Success Or Satisfaction: Why Achieving Both Is Not Just Rewarding, But Critical.

Success Or Satisfaction: Why Achieving Both Is Not Just Rewarding, But Critical.
By Vibha Singh

Last week I went to a casual cafe, wherein I saw two long-lost friends meeting up and having a splendid time. Coincidently, I was left with no place to sit except the seat next to them. I was sitting there when their conversations distracted me from my meal. One of them said, fortunately, he was doing well and was SUCCESSFUL, while the other friend said that he was immensely SATISFIED with what he was doing.

A few minutes later, they left, but what they also left was a thought that was now musing through my mind. A thought that was seeking the elucidation of the words I heard, “Satisfied” and “Successful.” A small thing indeed, but something worth contemplating.

Understand it in this way: a bridge connects two ends. Consider those two ends as your desires and success and the bridge? The bridge is the medium for you to go from your desires towards your goals or success. Hence, the bridge could be none other than your efforts and your actions. As proper cementing makes the bridge more substantial, exemplary efforts into your actions efficiently make the results incredible.

But again, why restrict ourselves within the self-made bifurcations of “satisfaction” and “success.” Why not plan for both?? You must now be thinking if it is even possible?

Yes,it is! Work for your passion and do what you like.

Give your best and take responsibility for both your ups and downs. Don’t hesitate because of the hurdles you might face, instead, learn from each experience you gain and keep taking those small but significant steps towards your goals.

Will it work?

Is it feasible to achieve both satisfaction and success at the same time? Well…Yes, and why not? Your passion itself should be so intense that nothing could stop you from achieving both success and satisfaction together.

Devote your time and mind to actions that make your ideas into reality, and eliminate all the extra thoughts that try to conquer your mind.

As Meg Whitman, CEO of HP, said,” Do what you love, and success will follow. Passion is the fuel behind a successful career.”

Let’s start today itself like I started working to achieve success with satisfaction, and this piece of writing is a living example of it!

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