Tesla Cars Are So Expensive Yet So Popular

The switch to electric cars is happening and Tesla is at the forefront with their luxury electric cars in different editions to fit your budget. But even the cheapest Tesla models seem out of reach, so why are these electric cars so expensive?


By Deni Porter | YEET MAGAZINE | Updated 0439 GMT (1239 HKT) December 3, 2021

Why Are Tesla Cars So Expensive?

 Why Are Tesla Cars So Popular?

The switch to electric cars is happening and Tesla is at the forefront with their luxury electric cars in different editions to fit your budget. But even the cheapest Tesla models seem out of reach, so why are these electric cars so expensive?

Why Are Tesla Cars So Popular?

Why Are Tesla Cars So Popular?

If you have any interest in cars, we’re sure you’ve heard of Tesla. The world’s leading electric car manufacturer has become incredibly popular for many reasons. From fan loyalty to its eco-friendly agenda, people can’t seem to get enough of these cars. Let’s delve into some of the reasons Teslas are adored by so many:

Great Design And Engineering

One thing we can all agree on is that Tesla has changed people’s perspective on electric cars. Before the Model S came about, electric cars were rather unsatisfactory, to say the least. Aside from being unattractive, they were heavy and took too long to charge. It’s understandable why there wasn’t much interest in electric cars as a result. That’s when Tesla came around and changed the game. They made the Roadster and the Model S, creating an entirely new world of electric cars. The Model S was designed like a sports car while having the safety of a Toyota and could charge in minutes rather than hours. As a matter of fact, the Model S wasn’t just safer, it became the safest car ever tested by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, earning top marks across all the categories. On top of all that, the Model S was fast; faster than all EV up until that point.

Revolutionized Battery

When thinking about switching to an electric car, a driver’s first priority will be range. Everyone used to a gasoline car is also used to the freedom of driving as much as they want to, occasionally popping into a gas station to fuel up. Tesla must have known this, so it made a special battery pack and built a Supercharger network. As of now, Tesla’s battery pack is better than the batteries of its rivals. Tesla models have a maximum range of 370 miles, meaning you can drive that far on a single charge. Still, on their own, the batteries wouldn’t have been enough to make Tesla the brand it is now. Charging points were a big part of it. Aside from building a Supercharger network where charging is quick, it’s also free.

Viral Sensation

Would Tesla be where it is today without the internet hyping it up? Most likely not. The internet is the one place a person can buy a Tesla, directly from the company. This is another unique take on car-making and sales. While there are Tesla stores around the world, they’re information centers – not dealerships. It seems to be a selling point for Tesla fans. They don’t mind the chance to configure their own car from any location instead of haggling over the price and waiting for hours to sign papers that traditionally accompany a car purchase. Buying the car online directly from the company removes the need for a dealer entirely, which buyers like.

Fun Sells

Even the harshest Tesla critic will admit: if there’s one thing these cars are not, it’s boring. The Model S became the fastest production car in the world in 2016 with acceleration from 0 to 60 mph in 2.5 seconds. Even the more affordable model, Model 3, accelerates from 0 to 60 mph in 3.2 seconds. However, acceleration isn’t everything. It’s the entire driving experience that fans cite as a reason to love their Teslas.

Elon Musk

It’s no secret that Elon Musk is the heart of Tesla’s success. While he’s a controversial figure, he’s made Tesla what it is today. The master entrepreneur has made it clear that his main goal is not sales, it’s the environmental impact. Many critics and analysts have trouble wrapping their heads around this attitude seeing as any business, by definition, exists to make profits.



8 months ago

I like how the calipers rotate alongside the wheels in the animations 😂

Silo Entertainment

I love the videos but a lot of info is missing or not accurate in this video.

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Cameron G

8 months ago

They really aren’t that expensive considering the performance

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8 months ago

Tesla's model 3 is awesome it records everything around it.

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laurentiu prodan

8 months ago

It's everyone going to ignore the fact that this car doesn't need to be serviced at all? I mean there's nothing you have to replace besides tires and brake pads since the system is upgrading by himself. Do your math and see how much you spend on fuel and regularly visits to garage and you tell me if im wrong but this car it's a big save. Unfortunately the only thing in peoples heads when they hear about Tesla is well...is electric and expensive without being able to see the whole picture.

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8 months ago (edited)

Considering all of their features and technology, they are well priced.

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8 months ago

Tesla’s aren’t really that expensive for what you’re getting. They are in line with all the other similar EVs. In fact, they are a better value. Same money, better technology.

