Getting Ready For 2022 : Our Style Guide For The New Year

Some of the most exciting pieces from the spring 2022 season are the accessories. Standouts include opera gloves at Rokh, futuristic handbags from Coperni, and Acne Studio’s bonnets. See how street stylers kept pace, accessorizing themselves just like the models on the runway.

Getting Ready For 2022 : Our Style Guide For The New Year

By Sophia Ava YEET MAGAZINE | Updated 0439 GMT (1239 HKT) December 31, 2021

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story from: Avenue Illustrated N70 - The Great Beauty

Clarins - Only For Your Eyes

Aliita, the Italian jewelry firm created by Cynthia Vilchez Castiglioni, presents a new collection dedicated to the world of music, an inspiration for the pieces that are now added to the iconic “Línea Pura”. Two new drum and ukulele shaped beads have been created that are made of gold and sprinkled with tiny colored gems.

The festive spirit is present in the pieces that make up the “Pasiones” line, which are presented in the form of bracelets and pendants with the figure of a flamenco dancer, made of gold and hand-painted in bright colors. Also the delicate fans made of red and pink coral that is intermixed with black marble from Belgium, and the new white gold beads, some of them hand-painted, such as an igloo or a glass of tequila. Closing the collection, the new "Alma Lanza" ring that is inspired by the sophisticated Art Deco design of the thirties, made in gold and citrine. The piece is perfectly complemented by the new yellow quartz earrings and garnet zircons with suggestive geometric shapes.


With the name Orlando Creaciones comes a new range of tomatoes made up of three varieties, Mild, Intense and Sweet, three new products that join the great family of products of the famous brand.

Made with high quality natural ingredients and extra virgin olive oil, simmered for more than two hours in Alfaro (La Rioja), they were presented by their chef ambassador Iván Sánchez and by the actress and presenter Kira Miró -who has been put hands to the stoves to create a recipe that can be seen in networks-, which will be added by the actor and musician Adrián Lastra, and the actress Adriana Torrebejano in different actions.

Hand in hand with the former, the book "Orlando Creations: Dare to do them in less than 25 minutes" has already been launched, full of tips and recipes so that all your moments are special.

Each one has its magic: while the “Dulce” recipe -the most different and sweet with the presence of caramelised onion-, is the perfect proposal to combine with pasta, all kinds of rice dishes, fish and poultry such as chicken or turkey , the "Intensa" has character, as its name suggests.

They say that the pairing of tomato with roasted garlic, Mediterranean herbs (parsley, oregano, thyme and rosemary) and extra virgin olive oil is the perfect option to elevate the flavor of pizzas, toasts and meats. Finally, the “Suave” plays with the flavor with its base of roasted pepper and onion. It is the right one for veggies, which will triumph with a vegetable moussaka or those fettuccine with sautéed pumpkin and smoked cheese.

For its part, the German brand Braun, reinforces its flagship product and launches a new model of hand blender, the Multiquick 7WH with its double rod accessory, 50% faster. In addition, the brand also continues to bet on the ironing category with the relaunch of the premium ironing ranges TexStyle 9 and TexStyle 7 Pro.

Two models distinguished by their Eloxal Plus sole, which allows the iron to slide back and forth on any obstacle (buttons, folds ...) thus optimizing the ironing time.

As for Kenwood, the British brand has focused during this last quarter of the year on the blenders category, among which Cheffette stands out. This is a new 500W double rod mixer designed to be the best pastry helper. Finally, the new EasyChop CHP61.100WH mincer, incorporates a power of 500W with two speeds and is the perfect option for making mayonnaise.


Cosmetics continue to do their best because the skin visibly improves, the complexion brightens, wrinkles are smoothed, and greater firmness and elasticity are noted. In just ten days, with the reinforcement of new cells, Filorga's NCEF-SHOT plays its role. This anti-aging treatment is a polyrevitalizing concentrate that combines the efficacy of NCEF technology - registered by the brand, at its highest concentration - with a powerful complex derived from marine biotechnology, rich in proteins and expolysaccharides.

Its dose of active ingredients, equivalent to a daily meso injection, offers an ultralight texture that penetrates instantly and is easily incorporated into any treatment routine.

The range was one of the most interesting innovations in cosmetics, when it appeared four years ago, since it supposed to have an anti-aging protocol for home use that offered a similar result to meso-injections, but that only required topical application. According to medical studies, the results are obvious: expect 25% fewer wrinkles, 16% less sagging and 21% more radiance.


