carb diet might well be suited to someone whose body is not very good at taking energy from carbs and storing it. These are your typical Hyper-skinny but eat whatever they want type folk.

However, if you are overweight the chances are you are not one of these people! Your body is just too efficient it extracts and stores energy better than their bodies do, we would do well in times of famine but sadly not in this world of plenty!

My advice is to see what works and then go with that if you try keto and it is working then stick with it!86 viewsView 1 upvote ·

by Sudi Narasimhan1

Is there a way to only eat fruit and still have a balanced diet?

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Is there a way to only eat fruit and still have a balanced diet?

No. Fruits provide plenty of vitamins, electrolytes, carbohydrates, and trace minerals. But two essentials no fruit will ever be able to provide are protein and fat (both of which can be obtained from vegetal sources, just not fruit specifically). Without those things in your diet, your body will eventually shut down and you will die.

[Edit to add:] Coincidentally, this is why those juice-fasting weight-loss fad diets work so well to drop pounds quickly. When you intake nothing but fruit juice, your body isn't getting everything it needs and so it eventually starts taking it from the only place it can — your own emergency fat stores and muscle tissue. Essentially, you're basically tricking your body into “famine mode” and then eating itself from the inside out.

Do people get scurvy today like British sailors in the 1800s if their diet consists only of carbohydrates and protein, with no fruits or vegetables?

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Joy Schwabach

Works at On ComputersAs others have said, you can definitely get scurvy today by eating no fruits or veggies. I’d just like to add that if you’re avoiding all plants, you’re susceptible to all the major diseases, starting with heart disease and cancer and going right down the list. The wonderful thing about fruits and veggies is that in sufficient quantity, they help prevent all the bad things that happen to people eating the Standard American Diet (SAD). Now that the SAD diet has been adopted in so many countries, you have to look at rural populations eating mainly plant foods to find areas without a single case of heart disease or cancer. Your biggest help line is to avoid SOS (sodium, oil and sugar) and to eat as many fruits and veggies as you can. See | for more info.

When can you eat regular food after a 30 day fruit and vegetable diet only?

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If the diet is for 30 days then start after day 30!

Can you get diabetes if fruits are the only sweets in your diet?

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Takeaway. Being overweight or having high blood sugar are both risk factors for developing diabetes. The causes of diabetes are complex, but a person is very unlikely to develop the condition solely from eating too much fruit. Eating fruit in moderation is an important part of a healthful diet. Royal gala and honey crisp can contain 19 grams of sugar, but green apples, like granny smith, contain 9 grams. This tropical fruit contains 15 grams of sugar in a half cup – that's about four to five lychee fruit. Your favourite smoothie ingredient is loaded with sugar. Go to my Profile and you can find all Diabetes material there...

If I only ate a diet consisting of raw & organic (fruits, vegetables, nuts/seeds, healthy fats, and herbs/spices) would I be able to survive?

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Khepra Anu

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We are fruitarian no matter what anyone says. Can we eat animals and grains? Of course. We can really almost eat anything and the body will adjust itself over time to get any value it can from whatever you decide to ingest. That doesn’t mean there will be a price to pay, short term and long term. The Sun should cook our food during the growing process. If we have to bring additional fire in the form of flames, boiling in oil (deep fryer), microwave, convection oven, etc then we chemically alter the “food” into a drug. That is science. When nutritionists, doctors, etc come up with reasons for eating cooked foodstuffs it’s the foodstuffs/drugs providing whatever logic they are using. We are what we eat and that also includes how we think! If we have been eating a certain diet for most of our lives then our own minds will convince itself with faulty logic that the foodstuffs you are addicted to is optimal. Bottomline, if you have to cook your food in order to chew and digest it then that is nature’s way of telling you that the foodstuff should not be eaten in the first place.

When you enter down the path of raw foods your sensitivity over time will increase. When you raise your sensitivity your awareness becomes greater. Your health becomes more vital. Because more of your foods have moisture (water) and enzymes that means less work your internal organs and digestive system. That means more energy for higher learning, creativity, spirituality, physicality, and overall awareness. It is the ultimate way to eat efficiently. If you try to return to cooked foods after being on a raw food diet your body will vehemently reject it. Food like any relationship comes down to a give and take dynamic. Cooked foods give you little in terms of nutrition but take a lot in terms how much energy is needed to break down and digest. Raw foods will give and a lot and take away a little because of the moisture content and enzymes.

