Italian Towns and Mayors -

Meet the Mayors Leading the Charge: Italian Towns Will Pay You to Move There!

Explore Italian towns where mayors offer financial incentives to combat depopulation, reviving charming cities. Discover more at

Meet the Mayors Leading the Charge: Italian Towns Will Pay You to Move There!

Italian Towns and Mayors -

Italy has long been known for its picturesque landscapes, rich history, and delectable cuisine. But in recent years, several Italian towns have been facing a common challenge - dwindling populations. To combat this issue, these charming towns have come up with creative solutions to attract new residents. In this article, we will explore various Italian towns that are offering incentives to entice people to move there.

These are the Italian cities are paying you to live there.

Several Italian towns are offering financial incentives to encourage people to move and live in their communities. One such town is the quaint Presicce-Acquarica, situated in the southern Puglia region, which is offering €30,000 (approximately $32,500) to prospective residents. This enticing offer is part of a broader effort to address the issue of declining population that many small, rural Italian towns are grappling with.

Many Italian towns have resorted to paying people as much as 30k to move there.

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Yes, Italian towns are indeed offering financial incentives to those willing to relocate. Presicce-Acquarica, for instance, is offering up to €30,000 to individuals who are prepared to make the move. The goal is to breathe new life into these towns and reverse the trend of depopulation.

The Italian village that would pay you $33,000 to move in.

The village of Santa Fiora is among those Italian villages that are eager to welcome new residents. In Santa Fiora, you can receive financial support, including help with rent, if you decide to move there and work remotely. There are even more significant incentives for those looking to open a hotel or start a family.

The Italian island of Sicily

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While the focus is often on mainland Italy, there are also opportunities on the beautiful islands. For example, the island of Sicily has become a hotbed for attractive offers. The Sicilian village of Petralia Soprana has opened its doors to new residents and is offering cash incentives to sweeten the deal.

How you could get paid to move to Presicce, for instance.

For those curious about the process of relocating to Presicce, Italy, it's essential to research the specific requirements and terms of their incentive program. Contacting local authorities or visiting the official website of Presicce may provide valuable information on how to apply.

Presicce Italy, is one the many abandoned towns, here’s why:

Presicce, like many other small Italian towns, has struggled with depopulation over the years. The exodus of residents has led to the abandonment of homes and a decline in local communities. Offering financial incentives is one way these towns hope to revitalize their communities and combat abandonment.

Presicce Italy pay to move, here’s how to apply:

If you are considering moving to Presicce, Italy, you'll want to know how to apply for their pay-to-move program. Details on the application process can typically be found on the town's official website or by contacting the relevant authorities.

Presicce Italy official website and information

For comprehensive information about Presicce, Italy, including their pay-to-move program and the application process, it's advisable to visit the town's official website. This is where you can find official guidelines and the necessary forms to apply.

Many Presicce Italy homes are for sale.

Presicce, like many other Italian towns, may have homes available for sale, and some of these homes may be part of the incentive program. Prospective residents interested in purchasing a home in Presicce can explore real estate listings or contact local agencies.

Calabria Italy pay to move application?

Calabria, another region in Italy, is known for offering incentives to boost populations in its dwindling towns. If you're considering moving to Calabria, it's recommended to research the specific requirements and application process for their pay-to-move programs.

Few additionnal facts:

  1. In 2021, the town of Santo Stefano di Sessanio, located in the Abruzzo region, was offering people up to $52,500 to move there and work.
  2. Mantua, in Italy's Lombardy region, is luring new residents with cash incentives from September this year. The municipality will pay €150 ($160).
  3. The picturesque town of Presicce in Puglia, located in the boot of Southern Italy, is making the payment to people who buy an empty dwelling.
  4. The Sicilian village of Petralia Soprana has opened its doors to new residents – and it's even offering cash incentives.
  5. Sardinia, Italy is trying to attract new residents by paying them nearly $15,000.

In summary, Italy's beautiful small towns are offering a range of incentives to attract new residents, from financial support to the promise of vibrant, welcoming communities. Whether you're interested in the historic charm of Santo Stefano di Sessanio, the allure of Mantua's Lombardy region, or the sunny landscapes of Sardinia, these towns have something unique to offer those seeking a fresh start in Italy.

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