Skincare : Which Soap To Choose, For Which Skin Type?

Which brand soap is best? Which soap is best for daily use? Which soap is best for healthy skin? Best soap for skin Best soap for women Best soap bars UK Best soap in the world Best soap for dry skin Best soap UK Best soap in the world 2021 Best soap for dry and itchy skin Best soap in India

Which brand soap is best?
Which soap is best for daily use?
Which soap is best for healthy skin?
Best soap for skin
Best soap for women
Best soap bars UK
Best soap in the world
Best soap for dry skin
Best soap UK
Best soap in the world 2021
Best soap for dry and itchy skin
Best soap in India

Dermatologists generally advise to favor surgras or soap-free soaps for cleaning the face or the body. Surgras soap has the advantage of cleaning and moisturizing the skin . It is a real soothing and moisturizing treatment for the skin .

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Eliminate the stress of the day with the best soaps

For your face and your body, at any age, cleansing the skin is an essential step in daily hygiene and body care.

To meet everyone's needs, we have selected a wide range of solid soaps.

You have sensitive skin, dry skin, oily skin, mature skin...Don't wait any longer and try the soap that best suits your skin and your concerns!

Which solid soap is made for your skin?

  • Which soap to choose for dry skin  ?
  • Which soap to choose for sensitive/reactive skin ?
  • Which soap to choose for oily/acne-prone skin ?
  • Which soap to choose for mature skin ?

Which soaps to choose for dry skin?

To nourish  dry skin , it must be supplied with lipids, i.e. fat . They do not secrete enough fat to form a protective skin barrier and retain the water necessary for hydration .

Vote skin lacks oil ! A gentle wash with a surgras soap is essential.

You can also protect your skin every morning with a balm made with rich organic virgin oils.

Here is a small selection for dry skin:

SECRET D'ALEP - Möbius - Cold saponified solid soap, surgras, natural and organic, zero waste

solid soap  Secret of Aleppo  $8.50

Soap made from coconut and spices - Cold saponified solid soap, surgras, natural and organic, zero waste

solid soap  Chai Coco  $ 5.50

SAFFRON AND RASPBERRY SOAP.  VERY NOURISHING.  MATURE SKIN - Cold saponified solid soap, surgras, natural and organic, zero waste

solid soapHaven of Wisdom  $ 6.50

Algae and sand soap from Vendée - Cold saponified solid soap, surgras, natural and organic, zero waste

Exfoliating solid soap  Water Green $5.90

Which soaps to choose for sensitive/reactive skin?

When the skin is well hydrated and protected , crises are rarer and less intense. The ideal is therefore to use moisturizing soaps suitable for hypersensitive skin, ideally without essential oils , as some of our soaps allow.

Here is a small selection for sensitive/reactive skin :

Donkey milk soap - Nature

solid soap With donkey's milk $6.50

Sapognifique - Calin

solid soapSpecial fragile skin  6.50

Cocoa-Cocoa cold soap - Noka Cosmétiques - Cold saponified solid soap, surgras, natural and organic, zero waste

solid soapCoco-Cocoa  5.90

Green- Cleansing soap - Sapognifique - Cold saponified solid soap, surgras, natural and organic, zero waste

solid soapFace cleanser   $6.50

Which soaps to choose for oily/acne-prone skin?

Oily skin problems usually begin in adolescence, sometimes with blemishes, but not necessarily.
For dermatologists, oily skin is considered a physiological skin type . That is to say, oily skin naturally secretes too much sebum.

All the aesthetic inconveniences associated with oily skin come from this quantitative imbalance of sebum, produced by the sebaceous glands located in the dermis.

To take care of your oily skin, it must be purified with suitable products , but above all not to strip it at the risk of causing what is called “the rebound effect”, that is to say an overproduction of sebum .

Oily skin is also thirsty. Don't forget to moisturize it daily, morning and evening .