There is a karmic relationship as well. I say in my classes and lectures, “What you do to your food, it will do back to you..” Fry it, it will fry you. Nuke it (microwave), it will nuke you. Raw foods have Sun energy. Most of our Holy Days or Holi-days directly or indirectly worship the Sun. In terms of karma, the most potent and powerful karmic foods are fruits. Namely, what I classify as Master Fruits. I consider Master Fruits to be foods that have complete nutrition and are usually eaten as mono-meals. They contain everything we need with every bite; sugars, fats, and proteins. At the top of the list is Durian, the king of fruits. A couple of bites of this and you are full! Also worth mentioning are young coconuts, olives, avocado, ackee (popular in Jamaica), and jackfruit. There are actually thousands of fruits, with each having hundreds of varieties. Its a shame that we could eat a different fruit everyday of the year but we are left to a small sample what is commercially profitable.

Coming off the cooked food addiction will require focusing on green leafy vegetables first. Cooked starches and animal products create a highly acidic body and bloodstream. Therefore, one has to commit to alkaline green vegetables over the first year in order to transition successfully to a raw plant diet. Overtime, the desire for animal meat and processed starches will go away and you will begin to crave real (raw) food.

The real question is not would you be able to survive eating a raw plant based diet, but rather how much you would be able to thrive!

How do we do a fruit diet only?

In a Kosher diet, a grape (the fruit itself) can only be eaten whole. If you were to cut it in half, can you still eat it?

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I had to look this up, even though 90% of my family keeps kosher. It has nothing to do with whether the fruit itself is whole or not. It has to do with the fact that grape products made by non Jews were often used (in the past) for worshiping pagan gods). So grape products (wine, juice, etc.) must be made by Jewish manufacturers. If you keep kosher, you are perfectly fine cutting your grapes in half. But you have to remember to check them for bugs. Bugs are not kosher.

What will happen if, for 2 weeks, only vegetables and fruits as a diet is taken without consuming chapatis and rice?

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It’s good as a nice temporary and refreshing cleanse of the blood. Perhaps the bowels will be affected without the rice and other solid foods, but I don’t regard that as a bad thing. The bowels do need a good clean out at times. Usually the bowels aren’t affected unless they need to be, in the sense that they may be a bit clogged up, and the fruit and veg moves it along.

If you are talking about cooked fruit and veg, then the cleansing won’t be the same as raw fruit and veg. The removal of your usual starchy foods for a period of time is a nice change for the digestion and can relieve the condition of your blood as well. Since fruit is a blood cleanser and vegetables are blood builders, when you eat both the cleansing effect is not the same as fruit alone.

A good alternative to 2 weeks is a quick 3 day raw fruit diet, no starchy fruit such as bananas as that would defeat the cleansing purpose. I used to do this quite regularly and at first the bowels can be affected but after a couple of times that effect diminishes greatly. it can also produce a quick fever and even nausea and/or vomiting the first time around, but not usually. (that’s more likely to happen on a 3 day water fast). If it does it means there was much to clean out. Done on a regular basis it can add a lot to good health. :)

What can I eat and drink if I want to start a diet of only fruits and vegetables?

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I am going to assume you are doing this for weight loss. Because I can’t think of any other good reason why you would want a diet of only fruits and vegetables. That said, did you know that you can never lose your weight permanently?[1] Unless you permanently change your diet?[2] [3] In other words, a fruit and vegetable diet will not help you at all unless you make it your permanent lifestyle. So let’s say you make this your permanent diet. Sure, you will lose weight. But you will probably end up dying way too young or dying way too horribly. This would be from any kind of illnesses resulting from severe deficiencies in Vitamin D, Manganese, Selenium, Omega 3 and omega 6 fats, chromium, B-vitamins, to name a few. Oh and when you get hit by anything, because of serious muscle loss from protein.

Are there any diets that consist of only fruit?

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Seshadri Srinath

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Its called the frugivore - or fructarian diet. Its not unhealthy and if you have a sweet tooth can be rather enjoyable too. They eat a lot, lose weight etc etc. But as with any vegan or even vegetarian diet - the big nutrient you would be deficient in would be Omega 3 - which really ideally got from fish, then sea kelp, then Chia and flax - however for over 20 yrs I didn't eat fish and didn't eat sea kelp or chia/flax, so make of it what you will. The B complex - there is 24, not 12 some of which are exclusively made by animals (tryptophan - B15, Pantothenic acid - B5, B12 etc) are easily supplemented by pills. Other than O3 deficiency and B12 supplements what you’d need to watch out for on an all fruit diet - Dental cavities. Just brush and floss often and visit the dentist often. The acid and sugar in the fruit essentially wreak havoc on your teeth.

