Famous Behind Bars : List Of Celebrities That Have Committed Atrocious Crimes

Fame and fame are no excuse, some people believe that once they achieve success, they can afford whatever they want without having to suffer the consequences. From trafficking to drug use to the murder box, here's the worst part of the stars' most beautiful smiles!

Famous Behind Bars : List Of Celebrities That Have Committed Atrocious Crimes

By Joan Carmichael YEET MAGAZINE | Updated 0439 GMT (1239 HKT) December 3, 2021

celebrities that committed crimes

Fame and fame are no excuse, some people believe that once they achieve success, they can afford whatever they want without having to suffer the consequences. From trafficking to drug use to the murder box, here's the worst part of the stars' most beautiful smiles!

These celebrities have all committed heinous crimes Unusual People
Source: thetelegraph.co.uk

Chris Brown's usual violence

His escapades with the law in connection with his acts of violence towards Rihanna are well known, but as if that were not enough, in 2012 a fight broke out between him and the singer Drake, which ended in settling of scores with bare hands and which included more than 20 people!

These celebrities have all committed heinous crimes Unusual People
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Stephens Collins, a deranged mind

The American actor was known for his role as a religious in Seven at Home . It was after that he confessed to his wife about his abuse of 3 young girls who were between 10 and 13 years old. What he hadn't planned was for his wife to record his confession to send to the TMZ site.

These celebrities have all committed heinous crimes Unusual People
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James Deen's abusive behavior

The adult film star who later hit the big screen alongside Lindsay Lohan also had some dark episodes. It is when his ex-girlfriend accuses him of having raped her that other accusations emerge. So it is an actress who accused him of having hit her and another who also accused him of wanting to abuse her.

These celebrities have all committed heinous crimes Unusual People
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Winona Ryder kleptomaniac?

Yes it might sound strange coming from her, and it's not a really atrocious crime, but she was arrested for theft in a designer store for a sum of about 5500 dollars for which she was sentenced to 500 hours. of general interest and to reimburse the sum of what she had stolen.

These celebrities have all committed heinous crimes Unusual People
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Hugh Grant's sexual impulsiveness

While in the United States to promote his film of the time "Nine Months", the actor, in a relationship with the actress Liz Hurley, wanted to indulge himself and he walked down the Sunset Strip in Los Angeles. looking for a prostitute. It was with Divine Brown that he entered an alley before being caught by the police for indecent behavior.

These celebrities have all committed heinous crimes Unusual People

Robert downey junior

The flagship actor of the Iron Man series was a regular in prison cells a few years ago. He was not arrested once, but several for drug use, including once for possession of cocaine.

These celebrities have all committed heinous crimes Unusual People
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R. Kelly's child abuse charges

Although most of these charges were dropped, their number and nature paint a sad portrait of the singer. Most of these accusations took place a few years ago and include the testimonies of women who claim that they would have known the singer when they were minors, and that he would have abused them and allegedly engaged in kicks in the air with other underage girls.

These celebrities have all committed heinous crimes Unusual People
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Sid Vicious Mood Outbursts

If instead of the name you are told that he is a former member of the Sex Pistols, are you better? He was arrested for the murder of his girlfriend in whom he had stuck a knife in the abdomen, he claimed that he did not want to kill her and that it happened when he wanted to cut her veins. He was taken to the hospital and when he was released, he committed suicide by overdosing on him even before his trial began.

These celebrities have all committed heinous crimes Unusual People
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Tim Allen and his love of white powder

For those who don't know him, Tim is an American comedian, who was intercepted by the police while on his way to the Michigan airport. The reason for his arrest? He was carrying over 650 grams of cocaine with him.

These celebrities have all committed heinous crimes Unusual People
Source: cdn.lifedaily.com

Myke Tyson enjoying a student

It was in an Indianapolis hotel that Mike Tyson was staying when the Miss Black America election was being held, and the champion then invited one of the participants to his room. The next day she had an appointment in a city hospital because she had been raped.

