Jeff Bezos : How The Rich Tycoon Makes And Spends His Money In 2022

Amazon's Jeff Bezos is the richest man in the world. Even if you don't own any Amazon products, you probably know who he is, whether it's because of his incredible career or his spaceflight in July 2021.

Jeff Bezos : How The Rich Tycoon Makes And Spends His Money In 2022

how does jeff bezos make money   How does Jeff Bezos have so much money? What is Jeff Bezos actual salary?

Jeff Bezos and Lauren Sanchez © Axelle/Bauer-Griffin /Getty Images

Jeff Bezos and Lauren Sanchez © Axelle/Bauer-Griffin /Getty Images

Jeff Bezos : How The Rich Tycoon Makes And Spends His Money In 2022

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By   YEET MAGAZINE | Updated 0339 GMT (1239 HKT) November 09,  2022

Amazon's Jeff Bezos is the richest man in the world. Even if you don't own any Amazon products, you probably know who he is, whether it's because of his incredible career or his spaceflight in July 2021. With a net worth of $153 billion, he'll never have to think about the money of his life, and his children either.

That being said, what does such a wealthy man actually spend his money on? Is the Amazon

1. Lake House in Seattle

Year of purchase: 1998
Estimated value: $10 million*.

Amazon has certainly gotten stronger and stronger over the years, but even in the 90s Jeff was doing well. In 1998, he paid $10 million for a 2,000 square meter home in the posh suburb of Medina, Seattle. He's not the only tech giant to live there, either.

Seattle Lake House @u/WinstonLeggthigh /

Seattle Lake House @u/WinstonLeggthigh /

Bill Gates, the big name of Microsoft , is one of its wealthy neighbors. Bezos doesn't just have one house in the area, but two – although the lake house is arguably the most lavish. With a private boathouse and its own shoreline, few will be able to set foot in such a home in their lifetime.Advertising

2. The Washington Post

Year of purchase: 2013
Estimated value: $250 million*.

Jeff is not only a tech wizard, but also a shrewd businessman who knows the importance of media. In 2013, he decided to branch out by buying the Washington Post. A decision strange enough to make headlines around the world, especially because he paid a crazy sum for the newspaper.Advertising

The Washington Post ©DCStockPhotography /

The Washington Post ©DCStockPhotography /

The deal was sealed at $250 million. Bezos made it clear that he bought the media personally and not to integrate it with Amazon. Word quickly spread via social media like Facebook as well as news programs like Fox.Skip Ad×

3. A 10,000 year old clock

Year of purchase: 2018
Estimated value: $42 million*.

When you're worth $153 billion, you need to think of new ways to spend your money. In 2018, Bezos dreamed up one of the weirdest things known to man – although, it's also pretty interesting. Jeff builds a 10,000 year old clock known as "The Long Now Clock". The clock is built to last and should tell time for the next 10,000 years.Advertising

10,000-year clock @newsbeatlive /

10,000-year clock @newsbeatlive / Pinterest.comAdvertising

It only ticks once a year and reserves its ringtones for once every millennium. Once it's finished, Jeff hopes to turn it into some sort of tourist attraction so the public can come and marvel at it. With an estimated value of $42 million, it's definitely better than anything you can buy at Target. .

4. Gulfstream G-650ER

Year of purchase: Unknown
Estimated value: $65 million*.

Being one of the busiest businessmen in the world, Jeff needs to be able to travel at all times. You won't catch him sitting in economy class on a commercial flight because he has his own private jet. Jeff has owned a luxurious Gulfstream G-650ER for several years now, but it's not cheap.Advertising

Gulfstream G-650ER @tomarqwer /

Gulfstream G-650ER @tomarqwer / Pinterest.comAdvertising

He reportedly paid $65 million for the plane alone, before completely refurbishing the interior to make it more Bezos-friendly. He makes his business trips easy, whether he's going to Amazon meetings or just hitting the beach to relax.

5. Amazon Campus

Year of purchase: 2012
Estimated value: $4 billion*.

Any self-respecting industry giant knows the importance of having a sprawling and impressive campus. Bezos decided to jump on the bandwagon in 2012 by having design firm NBBJ create a sprawling HQ for Amazon. The initial project was expensive, but the building has grown over time.Advertising

Amazon Campus ©Joe Mabel /

Amazon Campus ©Joe Mabel / Wikimedia.orgAdvertising

Now valued at $4 billion, the campus looks more like a tech hub. Other companies like Google have been known to spend a fortune on their headquarters too, with search engine OG planning to spend 7 million euros to modernize its offices from 2021.