If I were to absorb nutrients from ONLY grains, fruits, vegetables, and legumes, then how should I plan to make a balanced diet?

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Viktor Junek

Nerding out about nutrition past 10 years like it's my job.

Apart from all the great answers already posted, please, first and foremost learn to properly prepare the legumes and grains.

For those are plants full of anti-nutrients, as well as some nutrients. (Everyone seems to be stuck with the nutrient part of the equation and not many people are even aware of the anti-nutrients in them.) The chemical compounds known as anti-nutriens fulfill many roles within any given plant, but the most important role is to lightli poison the animals that eat them, so they become sick before they eat too many of them. It is plants’ alternative to animals’ attempts to outrun you or fight you. And grains and legumes evolved to contain much more of those defensive anti-nutrients, probably because they have much more protein than say vegetables or fruit and otherwise would animals eat them by a ton.

Us humans tend to eat much more of those plants than they normally should to avoid the “poisoning”. That is because our ancestors managed to find ways to significantly reduce the anti-nutrient count in grains and legumes. It is the sole reason why they have survived through many year and sometimes even whole lifetimes of poor-man’s diet based on grains and legumes. One can’t help but admire them for that, right? The methods they used were usually soaking, and fermenting the grains and soaking and sprouting or fermenting the legumes. All those weird kitchen rituals our grandmothers used to do when or before cooking were most likely just time-honored ways to remove the poison from our food. Learn to do this and you will most likely avoid the auto-imune issues some vegans develop over years. When you eat bread, go for sourdough. When soy, go for tempeh. Etc.

Some aditional info you can find in resources below. Please don’t get discouraged by some of them not recomending vegan diet at all. If you chose to go vegan, just learn the proper ways of de-poisoning the food. Good luck!

General info: Plants Bite Back, Living With Phytic Acid, Fight the Phytate! Reducing Anti-nutrients in Food

How to’s: Putting the Polish on Those Humble Beans, Proper Preparation of Grains and Legumes Video by Sarah Pope, How to Reduce Antinutrients in Foods

And also use plenty of coconut avocado or olive oil as your body vitaly needs healthy fats. And from the vegan sources, those three are the good ones. Other seed oils are much less healthy. And don’t ever eat margarines.

Is it healthy to have a diet that only consists of raw fruits and water?

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Certified Metabolic Balance Coachre two articles i found online and stored in my archives. I recommend reading for sure the second paragraph i article one, and the last in article 2. Meat has played a starring role in the evolution of the human diet. Raymond Dart, who in 1924 discovered the first fossil of a human ancestor in Africa, popularized the image of our early ancestors hunting meat to survive on the African savanna. Writing in the 1950s, he described those humans as “carnivorous creatures, that seized living quarries by violence, battered them to death … slaking their ravenous thirst with the hot blood of victims and greedily devouring livid writhing flesh.” Eating meat is thought by some scientists to have been crucial to the evolution of our ancestors’ larger brains about two million years ago. By starting to ea(more)

Is Keto diet vegan friendly?

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Christine Laing

Finance Committee at Meals On Wheels (2015–present)

It theoretically can be done, but not with whole unprocessed foods.

To meet your protein needs you will probably want to get about 15% of your calories from protein. As we’re talking keto, you will get about 5% of your calories from carbohydrates and 80% from fat. A more common ratio would actually be 20% protein/5% carbohydrates/75% fat.

Lets assume you are eating 2,000 calories a day. You are aiming for 300 calories of protein and 100 calories from carbohydrates. That would be 75 g protein and 25 g carbohydrates.

The highest protein/carbohydrate plant foods are greens like spinach. Spinach gets about 50% of its calories from protein. That means that if you got all your protein from spinach you would be getting 300 calories of protein and 300 calories of carbohydrates.

You also need to eat all that fat to get your calorie intake up. There are no whole plant foods which have fat and no carbohydrates.

