Celebrity news Did Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper date during the 'A star is born' era? The actor has finally delivered his version of the facts!

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By Deni Porter | YEET MAGAZINE | Updated 0439 GMT (1239 HKT) February 28, 2021

Did Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper date during the 'A star is born' era? The actor has finally delivered his version of the facts!

Did a relationship exist between Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper ? The actor has finally answered the question that everyone has been asking for a long time! MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z!


By appearing to be super close in the film "A star is born" in 2018, Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper have sown doubt! It must be said that on screen, the couple they formed then was very convincing.

But it was above all their performance on the Oscars stage in 2019 to perform a live version of the hit song “Shallow” that had everyone confused!

That evening, Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper had left a lot of doubt about their relationship. Closer than ever, the two stars had given the impression that something was going on between them.

Very quickly, romance rumors began to surface. But the interpreter of "Poker Face" had quickly denied all this! Between her and Bradley Cooper, it was only a “game” to create the buzz precisely according to her words.

But nearly three years later, doubts persist ! Fans still want to believe it was more than just a number of actors between them.

Recently, Bradley Cooper returned to this case.  And he definitely put an end to the romance rumors between him and Lady Gaga . What a disappointment !

In a recent interview given to The Hollywood Reporter, the handsome brunette put everything on the table. He explained that even though he and Gaga got closer during filming, they were never involved in a romantic relationship.

Pity ! We would have seen them so well together. It should be remembered that at the time, Bradley Cooper was already engaged in a relationship with the Russian model, Irina Shayk. Although since then, the couple has separated.


As for Lady Gaga , she now seems to be enjoying happy days with her darling Michael Polansky . The lovebirds could even consider getting married soon… MCE TV tells you more.

After formalizing their relationship last year, it could indeed be that Lady Gaga and Michael Polansky are getting down to business. Indeed, the “Mother Monster” could soon marry her companion.

Finally… This is what the entourage of the star would like to see happen! But Lady Gaga does not seem to find it urgent to put the ring on her finger. "She's in no hurry , " reveals a source close to the artist to People magazine.

“When they are together, it is obvious that Lady Gaga is crazy about him. She always laughs and is tactile , ”adds this same observer. “They are very affectionate and have great chemistry. »

It will be understood, all is well for the singer who spins the perfect love with the business man. No clouds in sight therefore for the two lovers who were believed to have married in secret last New Year!

“She knows in her heart that Michael is the right one ,” another source told New Idea at the time. So let's wait and see what happens next...