6. Bezos Earth Fund

Year of purchase: $10 billion*.
Estimated value: 2020

If you've ever wondered what an Earth Fund is, look no further. Jeff Bezos is here to explain everything to you. In 2020, the entrepreneur extraordinaire has decided to launch a new $10 billion project which he says will “invest in scientists, NGOs, activists and the private sector to help spur new technologies. »Advertising

Bezos Earth Fund / Wikimedia Commons

Bezos Earth Fund / Wikimedia CommonsAdvertising

The scope of the fund is quite broad, since the modus operandi also involves tackling climate change and social justice. This initiative by Jeff is welcome, especially since the billions come from his personal bank account and not from the Amazon company .

7. Modest Cars

Year of purchase: Various periods
Estimated value: $20,000*.

In general, the wealthiest people in the world have a fairly modest collection of cars that the public knows about. Jeff is an exception to this rule. Not much is known about what is hiding in his garage, but it is known that he owns two very modest vehicles – a Honda Accord and a Chevrolet Blazer.Advertising

Modest Cars @King Luxury /

Modest Cars @King Luxury / Youtube.comAdvertising

It's not exactly the Ferrari one would expect given the money he has in the bank. On the other hand, it's not a beat-up old Ford either. Maybe Jeff just likes to keep his collection of four-wheelers private.

8. Old Textile Museum

Year of purchase: 2016
Estimated value: $23 million*.

What can we offer the man who has everything? Not much, because he will buy it himself. In 2016, Jeff decided to expand his impressive real estate portfolio by purchasing a former textile museum in Washington, D.C. The large, historic building was later renovated, with Jeff sparing no expense.Advertising

Former Textile Museum @trulia /

Former Textile Museum @trulia / Pinterest.comAdvertising

The plans included five living areas, 25 bathrooms, and two elevators. There's a reason why Jeff Bezos is one of the most land-rich Americans in the United States. He's not afraid to buy a property or three in the places he loves the most.

9. Property in Beverly Hills

Year of purchase: Unknown
Estimated value: $25 million*.

Jeff owns some of the biggest homes in the world, including this mansion he bought for $25 million. This seven-bedroom Spanish-style abode in Beverly Hills isn't her priciest property, but it's charming and as luxurious as you'd expect.Advertising

Property in Beverly Hills @forbesmagazine /

Property in Beverly Hills @forbesmagazine / Pinterest.comAdvertising

Jeff doesn't need to buy decorative candles from {WMT:Walmart}} to spruce up the place. It has all the top designers at its fingertips. The house also has a greenhouse, a vast tennis court, a swimming pool and not one, not two, but four fountains.

10. Blue Origin

Year of purchase: 2000
Estimated value: $100 million or more*.

Jeff Bezos made headlines in July 2021 when he was part of a small team that went to space through his own company, Blue Origin. Although some may have thought he'd jumped on the space race bandwagon in recent years, Jeff Bezos actually founded the company in 2000.Advertising

Blue Origin ©Joe Raedle /

Blue Origin ©Joe Raedle / Gettyimages.comAdvertising

So it wasn't a direct attempt to get ahead of Elon Musk's company Tesla. . It's unclear exactly how much the company is worth, but more than $100 million worth of future commercial spaceflight tickets have been sold. Bezos made the initial 10-minute flight with his brother Mark and two others.

11. Garrett Leight Van Buren sunglasses

Year of purchase: Unknown
Estimated value: $365*.

Jeff isn't exactly a man known for having impeccable fashion sense, but that doesn't mean he ignores trends. In fact, Bezos has been spotted wearing Garrett Leight Van Buren sunglasses. They might look like regular sunglasses to the average person, but these branded lenses cost $365.Advertising

Garrett Leight Van Buren Sunglasses ©Drew Angerer /

Garrett Leight Van Buren Sunglasses ©Drew Angerer / Gettyimages.comAdvertising

Not only did Jeff manage to get hold of a pair, but other fashion aficionados were also photographed wearing them. Supermodel Bella Hadid has them in her style arsenal, as do several other famous people. This is no ordinary $5 Target pair .

12. Four City Blocks à Seattle

Year Purchased: 2012
Estimated Value: Part of the $4 billion Amazon campus*.

In order to create the huge Amazon campus he dreamed of, Jeff first had to buy the land. As unbelievable as it may seem, the Amazon campus in Seattle spans four entire city blocks. This is an incredibly large area of ​​land that would have cost a fortune to purchase.Advertising

Four City Blocks in Seattle ©Sean Pavone /

Four City Blocks in Seattle ©Sean Pavone / Shutterstock.comAdvertising

It's unclear exactly how much Bezos spent, but it's likely an astronomical amount. But every tech giant needs a state-of-the-art HQ and Amazon had no intention of being left behind as everyone forged ahead.

