The streaming giant had to take out the wallet to adapt the life of Anna Delvey who claimed to be a German heiress, in order to scam the New York elite.

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By   Gaurav Inani |  YEET MAGAZINE |  Updated 0009 GMT (1239 HKT) March 14 , 2022

Anna Sorokin, known as Anna Delvey, during her trial in New York on April 11, 2019.

Anna Sorokin, known as Anna Delvey, during her trial in New York on April 11, 2019.


"Inventing Anna" is a hit on Netflix. The series traces how Anna Delvey, born Sorokin, managed to join the New York elite by claiming that she was a rich German heiress. While she is imprisoned, accused of fraud, theft and fraud, a journalist is ready to do anything to find out who she is. While the real Anna Delvey is imprisoned in New York State, find out how much the young woman touched for the adaptation of her story.

Half of the amount soared by his debts

After being denounced by her friend Rachel DeLoache Williams in 2017, the story of this false heiress intrigued all media across the Atlantic. The year after her arrest, Netflix acquired the article "How Anna Delvey Tricked New York's Party People" by journalist Jessica Pressler to adapt it into a nine-episode mini-series. For the adaptation of its history, the platform paid $320,000 to Anna Delvey.

According to "Insider", she used nearly $199,000 to reimburse banks and an additional $24,000 to pay her fines. She has also paid her legal fees to the tune of $75,000, and she will have to pay even more, when her legal case with immigration services is resolved.

After all his repayments, he should have $97,000 left. Before the launch of "Inventing Anna", she said she would not watch the series, but it seems that she changed her mind. "Anna Delvey is a masterpiece.

This will take precedence over reality. It's weird to look at your own life told by someone else. It's as if many people in your life tell you what they think of you, all at the same time. It turns out that, most of the time, we don't want to know what people really think of us, "she told Cosmopolitan.

What happenned  to Anna Delvey?

After being sentenced to twelve years in prison by Judge Diane Kiesel, Anna Delvey was released earlier for good conduct in February 2021. But, her freedom was short-lived... since the young woman is detained again, this time by the Immigration Services (ICE).

The American authorities accused him of "exceeding the duration of his visa". A decision she described as relentlessness. "As the world talks about Julia Garner's version, the real self is sitting in a cell in the Orange County prison in northern New York State.

My visa overrun was unintentional and largely beyond my control. I have served my prison sentence, but I appeal my conviction to clear my name. I did not violate any of the New York State or ICE parole rules," she told "Insider".

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