Should You Invest In Netflix?

Over the past few years, Netflix (NFLX) has grown steadily at an impressive rate. The Netflix chart shows that the NFLX share price has shown a recurring pattern of rising to all-time highs as well as periods of drops followed again by periods of rising.

Should You Invest In Netflix?

By Joan Carmichael   YEET MAGAZINE | Updated 0439 GMT (1239 HKT) October 16, 2021

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What you need to know

Over the past few years, Netflix (NFLX) has grown steadily at an impressive rate. The Netflix chart shows that the NFLX share price has shown a recurring pattern of rising to all-time highs as well as periods of drops followed again by periods of rising. Since 2013, year after year, the company has continued to post gains.

Two main factors influence the Netflix share price: the number of subscribers and the news related to the original content. Notably, the company's 4th Quarter 2016 report shows an increase of more than 7 million subscribers, causing the NFLX share price to rise more than 8% when the report was released.

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After several years of existence in the American market, Netflix has strived to develop its international audience with great success. Thanks to gradual international growth, the company became available virtually everywhere in the world in 2016. By broadcasting quality content, both original and acquired, while offering prices rivaling those of cable TV providers and satellite. Netflix has shown itself capable of expanding rapidly in the international market. The potential market for Netflix remains huge and the company is continually adding content to its streaming service.

We must not forget the other players in the field of online streaming such as Hulu and Amazon Prime, which offer similar services and also produce their own content. However, Netflix remains a leader in the online streaming space and since the platforms listed above are competitively priced, it is likely that many users will decide to switch between them.Buy NFLX NowSell ​​NFLX Now Still not sure if you should invest? You will find more information below

Learn more about Netflix Who should include Netflix in their portfolio?

Investors wishing to join the trend of no longer having television.

Content consumption has evolved over the past decade. Many people have switched to watching TV on computers, smartphones and other smart devices. Netflix is ​​available on all these devices and is positioned as a leader in this sector.

Technology investors:

With a capitalization of nearly $ 60 billion, a growing user base, impressive growth year after year, investing in NFLX could prove to be a good option for those who wish to invest in the long-term technology sector.

TV and Film Enthusiasts:

While piracy still threatens the entertainment industry, the stricter enforcement of illegal downloading rules coupled with Netflix's affordable prices make it a popular choice. Even though some analysts predict the stock is approaching its highest point, those who closely follow content production may think otherwise, Netflix is ​​now more than a streaming service, it is also one of the most major production houses in the world.

Day traders:

As the Netflix earnings reports go live, and whenever an important content announcement is made, the action could present short-term opportunities for day traders.What influences the Netflix share price?

What is interesting about the Netflix stock is that its price is influenced both by quantifiable factors such as number of subscribers and revenue as well as by non-quantifiable factors related to creation and acquisition. of content. The company officially publishes its revenue and subscriber count quarterly, and has shown steady growth.

Therefore, those who wish to invest in NFLX should monitor these reports and the resulting forecast.

For example, in early 2017, the company announced production of a Hollywood-scale film, which would be directed by Oscar-winning director Martin Scorsese and starring legendary Robert De Niro and Al Pacino. This film will mark a milestone for the company and some say it would have chances of winning an Oscar. Following this announcement, NFLX stock closed with more than 2%.

Another aspect of the platform's content is Netflix's partnerships. In addition to producing its own content, Netflix has partnerships with giants like Disney, including all the brands associated with it like Marvel and Star Wars. With an ever-growing selection of on-demand content, the name Netflix has become synonymous with compulsive TV viewing and streaming.

The technological aspect

It should be noted that Netflix's service is based on massive infrastructures, which constantly require development and improvement.

In order to be able to deliver content on various platforms without interruption, the company is constantly working on increasing the number of its servers, upgrading its video compression capabilities and optimizing its streaming technology.

Despite the development of much of its technologies in-house, innovations in these technologies could provide better quality content at lower costs to society.

With the ever-evolving high-speed internet capacity reaching new countries around the world, Netflix has the opportunity to expand into new markets and expand its subscriber base. If a technology disrupting online video streaming were to emerge, it would present both a threat and an opportunity to society.The history of Netflix

Netflix was established in 1997 as a mail order DVD rental and sales service. After ten years of activity primarily focused on DVD rental, the company introduced online video streaming in 2007.

The company gradually grew its user base and acquired more and more content by signing partnerships. with content creators. However, the main change in the company's revenue model came in 2013, with the introduction of its very first House of Cards series.

The award-winning, critically-acclaimed political drama paved the way for more content creation and in 2016 Netflix produced 126 original series and films, surpassing all other US TV networks and cable channels.

It was in 2010, with its arrival on the Canadian market, that the company began its international expansion. Since then, Netflix has grown exponentially and in 2016 it was present in 190 countries.Conclusion: Netflix is ​​huge and continues to grow

At first glance, it looks like Netflix is ​​at an all-time high, with a strong international presence and consistent content production, dropping from 600 hours of original content in 2016, to over 100 hours expected in 2017.

However , the company that continuously generates revenue, grows its user base, produces new shows and television series and develops its infrastructure, still has development potential. Even though more than half of Netflix users are based in the United States, thanks to the expansion of its international presence, the company could still grow its user base.

Netflix has become a benchmark in the field of streaming and is on the verge of confirming its position as the world's leading television content creator. With an ever-growing subscriber base and an ever-expanding content offering, it looks like Netflix can only go to the top. There is no doubt about the development of the company and it will continue its efforts to gain new subscribers which allows us to foresee a future for NFLX action.

* This content is provided for informational and educational purposes only and should not be construed as investment advice.

* Past performance is not an indication of future results. All trading involves risk. Only risk capital that is likely to be lost.Buy NFLX NowSell ​​NFLX Now

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