13. Divorce

Year of purchase: 2019
Estimated value: $38 billion*.

When news of Jeff's divorce from his wife of nearly 30 years, MacKenzie Scott, broke, the whole world was waiting with bated breath to find out the amount of the settlement. MacKenzie and Jeff were married just a year before Amazon was founded, so she was there from the start.Advertising

Divorce ©Chip Somodevilla /

Divorce ©Chip Somodevilla / Gettyimages.comAdvertising

Eventually, Jeff parted ways for $38 billion, becoming the biggest divorce settlement in history, by far. Prior to their split, the record for the most expensive divorce belonged to Alec and Jocelyn Wildenstein who settled for $5.9 billion.

14. Ulysse Nardin wristwatch

Year of purchase: Unknown
Estimated value: $10,000*.

When you're part of the world's jet set elite, you need a decent watch that looks elite and keeps perfect time. There are so many high-end brands to choose from, but Jeff's favorite is a $10,000 Ulysse Nardin watch.Advertising

Ulysse Nardin Dual Time Watch @rvagg /

Ulysse Nardin Dual Time Watch @rvagg / Twitter.comAdvertising

This sparkling watch is sleek and sophisticated and looks as expensive as it really is. Jeff probably has several in his collection, but this is the one that seems to show up most often in photos. This is not surprising, given its sophisticated character.

15. Personal Security

Year of purchase: 2012
Estimated value: $1.6 million*.

Being the richest man in the world may seem like a walk in the park, but Jeff has to worry about his personal safety for several reasons. As an incredibly wealthy public figure, he's exposed to all kinds of threats, from many angles. That said, its security bill isn't as high as you might think.Advertising

Personal Security ©Dmitry Kalinovsky /

Personal Security ©Dmitry Kalinovsky / Shutterstock.comAdvertising

Bezos reportedly spends around $1.6 million on personal security each year, which isn't as high as other tech CEOs. He did, however, have bulletproof panels installed at his office as an added precaution. According to documents filed in 2018, it ended up costing around $180,000.

16. Property in Medina, Washington

Year of purchase: Unknown
Estimated value: $10 million or more*.

Jeff's real estate portfolio is one of the most impressive in the world. He owns properties all over America and beyond, but one home in an exclusive area isn't always enough for him. He owns several properties in Medina, Washington, including an estate.Advertising

Estate in Medina, Washington @Brazen_SIR /

Estate in Medina, Washington @Brazen_SIR / Pinterest.comAdvertising

He's not the only tech mogul to frequent the area, as other big names like Bill and Melinda Gates are just a stone's throw away. Jeff lives on Evergreen Point Road, which is sweetly named Evergreen Point Road. Other Microsoft and Amazon employees also live in the locality.

17. A “robot dog”

Year of purchase: 2018
Estimated value: $75,000*.

Robots, whatever they are, are awesome and worth a few thousand dollars, but what about a robot dog? They're not as easy to cuddle at night, but that didn't stop Boston Dynamics from creating the SpotMini. Jeff was pictured with the new dog in 2018.Advertising

A “robot dog” @JeffBezos /

A “robot dog” @JeffBezos / Twitter.comAdvertising

Spot is thought to cost around $75,000, but what do you get for that price? Apparently a 25kg pooch can run around the garden for 90 minutes before needing to be recharged. Doesn't sound as fun as Fido, does it?

18. Three apartments in Manhattan

Year of purchase: Around 2020
Estimated value: $80 million*.

Most people like to treat themselves to a little treat when they finalize a divorce, but it could just be a vacation. Jeff Bezos expanded his Manhattan apartment empire by buying a third penthouse suite on top of the two he already owned, bringing the total to $80 million.Advertising

Three Manhattan Apartments @dream2138 /

Three Manhattan Apartments @dream2138 / Pinterest.comAdvertising

Located near Madison Square Garden, the apartment has been transformed into a 3-story marvel that has 12 bedrooms, a private elevator and all the comforts you could wish for. It's probably powered entirely by Amazon Smart Plugs and pings to the sound of Alexa's voice – if we had to hazard a guess.

19. Superyacht

Year of purchase: 2021
Estimated value: $500 million*.

We know Jeff has his own jet, but did you know he spent half a billion to create his own superyacht? News of this lavish build was announced in 2021, and plans say the boat will be 127 meters long when completed. On top of that, it will have multiple decks and plenty of room for entertaining.Advertising

Superyacht @kebcarmichael /

Superyacht @kebcarmichael / Pinterest.comAdvertising

The construction of the boat took more than two years, which is hardly surprising given the precision of the specifications. Bezos is no stranger to vacationing in the best places in the world, but now he will be able to enjoy the Seven Seas from the comfort of his own mobile hotel.