Here is a small selection for oily/acne skin:

Donkey milk soap - Orange

solid soap Donkey milk – Orange   $6.50

Intense Cold Soap - Noka Cosmétiques - Cold saponified solid soap, surgras, natural and organic, zero waste

solid soap  Intense  $5.90

YLANG YLANG & LAUREL;  SERENITE - Cold saponified solid soap, surgras, natural and organic, zero waste

solid soap Safe Haven  6.50

LAVENDER & RHASSOUL - Möbius - Cold saponified solid soap, surgras, natural and organic, zero waste

solid soap Lavender & Rhassoul $ 6.50

Which soaps to choose for mature skin?

Skin aging is a natural process in every human being .
Deprived of a natural production of hyaluronic acid, mature skin must be deeply hydrated morning and evening , after having been cleansed .

To preserve your skin as much as possible so that it remains toned , you must now turn to cold saponified surgras soaps , moisturizers to protect your skin.

Here is a small selection for mature skin:

VERBENA & SPIRULINA - Möbius - Cold saponified solid soap, surgras, natural and organic, zero waste

solid soap Verbena & Spirulina € 6.50

LAVENDER AND HEMP.  RELAXATION RELAXATION - Cold saponified solid soap, surgras, natural and organic, zero waste

solid soap Evening Haven € 6.50

Carrot & urucum solid soap - MöBiUS Cosmetics


solid soap  Looking good   $9.50

SAFFRON AND RASPBERRY SOAP.  VERY NOURISHING.  MATURE SKIN - Cold saponified solid soap, surgras, natural and organic, zero waste

solid soap Haven of Wisdom  $6.50

17 best hand soaps for frequent hand washing (2021 Guide)


  • The 17 best hand soaps of 2021-2022
  • Buyer's Guide to Hand Soaps
  • Hand soap frequently asked questions

A good hand soap has become one of the most coveted beauty purchases in the last 12 months, and it's probably one of the products in your bathroom you've stocked the most too.

While perhaps not the most glamorous of beauty products; There's no reason not to make handwashing a curated experience, starting with a beautiful fragrance and ending with soft, nourished, squeaky-clean hands.

And it has never been more important than now to find the best hand soaps for frequent hand washing . The best hand soap will not only ensure your palms stay smooth, it will also keep you germ-free and add a quick dose of luxury to your everyday life.

But in the world of handwashing, it's hard to know where to start. Even with the amount of time you've probably spent with your hands under the faucet recently, you're probably never going to try all the liquid soaps available.

So we've done the hard work for you. Whether you're looking for one of the best antibacterial soaps or an organic soap; one that is foamy or natural; heavily scented or perfect for sensitive skin, read on to elevate your handwashing experience once and for all .

The 17 best hand soaps of 2021-2022

ClassificationBrandBest for
1Aesop Reverencebest overall
twoByredobest high end
3ritualsbest value
4Hand soap for everyonemore versatile
5Nuoribest natural
6Grown Alchemistbest moisturizer
7diptyquebest scrub
8L'Occitanebest tranquilizer
9OUAIBest for dry skin
10I lovebest foam
11Bamfordbest spa
12free and clearmore sensitive
13CLnbest deep clean
14Le Labobest scented
15Jo Malonebest multitasking
16Aesop's Resurrectionbest without rinsing
17Ms. Meyerbest budget

Check out our special hand soap buyer's guide after listing to see exactly what you should pay attention to before buying a soap online.

Aesop Reverence: The Best Hand Soap Overall

Reverence is really the best word to use here, because after trying this soap - in a hotel bathroom, fancy restaurant, or a trendy friend's house - you'll immediately find yourself buying the exact same liquid soap online. Good enough that you'll wish there was an equivalent scent, Aesop's Reverence Aromatique handwash will elevate your bathroom to Pinterest-worthy style levels with an unbeatable scent to match. It's a brand you've no doubt seen on plenty of influencers or celebrity Instagram feeds , with that unmistakable bottle and laid-back branding.