The new Ainhoa ​​Cosmetics treatment globally fights the signs of aging by reducing wrinkles and blurring spots. The Phyto Retin + line has a powerful active ingredient, Bakuchiol, considered the vegetable alternative to retinol.

A vegan molecule -all the products in the range are suitable for vegans- that stimulates genes against skin aging and increases collagen, tolerated by all skin types, even the most sensitive, and at any time of year, without sensation itchy. Its effects are visible, bringing light and firmness to the face.

It has an anti-aging eye contour that acts against wrinkles and expression lines, dark circles, bags and sagging and that, in addition, moisturizes, helps to unify the skin tone and brings luminosity to the look; a Perfection Cream with memory; an elixir in Serum, and a Dry Skin Facial Oil. The formula of these products contains ninety-eight percent of ingredients of natural origin -based on the International ISO Standard- counting among its ingredients a Natural Regenerating Complex, Organic Baobab Oil and Cranberry Extract.

You will not find artificial colorants here: their products are dermatologically tested and their cardboard is the best expression of respect for the environment, coming from sustainably managed forests and without a leaflet, as it is printed on the inside of the box.


In its idea of ​​remaining true to its principles, combining the most avant-garde technology with the responsible use of natural materials, Yuccs has worked for a year and a half to research and develop a new product, aware of the demanding demands of consumers. This is how the Merino Casual Boot arrives, a model that has seen the light with its own technology that they have called WaterProtect-Merino.

The brand is a pioneer in sustainable merino wool sneakers, and now it is also presenting the first boot made with this material that repels water.

An ideal footwear for winter, with its design facilitating the expulsion of moisture (through a waterproof membrane located inside that ensures that water does not penetrate the shoe and at the same time allows perspiration), in addition to protecting against stains such as coffee , dust or mud, without affecting its appearance, touch and color.


Villa Massa and Lorenzo Caprile have come together around a Limited Edition of the iconic liquor with the idea of ​​pairing the ancestral recipe of the house of limoncello, which dates back to the 19th century, with the expertise and savoir faire of the prestigious designer. The framework of the drink is and will always be the “dolce vita”, a glittering era in Italy that was washed down with the flavor of the lemon peel of Sorrento. His awards, in addition to his clients, endorse him, one of them, the gold medal in the Liqueur Masters 2019.

Caprile, for his part, has a professional career of more than thirty-five years as a benchmark in the world of music. haute couture. The Gold Medal for Merit in Fine Arts awarded by the Ministry of Culture is just one of his credentials.

In this collaboration, he plays with the color and beauty of the Amalfi Coast, the birthplace of Limoncello, to create a piece, a case, that combines the design, conceived especially for the occasion, with the content of an emblematic bottle. In addition, a one hundred percent natural silk scarf designed by the couturier, which is inspired by the roots of this precious liquor.


Two novelties are added to the HealthyAging + face line, based on epigenetics and biotechnology, launched by Babé laboratories a year ago: Multi Defense Age Rescue, ampoules formulated with Pro-Vitamin D and Vitamin D -Like and Multi Renewing Peeling Night, which stands out for its combination of AHAS and Pro-Retinol. The first is a concentrate of vitamins A, B3, B5, C, E + Pro Vitamin D and Vitamin D-Like in ampoule format with regenerating, revitalizing and rejuvenating action that activates the skin's natural defenses and effectively fights wrinkles and expression lines.

For its part, the Multi Renewing Peeling Night is a serum with a triple peeling effect for night use that stimulates cell renewal for smoother, brighter and more uniform skin.


Climax Liquid Eyeliner by Nars is a deep matte black liquid eyeliner with an innovative fluid pigment system that allows an intact stay for sixteen hours. This new eyeliner is an interesting innovation due to its characteristics and use effects, with an exclusive brush, with a single stroke, ready to adapt to any shape of the eye and gaze, under an intense tone that gives prominence to the gaze.

For greater customization and impact, Climax presents, in turn, a limited edition shadow palette, with twelve shades in matte, glossy and latex effect finishes. All together, much better.


The book "Dialogues about work", by Andreu World, is a humanistic and philosophical approach to the design profession, extrapolated to other areas, which projects into the future from the experience, reflection and generosity of those who lead the present.

Philippe Starck, Patricia Urquiola, Giulio Ridolfo, Alfredo Häberli, Piergiorgio Cazzaniga, Alberto Lievore, Benjamin Hubert and Jasper Morrison share their professional experience and personal vision of the creative process in this publication. The common point: work as the basis of their life and how they have managed to translate it into success.