These celebrities have all committed heinous crimes Unusual People
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Britney Spears' Descent into Hell

This sort of ranking could not be complete without the mention of Britney's drug abuse, or the fact that she was involved in several escapes while driving and then driving without a license. Shortly afterwards in another lawsuit she lost custody of her children.

These celebrities have all committed heinous crimes Unusual People
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The double murder of OJ Simpson

The former American football player and movie star found himself in an incredible affair over the murder of his ex-wife: he killed her by slitting her throat and repeatedly planted her new boyfriend. Shortly after, instead of surrendering, he engaged in a huge chase with the police throughout downtown Los Angeles!

These celebrities have all committed heinous crimes Unusual People
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The world of Hip Hop without Jay-Z?

During a party in Manhattan, the singer who was about to release his 3rd album was already tense because someone had managed to have it distributed a month in advance? One name came back to his ears a lot and it was Lance Rivera's, so he confronted him that night, and after heated discussions, he stabbed him in the stomach. Jay-Z pleaded guilty and escaped 15 years in prison in 1999, imagine what the musical landscape would be like today without the Hip Hop superstar?

These celebrities have all committed heinous crimes Unusual People
Source: fuse.tv

These celebrities have all committed atrocious crimes

Paris Hilton standards

She was arrested for possession of cocaine in her car in Las Vegas, but first claimed that it was not her own, and that stuff like that was too low for her standards. Shortly after the investigation, she couldn't stand the pressure and confessed that it was indeed her cocaine.

These celebrities have all committed heinous crimes Unusual People
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The taste of youth by Roman Polanski

As for his professional career, the director has delivered many great Hollywood films. As for his personal life, however, it is a little more obscure, he was involved in the abuse of a 13-year-old girl and spent 14 days in prison which he shortened by compensating the family. He left the United States for France shortly after, and this before the court made a decision.

These celebrities have all committed heinous crimes Unusual People
Source: metro.co.uk

These celebrities have all committed atrocious crimes

Matthew McConaughey and his passion for music

This story is a little different because it can make you smile. McConaughey's neighbors called the police one evening saying the music from his house was too loud. When the police arrived at his home, they found him in a daze, naked, dancing in his living room and playing the bongo! He was not arrested and just had to pay a fine of $ 50.

These celebrities have all committed heinous crimes Unusual People
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The racism of Mark Wahlberg

Already at the age of 15, young Mark used to throw stones at black people by insulting them. Later he will attack two Vietnamese, but will be arrested this time, he was sentenced to 2 years in prison but only served 45 days.

These celebrities have all committed heinous crimes Unusual People
Source: people.com

Justin Biebeer and his impulsiveness

In 2014 the singer was arrested while driving without a license, and was also arrested for consumption of alcohol, cannabis and antidepressants. His violent behavior led to his arrest also after he attacked a photographer and a limousine driver.

These celebrities have all committed heinous crimes Unusual People
Source: heavy.com

The repeated attacks on Donald Trump

During his presidential campaign there are a lot of things Donald Trump ignored so as not to get fooled until the end. Among his denial are some 15 women who accused him of sexual assault, or of having kissed or touched them against their will.

These celebrities have all committed heinous crimes Unusual People
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MeoithTheSecond5 years agoI wouldn't call drug use a 'horrible crime' that is just being over the top puritanicaly ridiculous, a crime sure but that's about it236REPLYView 18 replies

Rogue Guardian

Rogue Guardian5 years agoI'm just glad RDJ was able to turn his life around real quick good thing it wasn't over the top like murder or whatever26REPLY


Romestamo5 years agoOh yes, doing drugs, driving under the influence, assaulting someone, dancing in the middle of the street, driving on the wrong side of the road, shouting racial slurs (oh my!) and drinking heavily are all definitely horrible horrible crimes! Yes yes Screen Rant, you are most definitely 110% correct! Thumbs up!1REPLY