Egbert Crafton

8 months ago

Mr. Beast: casually gives these cars away

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Treavy the neko

8 months ago

It’s funny to know that the ev has been around as long as gas guzzlers and Tesla’s are the first cars mass produced


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Anthony Lopez

8 months ago

I live in a fairly small town in Ohio and see Tesla’s around here quite often. Definitely not that expensive.


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8 months ago

"Tesla stock is rising on every index"

Tesla 1 Day: Down 6%

Tesla 1 Week: Down 18.4%

Tesla 1 Month: Down 35.23%

Yeah. Up on every index 🙃Read more

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Joshua Williams

8 months ago

Brake calipers that spin with the rotor, this must be some new alien technology.

Walter Johnson

8 months ago

I'm surprised that the video did not mention the fact that one major impediment to market-wide sales of Teslas (and EVs in general) is the lack of charging stations nationwide, particularly in relatively sparsely populated areas.

Just An Odd, Fucking Extrovert

8 months ago

Imagine if Teslas weren't so expensive, everyone could buy one.

Jamie Webb

8 months ago

As a professional firefighter it is unfair to say electric cars catch on fire. I put out “ice” car fires all the time. It just doesn’t make the news like a Tesla would.


8 months ago (edited)

Giga Nevada is built, it has been producing for years now. It's tarafactory Austin Texas, that is being built.

Jonathan Jung

8 months ago (edited)

You just posted this not even 30 minutes ago and you're information is outdated.

Also stating that lithium ion batteries are flammable is just like saying gas powered cars can explode when damaged.

Not only that but you've posted the model 3 as the model s and the model y as the model x. Why?Read more


8 months ago

I can’t believe the S was considered affordable - looks like an insane luxury to me !

I still think 3 the is too expensive given the promised price. Hoping for a small hatch...

Joseph Villafano

8 months ago

I have seen more teslas than ever here in TX. Especially in the Austin area.

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8 months ago

They were the first to market on a large scale and have become desirable. The price will go down when other manufactures catch up and the technology improves.

Melvin M

8 months ago

I love how the brake calipers rotates around with the rotor 😂 *kicks tire * I’ll take it !!

Patrick Sokoloski

8 months ago

I heard that Teslas are becoming cheaper and more affordable to own now. I want a Model 3. If I win the lottery, I'll buy one.


8 months ago

Curious as to what you guys think will happen to Tesla once every other major car brand starts rolling out their affordable EVs? I do Know Tesla is leaps ahead as they have the best charging network, been seeing more electric charging stations in my town being made. From stats Tesla has delivered 500,000 vehicles globally so far. Which is actually much less than I thought

jeremy Helquist

8 months ago

I can’t personally say, but my mechanic roommate (who has worked on Teslas) says it is the cheapest built car he’s ever worked on. Plastic snaps/bolts holding everything together.


8 months ago (edited)

The answer is simple: because people are willing to pay that much! Also basic supply and demand. Geez, don’t they teach basic business anymore?!

Joe Ringo

8 months ago

I want a Tesla model Y long range. About 75k after all of the features and add ons I wanna select. I still consider it a really expensive car, but it’s far from the most expensive of Tesla, has all the features I want, and it’s at a lot better value than other vehicles of similar performance

Zach Crawford

8 months ago

The mountain backdrop animation that starts at 2:03 is awesome. It has to be some of this channel's best visual work. Nice job :)

F Maz

8 months ago

The writer must be so glad he put that "unless they traded places in the last 15 minutes" . Tesla stock just crashed before the release of this video

Johnny S

8 months ago

I love the idea of fully electric cars but what about if you live in an apartment high off street level with no garage and no charging stations nearby? How are you supposed to charge the car then?

F Maz

8 months ago (edited)

2 reasons:

1- Making wheels with fixed brake discs and rotating calipers is very complex and costly.

2- batteries.


8 months ago

Tesla model S: $69,000


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Blender Study

8 months ago

I have read in the news recently that there's a new batch of batteries being developed. Much faster to recharge, and lasts much longer than the current Lithium-ion batteries. They're safer and cheaper to produce. They'll be used in the latest mobile phones and electric cars very soon.


8 months ago (edited)

There was Tesla's battery day also to consider that the video didn't include. Elon is no longer going to be using cobalt in their batteries and they have found a way to make them get more millage.

Ray Drouillard

3 months ago

"Lithium batteries can explode when damaged!" But twenty gallons of gasoline spilling all over the road is perfectly safe.

Viper TheLegend

8 months ago

I mean, for £130k they're selling you a car that a) does 0-60 in less than 2 seconds b) has self-driving capabilities and c) is a 5 seater executive saloon. Not a bad deal if you ask me.