They are all an example of how to manage talent, a subject that should be studied in schools, not only in design schools, but especially in business schools. A management that must be learned to achieve, to promote and enhance it to the maximum.

Four hundred and eight pages in which you can also find answers to questions about technology, sustainability and health, edited by Andreu World. Published by Edhasa, in Spanish and English, it is directed by Ramón Úbeda, with interviews conducted by Ana Domínguez Siemens. Available in the main bookstores and usual points of sale, as well as on digital platforms such as Amazon, Casa del libro, FNAC, Corte Inglés and Agapea, among others.


Actors such as Ernesto Alterio and Yulia Demoss, the Italian publicist Daniele Cicini and the French executive, Catherine Osmont have shared their personal stories and experiences in the land where they decided to stay and value all the good things about Spain ... like DYC whiskey . Safety, good weather and high quality of life are part of “OrgullososDeLoQueSomos”, a campaign where Ernesto Alterio points out that “knowing other cultures has allowed me to appreciate Spanish even more” and Yulia Demoss narrates that “when I arrived in Spain I The open character and empathy of its people drew attention ”.

The head of the DYC brand and her DYC 8 whiskey, Mila Baldes, wanted to continue in the complicated context of last year, pointing out her pride as a Spanish product. "As a Spanish product that is proud of its origin, it is relevant to contribute to highlighting the positive things that can be found in it, of which we are also proud ...". The audiovisual piece #OrgullososDeLoQueSomos draws on humor, with a monologue by Álex Clavero who, at one point in his performance, notices a Scottish man who has arrived in Spain teleworking.


In the year two thousand and sixteen, the French Camille de Bascher created Bachca in Paris, with the desire to offer the market a range of beauty accessories that represented her particular universe. I wanted an elegant, high-quality signature, at an affordable price, with materials that minimized its environmental impact.

Five years have passed and the firm is in more than fifteen countries, with a presence in such exclusive stores as Galeria Lafayette, Le Bon Marché or La Samaritaine. Now, he lands in Spain at the hands of the businesswoman Claudia di Paolo.

It is, more than traditional beauty accessories, true objects of desire with handmade artisan products. High quality meets functionality through natural beech brushes, less sensitive to breakage and more resistant to moisture with boar bristles that improve hair shine, and nylon bristles that, thanks to their flexibility, detangle it with ease.

They also have combs and a wide range of accessories including elastic bands, bows, geometric pins, tweezers and hairpins, brushes and brushes (made with Taklon spikes, a very soft and flexible revolutionary fiber, hypoallergenic and antibacterial), as well as other facial cleansing and manicure accessories.


The last quarter of the year comes loaded with news in the De´Longhi Group that give a twist to the technology of its products to achieve the highest quality standards. Advocating for the latest trends and innovations in its products, its extensive experience and knowledge in the world of coffee, have allowed it to have a wide range of coffee machines -both super-automatic and pump. With unique technology, her new releases are Primadonna Soul, La Specialista Prestigio and Dedica Metallics.

In another very necessary and useful field with this coming time, De'Longhi also has a wide range of heating products, where the HFS10B03 tabletop ceramic heater and the HFX25S20 ceramic heater stand out.


With the idea of ​​looking for emerging talents and visionaries willing to define tomorrow. This is how Swatch begins a collaboration with one of London's most interesting designers, Supriya Lele, a brilliant and emerging creator who shares her love of color, minimalism and creativity with the brand. The goal: to convey the aesthetics that define the Skin Classic line, possibly the finest watch in the world.

The industry has praised this designer, winner of the LVMH Prize Fund two years ago, for her ability to create avant-garde pieces along the lines of Indian and British culture, using sheer fabrics, pleated textures inspired by bright saris and subtle interpretations of the traditional Madras paintings. Against this background, it was clear that the Swatch Skin Classic was the perfect canvas for its light and minimalist style. The result is three watches designed in the characteristic Madras checkered pattern, while two others have the numbers on the dial written in Hindi to pay tribute to the designer's heritage.


Roger Federer continues his projection as a global ambassador for Moët & Chandon. Many began to appreciate tennis with the Swiss, and now they can build bridges with the maison that made champagne known to the world. The tool is the new series of videos "Through the eyes of ..." that shows the richness of Champagne through the eyes of select friends of the brand, with short meetings of the great champion in Epernay, headquarters of Moët & Chandon since one thousand seven hundred forty-three.