Ben5 years agoEveryone is complaining about Paul Walker. But can we talk about the fact that Matthew  Broderick killed two people and only had to pay $175 -_-366REPLYView 37 replies

taylor •

taylor •5 years agoI love Robert Downey Jr...he'll forever be my favorite.1REPLY

Cosmo Boissy

Cosmo Boissy5 years agoOwning drugs is not a horrible crime XD343REPLYView 74 replies


Chesterette5 years agoRobert Downey, Jr. didn't "commit a horrible crime."8REPLY


XaddyP5 years agohonestly, i forgive RDJ for the substance abuse, and the crimes that he did. he came back to be the best actor out there, i just love himREPLY

Caleb Flanagan

Caleb Flanagan3 years agoTim Allen such a great actor!1REPLY

Barnes Joaquin

Barnes Joaquin5 years ago"You can't possibly delete a criminal past." This guy clearly has never heard of Clinton10REPLYView 2 replies

Penelope Katz

Penelope Katz5 years agoOkay, does anyone else agree that "Horrible Crimes" aren't drug abuse? That murder and abuse is MUCH worse?9REPLY


YungBoy6665 years agoMark Wahlberg for being racist and assaulting them? WOW he WAS one of my favorite actors.Wasn't expecting to hear that about him1REPLY

Samuel RF

Samuel RF5 years ago"They found him playing the bongos naked with marijuana" Oh shit, thats an horrible crime.8REPLYView reply

Doreen Green

Doreen Green5 years agoI was just going to comment on the injustice of Mathew Broderick only getting a tiny fine for killing two people, but it seems everyone here seems to be going mental because someone on the list is dead..5REPLY

Milly Foster

Milly Foster1 year agoI'm glad that all of them turned their lives around and became very successfulREPLY


SavedByFaithInJesus5 years agoWOW! When Robert Downey Jr. came out as 10..... I knew I was going for a wild ride. The rest BLEW my mind.REPLY


Will5 years agolol I love how they have video footage from their respective films that in some shape or form matches with the "horrible" crimes the narrator states... too funnyREPLY


Coldclough1 year agoHow do you not include Charlie Sheen in a list like this?1REPLY


Candystripedshredder5 years ago4:25$175 fine for killing a mother and daughter?"Travesty of justice" doesn't even come close.27REPLYView 13 replies

Wesley Oldham - Cartoons and TV
Adam Collins

Adam Collins5 years agoUmm, some of these crimes are hardly horrible.8REPLY

Tiny Assassin

Tiny Assassin5 years agopaul walker was an amazing personREPLY

Erin Simon

Erin Simon5 years agoeven though woody harrlesen did some crimes he was still awesome in zombielandREPLY

Pipen Ko

Pipen Ko5 years ago"Who's the man?!?!" "Will Smith".  That was lined up perfectlyREPLY

Aozora Eyes

Aozora Eyes5 years agoHrm. A recurring theme of dropped, reduced or very underwhelming punishments for wealthy actors. That one about Matthew Broderick killing two people and only paying 175$ was pretty disgusting, but I'm sure there must be more to it than that.1REPLY

Jelena Milutinovic

Jelena Milutinovic5 years agoFor some of these I'm really shocked, but RDJ, by this description, did not commit  a horrible crime. He was self-destructive in a way that is illegal, that's far different from assaulting or killing someone. There should've been someone like Crosby in his place.REPLY

Dreadpirate Snuffles First and Last of his name

Dreadpirate Snuffles First and Last of his name5 years agoYes, how dare he smuggle cocaine? That's the CIA's job lol3REPLY

Alex Evans

Alex Evans5 years agoMost of these are quite serious then McConaughey comes up 😂😂😂 he's greatREPLY


Heavenlyhounds965 years agoI already know of Robert Downey Jr's drug issues. And....yeah, Woody Harrelson has....pretty much always given off the essence of a...man with law issues, (just based on how he looks or acts in his films like Zombieland, No Country for Old Men, or even Hunger Games.)Still an entertaining Actor though, especially in Zombieland.REPLY