8 months ago

Teslas retain their value the best on the used market. Teslas will also become an appreciating asset over time once FSD is approved by governments. They will make the owners of the car their money back in a span of one year.

Dankers Bangers

8 months ago

Dude didnt even talk about the new 25k more affordable model set to release in 2 years

Razib Baral JOY

8 months ago

I didn’t know that Tesla have rotating breaks. Amazing 👌

Shane Churilla

8 months ago (edited)

I’ll tell you why they cost so much: they are the best cars by far. Green, modern, minimalist, cheap or free charging, rare need to charge, no need to drive, LITERALLY impossible to steal, built in dashcam (even when parked), frequent updates, great specs, perfect crash test rating, I could go on and on.


8 months ago

Just paid $29,000 for a performance model S, 2013 with 100,000 miles on it. Best car I've ever owned

TheTrue SORA

8 months ago

Tesla is pretty inexpensive compared to other high quality vehicles, especially in the EV market and will only get cheaper as they scale up production and integration. Their whole mission is to make their cars affordable to everyone

parthasarathy Venkatadri

8 months ago

Tesla needs to capture the top line .. and that can only be done by challenging the Mercedes and other premium car makers in value and polish.

8 months ago

Apply Tesla's interior and build quality to any other car and it'd be worth half of what they sell for

Slaposaurus Flex

8 months ago

I think the Teslas within this episode are a safety hazard with those brake calipers!

Bahaa Tamer

8 months ago

me: * bumps into a Tesla!*

my Insurance company: YOU HIT A WHAT?!

Tesla Tube

8 months ago

You didn't mention the newly announced $25K Tesla that is in development, you also mentioned giga Nevada as the place the cars are made which is incorrect. The cars are made in Fremont and giga Shanghai currently, with giga Berlin and Texas being built currently, and giga India around the corner... Many other details were incorrect/left out. But thanks


8 months ago

I do wish Teslas came with a gas powered electric generator as a backup. It would also be nice if they used the Solar Window technology to turn the entire body into a solar panel. Or even Perovskites someday.

But I heard Musk recently say solar is a dead-end tech since it'll never be more than 25% efficient. Considering he's in the solar business it's a little upsetting to know he's not up to date with current solar technology & innovations. It's now in the mid-30%s and they're hoping to push it closer to upper 40%s in efficiency. Couple that with tech like Solar Window and Perovskites cells and I would be scared to be a stockholder for his solar company. He obviously isn't innovatingRead more


8 months ago

The announcer said combustion engine cars have been massed produced for over a century in factories using technologies that have been "perfected". The combustion engine is one of the least efficient things ever built, and has helped destroy the environment in many ways. It is a perfect disaster.


1 month ago

Teslas are getting more expensive, I was looking at the price about 1-2 years ago and it would be around ~47k (long range) with tax. Now its about ~57k for the same thing.


8 months ago

This is the first time I've heard the words 'strict mining regulations' and 'China' mentioned in the same sentence.


8 months ago

Teslas offer supercar performance on a budget which makes them underpriced.

Ginger Potato

8 months ago

See that you haven't watch tesla's battery day event. They removed cobalt from their batteries and soon mine lithium by extracting it from the sand. They also said they make a new 25,000 car in the next 2.5-3 years. Which is already being rumored by reports in China. The event discusses in enough detail discussing lowing the battery by 56% cost in the next few years.

Tom Sawyer

8 months ago

You mention that environmentally conscious people gravitate toward Teslas, but nothing about the chain between power plant and electricity going into the Tesla.

Let's not leave out the environmental destruction caused by the batteries both in their mining and disposal.

Awesome for bringing up the battery issues that you mentioned though!

Film N'Law

8 months ago

I am deciding to buy a tesla model S in the UK, I have currently not yet received it, but I had arranged a test drive for myself and let me tell the experience was legendary, and it was wonderful.


8 months ago (edited)

Compared to the product quality, any Tesla should be approx. 25% cheaper.

As soon as German automobile industry comes to full speed regarding e-Cars , Tesla will have no other choice than to reduce prices in order to still sell low to medium quality cars while high-quality German cars are available.

Tesla In the hood

8 months ago

Tesla is going to have its own insurance in the future. That would make it cheaper to insure.

Also the maintenance is less in the long run do to less moving parts. Giving the car a longer lifespan. Totaling to more money saved even if it’s more costly up front.