20. Ranch of 12,000 hectares in Texas

Year of purchase: Unknown
Estimated value: $50 million*.

Bezos is not content with Seattle and Beverly Hills. He even owns a 12,000-hectare ranch in Texas that includes his own space station. It is a great achievement for anyone. Not much is known about this ranch, but it appears to be one of Jeff's largest plots of land.Advertising

30,000-acre Ranch in Texas @thecheatsheet /

30,000-acre Ranch in Texas @thecheatsheet / Pinterest.comAdvertising

The New York Post estimates Jeff shelled out around $50 million to get his hands on the ranch. That's a lot of money for everyone, but for Bezos it's only 0.0326% of his overall fortune. It's not even a drop in the ocean.

21. Fonds Bezos Day One

Year of purchase: 2018
Estimated value: $2 billion*.

Considering how much money Jeff has in the bank, it's only natural that he wants to give back to society in some form. In 2018, he announced the launch of the One Day Fund, stating that he would pledge $2 billion to good causes by helping already established charities.Advertising

Bezos Day One Fund ©VDB Photos /

Bezos Day One Fund ©VDB Photos / Shutterstock.comAdvertising

The founding letter states, "We launched the Bezos Day One Fund with a $2 billion commitment and are focused on two areas: funding existing nonprofits that help homeless families, and creating a network of new non-profit Grade 1 preschools in low-income communities. »

22. IMDb

Year of purchase: 1998
Estimated value: $55 million*.

Many people don't know that Jeff Bezos is also the proud owner of IMDb. Although he didn't personally own it, he managed to negotiate a deal with the existing owner in 1998 for $55 million, resulting in Amazon becoming its parent company.Advertising

IMDb ©natmac stock /

IMDb ©natmac stock / Shutterstock.comAdvertising

At the time, many didn't understand why Amazon wanted to buy the movie and TV ratings site, but it turned out to be a good resource for Amazon, especially when Amazon Prime Video was created more late.

23. Whole Foods Market

Year of purchase: 2017
Estimated value: $13.7 billion*.

There's a lot of money to be made in online grocery shopping – and Jeff knows it. It has been trying to break into the online grocery business since 2007, but despite founding AmazonFresh, the company has never become a big player.Advertising

Whole Foods Market ©Kristi Blokhin /

Whole Foods Market ©Kristi Blokhin / Shutterstock.comAdvertising

Jeff didn't give up on his dream, however, and bought Whole Foods from Amazon for $13.7 billion in 2017. That certainly helped strengthen Amazon's position, but it's still a big work in progress. Buying into a trusted brand, Whole Foods, was a smart move on Jeff's part and could be key to his future success.

24. Twitch

Year of purchase: 2014
Estimated value: $970 million*.

Video game streaming has become a very big business in recent years, so it only made sense that Jeff saw an opportunity and seized it. In 204, he facilitated a deal through Amazon that saw the company buy popular streaming site Twitch for just under $1 billion.Advertising

Twitch ©salarko /

Twitch ©salarko / Shutterstock.comAdvertising

In 2021, Twitch is still going strong, making it an important addition to Amazon's growing portfolio of acquisitions. Jeff knows a good thing when he sees it. Let's not forget that he was one of the first investors in Google before it really took off.

25. Zappos

Year of purchase: 2009
Estimated value: $900 million*.

Over a decade ago, Jeff was still in big business when he bought online retailer Zappos. Amazon would have spent more than 900 million dollars in the operation which allowed him to acquire the mark. As a bonus, Zappos was able to retain its management team. Zappos' CEO at the time reassured employees that nothing would change.Advertising

Zappos ©Sharaf Maksumov /

Zappos ©Sharaf Maksumov / Shutterstock.comAdvertising

The board of directors changed, but everything else continued as if nothing had happened. The retailer still sells under the Amazon name to this day and is a profitable business for Bezos. It sells everything from shoes to other fashion items.

26. Ring

Year of purchase: 2018
Estimated value: $1.2-1.8 billion*.

Shark Tank fans will recall that Ring, a smart doorbell company, was actually shunned by the show's investors a few years ago. Jeff Bezos didn't reject it, and Amazon bought the company in 2018. Today, Ring is worth between $1.2 billion and $1.8 billion.Advertising

Ring @liftlie /

Ring @liftlie / Pinterest.comAdvertising

Things haven't exactly been smooth sailing, and you can't help but wonder if Bezos regrets his ring purchase. There have been security concerns, so much so that the U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Oversight and Reform opened an investigation into the company in February 2020. A few months later, Amazon recalled 350,000 Ring smart doorbells because they were deemed to be a fire hazard.