In his search for answers about the region's unique terrain and the Maison's celebrated champagnes it allows, he immerses himself in the earth and shares impressions with the locals and professionals behind his champagnes. In addition, learn first-hand about biodiversity and sustainable viticulture, among other contents, with experts such as Benoît Gouez, Chef de Cave de Moët & Chandon, being part of this trip. A premiere with the signature of the renowned French photographer and film director Eric Valli.


New season for three types of women and three styles. This is how Castañer announces himself, presenting his new Crucero collection, the firm's most timeless. In its fight against the drop in temperatures, the brand has halftime options ready to cushion everything with colorful embroidery and handcrafted designs.

The show begins with the “modern”, a selective woman who is inspired by the “street style” and chooses very comfortable pieces to wear from day to night and to wear both inside and outside the home. There is another "romantic", for whom the old is new again and again and that captivates with a hyper feminine but casual aesthetic, with retro garments and handcrafted pieces in its selection. And finally, "the classic", very elegant and sophisticated, always after quality and essential classics to achieve simplicity and comfort. that allows versatility in your day to day.

Each model in the collection gives off the essence of each of the women who have inspired him with their talent and creativity, lightness and with materials such as nappa and suede, which complete the essence of the Catalan brand.

Carinas in white and red with cheerful embroidery and messages such as "wish - hope" or "sun - fun" are the first proposals, with names like Cosmos, Boira and Gustava that hide three models in different heights and versions that dress as " mixted vichy ”and are perfect to honor the great legacy of the brand.


303 Gold Hylauronic Radiant Elixir is one of the jewels of the firm. Just a few drops of its 24k gold dissolved in a liquid gel make the skin transform, smooth and lift the face, since as soon as the product is extended, a tightening effect is produced. This is due to the mechanism of a patented peptide with a proven botox effect, and a marine biotechnological asset. Hyaluronic acid deeply hydrates and acts together with 24k gold that is responsible for firmness, both working in synergy with the rest of the actives and proceeding against the signs of aging such as wrinkles, lack of luminosity, sagging, thickness and enlarged pores.

Although the elixirs of this firm have been formulated as the first step of the daily treatment, they can be used as a unique product given its richness and high concentration of active ingredients. After use, the skin appears smoother, smoother and brighter, even certainly tight, a sensation that disappears immediately as soon as the daily treatment cream is applied.


It is a product with beeswax and essential citrus oils that is transformed into an extremely comfortable oil, full of hydration, when massaged on the skin. It's called Beessential Oils and it's from Apivita, ready to nourish and revitalize the face, while calming the skin and the senses.

Its power strengthens the skin barrier and improves cell renewal with wakapamp, vegetable oils and squalane. It offers antioxidant and antimicrobial action thanks to propolis and provides a feeling of relaxation and well-being before going to sleep thanks to the essential oils of citrus and lavender present in its composition.


The Fahrenheit Madrid space, headquarters of emerging New York art, has reached an agreement with the sustainable clothing firm Thinking Mu so that all its clients can wear the art.

The first result of this partnership is two models for men and women illustrated with works by Florida artist Eric Lee Jones. Art and fashion go hand in hand, on this occasion, through the works of the aforementioned artist, the protagonist of this fall in the gallery, with creations born from a deep love for drawing and sculpture.

His work, especially peculiar, is developed starting from a flat surface where he first draws and sculpts with different means and then creates a mold with plaster. In his drawings, which have an intuitive nuance and are full of visionary quirk, they range from ostriches with bell-ringing breasts to reptilian prophets.

The graphics is inspired by illustrated manuscripts, cartoons and preparatory drawings for Renaissance frescoes, with a final result full of surprises embedded and trapped in the alchemy of its production. For this end of the year, the magical portraits of this artist based in New York will remain in the space ready to be contemplated and to stir up a great variety of human emotions. It is not necessary to count it; you have to live it.


This connected sonic toothbrush helps achieve excellent and complete oral health with the new built-in A3 Premium All-In-One brush head. The accessory features angled bristles - to help remove up to twenty times more plaque even in hard-to-reach areas - with the triangular tips removing 100% more stains in less than two days. Longer bristles mean healthier gums, all without the need to change brush heads. In addition, the brand's BrushSync function advises when the head must be replaced.


With the idea of ​​collecting used footwear to reuse or recycle it, the Spanish footwear firm KANNA and the Cambio Circular association have launched a new model of consumption and circular economy thanks to the “Life Kanna Green” project, which is funded by the European Union. The objective of this action is to ensure that seventy-seven thousand pairs of shoes have a new opportunity, saving the environment seven hundred and twenty-eight tons of CO2.