In theory you could lower your protein intake to 50 g, which is about as low as you should try to go, and a few people can eat 50 g of carbs and stay in ketosis. So maybe someone out there can do it by eating massive quantities of spinach and vegetable oil but nothing else.

The way to actually do this would be to add a lot of processed protein supplements to your vegan diet. Even then if would feel pretty limiting because you have to get all that fat without going over your carb ration. Even nuts and avocados will blast through your carb ration long before you hit your calorie target.

Is eating only fruit and nuts healthy? If so, how much weight can I lose? How long should I keep this diet?

Brian Muscat

Transport Coordinator (2018–present)Fruit and nuts are healthy as these are what God provided for us if eaten in the right quantities, they’ve done studies on those who ate natural carbs like fruits compared to those that ate processed carbs like candy, cake, cookies, icecream, and soda what do think the results were? While there are definitely carbs in fruits it was the processed carbs that were causing all the harm like high blood pressure, and diabetes. Fruit is full of fibre and will let you know when you’ve eaten to much however have you noticed if you want you can eat a whole bowl of ice cream no problems at all without feeling full. The only reason some diets particularly Keto will recommend you avoid fruits is if you want to lose weight as the more carbs you eat the higher your sugar will spike and the more glucose.

If you were to do a diet of only a single fruit as solid food each day, which fruit would you choose and why, and have you actually tried such a diet?

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This fruit


The pomegranate is a fruit that contains hundreds of edible seeds called arils. They are rich in fiber, vitamins, minerals and bioactive plant compounds, but they also contain some sugar. Pomegranates contain punicalagins and punicic acid, unique substances that are responsible for most of their health benefits.

The punicalagins in pomegranate juice have been shown to reduce inflammation, one of the leading drivers of many serious diseases, including cancer and diabetes. Preliminary evidence indicates that pomegranate juice can be useful in men with prostate cancer, potentially inhibiting cancer growth and lowering the risk of death. Several human studies have shown that pomegranate can have benefits against heart disease. It improves your cholesterol profile and protects LDL cholesterol from oxidative damage.

Pomegranate juice has been linked to reduced symptoms of erectile dysfunction. As a rich source of nitrates, pomegranate may improve exercise performance by increasing blood flow.

Pomegranates are one of the healthiest foods on the planet, packed with nutrients and powerful plant compounds. They have wide-ranging benefits and may help reduce your risk of various serious illnesses, including heart disease, cancer, arthritis and other inflammatory conditions. What’s more, they may boost your memory and exercise performance. If you want to reap the many health benefits pomegranates have to offer, either eat the arils directly or drink pomegranate juice.

Is it possible for me to lose 25 pounds in 2 months? I am eating healthy only eating meat veggies fruits and nuts (paleo diet ) and will minimal exercise work?

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it is possible but after that you will face different illnesses without doubt

25 pounds in 2 months is not logical and healthy.

What to eat on the Paleo diet?

  • Fruits
    Sugar has no place on this diet, but to satisfy your sweet teeth, you can eat fruits. Moreover, fruits are packed with lots of vitamins. Consuming fruits is so crucial to the body too. Therefore, add apples, citrus, berries, banana, kiwi, peaches, grapes, melons, tomatoes, lychee to your daily diet.
  • Meat
    As soon as you don’t consider burgers as fresh meat! You can add it to your diet. Meat is full of protein, which is necessary for the body. However, if you need to follow a meat-free diet, you can check a vegetarian diet or a vegan diet.
  • Fish
    Seafood is so healthy. Fishes are rich in vitamin D, protein, and omega-3. So having a diet rich in fish not only can lower your risk of heart attacks but also can boost brain health.
  • Vegetables
    If you want to follow a Paleo diet, you should think of it as a diet with tons of fresh vegetables, which were what people mostly ate during that era. And the good news is that vegetables are so healthy, too. They are low in fat and calories, which are great for people who want to lose weight. At the same time, they are important sources of potassium, dietary fiber, folate, vitamin A, and vitamin C. The best vegetables on this diet are cauliflower, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, spinach, kale, carrots, and other green-leaf veggies.
  • Nuts and Nuts Butter
    Nuts are rich in protein, vitamins, healthy fats, and other minerals that are beneficial to the body. Eating nuts can protect you against different diseases, such as heart diseases or diabetes. Therefore, having nuts on your diet can help you follow a healthier life and have a better performance in your daily works.
    Moreover, nuts can boost your energy, that’s why lots of people in the past could work from day to night without getting exhausted.
  • Can you live only with eggs, milk, and fruits as a daily diet?