Ivan Zermeno

8 months ago

Why are they so expensive? Cause Dobrik wouldn’t be able to gain clout otherwise

Tropical Thunder

8 months ago

They’re actually extremely affordable considering the average cost of most cars and SUVs, the only expensive Teslas are the the Roadster, the Model S, and the Model X, the Model Y and Model 3 are totally affordable

MHF Chicken Gaming

8 months ago

Why is Tesla so expensive

Tesla: Literally has an autopilot

Me: hmm yes I WONDER WHYRead more

Fabrizio Chiesa

8 months ago

I just did a research on Teslas, and they aren't expensive at all. I mean I can pay $55,000 for a Silverado and only pay $46,000 for a Model 3.


8 months ago

In the UK Model S is one of the most value depreciated car and also Tesla ranked as most unreliable brand.

Southern Star

8 months ago

I would love one. My last car was 1975 Toyota. So it’s just a dream for me.


8 months ago

I love how the red break caliper on the model 3 rotates with wheel

Prateek Prasad

8 months ago

Tesla's aren't SPECIFICALLY expensive , they are reasonable considering you don't pay for gas and services (plus is feature packed compared to rivals


8 months ago (edited)

Infographic show's: Show's Model s for model 3

Me: Checks too see if my tesla model 3 is actually a model 3 lol

Commander [REDACTED]

8 months ago

I can't wait for Tesla to making electric Military vehicles ( that have to be EMP proof of course).


8 months ago

The thing you miss is that there is no maintenance costs (or 90% less) because there are less moving parts in a Tesla. It doesn’t use explosions and oil to power it and doesn’t have transmission. The savings one receives from not having to go to a repair shop and from not using gas makes a Tesla on par with a Toyota Camry in price. So if you think buying a new Toyota Camry is too expensive then yes, maybe you should be looking into the used market for a car. And if going electric is your thing and you still can’t afford a standard range model 3, then simply buy a Chevy bolt or Renault zoe. Tesla’s will continue to drop in price as they scale up production. There’s a lot of value you get out of a Tesla. It’s gonna last a very long time, it continues to get better as you own it with free over the air software updates, and yes you don’t use gas at the pump. The goal of Tesla is to accelerate the advent of sustainable energy. This is not just cars. A lot of channels like this make the assumption that the energy we create will always be the same. This is false as it is quite clear that in our age renewable sources of energy such as wind and solar will become more of the energy mix and ultimately the primary source. When this is the case your car has way less carbon footprint, and you’ll be able to charge for even cheaper! If you have your own solar array you will only pay the upfront cost of the panels. Which after a few years they paid for themselves and there after your car runs on free energy from the sun. Every morning a full “tank”. Concerning the mining of rare earth metals, go watch Battery day and see what the future holds for battery production. The 4680 cell Tesla is producing contains no Cobalt (the conflict metal) and thus eliminates the geopolitical naysaying. The batteries will be fully recyclable and can be used for other products such as power walls later down the road. This company is trying to help the world get off the addicition of fossil fuel, a energy source that has caused wars to be fought thousands of lives lost and is poisonous to our children, families and our environment. The solution to this is here and we should be embracing Tesla for leading the charge.Read more

Rober _MEME

8 months ago (edited)

"Jaguar plans to produce only electric models by 2025"

Jaguar: You ,Tesla , where you at?

Erik Tran

8 months ago (edited)

Tesla’s are pretty reasonably priced IMO. I’d even say some models are a bargain

The Road To Mars

8 months ago

He’s right about repair cost but wrong about the “maintenance” cost. There really isn’t maintenance cost, because there aren’t any internal combustion parts moving about that break down.


8 months ago

I'd love a Tesla if I weren't broke😂

adeleine the artist

6 months ago

One day, the stocks of Tesla will increase even more, its cars will become the most expensive thing to ever exist, and Elon Musk will rule the world!

Crazy wyvern

8 months ago

Tesla is cool and all but you guys should make a video on thorium nuclear reactors, they are very interesting and very environmentally friendly

Boogie ぼおぎえ

8 months ago

Short Answer: Needs lot's of energy and it's electric and it takes a lot of money to make or produce these cars.

Bob The Goat

8 months ago

200000$ is a steal for the new Roadster. In Denmark, you can buy a Model-S for 80 000$ while in Denmark it would cost approximately 175,500 USD. With that ratio, the new roadster would cost a whopping 438,750 USD in Denmark which means you would have to pay 238.750 USD more!

Hardesty Hardesty

7 months ago

I'm a Gearhead engine builder drag racer these are my hobbies I had no interest in electric cars they were always dead slow and don't make any noise while you can never replace the sound of a double overhead cam V8 now that electric cars are getting fast you have my attention

you're right

8 months ago

"Tesla's are expensive for similar cars" yeah but it still provides the best for its price, yet.

Bad Apple Pie

8 months ago

Tesla had their own Insurance service, and the price is not that bad from what I've heard.