Ingo Nikot

Ingo Nikot5 years agoHey Screen Rant nice video!I must admit i didnt say bless you to a person who sneezed today. Can i be on your list for "10 most shoking monsters in worlds history"? I hope i will make it before Hitler ;)REPLY

Captain Jakemerica

Captain Jakemerica5 years agoWow this is an intriguing list damn!!!!REPLY

Julie Park

Julie Park5 years agoPaul Walker was my favorite actor even though I never met himREPLY


Crazedditto5 years agoJustin Bieber was in a movie160REPLYView 29 replies


JoesGLI5 years agoCould make a whole episode on Katt Williams. On his Wiki page it has him being arrested ten times while facing other legal trouble like being sued. I'm pretty sure that list is not completely up to date however. Sad story as I enjoyed watching him play, Money Mike in Friday After Next. He was also great on Wild n' Out. Hopefully he finds the help he needs and can set his life straight again.REPLY

sewing artest

sewing artest5 years agoToy story is what I hear all day! "but" I love the Santa claws! I need the third one to complete the movie! :D  I didn't know he did that! :)REPLY

Ony Xerxes

Ony Xerxes5 years agoThe only "Amazing Actors" in this list were Robert Downey Junior, Woodey Harrilson, and maybe Mark Wahlberg. Also a lot of the crimes in this video weren't "horrible." especially Mcconaughey's.REPLY

Horatio Moonraker

Horatio Moonraker5 years ago"Yo, Princess Diana. I'm really happy for you, amma let you finish, but Paul Walker had one of the best car crashes of ALL TIME! One of the best car crashes of ALL TIME!"REPLY


TheZombCastHD5 years ago"you cant deleted a criminal past"yes you can, ask hillaryREPLY

Adam MacLean

Adam MacLean5 years agoPaul walkers crime was reckless driving3REPLYView reply

One Eyed King

One Eyed King5 years agoI think it should have been titled "10 Amazing Actors Who Committed "Horrible" Crimes".Fun fact:  Getting arrested for smoking weed an playing bongos in your own home is NOT a horrible crime.REPLY


Kashiano5 years agoI like how the subtiltes told us what mark wahlberg said22REPLYView 3 replies


Kitsua5 years agoInterstellar was so good.1REPLY

Austin Bundy

Austin Bundy5 years agoSince when was being high in your own house, naked, peacefully playing the bongos considered horrible?REPLY


DanSchriedel4 years agowhen I was a kid, my mom's friend worked at a bar that kicked Tim Allen out all the time for being belligerentREPLY


AholeAtheist5 years agoHow "horrible" some of these crimes are is totally debatable, many probably aren't even crimes at all in any civilized society.2REPLY


Rainbow_Loom_On_The_Go5 years agoWill smith is one of my favorite actorsREPLY


Volphie5 years agoBrace yourself dislikes are coming138REPLYView 5 replies


SuperSaiyan39855 years agoIt's crazy to think how far RDJ has come.REPLY

Rishi Choudhary

Rishi Choudhary5 years agoHonestly, Matt B should have donated his earnings in those movies to the familyREPLY

Kailey L

Kailey L5 years agoRobert Downey Jr!! I love the avengers!!REPLY

Lollie da lush

Lollie da lush5 years agoBroderick didn't just drive on the wrong side of the road he was going over 100mph round a blind turn (and there were reports that said he had been drinking but I don't know how reliable that is)! I've passed the site of the crash many times and even the locals don't go above 30 at that part of the road as there's also cliffs to one side and the ocean on the other! Google Waterfoot Co. Antrim and look at the road between it and Cushendall, the bend after the tunnel (When travelling from Waterfoot to Cushendall) is where the crash took place.1REPLY

Toby Wilson

Toby Wilson5 years agoI didn't know Paul Walker commited crimes and he is my fav actor, I love his Fast and Furious moviesREPLY

War is Hell

War is Hell5 years ago"Horrible crimes"Driving drunkok4REPLY


Yuilen5 years agoProof that money and fame can make you above the law, and beyond justice.1REPLY


brcha5 years agoHow about Alain Delon? He's straight up a mobster, member of a crime syndicate and an excellent actor.REPLY