Craig Love

Studied Biotechnology & Molecular Biology

Yes, easily if taking supplements (e.g. a multivitamin).

Protein: milk and egg whites have all the essential amino acids. Some fruits (not many) also have decent amounts of protein.

Fats: lots in whole milk and egg yolks. Some fruits have plenty, e.g. olives, avocado and coconut.

Fiber: plenty in fruit.

Carbohydrates: plenty in milk and fruit.



With no supplements, it would be very hard, maybe impossible, to get the RDI of all vitamins and nutrients, while keeping within the average (2000 Cal) diet.

Vitamin E is oil-based, and all the concentrated sources are outside the question’s constraints (e.g. wheat germ & seeds).

Getting enough vitamin E would be monotonous (since only a few fruits are rich in it) and calorie heavy.

Daily example:

→ 100g avocado

→ 100g sapote

→ 250g olives

That’s 650 Cal. The calorie budget would be 1/3 gone.

Minerals - many are hard to get within the restriction.

Some exotic fruits fruits like Rowal do have an unusual amount of protein, plus lots of iron and other minerals, so lets put some of that on the menu:

→ 200g Rowal

That takes the total up to 1155 Cal. Getting enough protein takes the total to about 1500 Cal, even when keeping the source as lean as possible:

→ egg white

→ skim milk

So far, Vitamin E, and the typical things that vegans have to worry about (protein, iron, B12) are all covered.

However, magnesium, zinc and even sodium (table salt), are still deficient, plus whatever other components I haven’t noticed.

I don’t have the patience to work the rest out, but I suspect those gaps cannot be filled in, with fruit alone, and only 500 Cal remaining.

If I will only eat food that I grow myself (vegetables, fruits, animals), would this be considered a proper diet?

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James Freeman·

Physician, Software Engineer, Pilot

No, it would be (hopefully) an organic diet but not necessarily "proper".

Humans are omnivores - we can eat most things. There are only a few rules.

We need to eat about 1g/kg of body weight each day of protein. We also need some vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids - we need to eat them because our bodies can't produce them, but require them. To get the essential fatty acids we need to eat a bit of fat. Some of the vitamins are fat soluble so, once again, we need to eat a bit of fat. The water soluble vitamins are present in things like fruit and vegetables, so typically we eat some of those too.

Once we have the essentials we now need to add an energy source. This we burn for fuel and can be any of protein, fat or carbohydrate.

So a "proper" diet contains protein and fat, and things that contain the essential other bits. Carbohydrate is cheap and often delicious but it is also entirely optional.

If you imagine how we ate 100,000 years ago (not long in genetic time) we would have wandered around eating whatever was in season. We did not live as long, grow as tall, or enjoy the same level of health, but that is how we were "bred" to eat. It's also the basis of the paleo diet which kinda skims over the fact that when we were paleo we were shorter, less healthy, and did not live as long.

These days refrigeration and transport allow us to enjoy a wide variety of foods. It's the main reason we live long and healthy lives. The vast strides in human health predate modern medicine and stem back to sanitation and clean water, and dietary variety thanks to agriculture and the refrigeration and transport systems that get the food to us "fresh".

The problem with growing your own food is the erratic nature of supply. For 6 weeks you can have more strawberries than you can eat, then for 46 weeks none..... This makes maintaining variety difficult.

Food preservation - salting, smoking, pickling, etc were all developed to help move variety out of season. Nowadays we have more options.

At least to me, a proper diet means eating a little of many things, with nothing in excess. It also means being skeptical of the latest fads - the healthy diet pyramid (and it's carbohydrate focus), low fat food, canola oil, fish oil, HFCS, margarine etc are all experiments and you're the guinea pig.

The mediteranean diet, which is essentially meat/fish/olive oil/some wine and plenty of fresh vegetables has a long history. The health food pyramid on the other hand was invented by the USDA in the early 20th century.

Fresh, relatively unprocessed variety is a proper diet.

Will a diet full of nuts and fruits as the only protein source be sufficient to gain weight and muscles?

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Health Enthusiast, Love earth.

Nuts like almonds, cashews are good sources of protein with low carb n high fiber.

Add legumes like peanuts, soyabeans, kidney beans, moong dal for protein variety.

