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The first episode beat an audience record for the launch of a series with 2.8 million viewers and the series received an enthusiastic reception on both sides of the Irish border .

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Derry Girls  a Northern Irish television series created by Lisa McGee and broadcast from January 4 , 2018 on Channel 4 .

It traces the adventures of four Irish teenage girls and the English cousin of one of them in the early 1990s, in one of the cities most affected by the Northern Irish conflict .

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It's back to school day and 16-year-old Irish teenager Erin ( Saoirse-Monica Jackson ) wakes up to find that her 15-year-old cousin, Orla ( Louisa Harland ), is reading aloud to her. personal diary. Furious, she complains to her mother ( Tara Lynne O'Neill ) who doesn't really care. Erin's ( Ian McElhinney ) grandfather , watching TV, comments that there are risks the nearby bridge will be blocked for fear of bombings. Erin and Orla reunite with their friend, Clare ( Nicola Coughlan), on the way to school.

They stop at the local grocery store to buy sweets but Clare doesn't buy anything, saying she decided to fast in support of starving children in Ethiopia. Leaving the store, Erin comes across David Donnelly ( Anthony Boyle ), a boy she likes, putting up a concert poster. The latter invites her and her friends to come and listen to his group, the same evening, at 6 p.m. They then meet up with their friend Michelle ( Jamie-Lee O'Donnell ) at the school bus stop.

The latter introduces them to James ( Dylan Llewellyn ), her English cousin. Many years ago Kathy, Michelle's aunt, left Derry to go to England in order to be able to have an abortion . Once there, she did not go all the way and, sixteen years later, finally returned to her hometown with her son, James. Worried that James would be bullied by his male classmates at the town's boys' school because of his British identity and English accent, she enrolled James in the Catholic girls' school as her niece. frequent, making him the only boy in the establishment.

Once on the bus, Michelle begins to threaten Tina, a first-grader, under the pretext that she and her friends are sitting in the back instead of in front. But the young girl does not allow herself to be pushed around and threatens Michelle in turn, telling her that if she wants to hit her after class, she will come with her sister "the big Mandy" who is in her final year.

The girls and James eventually retreat and go to sit in the front of the bus. The bus is stopped halfway by the army to check if there are no bombs hidden inside. This situation being commonplace in Derry, only James seems to be disturbed by this intervention. Once they arrive at school, the class representative, Jenny Joyce, tells them about the incident on the bus. As Michelle refuses to stand ( Siobhan McSweeney ), the principal. The whole gang (James included) is summoned. James expresses his urgent urge to go to the bathroom while Clare declares to feel increasingly weak because of her fast.

Once in the principal's office, the girls assure Sister Michael that it is a misunderstanding and even agree to apologize to Tina, who also presents, in exchange for which Sister Michael agrees to come by. the sponge. Tina refuses their apology, forcing Sister Michael to give the entire gang detention after class. James is, meanwhile, denied access to the girls' and staff's toilets, despite his increasingly pressing desire. With the detention taking place during David's band gig, Erin fumes and lashes out at Michelle, accusing her of being the cause of the whole affair.

James finds it increasingly difficult to hold back and Clare is on the verge of fainting. Erin realizes that Orla is reading her diary in detention and tries to take it back by force. Sister Declan, the nonagenarian nun watching over them, confiscates the diary as well as Michelle's lipstick, which she puts in her purse. She sends James to picket when he complains that she won't let him go to the bathroom.

Back at her office, she begins to read Erin's diary while eating a sandwich, which puts Clare in agony. The nun ends up falling asleep on the newspaper. Michelle takes the opportunity to try to get her lipstick back despite Erin's protests. James, unable to hold on anymore, begins to urinate into a bucket and Clare eats the rest of the nun's sandwich. Erin decides to go to David's concert through the window (the room being on the ground floor). Orla straightens the nun,

That's when Sister Michael enters the room, surprising Erin sitting on the windowsill, Orla, holding Sister Declan's head in her hands, James, urinating into the bucket, Clare eating. and Michelle, the nun's bag in her hands. The parents of the gang are summoned and none of them believe them when they claim that Sister Declan's death was natural due to her very advanced age. Erin complains about the unfairness of the situation and is interrupted by Orla, who reads another passage from her diary. Erin loses her temper and, while trying to get her diary back, threatens to put her diary where she thinks.

‌ 2  Episode Two   Michael Lennox  Lisa McGeeJanuary 11, 2018‌

When they learn that the school is organizing a trip to Paris , the girls (and James) are happy to go but for very different reasons: Clare is interested in the cultural aspect of the city, Michelle wants meet a handsome Frenchman while Erin is a fervent admirer of Samuel Beckett , a world-famous Irish writer who died in Paris. Unfortunately, Jenny informs them that, in order to participate, they will each have to pay  £ 375 . Faced with the distress of the girls, she recommends that they do as she does and dip into their trust . In the evening, the whole gang meets at the fish and chips storerun by the terrifying Fionnula to fetch the traditional Friday night meal for their respective families.