Sure, you might have been tempted to buy this soap based on its exterior, but here's proof that it's what's on the inside that really counts. Aesop's hand soap smells woody, earthy, and smoky all at once: a cool-girl upgrade from the standard floral scent. That's thanks to its vetiver root, petitgrain and bergamot bark, which combine to cleanse, soothe and overall delight your skin.

Best for: Elevating handwashing to a sacred experience.SEE PRICE

Byredo: the best luxury soap

After sampling each of Byredo's delicious-smelling, luxuriously gentle and perfectly nourishing soaps, you'll realize how undeniably impossible it is to pick a favorite. You'll want to pamper yourself with Byredo's three amazing hand soaps - the floral and fruity Suede, the fresh and delicate Tulipmania and the sweet and refreshing Vetyver.

Each comes in a minimalist bottle that fits perfectly into your interior design and is one you'll proudly display once you've decided which bottle fits best in each room. Much like Byredo's perfumes, these soaps are premium quality in scent and style , and are known to be (metaphorically) hard to come by.

Best for: Setting an alarm for when online restock is due.SEE PRICE

Rituals: best value soap

One of the best things about this hand soap is how relaxed you will feel when you use it liberally and often. It's hard to go wrong with a Rituals soap, which is why you'll see them in homes, restaurants and hotels in abundance around the world. Their budget price only invites you to sample them all. You'll almost want to peel oranges, mince garlic, or do anything else that requires a quick hand wash afterwards.

Low-priced soap means the only limit you'll have is finding more occasions to get your hands dirty . Like all Rituals soaps, Sakura liquid soap is inspired by Asian culture and traditions. Encapsulating the beauty of Japan, you will immediately find yourself immersed in its delicate floral scent every time you wear it. Even better, when the bottle is empty, you can buy more using Rituals' eco-chic refill option.

Best for: Closing your eyes and taking a quick trip to Asia by the sink.SEE PRICE

Hand soap for everyone: the most versatile hand soap

The clue is in the name with this handwashing product: Hand Soap for All is a brand suitable for your sensitive-skinned friend, your military-grade hygienic relative, and anyone in between. Crisp and invigorating, it will add a refreshing touch to your day with its smooth foam and color-matched packaging.

Free from parabens, synthetic fragrances and triclosans, as well as being cruelty-free, this is such a positive hand soap you'll feel like you've done your part for the world simply by washing your hands. Not convinced? It also diverts 90% of its waste from landfills, ensures that its packaging is made with recycled material and even uses 100% recyclable packaging for shipping orders. And, its blend of aloe vera, calendula, chamomile and white tea extracts means it smells absolutely delicious.

Best for: Be versatile enough to please each of your guests.SEE PRICE

Nuori: the best natural hand soap

Minimalist in every way, from the packaging to the tiny ingredients list, Nuori was, well, the natural choice when it came to our favorite natural hand soap. It's hard to beat this skin care brand when it comes to natural beauty products, thanks to their caring formulas of all-good foundations that promise top-quality results. And the Enriched Hand Wash is no exception.

Formulated with gentle plant-based cleansers, potent antioxidants and nourishing ingredients, it promises to gently cleanse your hands, leaving them supple and refreshed without any artificial ingredients. The focus on gentle ingredients in this natural hand soap means it is naturally hydrating, making it perfect for anyone with dry hands. Its key ingredients of white tea extract with natural glycerin and grape seed oil combine to create a hydrating and nourishing soap that is suitable for everyone.

Best for: Providing the ultimate definition of a clean slate every time you wash your hands.SEE PRICE

Adult Alchemist: The Best Moisturizing Hand Soap

Forgot to stock up on hand cream? No problem. Instead, find one of the most hydrating and hydrating hand soaps available. But finding a moisturizing soap that actually does the job can be tricky, thanks to the very nature of handwashing. The trick is to find a soap that focuses on trapping moisture in your hands while keeping them squeaky clean.