Add whole grains with beans to make a complete protein and more nutrient rich diet.

Fruits like guava and banana have protein but they shouldn't be taken as protein intake. Have them few 1–2 daily.

Good luck.

God bless.129 viewsView 2 upvotes2

What will happen if I eat only fruits in my diet for one day?

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Elakkana RP

Dietitian at Qua Nutrition - Signature Nutrition Clinic (2016–present)

Eating only fruits for one day is a kind of detox diet. It will help in flushing out toxins from your body and breaking the plateau if you are looking for weight loss.

But it is always advisable to have protein in your breakfast, lunch and dinner. Along with fruits try to have some sprouts or dal to meet the protein requirement.

If you have a high triglyceride level then having more fruits might not be advisable as fructose content in fruits might increase triglyceride level.

If you have any medical condition like diabetes then be careful before following fruit level as you might end up with elevated blood sugar levels.

It’s always better to consult a dietitian before doing such major alterations in your diet. A dietitian will be in a better position to put you on the right diet as per your requirement.

Is an only fruits diet sustainable in the long run?

Ao Jed

Unfortunately, it is not possible to achieve a balanced diet on fruits alone. (It's called balanced diet for a reason!) A simple way to understand this is to know the essential requirements of human body. Broadly speaking, it consists of A) Macronutrients: Carbohydrates, fats and proteins (or amino acids.) B) Micronutrients: Vitamins, minerals etc. Fruits have plenty of carbs, micronutrients and dietary fibre.

However, they don't contain amino acids or essential fatty acids in significant amounts. Hence, other sources of protein and essential fatty acids are important for healthy nutrition. Even otherwise, the composition of carbohydrates and micronutrients in fruits differs from other food sources like cereals, meat and vegetables.

There are thousands of fruits all over the world and yet only 40 seem to be regular staples in people’s diet. Why are people adverse to trying something new?

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Alivia Timmes

Studied Diploma at Corvallis High School (Graduated 2019)Even if there are thousands of fruits in the world, most of them are poisonous. Look at any botanical guide of wild berries and it’ll give you scores of examples of toxic fruits. Or plants that pretend to be poisonous but are actually harmless, and vice versa. Montana is famous for its huckleberries.

They’re basically smaller, dark purple blueberries with a tart taste. They only grow wild up in the Rocky Mountains during the summer, and even then they’re hard to find. A gallon of huckleberries can get you $50! Yet most people who don’t live in the region don’t know that they exist. Location is a big factor.

I’m sure that wherever dragonfruit is grown (I think it’s somewhere in Asia) they’re really cheap and common, but here they’re $12 apiece and often arrive bruised or overripe from their(more)

Will there be any problems if I have an only fruits diet?

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Sangeeta Sinha

Strength-Endurance-Conditioning Coach & Fitness Nutritionist

My question to your question is "why do you want to be only on fruit diet?" Has anyone suggested it to you? Why am I asking this because my reply would not be correct till I know the root cause of it.

Which fruits should I eat and what time for the 3 days only fruit diet?Can I thrive on a diet of fruits, vegetables and dairy products (only) for the rest of my life?

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Studious, sarcastic, gamer, creative, pedantic, joker, ... etc...

well many people do thrive on such diets .... spl people who have gluten intolerance ... or due to some diet restrictions ...

not sure why you would want to though

Can you reverse prediabetes with a whole food diet and exercise (only fruit and veg, no added sugar)?

Stewart Edgington

In the first experimental group to receive insulin pump.Yes you can reverse prediabetes with a whole food diet. Eliminating added sugar is certainly a good idea for everyone and especially T1 diabetics like myself but the central feature is elsewhere. But to understand how this reversal happens, it is necessary to understand what caused the problem in the first place. 1922 was an auspicious year in the fight against diabetes with the first successful use of insulin for T1 diabetes. That same year, IM Rabinowitch published a research article showing that a high meat and fat diet will produce insulin resistance. He published numerous other studies on this in subsequent years as have numerous others. A very recent study by a group lead by Michele McMacken published the following study which answers many questions on the subject.

How do I stop being picky about food?

Do any who say they are on the Paleo diet actually eat the foods that our Paleolithic ancestors did, that is, eat only wild foods (vegetables, fruit, meats, fish) and include insects in their diet?