Aidan Lazore

Aidan Lazore5 years agoYou leave mark wallberg alone he's a saint1REPLY

Elliott Cassin

Elliott Cassin5 years agoI wouldn't say Paul Walker is an amazing actorREPLY


godhatespercy5 years agoI saw Robert Downey Jr and I was like "NOPE!"REPLY

Tiago Ferreira

Tiago Ferreira5 years agoScreen Rant has jumped the shark.127REPLYView 12 replies

cormac landers

cormac landers5 years agohitting a man with a stick and punching a guy is hardly attempted murderREPLY


Crazedditto5 years agoJustin Bieber was in a movie43REPLYView 20 replies


ElinT135 years agoWell, my understanding of a "horrible crime" is definitely something different than some drug abuse and a fight ...REPLY

Panchito Acuna

Panchito Acuna5 years agoKiefer also spent time in a Chinese prison after a Chinese official was killed by friendly fire during one of his missions, not to mention that he is currently in a Russian prison for murdering two Russian officials to avenge  Renee Walker...you're welcome 24 fansREPLY

Hannah Smith

Hannah Smith5 years agoNo RDJ!! he is amazing!!REPLY


Etan5 years agoIf Chris Pratt was on this I'd rage and almost break my iPad.REPLY


R E5 years agoDrugs aren't nothing new. Actors do it almost of the time and are arrested for doing so.2REPLY

Nicholas Morgan

Nicholas Morgan5 years agoGuess we are using the word "amazing" pretty lightly here.30REPLYView 6 replies

Dhanak Kainaat

Dhanak Kainaat7 months agoMan I loved SimbaREPLY

Thomas Johnson

Thomas Johnson5 years agoMathew Broderick did not technically commit a crime, he did not knowingly nor willfully drive on the wrong side of the road. It was an accident.REPLY

Cashis Green

Cashis Green5 years agoI swear I didn't know the guy who played Tony Stark/Iron Man was a convicted man!?!?!?REPLY

Fuzzy Wuzzy

Fuzzy Wuzzy5 years agoHow exactly is having, and being arrested for, a substance abuse problem a "HORRIBLE CRIME"? Also, how is AN AUTOMOBILE ACCIDENT A "HORRIBLE CRIME". You guys come across as incredibly sanctimonious and self righteous in this video.REPLY


Mahge5 years agoDude i don't care dude I love Paul walker no homo he's one of my favorite actorsREPLY

Trevor Shepherd

Trevor Shepherd5 years agoPaul walker? I thought this was amazing actors?4REPLYView 14 replies


LAURENPOP5 years agoI think you should do a best actor fails of the 21 century.REPLY

Will Turner

Will Turner5 years agoAnyone else think that when he was talking about Matthew mcconaughey and said "he was caught playing the bongos naked" he just said it like it was no big deal?😂REPLY

Vake Xeacons

Vake Xeacons5 years agoWait. I thought getting arrested was a requirement for work in Hollywood.REPLY


Zaj5 years agoMitchel Musso was kicked off of Pair of Kings for showing up drunk constantly. Not sure if he committed crimes or what thoughREPLY


Eyebulb5 years agoI've always thought Mark Wahlberg was creepy.REPLY


Gillerz1005 years agoBill Cosby anyone?...8REPLY


fireaza5 years agoIf anything, since actors are role models for society, they should be punished more heavily for committing crimes, not let off lighter than a non-actor would.REPLY

League of Ewoks

League of Ewoks5 years agoWhat is with these guys and thumbnails. "Oh hey look let's put Paul walker on the front and then some random ass object in some wreckage that has nothing to do with the video, YEA THAT'LL GET NOTICED10REPLY

Antonio Taveras

Antonio Taveras5 years agoSurprisingly not as many dislikes as I thought there would be. Well done Screen Rant.REPLY