The initiative takes shape in stores in European countries such as Spain, France, Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Sweden, Italy and Greece where there is already a container where to deposit the shoes that are not used and that yearn for that second life.

The shoes are accumulated there, from where they go to Cambio Circular, a place where people at risk of social exclusion work, for their preparation and to facilitate their reuse. Together with the Yacaré store in Madrid they have launched "the First Kanna Green Hour", during which everyone who deposits their disused footwear will have a prize, so that every five minutes a pair of Kanna Green valued at one hundred and fifty-five is raffled euros, also giving away a 25% discount voucher. This action will be repeated in different points of sale in Europe,


Cinco Jotas By celebrates its third edition bringing, once again, the cuisine of renowned chefs to gastronomy lovers, fusing their culinary creations with one hundred percent Iberian Acorn Ham. José Álvarez, a benchmark in Andalusian cuisine, and Isaac Loya, third generation of a renowned saga of restaurateurs, are the authors of this Michelin-starred gastronomic experience where both show their proximity to the sea and its influence, integrating in the same way products from closeness.

Prepared to be part of the menu of the Cinco Jotas restaurants in Madrid and Seville from October 1 and for a period of four months, they speak of gastronomy from the north - washed by the Cantabrian Sea - and from the south - by the Mediterranean - ,

In this edition they have selected four unique proposals with Cinco Jotas ham as a differential element: Roasted tomato in rosemary and Cinco Jotas ham and Sardines confit at low temperature on white garlic of Cinco Jotas ham and its crunchy fat -in the case of Isaac Loya-; Cinco Jotas Iberian cheek, violet potato and land of butter and vegetable bouillabaisse with Almería vegetables and Cinco Jotas ham, at José Álvarez's. Another project with the Cinco Jotas By seal, bringing the creations of some of the best chefs on the national and international scene closer to those who are passionate about gastronomy and in love with 100% Iberian Acorn-fed Ham.


With the latest editions of Great People, Montblanc pays tribute to the life and legacy of Enzo Ferrari, racing car driver, businessman and founder of Scuderia Ferrari and, later, of the car company of the same name. All the details of the design of the new line evoke the achievements and character of this pioneer of speed and automotive engineering, with the color of the precious resin of the cap and barrel, for example, inspired by the tone of Ferrari Rosso 70 Anni.

Another example is its cone, which incorporates two engraved dates: Enzo Ferrari's birth date and his first victory on a circuit, in 1923. The Montblanc emblem in yellow resin that crowns the writing instrument, represents the color of the city of Modena and is integrated into a metal grille,

The edition is available as a rollerball and ballpoint pen, as well as a pen, with a solid 14-karat gold rhodium-plated nib engraved with the steering wheel of a Ferrari 250 GTO, one of Ferrari's most famous and sought-after cars, as well as the word Pilot.


Deeply Rooted is a healthy hair growth supplement created by Anti Aging Specialist and Plastic Surgeon Dr. Marc Ronert that harnesses the power of proven vitamins, minerals, botanicals and proprietary ingredients to slow down hair loss and its downfall.

Spain is the second country with the highest percentage of people with alopecia, especially men - specifically, sixty percent of men over the age of eighteen have a high risk of developing androgenetic alopecia. Clinically proven to help grow new hair and improve overall hair health, promotes growth, strengthens weak hair by nourishing the follicle, defends hair loss by promoting healthy scalp, and combats the underlying causes of fine hair,


In nineteen ninety-one, Mantequerías Arias was the first brand to devise modern fresh cheese, thanks to a revolutionary technology that allowed this cheese to be preserved for longer, without preservatives or additives. Thus, the great hallmark of what was already known as Burgo de Arias was born, a brand that is now celebrating its thirtieth anniversary. Its products made with natural ingredients (milk, rennet and a pinch of salt), with a high nutritional profile, are a source of protein and calcium, and are present in all homes in their different modalities (it is the brand with the most innovations, with an average of two releases a year, with a multitude of formats).

This is how Burguitos, Burgo de Arias Lonchas, Burgo de Arias Cabra (awarded three years ago with the Best Launch in the Cheese category for the "Flavor of the Year" contest), Bio (leader in Spain in its category), and the most recent ones such as Burgo de Arias Queso Fresco Batido, Skyr or Burgo de Arias Balance. A wide range of products that reinforce its versatility and practicality, qualities with which it has conquered an extremely heterogeneous public profile for three decades.