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Retired Marine Engineer Currently a Lunatic Farmer and Agricultural ResearcherThe paleo diet is not the actual diet our ancestors ate. In this respect it is a bit of a misnomer. The concept is to mimic certain hypothesized health benefits found in the archaeological record prior to the invention of agriculture…. by changing the agricultural foods we eat! Yeah I know, sounds strange, but it is not literal stone age foods, rather biomimicry that is the basis for the paleo diet. It is also just a hypothesis, with little to no actual clinical studies. The idea comes from the observation that while agriculture increased total food and allowed increased population levels, the overall health of the increased populations supported by agriculture declined. What we know is that our SAD is less than 1/2 as nutrient dense as even prior to the 1940s and even that was many times

Is it healthy to stick to a vegetable, fruit, and nut diet? Could you even survive on these three only?

Shamas Khanewal

Lecturer in Islamophobia for 20 Years at De Montfort University (DMU) (2000–present)

Yes you can be healthy just with fruit, vegetables and nuts.

There are hundreds of millions of people who are vegetarians and perfectly healthy.

Humans are biologically speaking omnivores as reflected in our dentition and gastro-intestinal tract. However if a human eats a wide range of vegetables (that includes lentils/pulses and wider variety of vegetables than consumed in European countries) then there are no associated medical problems.

What you eat is a choice, sometimes dictated by tradition sometimes by religion. And sometimes its dictated by fads and fashion.

Is a diet of only rice and chicken good for when you are working out? I will eat fruits and vegetables as well, but for the main meal itself is it good for me?

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TJ Davilmar·

Trainer (2015–present)

It truly depends on what your goals are. You mainly see bodybuilders eat a bunch of chicken and rice when prepping for a show. This can be very successful, but it is very unrealistic.

For the first couple of weeks it may seem fine but as you get further into training you will realize that eating the same food will get very tiring. Unless Chicken and rice is truly all you like to eat.

I would suggest finding other lean cuts of meats to turn to when you get to the point where you can’t stand the thought of eating another piece of chicken. There are also many alternative for carbs that I would suggest looking into.

Are raw fruits, vegetables, and only baked or grilled meats the best for your diet?

Is it okay to have only vegetable and fruits everyday to lose fat? If not then what should be the frequency and diet plan?

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Shweta Saikumar Mudaliar·

Fitness expert, Fit world.


Its absolutely okay to consider a diet plan that includes maximum amount of vegetables and fruits. But one thing that should be considered before starting a diet plan like above,one should not skip the regular diet altogether. This could adversely effect your health as your body is habituated of eating and digesting things you usually eat and a sudden change in the diet might not suit your body. Hence, one should always start slow yet effective. Another important thing that contributors to a healthy weight loss is physical fitness. Try doing some exercises to keep your body fit and mentally ready to adapt the new change. The exercise may include cycling, swimming, skipping, or other cardio exercises that includes body movements. Also keep yourself hydrated throughout the process by drinking lots of water as it also contributes towards weight loss by kicking out the access toxins out of the body.

P.S- there are apt of techniques which may help reduce ones weight but choosing the right way is of utmost importance to promote a healthy weight loss. Also patience and persistence goes hand in hand when it comes t weight loss. Best of luck.314 viewsView 1 upvoteView shares11

I only eat fruits, yogurt, and cheese for snacks; for meals I eat mostly just unprocessed meats with vegetables, brown rice, quinoa, or potatoes. How healthy is this diet?

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Camille Flores·

Former High School English Teacher in a Ghetto at Oakland Unified School District (2006–2006)

Sounds pretty healthy to me. You include protein foods, carbs, and fats; and you suggest that you eat mostly meat, vegetables, and grain plus small amounts of fruit and dairy products.

Here are some things to consider.

  • quantity - are you eating too much (or too little)?
  • your age and life style - young people and nursing mothers need more calcium (dairy) for example
  • variety - the body needs a lot of vitamins, minerals, various enzymes, etc. so the greater variety of fruit, vegetables, protein foods, dairy products you eat, the better the chances are that you get everything you need. For example, you mention “unprocessed meats” which means you are probably not eating fish and eggs, which are a very healthy source of protein.
  • method of preparation - For example, steaming vegetables is the best way to preserve their flavor and nutrients, but some unknowingly boil them to mush in water. Some people fry everything which greatly increases the amount of fat they eat. My husband’s family never used the broiler in their stove!
  • additives - you mention “unprocessed meats,” but say nothing about the other foods. Hopefully, your yogurt doesn’t have added sugar or, worse, high fructose corn syrup, nor does your fruit come in a can.