27. EverFi

Year of purchase: 2016
Estimated value: $251 million*.

Jeff Bezos has a lot of money to spend on intangible purchases, like investments. He spent $40 million on EverFi, a digital educational program that teaches high school students “financial literacy.” The program aims to help young people make healthy financial choices throughout their lives.Advertising

Everfi @tinymammoth /

Everfi @tinymammoth / Pinterest.comAdvertising

Bezos loved the concept and helped crowdfund it. Jeff Bezos' Bezos Expeditions paid the bill, and the company's valuation is estimated at $1 billion. It already has 3,300 customers and hopes to double that base over the next few years. EverFi's founders also want to target other topics important to high schoolers, such as STEM, student loans, and healthcare.


Year of purchase: 2017
Estimated value: $580 million*.

It took a few decades, but Jeff Bezos finally brought to the Middle East. Amazon bought Souq, the region's largest retailer, for an undisclosed amount. Although Souq received an offer of $800 million, he opted to go with Amazon. The goal of buying Bezos was to expand Amazon's influence.Advertising ©Postmodern Studio / ©Postmodern Studio / Shutterstock.comAdvertising raised $275 million in crowdfunding before Amazon bought it. It is a "free zone business", which means that Bezos will be able to run Souq as a fully foreign-owned company. Amazon followed in Apple's footsteps with its purchase of Souq, as Apple just opened its first stores in the Middle East in 2015.

29. Goodreads

Year of purchase: 2013
Estimated value: $3 billion*.

Amazon started out as an online book retailer, and in 2013 it returned to its roots by buying Goodreads, an online reader rating site popular among book lovers. Goodreads users were stunned to learn that Amazon was going to run the site, and Bezos' company never disclosed the terms of the acquisition.Advertising

Goodreads ©Gil C /

Goodreads ©Gil C / Shutterstock.comAdvertising

Since its inception in 2007, Goodreads has reached a value of several billion dollars. It has over sixteen million members, who have added more than four books per second, on average, to their digital shelves. Goodreads said she and Amazon both have a passion for "reinventing reading."

30. Vilebrequin octopus print swimsuit

Year Purchased: 2020
Estimated Value: $260*

Although Jeff Bezos is not a supermodel or an actor, he still has influence over fashion decisions. People want to be like the billionaire in hopes of becoming billionaires, and, if Bezos wears a certain outfit, his fans will copy it.Advertising

Octopus-print Vilebrequin swimsuit @EVGENIAGLI /

Octopus-print Vilebrequin swimsuit @EVGENIAGLI / Pinterest.comAdvertising

Bezos' $260 octopus-print Vilebrequin swimsuit is a good example of this fad. Bezos wore it to the beach in 2020 (and several other times), and it went viral. Vilebrequin, a French company, had to restock swimwear several times due to crazy demand, making Jeff Bezos, among all others, an accidental fashion influencer.


Year of purchase: 1999
Estimated value: $166.65 million*.

In April 1999, Amazon went on a spending spree by buying up three Internet companies. Among them was, which Bezos bought for over $166 million (adjusting inflation). Amazon also bought Alexa Internet, a web browsing service, and e-Niche, a seller of rare books and music.Advertising @bidista / @bidista / Pinterest.comAdvertising

Amazon issued 877,657 shares to buy the closely held financial services company. was developing ways to facilitate online transactions, which desperately needed at the time. Bezos thought the purchase could help broaden Amazon's product selection., founded in 1988 by Mark Britto, still exists as an e-commerce company.

32. DPReview

Year Purchased: 2007
Estimated Value: Not Listed

Founded in 1998, DPReview, also known as Digital Photography Review, is a website dedicated to digital photography and digital cameras. Less than a decade after its inception, Amazon bought the company. Jeff Bezos raved about DPReview, calling it "the most trusted source" for "straight talk" on digital cameras.Advertising

DPReview ©Casimiro PT /

DPReview ©Casimiro PT / Shutterstock.comAdvertising

Bezos said he's been a "long time" DPReview fan and was happy to "welcome" the company. Meanwhile, the digital camera website was happy to have Amazon's support and reach, helping it reach even more customers than the millions of visitors it already had before the launch. 'purchase.

33. Uber

Year of purchase: 2011
Estimated value: $76.54 billion*.