Our favorite comes from Grown Alchemist. This hydrating hand wash contains ingredients such as plant-based Hyaluronic Acid and Natrium PCA, which retain moisture at a cellular level. Which means that every time you use this soap, you are actively promoting more moisture in your hands. It also smells amazing, thanks to Sandalwood and Ylang Ylang extracts. If you're still looking for a hand cream as an added bonus, pair up with one of the Grown Alchemists for an instant boost of goodness.

Best for: Firmly removing the words “dry hands” from your brain for good.SEE PRICE

Diptyque: the best exfoliating hand soap

Diptyque may be best known for its luxury candles, but if you're spending money on them and skipping the branded handwash, you're missing out. In true Diptyque form, the Hand Wash Scrub is something to marvel at and is regularly sold out . You may not have considered body wash a product you would add to your beauty wish list, but you need to act fast if you want to try Diptyque's offering.

And what makes this handwash so special? The Hand Wash Scrub is stunning from head to toe. Or top to bottom. From its elegant glass bottle to its magical ability to exfoliate and moisturize simultaneously, this is a soap you'll quickly hide when an unexpected guest shows up. In fact, it's one that you can usually hide, using quickly once in a while when you really want a beauty treatment.

Best for: Predicting soap will soon be even more popular than candles.SEE PRICE

L'Occitane: the best soothing soap

Even the very idea of ​​L'Occitane is soothing, even before we start to wash our creamy, hydrating, super-soft hand wash. A brand you're probably familiar with in gifting season, L'Occitane combines high-quality products with that unbeatable delicious scent that you'll stock up on whenever you stop by the store. So, in the world of soothing soaps, it's no wonder L'Occitane comes out on top.

The Ultra-Rich Hand & Body Wash does everything it says on the tin and is equally soothing, thanks to its skin-regenerating shea butter and gentle oat milk. It will take you a little longer to wash your hands when you locate this soap, rubbing it in gently to maximize the fragrance that lingers behind. With the consistency of a creamy lotion, you'll feel luxurious every time you use this hand soap.

Best for: Having the consistency and smell of a comforting hug.SEE PRICE

OUAI: The best hand soap for dry skin

The struggle you may have to pronounce this brand's name when you're looking for it in the store will be worth it when you get home, wash your hands, and witness just how thick and creamy their formula is. Absolutely packed with beneficial oils for dry skin, it will become your go-to product once the colder season hits. OUAI's hand wash contains jojoba, castor, avocado and rosehip oils, all of which are known to help with dry skin. It will soothe and replenish every time you wash your hands, adding a burst of nourishment to even the most chapped and sore palms.

Somehow, despite being super hydrating, this soap also manages to exfoliate gently. Cleaning up dirt while keeping your hands in pristine condition - all the while being a cruelty-free brand - is no easy feat, but OUAI does it.

Best for: There is no OUAI, your hands will go back to a different brand.SEE PRICE

Jo Loves: the best hand soap

A quick burst of Jo Loves orange and neroli shower gel will transport you from the kitchen or bathroom sink straight into the glorious Spanish sun . This hand wash foam encapsulates the highlights of Seville perfectly, with an incredible scent that almost smells good to eat. The strong smell can even make other people wonder if it's a perfume rather than a handwash, and you'll find yourself subconsciously lifting your hands to your nose each time you wash them with this soap.

The benefit of its foaming gel means your hands will never feel anything less than 100 percent clean when you use Wash Orange & Neroli Hand Wash, plus they stay nourished and hydrated. Bitter Orange and Tangerine are the two most prominent notes here, followed by warm notes of Neroli and Herbal Mint. The overall combination will leave you feeling refreshed like after a fortnight in the sun.

