Memes And Curiosities : The Left Overs From The 2022 MET Gala

The MET Gala is once again the theme of the day. On the cover we reviewed the different looks that musical artists have walked on the red carpet, from Rosalía to Bad Bunny to Lily Allen.

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By   Sophia  Ava   YEET MAGAZINE | Update 2329 GMT (0729 HKT) May 16, 2022



The MET Gala is once again the theme of the day. On the cover we reviewed the different looks that musical artists have walked on the red carpet, from Rosalía to Bad Bunny to Lily Allen. But the ceremony left other curious moments to comment on, in addition to a host of extravagant or unexpected looks that people were quick to turn into memes.

Rosalia meets Nicki

Rosalía was euphoric when she met Nicki Minaj inside the Met and interrupted her interview by shouting "I love you, I love you. Nicki, for her part, doesn't seem too thrilled. Nicki is not interrupted by ANYONE!


— AJ (@britspepsi) May 3, 2022

The extravagant look of Fredrik Robertsson

The creative director was mistaken for Jared Leto due to his physical resemblance to the actor. They also compared her dress to looking like a dust bug. I don't know what's worse.

i don't know how to explain it but they have the same energy #MetGala

— Ari☁️ (@Ari_skywalk) May 2, 2022

Riz Ahmed's boots

The protagonist of "The Sound of Metal" paid tribute to the immigrants who lifted Manhattan out of poverty. One of the few proletarian looks on the red carpet. Did SpongeBob Borrow the Boots?

same vibes #MetGala #Memes

— Cris_flash⚡ (@Crisflash04) May 3, 2022

Bad Bunny inspirations

The 'Yonaguni' author walked the red carpet in an outfit that made him look like an anime character. There are those who agree. By the way, the Puerto Rican has confirmed that his new album will be released this Friday.

How can they not be the same? #MetGala

— Manolo R Mendoza (@MANOLORMENDOZA) May 3, 2022
and this

— chic teriyaki (@luuider) May 3, 2022

Kim Kardashian's dress

The TV star donned the same dress Marilyn Monroe wore when she sang "Happy Birthday" to President Kennedy. The year is 1962, that is to say, nothing to do with the theme, but it suits him all the same.

Met Gala — In America: A Fashion Anthology

I'm so honored to wear the iconic dress that Marilyn Monroe wore in 1962 to sing "Happy Birthday" to President John F. Kennedy. It's a stunning bodycon dress embellished with over 6,000 hand-sewn crystals by Jean Louis.

—Kim Kardashian (@KimKardashian) May 3, 2022

brief encounters

On the other hand, they could not miss the selfies and the group photos full of celebrities. In the first Cardi B, Megan Thee Stallion and Normani pose together. In the second, Billie Eilish and Lizzo appear laughing with the Hadid sisters.

Cardi B with Megan Thee Stallion & Normani at the 2022 #MetGala . #MetGala2022 .

— #MetGala outfits! (@The2022MetGala) May 3, 2022
bella hadid, billie eilish, lizzo and gigi hadid at the met gala

— beautiful archive (@hadidfiles) May 3, 2022

Kylie's girlfriend

Against all odds, villainous Kylie sported one of the least successful looks at the gala. She left as a bride. Even James Corden did better.

the meme has been updated #MetGala

— ًlucia²⁸ (@inwonderliz) May 3, 2022

Jack Harlow's awkward moment

The "First Class" author was assisting a Vogue reporter and when he left, he said "I love you." She remains with a face of circumstance. The surreal scene ends with Harlow hugging Camila Cabello.

I wouldn't know how to act if I also met Jack Harlow

— rae¹⁶ (@R4WECEEK) May 3, 2022

The Unexpected “Bratz” Look

The latest straw from the internet is that the real-life scenes that produce memes now directly remind us of memes. Example: Deborra-Lee Furness, wife of Hugh Jackman, and her (dis)Bratz-style anti-hangover hairstyle.

I want to understand hugh jackman's wife hairstyle it's literally the bratz meme…😂😂😂😂😂😂💀 #MetGala #MetGala2022

- victory. 🫧 (@rvictoria98) May 2, 2022

The faces of Elon Musk

Expressiveness is not Elon Musk's forte, as he himself admitted, because he suffers from Asperger's syndrome. Interestingly, the businessman came with his mother to the gala.

The man. The myth. The legend of the Met Gala. @Elon Musk

—Tesla East Bay Club |Fremont|

🕊 🦊 (@TeslaOwnersEBay) May 3, 2022