Although Amazon as a company has invested in competitors to Uber, Jeff Bezos has bet on another horse. The tech billionaire invested $3 million in the ridesharing company, and he saw that investment pay off big. Today, that seemingly paltry $3 million is worth around $400 million.Advertising

Uber ©TY Lim /

Uber ©TY Lim / Shutterstock.comAdvertising

Bezos was an early investor in the app. Benchmark invested $30 million, and the company earned $7.9 billion from its initial investment. Bezos has an eye for good business opportunities, and he certainly placed the right bet with this multi-million investment. Even Travis Kalanick, the fallen founder of Uber, made $9 billion with his 8.6% stake.


Year of purchase: 2008
Estimated value: $850 million*.

Sewing, quilting, knitting, and crafting are some of the most popular hobbies around the world, and is a huge source of materials for these crafters, as it sells patterns, measured and cut fabrics. , sewing tools, accessories, etc. In 2008, Amazon acquired, turning the fabric store into a subsidiary.Advertising @ella777111 / @ella777111 / Pinterest.comAdvertising was launched in the late 90s, and less than a decade later joined DPReview as a new Amazon acquisition. The deal was good for both companies, as was able to grow its stock with financial support from Amazon, while Amazon got a whole new catalog full of DIY and craft items.

35. Amazon Robotics

Year Purchased: 2012
Estimated Value: $775 million* (Kiva Systems)

Formerly known as Kiva Systems, Amazon Robotics took on the name Amazon in 2012 when it bought Kiva for $775 million. The company sold systems based on two robotic models, both capable of performing automated storage and retrieval tasks. The first model could lift up to 1,000 pounds, while the second could lift 3,000 pounds.Advertising

Amazon robotics @SNAPKEY /

Amazon robotics @SNAPKEY / Pinterest.comAdvertising

These little orange robots were circulating in the warehouses of companies like Gap, Staples, Walgreens, Office Depot, Crate & Barrel, etc. When these contracts expired, Amazon did not renew them, preferring to keep the robots for itself. Today, robots only work in Amazon's warehouses, giving the company a leg up on the competition.

36. Workday

Year of purchase: 2011
Estimated value: $9.5 billion*.

Workday, Inc. is a provider of financial management and human capital management software. The company was founded in 2005, and it has since launched several IPOs that have raised a lot of money. Workday's valuation today stands at $9.5 billion, and its competitors include Ceridian, Oracle and SAP Successfactors.Advertising

Workday ©Sundry Photography /

Workday ©Sundry Photography / Shutterstock.comAdvertising

But not Amazon. In fact, in 2011, Jeff Bezos joined one of Workday's funding rounds. His exact investment is unknown, but the total funding for this round was $250 million. Bezos was joined by T. Rowe Price, Morgan Stanley and Janus to invest in the technology company, which Forbes listed in 2020 as one of the "100 Best Companies to Work For".

37. Business Insider

Year of purchase: 2013
Estimated value: $442 million*.

Internal memos from senior Business Insider officials revealed that Jeff Bezos invested in the publication in 2013. The memo asked employees not to say anything about the investment (so naturally they leaked the memo almost immediately), the Business Insider CEO Henry Blodget saying Bezos was making a "significant investment" in the company.Advertising

Business Insider ©bangoland /

Business Insider ©bangoland / Shutterstock.comAdvertising

Bezos' funding was part of a seed round that raised $5 million. As Blodget put it, the capital would allow Business Insider to "aggressively invest" in different areas, from editorial to marketing and subscriptions. Apparently, Blodget was able to secure Bezos' investment after having dinner together and realizing that Amazon and Business Insider had quite a bit in common.

38. Domo

Year of purchase: 2013
Estimated value: $500 million to $1 billion*.

Domo is a cloud software company that connects CEOs and their employees. The company, founded in 2010 by Josh James, uses data visualization and business intelligence tools to connect CEOs and frontline workers. CEOs can access real-time information and data, allowing them to run their business from their smartphones.Advertising

Domo @Domo /

Domo @Domo / Youtube.comAdvertising

Bezos invested $60 million in the software company in 2013. Domo's stock has had quite a bumpy ride since its inception. The company's valuation once plummeted from $2.3 billion to $511 million, just before its 2018 IPO. Still, Bezos remains loyal to Domo, and the stock is currently listed at 77, $58.

39. Airbnb

Year of purchase: 2011
Estimated value: $100 billion*.