Best for: Inspiring a tapas and sangria dinner.SEE PRICE

Bamford: the best spa soap

Take spa luxury home with a hand soap that transports you back to an afternoon of massages, facials and time in the steam room. Cucumber in the eyes and soft music in the background are the perfect accompaniments to a soap that makes you feel relaxed just looking at it . Best suited for those days when you really need a little extra TLC but don't have time to head to your favorite spa, the Bamford Jasmine Hand & Body Wash will do the work for you without even having to leave the bathroom.

In addition to smelling delicious, Jasmine Liquid Hand and Body Soap contains refreshing Aloe Vera to condition your skin and antioxidants to keep you feeling great from the inside out. It's free of sulfates, parabens and artificial colors, making it the perfect home spa addition for anyone with sensitive skin or wanting a truly natural spa day.

Best for: Feeling instantly relaxed as soon as you smell it.SEE PRICE

Free and transparent: the best soap for sensitive hands

Free & Clear does exactly what it says on the tin. This hugely popular brand is suitable for any and all types of sensitive skin issues: from eczema to contact dermatitis, its complete lack of unnatural ingredients means you can safely remove them without fear of irritation . Soap-free and oil-free, it keeps the skin fresh, hydrated, hydrated and clean without any kind of harmful effect.

The best hand soap for sensitive skin, its main ingredient is purified water, followed only by ingredients specially selected to avoid all the common chemical irritants you would find in most other soaps. In addition to being a liquid hand soap, Free & Clear Liquid Cleanser can also be used as a liquid soap. Which means if you know you're traveling and don't want to worry about too many miniature bottles, this one stop shop is a great alternative to keeping you clean and comfortable.

Best for: Finally answering your skin care prayers.see the price

CLn: Best deep cleansing hand soap

You'll probably never feel cleaner than when you've just washed your hands with the CLn Foot and Hand Washer. Ensuring you walk out of the bathroom with hands deemed clinically clean, this is the perfect hand soap for anyone who comes into frequent contact with germs. It is also an ideal soap for those who are more susceptible to hand, foot and nail ailments such as fungus, athlete's foot or other infections, or for anyone who struggles with unpleasant odors.

Promising a quick and effective deep clean, you'll start to trust this hand soap whenever you're anywhere particularly dirty for the guarantee it brings to restore the perfect balance. And unlike some other deep cleansing hand soaps, the CLn product promises to keep your hands properly hydrated while removing microbes.

Best for: Being the car wash of the soap world.SEE PRICE

Le Labo: the best scented soap

The best hand soaps will come with a scent you'll always want. The kind of scent where you'll wash your hands in, breathe in the aroma for as long as possible, and then genuinely consider sourcing a few coffee beans to bring your nose back to neutral so you can do it all over again. The kind of perfume that you will treat everyone like the best kind of gift or stock for fear that it will never be discontinued .

The perfume we are imagining in this scenario comes from Le Labo. You'll discover Le Labo's Basil Soap and appreciate that it's one of the best things you've ever laid eyes (and nose) on. And then you'll breathe in Le Labo's Hinoki soap and find yourself trapped in the world's most indecisive moment. For both cleaning and softening, these soaps will easily make the list of things you would take to a desert island .

Best for: Wishing you had two noses to smell them simultaneously.SEE PRICE

Jo Malone London: the best multitasking soap

Looking for a soap that gently cleanses and nourishes your hands? Go to Jo Malone. Looking for a hand soap that leaves your hands deliciously soft? Jo Malone is the answer. What if you are someone who suffers from sensitive skin that is easily irritated? You guessed it: Jo Malone. Our favorite bottle for a brilliant versatile product that meets and exceeds every need is Jo Malone Wood Sage and Sea Salt body wash.

In the brand's must-have classic bottle, this hand soap adds a pretty touch to your bathroom cabinet, while leaving a lasting finish on your newly soft palms. As is usual for Jo Malone, this is a hand soap that smells extremely delicious, with a refreshing scent that is broad enough to please everyone.

