Ketchup for cleaning metals

By YEET MAGAZINE | Updated 1408 GMT (2208 HKT) September 29, 2021

Ketchup to Clean Metal @heartofficial /

Ketchup to Clean Metal @heartofficial /

What it consists of: Cleaning some metals with ketchup.
Materials needed: Ketchup.
Does it work? Yes.

You may have heard that ketchup cleans metals like copper and silver. It's true ! If you have silver or copper items that have tarnished over time, this is the perfect solution. Just pour a little ketchup directly on the object in question or on a cloth, let it sit for a few minutes and clean it.

How exactly does it work? Over time, copper and silver build up carbon deposits and change color, taking on that dirty appearance. Ketchup is very sour. With a pH of 3.85, it breaks down the carbon which is at the origin of the tarnish of metals, to make them like new!