Airbnb has become a real success story over time. Jeff Bezos, once again through his investment company, Bezos Expeditions, bet on a fledgling business, and his bet paid off. Bezos invested $112 million in the company in 2011 during the Series B round. This investment has earned him hundreds of millions.Advertising

Airbnb ©AlesiaKan /

Airbnb ©AlesiaKan / Shutterstock.comAdvertising

Airbnb has become a very popular accommodation market. It gives access to more than five million places to stay in more than 191 countries (and 81,000 cities). Airbnb's IPO was highly anticipated in 2020, and Bezos capitalized on his early belief in Airbnb's potential.

40. AWS Elemental

Year of purchase: 2015
Estimated value: $350 million*.

Elemental, a video processing startup, was founded in 2006 with a simple mission: to keep TV shows, sporting events, and movies running smoothly. Amazon Web Service, the cloud computing arm of Amazon, took on this mission and bought Elemental in 2015 for $500 million, turning it into AWS Elemental.Advertising

AWS Elemental @elementaltech /

AWS Elemental @elementaltech / Twitter.comAdvertising

AWS Elemental's technology is popular with companies and broadcasters like HBO, CNN, and Comcast. The company claims to have pioneered the use of its particular video processing service, and it has offices around the world, including India, Brazil, Russia, China, Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, in France and in the United Kingdom.

41. ZocDoc

Year of purchase: 2008
Estimated value: $2 billion*.

According to ZocDoc, Jeff Bezos has always been "interested" in anything that computers can help "revolutionize," including the medical industry. ZocDoc became the Amazon leader's latest investment in 2008. The seed round raised $3 million, and Bezos was joined by Marc Benioff, founder and CEO of

ZocDoc @salminaleksey /

ZocDoc @salminaleksey / Pinterest.comAdvertising

ZocDoc allows people to find and book telemedicine appointments with network doctors. These doctors are a viable alternative to in-person medical (or dental) care. The company was founded in 2007 and quickly grew as investors like Bezos Expeditions realized it was a gold mine. Today, ZocDoc's market capitalization stands at $2 billion.

42. Google

Year of purchase: 1998
Estimated value: $1.885 trillion*.

Google currently has a market capitalization of nearly $2 trillion, making it one of the few companies to achieve this feat. In 1998, things were very different for Google. The headquarters of the technology company, led by Larry Page and Sergey Brin, was in a garage in Menlo Park, California.Advertising

Google ©Jay Fog /

Google ©Jay Fog / Shutterstock.comAdvertising

Jeff Bezos saw something in the small company and invested $250,000 in the business. Investment in the startup is up 20,000% today, and Bezos cashed in his 3.3 million shares. These stocks are now worth more than $3 billion. Bezos' investment in Google is another example of how his faith in small startups has earned him billions.

43. General Assembly

Year of purchase: 2015
Estimated value: $440 million*.

General Assembly is somewhat similar to another Amazon investment, EverFi. General Assembly helps people learn technical skills such as web development, data analysis, user interface design, etc. The coding school operator was backed in its funding round by Jeff Bezos, as well as Wellington Capital, Maveron, Advance Publications and others.Advertising

General Assembly @geekwire /

General Assembly @geekwire / Pinterest.comAdvertising

It raised $120 million in this round and a few years later was sold to Adecco Group, a Swiss company, for $412.5 million. General Assembly has more than a dozen offices in North America and generates revenue of approximately $100 million per year. The rise of automation means GA is likely to grow a lot in a short time, marking another impressive return on investment for Bezos Expeditions.

44. Washington House across from his home

Year of purchase: Late 1990s
Estimated value: $53 million*.

Besides having a lot of investments in startups, Jeff Bezos also has a huge real estate portfolio. Bezos owns properties worth hundreds of millions of dollars around the world, and he has enough money to spend on whatever he wants, even if he doesn't live there.Advertising

Washington house across the street from his home @kellynabbey /

Washington house across the street from his home @kellynabbey / Pinterest.comAdvertising

Bezos owns two properties in Medina, Washington, both of which are worth $63 million today. He bought these properties in the 1990s. One is his primary residence, and the other is the house across the street. It has four bedrooms and five bathrooms, and cost $53 million. Bezos bought the house across the street from his residence for "privacy reasons."

45. 1997 Honda Accord

Year of purchase: 1997
Estimated value: $18,585*.

When Amazon went public in 1997, Jeff Bezos' fortune grew to $12 billion. If someone has $12 billion, presumably they drive a Ferrari or a Lamborghini. Not Jeff Bezos. He opted to stick with a modest everyday car, replacing his 1987 Chevy Blazer with a 1997 Honda Accord. The Accord's current MSRP is under $20,000.Advertising

1997 Honda Accord @LL/

1997 Honda Accord @LL/Youtube.comAdvertising

He drove the Accord for a long time, even as his net worth kept rising. Bezos said the Honda is "a perfectly good car", and his frugality with the car was a "symbol" of not spending his money on things that "don't customers".