Best for: Pleasing your stylish, germ-conscious friends.SEE PRICE

Aesop's Resurrection: The Best No-Rinse Soap

No-rinse hand washing is probably something that has become one of your best friends in recent times, so it's important to make it one you're looking forward to using. Aesop is a recipe for success in all areas of the beauty world and the brand's Resurrection Rinse-Free Hand Wash is one of the best. As a no-rinse soap, it's perfect for carrying it anywhere. Store it in your bag and have clean, soft and fragrant hands in a few seconds.

Aesop's soap has an almost unbeatable scent, which is a rarity in a product that doesn't rely on water to wash off the suds. With its citrusy, woody, herbaceous scent, it could almost be passed on as a last-minute perfume if you accidentally run out without applying it. It will leave your hands not only clean, but also moisturized and dry.

Best for: Always ready to jump in (smelly) emergencies.see the price

Ms. Meyer's Clean Day: The Best Cheap Hand Soap

It will be hard to find a list of the best hand soaps without seeing a mention of Ms. Meyer's liquid hand soap somewhere on the list. And that's because it basically meets all of your handwashing requirements at the same time. where it remains accessible and suitable for everyone. Its Lemon Verbena scent is a favorite and leaves your hands clean, without oppressive smells. It's also made with essential oils, aloe vera, and olive oil among other natural ingredients, which makes it a great choice if you're someone who struggles with sensitive skin.

This composition of natural ingredients adds a final icing on the super-clean cake: Ms. Meyer is a cruelty-free brand and their products are not tested on animals. If you're not a lemon fan or prefer to diversify with other garden-inspired scents, the brand also makes use of ingredients like basil, lavender and honeysuckle.

Best for: Joining the handwashing cult and being over the moon about it.SEE PRICE

Buyer's Guide to Hand Soaps

There are more hand soaps than you could ever taste in the world, so you'll want to cut to the chase and pick the specific one that's right for you. Whether it's a hand wash that smells delicious, adds a burst of hydration to your palms, instantly kills every one of those germs, or keeps your hands fresh without needing water, you'll find a new favorite brand in our guide.

Most hand soaps fall into one of two categories: those that offer a stylish, scented handwashing experience, and those that focus more on the hygiene element. If you're after the former, look for hand soaps that use oils, plant-based and natural ingredients. These hand soaps will likely be thicker, with a creamier base that feels soft and smooth on your hand.

Or, if you're looking for a hand soap that does the job when it comes to removing dirt, grime, and odors, look for citrus-scented water-based soaps. They can neutralize dirt and bacteria on your hands without drying them out too much. Foam soaps will also do a similar job here.

If you're looking for no-rinse hand soap, choose a bottle with at least 70% alcohol content to quickly blitz germs. Don't use too often without a moisturizer, as they can easily dry your hands.

Hand soap frequently asked questions

Which soap kills germs best?

Our favorite germ-killing hand soaps are the CLn Hand and Foot Soap and the Hand Soap for All. Both are specially formulated to kill all types of germs after a simple hand wash. Check out our guide to discovering the best soap for you.

What is the safest hand soap to use?

The safest hand soap is the Free & Clear Liquid Cleanser. Designed specifically for those with skin issues in mind, it's free of all the common chemical irritants you'd find in most other hand soaps. Read our complete guide to discover our roundup of the best hand soaps.

What makes a good hand soap?

A good hand soap is hydrating and hydrating, while ridding your hands of all germs after a quick wash. The best hand soaps will also smell delicious when you do all of the above. Check out our complete guide to discover all the best hand soaps for any skin type.

Which brand of soap kills the most bacteria?

The best soap to kill bacteria is the CLn product for washing hands and feet. Specially formulated to kill everything from odors and dirt to unwanted hand, foot and nail ailments, fungus, athlete's foot and other infections, it promises squeaky clean hands after a quick wash.