Bottom line: as long as everything’s going well in your life, you’re looking good and feeling good, don’t worry about it.

Is it okay to have a diet of only protein and veggies and fruits as neither I nor my daughter (7 years old) likes pasta or bread or the like?

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Bill Searcher·

Studied at Human Being, Reasonably Intelligent, Educated, And (I hope) Caring

I am not a dietician but I’m pretty sure your body does not need carbs to survive — as another writer mentioned, you do need some level of fats (people who eat only rabbit meat have problems because rabbit is very low in fat) — I think with any other (animal / fish) protein, you’ll get sufficient fats. You can also eat vegetable proteins, in which case you’ll get some amount of carbohydrates. In fact, with almost all veggies and fruits you’ll get some amount of carbs.

I don’t know whether children might require more carbs than an adult (or a higher proportion of carbs) in order for them to develop properly. (I do know that children do require higher amounts (a higher proportion) of some nutrients in their diets for proper development, e.g., calcium for strong bones, and some other nutrients that are important for proper development of their brain.

I do know that carbs are a lifelong problem, especially easy to digest carbs like sugars. Much like they say that any man who lives long enough will have trouble with his prostate, any person that lives long enough will tend to become diabetic. Your body uses certain hormones (produced by your body, e.g., insulin and glycogen to regulate the sugar in your blood. Too much sugar in your blood will harm your body (sugar can be used as an antibiotic to kill bacteria in a wound, for example) — it will kill or at least damage the cells of your body — people with diabetes can go blind, among other problems.

If your body doesn’t produce enough insulin (Type 1 diabetes), or your body becomes insulin resistant (Type 2 diabetes) (after having produced so much over the years to fight excessive sugar intake), you become diabetic.

So, to partially summarize, you’ll get some amount of carbohydrates from most plant based foods that you eat, but too much, especially of the easy to digest carbohydrates (i.e., sugars of all sorts, including honey) will eventually lead to diabetes.

I would do my best to keep my child to keep them from developing a sweet tooth, and / or teaching them to control their appetites for sweets. (In the old days, sugar was to some extent regarded almost as a drug to which you could become addicted — I think that is still the case, and a bad thing, not a good thing.)

(Starches are the carbohydrates that are slower to digest — your body converts them to sugars in order to digest / utilize them, but that is a much slower process than digesting / utilizing sugars (which don’t have to be converted).)

(I, like probably most of us, have trouble controlling my sugar intake, but am still working on it.)

Oh, here is a quote from a different source that is worth paying attention to:


What is a Healthy Carb Protein Fat Ratio? (with pictures)

Carbs supply much needed energy to the heart, brain and kidneys which is why they play a prominent role in the healthy carb protein fat ratio. A severe lack of carbs will cause our bodies to take additional measures to get the energy it needs. Our bodies will attempt to remove the carbs from our muscles, causing muscle loss.


Like I mentioned, you will get carbs from most vegetables and fruits. A ketogenic diet is a diet very low in carbs (it is hard to eliminate them all) but with an emphasis on fats to produce energy. Some adults use a ketogenic diet, I don’t think I’d recommend that for a child.

Would consuming only a variety of fruit and whole milk be a good, reasonably healthy weight-loss diet?

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Anthony Meola

in Pharmacy (college major), Rutgers University (Graduated 1981)

Would consuming only a variety of fruit and whole milk be a good, reasonably healthy weight-loss diet?

It depends on how long you are going to be on it, and what fruits you’re eating. Let’s break it down assuming the fruits are low glycemic like apples and pears for the most part and less of the sweeter fruits mixed in. You are supplying :

  • Carbs
  • Fat
  • Protein
  • Fiber
  • Vitamins

This will work for a week or two but does not have enough variety for long term. The other issue is what happens when you reach your goal and go back to regular eating? The most successful diets are made up of the same foods you always eat, only in lesser quantities. You can trim some more calories by shying away from some of the more calorie dense foods like fat and carbs since fat has twice the calories per gram as protein, and carbs, and carbs have more calories per serving than other choices like vegetables and protein. Everyone wants to dispute the fact that weight loss is 99.99999% due to consuming less calories than those that are burned, but counting calories is the most useful way to lose weight.