While waiting for their orders, the girls discover that none of them have trusts, as their parents never had the means to open one. After seeing the classifieds board at the store, they finally decide to take a small job to be able to finance the trip. During the meal, Erin and her family find themselves forced to listen to Uncle Colm ( Kevin McAleer), Joe's more than boring brother, recount his misadventure last night: two hooded men threatened him with weapons and fled with his van after tying him to the radiator. Mary deduces that they stole her van so they could hide weapons in it, cross the border and then burn it down. Aunt Sarah ( Kathy Kiera Clarke ) sees this as an opportunity to get on TV to tell Colm's story, become local celebrities, and be offered free fries for life by Fionnula for the whole family. Erin goes to answer the door and discovers that Michelle, who was drunk at the time, took advantage of Fionnula doing her checkout in the back to steal the classifieds board. Thus, according to her, they will have priority over job offers.‌

The next day, motivated, the whole gang leaves to apply but Fionnula goes to Erin's mother to denounce them for the theft. The girls then learn, at that time, that Clare confessed everything to her mother and that the latter called Fionnula to warn her. Fionnula decides that, to set an example, the girls' families will be banned from the store, which horrifies everyone except James who hates this food, which is too greasy for his taste.

To avoid banishment, the whole gang finds themselves forced to clean the store for free every Sunday in the absence of Fionnula, gone to her yoga class. But, because of their incompetence, the place ends up even dirtier than it was originally. Meanwhile, a demotivated Michelle has gone upstairs to Fionnula's living room to steal her booze and party. Despite the protests of the girls, she decides to make fiery shots but accidentally knocks the tray to the floor, setting the curtains on fire. James manages to bring the incipient incident under control with a fire extinguisher.‌

Faced with the extent of the damage, the girls end up calling Erin's mother for help. While she scolds the girls, obviously not believing that Michelle dropped a scented candle, Sarah watches her interview being aired on Fionnula's living room TV. When Mary hears Sarah recall certain facts (Colm found his hands tied to the radiator with his own shoelaces and the men threatened to set fire to his armchair), she has an idea. Sarah and they tie the girls and James with their shoelaces to the radiators in the living room to make it look like the store was robbed to get the keys to the van. But Fionnula comes home earlier than expected and the two women don't have time to hide. Mary, up against the wall, tries to make Fionnula believe that Michelle dropped a scented  candle.

The family finds themselves banned from the store and is now forced to order pizza every Friday night.

3 Episode Three Michael Lennox Lisa McGee January 18, 2018‌‌4 Episode Four Michael Lennox Lisa McGee January 25, 2018‌‌5 Episode Five Michael Lennox Lisa McGee February 1 , 2018‌‌6 Episode Six Michael Lennox Lisa McGee February 8, 2018

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The story is set in Derry , Northern Ireland during the Northern Ireland conflict of the early 1990s. Four young girls, Erin, Clare, Michelle and Orla, attend the town's Catholic girls' school; Michelle's English cousin becomes the first boy to enter the establishment 1 .

Lisa McGee, director and screenwriter of the series, recounts her own adolescence in series 2 .

The series aims to be funny and scathing 1 .


Main actors

  • Saoirse Monica Jackson  : Erin Quinn
  • Louisa Harland  as  Orla McCool
  • Nicola Coughlan as  Clare Devlin
  • Jamie-Lee O'Donnell  :  Michelle Mallon
  • Dylan Llewellyn  :  James Maguire

Secondary actors

  • Siobhán McSweeney  :  Sister Michael, the principal of the Catholic school
  • Tara Lynne O'Neill  as  Mary, Erin's mother
  • Kathy Kiera Clarke  as  Aunt Sarah, Orla's mother
  • Tommy Tiernan  as Gerry, Erin's father
  • Ian McElhinney  : Joe, Erin's grandfather
  • Leah O'Rourke: Jenny Joyce
  • Anthony BoyleDavid  Donnelly


The first season is filmed in Northern Ireland in  June 20173 .

Upon its release, Channel 4 renewed the series for a second season. The filming of this begins in  October 2018 .


Season 1 (2018)

Second season (2019)

The six episodes, numbered one through six, aired from March 5 to April 9 , 2019.

Third season (2020-2021)

Filming for Season 3 has been delayed due to the pandemic. It ended in late 2021 and the season aired in the UK in Spring 2022. It is the final season of the series.


The first episode beat an audience record for the launch of a series with 2.8 million viewers and the series received an enthusiastic reception on both sides of the Irish border .


In December 29, 2018, the first season received 100% positive reviews on the Rotten Tomatoes site with an average rating of 7/10 based on 9 reviews, earning it "  Fresh  " status, the site's quality certificate.

The series is listed among the "50 TV series of the year 2018" by The Guardian , 6th  place  .

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