Nic Parker

Nic Parker5 years agoNone of these crimes are really horrible. I was expecting something like shooting an old lady or stealing from a disabled person. These are just run-of-the-mill crimes, the stuff the force would send rookies to deal withREPLY


gunxswordification5 years agoso will smith shouldnt be on the list if the case was dismissed that means there was no real proof that he did anything and if he is denying it he is the only other person that can tell what happened meaning he doesnt have the criminal record you were talking about in the introREPLY

Sharky McShark

Sharky McShark5 years agoIn the case of Robert Downey Jr. I'd hardly consider being a drug addict a "horrible crime" if anything it makes him more sympathetic. Drug addicts aren't horrible criminals, they're victims of a disease.REPLY


Travis4 years agoRobert Downey Jr got saved like a few years ago when he married his wifeREPLY

David Muzzall

David Muzzall5 years agoLOL "mark wahlberg has since starred in successful movies like Ted and Planet Of The Apes' HAHAHA POTA was never successful hahaha15REPLYView 7 replies

Long Forgotten Evil Cat-Girl

Long Forgotten Evil Cat-Girl5 years agoEveryone gets in trouble. They're just people. Don't dog on them so much. It doesn't make you the devil to smoke weed & make mistakes driving drunk. Even assault, you weren't there so you can't possibly call them bad people for doing anything.REPLY

Clint Bandura

Clint Bandura5 years agoPaul Walkers "acting career" was criminalREPLY

James Callahan

James Callahan5 years agoWell I can tell you that oj Simpson is certainly not one of those, totally not 😐REPLY

Big S.

Big S.5 years agoAmerican people's sense of justice is obstructed by the will of judgement and not reason. It's sad that one of the most influent nations worldwide has one of the worst justice system worldwide.1REPLY


Striderx2545 years agoTim Allen got arrested for drug trafficking and could have got a life sentence.. instead he ratted on his friends for a reduced sentence.Kind of a big one to not include.REPLY

Lady Page

Lady Page5 years agoWill Smith was not convicted so why add him?3REPLY


Linerunner995 years agoRDJ got in trouble for doing drugs. What a horrible unforgivable crime. ::rolls eyes::REPLY


nja1228905 years agoI feel like Matthew Broderick's crime wasn't horrible in the way that the others were. He made a huge mistake in driving that ended with the death of a person. It was an accident, as opposed to the rest who either beat the living hell out of someone or dealt with drugs.REPLY

Kevin Menon

Kevin Menon5 years agoYou guy forgot Charlie Sheen! lol great guyREPLY


IIIpARxIII5 years agoMatthew Broderick's "horrible crime" sounds more like an accident to me.REPLY


MooshroomGaming5 years agoDo people know that you need proof to accuse people of rape?You can't just be like HES OLDER THAN HER ARREST HIMand have the police do itREPLY

Stroud Tha God

Stroud Tha God5 years agoIf they bring up Robert Downey Juniors situation again I'm disliking cause that sh*t is so old6REPLYView 2 replies


SPLaTTm4n5 years agohow about doing a video of actors that fucked up slightly in the past and have now turned their lives into a success.  Everything is always focused on the negatives in life,  balance it out and show the positves people achieve too.  I admire RDJ for how he has bounced back from his past. It must be hard to do especially when he got the media in his face all the time waiting to pounce on him if he ever makes a mistake again. News people,,,, were all only human,,,, we all make mistakes.REPLYView reply


ProtacrasticMusic5 years agoPaul Walker being considered an "Amazing Actor" is the most serious crime committed here.186REPLYView 61 replies

Damian Prock

Damian Prock5 years agowhy isn't O.J. Simpson on this list? he was on trial for the murder of his ex-wife, Nicole Brown-Simpson and her friend, Ron Goldman and yet he was in "The Towering Inferno ",he even lined up for the role of the Terminator in "The Terminator ",which was given to my favorite actor, Arnold SchwarzeneggerREPLY

Carly Greiner
Sean Pavich

Sean Pavich5 years agoIt's funny when celebrities do something illegal they only spend a few weeks in jail at minimal!REPLY