8 months ago

no mention of the: giga factory berlin, giga factory shanghai, giga factory Austin, cyber truck, or the $25,000 model 2,why?

George Shonia

8 months ago

There is literally two & three times expensive traditional cars, only things that Tesla is different fro. perspective of economic is that their resale value is sometimes even higher than new one, unlike the traditional cars..


8 months ago

The true story about why there's not much second hand Teslas isn't because they're built to last. They're the least repairable because they're designed like Airpods. You're supposed to throw away the cars once its batteries are dead. The cars weren't made to be modular to save on costs, but at the expense of repairability.


8 months ago (edited)

So i am a really big tesla fan and Elon musk also said why the model x and the model s are expensive it's because the 1st car the tesla model s was expensive to fund the 2nd car the model x . model x was expensive to fund the 3rd car the model 3 . so really tesla is expensive to make it's successor which will be cheaper than it's predecessor

2 months ago

To be honest, you can only buy a Tesla car even though you're not that rich in America, if you live in another country and if you're not that rich, theres almost no way you could afford a Tesla

Anime King

8 months ago

37k still to much for me. I bought a new 2019 Honda fit for 17k and I still think that was to much and should have just got a Civic for 13k.

Cedric He

8 months ago

"Virtually every model is very expensive"

Tesla Model 3: Am I joke to you?

months ago (edited)

In my country Tata Nexon base variant costs same as a Tesla Model 3 in US (~36000$) and Tesla Model 3 costs ~100,000$

darren tay

3 months ago

The true answer: Because people are willing to buy them at that price even though Tesla gouges the customer with stuff like the ever increasing price of FDS package which somehow isn't attached to your name but to your car, so you get to pay more each time you buy and sell your Tesla.

Shane Churilla

8 months ago

The model y just hit the 1 year mark, and you used the model x render for it. Regardless, great vid!

E.M.P. 339

8 months ago (edited)

If Musk wants to become the next car mogul. He is gonna need to find a way to make them affordable.

Cedric He

8 months ago

lol I like how the sedan is actually bigger than the suv

View reply

Ismail Murshid

8 months ago

I luv how he uploads so often :D

Brian Schneider

8 months ago

range is why i would never go electric. however, if they did something with batteries like Blue Rhino where you can, for a price, trade in an empty battery bank for a charged one, that would be smart.

John Timothy

8 months ago

The a big problem with Lithium batteries is they only last 10 years. What happens then? Tesla won't replace the giant battery for free. You also can't repair your own Tesla. If your rear view mirror falls off, you can't just buy one. You have to go to Tesla for the part. Now imagine running into a larger problem with the car.

Riz Lumanlan

8 months ago

Imagine missing a payment on a Tesla and it drives itself back to the dealership . Lol 😂

Joe Ringo

8 months ago

And also, Jeff swapped out places with Elon as the richest man as of last weekv


8 months ago

How old is this video? They're now coming out with the model Y? That was years ago, they're now coming out with the model 2, roadster 2 and cybertruck ...

dark zombie

8 months ago (edited)

I figured out why Tesla’s cost so much

It’s because they charge a lot


8 months ago

Elon has said that in the next 5 years he's going to announce a $25,000 car as well.

Toxic Bird

8 months ago

The fact they said St0nks is the best thing that ever happened to this channel


8 months ago

I wonder if its all electrical can you overclock the thing like you can overclock the GPU in a PC


8 months ago

Teslas aren't expensive actually. Compared to ICE cars with the specs of a Tesla are very expensive. The new Roadster can do 0-60 mph in about 2 seconds (or even a little less) . Find me an ICE car that can do that and costs $200k.

But if you just need a car to gett from point A to point B, then Teslas are expensive. Even if you want an EV.


8 months ago (edited)

I was recently driven for a few km in a model3 & it felt really worse than a 90s beat up korean car worth a few hundred euros. At this point in time I would never spend my money on a Tesla regardless how much I had

for those looking for the finest, fastest

car Tesla has to offer.

0:31 / 10:54

Why Are Tesla Cars So Expensive?312,293 viewsMar 8, 2021

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The switch to electric cars is happening and Tesla is at the forefront with their luxury electric cars in different editions to fit your budget. But even the cheapest Tesla models seem out of reach, so why are these electric cars so expensive? Let's ask Elon Musk and find out in today's new video!

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8 months ago

I'm chuckling at the fact that the cars in the animation has the brakes spinning with the wheels.

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Ken B

I bought mine literally 4 months ago and it’s honestly the best car I’ve ever driven.

The technology and car in general is a masterpiece



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