46. ​​Mansion in Los Angeles

Year of purchase: 2020
Estimated value: $165 million*.

Jeff Bezos made a huge purchase in 2020 when he bought the Warner Beverly Hills estate for $165 million. The mansion has 13,600 square feet of living space, as well as two guest houses, tennis courts, a swimming pool, and a dozen other lavish amenities. Bezos also bought the house next door for $10 million, reflecting a real estate model he often follows.Advertising

LA mansion @luxuo /

LA mansion @luxuo / Pinterest.comAdvertising

The Warner estate was once owned by fellow billionaire club member David Geffen. The mansion, which was built in the 1930s, is a piece of Hollywood history. Asked about the sale, a spokesperson for Amazon and Bezos declined to comment.

47. Prada Sandals

Year Purchased: 2019
Estimated Value: $650*

Once again, Jeff Bezos somehow ended up as an accidental fashion influencer. Although her sandals may look like anything you might pick up at a souvenir store in Florida, they are actually expensive Prada shoes. He was spotted wearing them while on vacation with his girlfriend, Lauren Sanchez, in St. Barthelemy.Advertising

Prada Sandals @netaporter / @farfetch /

Prada Sandals @netaporter / @farfetch / Pinterest.comAdvertising

The black double-strap sandals cost over $500, and they're similar to the Birkenstock Arizona sandals, which cost less than $200, if you're trying to copy the Jeff Bezos look but don't have the Jeff Bezos money. Bezos is one of the richest men in the world, but he's not shy about embracing the "daddy's sandal" look. Even if these sandals are Prada.

48. Twitter

Year of purchase: 2008
Estimated value: $4.4 billion*.

Back in 2008, Jeff Bezos had an eye for investing in tech companies (and, to be honest, he still does). He saw that Twitter was in its infancy, he liked the idea behind the company, and saw a future for it. He was right, and Twitter is now one of the biggest social media platforms in the world.Advertising

Twitter ©Michael Vi /

Twitter ©Michael Vi / Shutterstock.comAdvertising

Bezos invested $15 million in the app through Bezos Expeditions. At the time, Twitter was not a public company. It debuted on Wall Street when it went public in 2013, and its price was then $26 per share. Today, Twitter stock price is $59.35.

49.Trace Me

Year of purchase: 2017
Estimated value: $60 million*.

NFL player Russell Wilson is one of the founders of TraceMe, a company backed by Jeff Bezos, YouTube co-founder Chad Hurley and Alibaba co-founder Joe Tsai. TraceMe is a hub for superfans of celebrities, artists, athletes, actors, and other high-profile names.Advertising

TraceMe @geekwire /

TraceMe @geekwire / Pinterest.comAdvertising

Mr Wilson said he founded the company, already valued at $60 million, to connect with his "superfans", who he considers his most "passionate" fans. TraceMe's first funding round raised $9 million. The app isn't aimed at ordinary fans, according to CEO Jason LeeKeenan, but at superfans who want a "deeper" connection with their favorite celebrities and athletes.

50. Convoy

Year of purchase: 2019
Estimated value: $2.7 billion*.

Convoy is a Seattle-based startup that uses a digital platform to connect shippers and trucking companies. It's run by Dan Lewis, a former Amazon executive, so it makes sense that Bezos Expeditions was involved in the funding. The round was co-led by Al Gore's Generation Investment Management, and raised $400 million.

Convoy @techcrunch /

Convoy @techcrunch /

With previous funding, Convoy has raised $668 million, bringing its total valuation to $2.7 billion. Bill Gates joined Bezos to invest in Convoy, which has been described as the "Uber of trucking." The company was named to CNBC's 50 Disruptors list, so Bezos' investment is off to a good start.

51. Dog sledding above the Arctic Circle in Norway.

Year of purchase: 2018
Estimated value: $150 to $250*.

The Arctic Circle runs right through the middle of Norway, and it's one of the country's biggest tourist attractions. Not everyone can afford to travel there, but Jeff Bezos certainly can. The billionaire has not only vacationed there, he has also been dog sledding and posted many photos from his vacation.Advertising

Dog sledding above the Arctic Circle in Norway @JeffBezos /

Dog sledding above the Arctic Circle in Norway @JeffBezos /

Bezos opened up about his dog sledding trip over the Norwegian Arctic Circle and said on Twitter that it inspired him to "go into space to save the Earth." He added that he thinks Earth is the "best planet" in the solar system and that we have "no plan B" to save it.