Thomas Flanagan

Thomas Flanagan5 years agoI will say that what Matthew Broderick did was not a "Horrible crime". It was a stupid accident on his part. But I do believe he should not have been qualified to drive on a different road.REPLY

Elijah White

Elijah White5 years agoTim Allen also stared in the movie 'Zoom'REPLY

Michael Geskey

Michael Geskey5 years ago>horrible crimes>half of them are drug charges3REPLYView 2 replies

0-dan A

0-dan A5 years agoThat's how I feed my eelREPLY

Jay Stedman

Jay Stedman5 years agoDowney Jr's drug problem hardly counts as a horrible crimeREPLY


Celina5 years agoThis ain't nothing compared to Mexico. . .just saying, I love my country~REPLY


ksztyrix5 years agoOJ did nothing wrong. BTW Slater and Harrelson must be cool guys.REPLY


Wrenz5 years agosince when was being addicted to drugs a "horrible crime"? i mean by that logic, what is considered just a 'regular' crime?DISTRIBUTING is something else, but RDJr didnt do that from what sources say?REPLY

Matt Cassar

Matt Cassar5 years ago"criminal actors"....ummm yeah in the past!!!8REPLYView 7 replies

Bradley McDonald

Bradley McDonald5 years agoThis video is totally out of order calling people out on the crimes they committed when they where younger when they've tried to put it behind them and tried to turn their lives aroundREPLY

Kristine Kruszelnicki

Kristine Kruszelnicki5 years agoDrugs aren't a "horrible crime" - we need to follow the lead of other countries who've dropped the war on drugs.  Charge people for doing illegal/bad things while intoxicated, stop chasing people down for selling drugs and using them.REPLY

Captin America598

Captin America5985 years agoStop being stuck in the past and look forward to the future because if you keep looking back at your sins you will never better yourself as a personREPLY


Murdolph5 years agoMaybe, if you can't find enough cases to fill out a 10 item list, you should just make a list of ones that you can find.  "Horrible Crimes"  Wow, thanks buzzfeed wannabe tryhards.REPLY

Jam Triana

Jam Triana5 years agoI don´t care if they made something wrong, just because are famous doesn´t mean: "have to be perfect"...Are good in their job, is the only think that matters to me.REPLY

Michael Hood

Michael Hood5 years agoSo drugs is horrible crime3REPLY

Cynthia King

Cynthia King5 years agoOkay, I most definitely do NOT condone drugs and I'm not against people being arrested for possession of illegal drugs or selling them (However, I do think that the individuals should receive some sort of therapy/rehab) but I wouldn't define drugs as being a "horrible crime". If I remember right, (I may be wrong) drugs are known as a "No victim crime". Can we really sit there and call possession or dealing a "horrible crime" if no one gets hurt? Maybe if someone is attacked or killed BECAUSE of dealing or possession, then yes... but JUST dealing or possession? No, I don't think you can call it that.REPLY

William Barnes

William Barnes5 years agoOk, here's the thing. These guys aren't being disrespectful to any actors dead or alive. They are pointing out facts. They don't need to 'go and drink bleach and die' or 'commit suicide'. They put out what they thought is a good list. It isn't the worst list I've ever seen, in fact I'd say they are pretty damn brave to put it out. You guys you are requesting 'mass suicide' are to put it bluntly childish. Just because someone doesn't agree with your views does not make them wrong. Everybody is entitled to their own opinion.Edit: This was directed to those that were hating due to their love of Paul Walker. I do not think that being drug addict is a crime but I do believe that is horrible both in the effects that it has on the addict and the addict's family.30REPLYView 6 replies


bigmichaelcollins105 years agoGiving out info on people in the public eye is one thing but doing so to the dead is in poor taste, especially when you can not confirm the allegation or even the specific crime they where charged with. If you had outed John Wayne, Bob Hope, Frank Sinatra or even Sammy Davis Jnr, you would find your self struggling to find a Lawyer to help you just to survive the out come alive. Leave the deceased alone!REPLY


Potato5 years agoMatthew mcconaughey's crim wasn't that horrible. Only pearson he endangered was himself.REPLY

Mi, Amor

Mi, Amor5 years agoWait wait wait let me just repeat this, and this is what i learned , my wtf momentGuy 1- goes to a foreign country drive on the wrong side, killed 2 people, get charge $175 careless driving Guy 2 - Drug trafficking over 650 grams of cocaine,serve only 2 years and 4 months :/ bruh wtfREPLY


PeetaPan5 years agoDont see how playing the bongo drums high af is a "horrible crime".REPLY


BruhSceneMcQueen5 years agoPaul walker convicted of reckless diving😂REPLY

Mark Ukrainetz

Mark Ukrainetz5 years agoThese are not really "horrible" crimes48REPLYView 10 replies

Ste H

Ste H5 years agoI'd hardly call Downey Jr a person who committed a horrible crime, I can think of far, far worse.REPLY


Quagigitymire5 years agoHorrible Crimes surely shouldn't be including the use of substances. Yes, of course it would include the operating a motor vehicle  under the influence , but getting stoned in your home is as far from a horrible crime one can get whilst breaking the law.REPLY

Tha Pig

Tha Pig5 years agoMorgan Freeman returned a VHS tape without rewinding it in 1993...REPLY

Paul L. Brooks

Paul L. Brooks5 years agoThese aren't "horrible", but I'm sure these guys appreciate Screen Rant's dedication to keeping the dirt fresh and turned over. I can see some poor little kid now...eyes full of tears asking, "Is it true, daddy?" Ah, the price of fame...REPLY

Christian Rosas

Christian Rosas5 years agoYou forgot vin Diesel when he was younger him and his friends used to break into placesREPLY

Ryson Apao

Ryson Apao5 years agoHow is  accidentally driving on the wrong side of the road a horrible crime, it wasn't on purpose and that sounds like an honest mistake14REPLYView 13 replies

Kristian Basile

Kristian Basile4 years agoNone of these qualify as horrible crimes. Most involve drugs and well drugs should be decriminalized as they have been in Portugal since it only hurts the user and we should all be free to make our own choices. The statutory rape again is another bullshit crime. Who the hell buys that 2 years make such a difference. Is an 18 year old that much more qualified to decide if they want to have sex over a 16 year old? The car crashes are accidents. No one purposefully decides to slam their car into another, its an accident (the 175 bucks in compensation is the real crime)REPLY

Dolphin of the Deep

Dolphin of the Deep5 years agoI don't really consider drug possession as a horrible crimeREPLY

Alec Hemphill

Alec Hemphill5 years agoThe only one I knew about was Robert Downy Jr.REPLY

Karl DeutcheMarx

Karl DeutcheMarx5 years agoI don't think drug offences qualify as a horrible crime, just bad past decisions. A horrible crime is one that negatively and directly affects others, not just yourself or making your friends and family feel bad.And growing weed isnt terrible, its the laws against it that are.REPLY


BordersaneX5 years agoWhat??? In regards to Robert Downey, I do not agree that drug use should be labeled as a "horrible crime".REPLY

bruce wayne

bruce wayne5 years agowtf ?? paul walker committed a crime ?? Say u simply ran out of ideas9REPLYView 4 replies

Isaac Taylor

Isaac Taylor5 years agoOnly some of these can be described as horrible. Sexual assault, sure; hate crimes, sure; fucking ATTEMPTED MURDER; hell yeah.But hard drug use? I wouldn't equate a purely self destructive act with violence against your fellow man.On another note; I'm not familiar with the details of the case, but it sounds like the business with Matthew Brodrick was an honest mistake. One with terrible consequences, sure, but an act devoid of malicious intent or negligence.Driving a car is a highly habitual act; the kind of thing you do without really thinking about it. It's easy for circumstantial details to go unnoticed when you're used to behaving reactively  as opposed to proactively.Read moreREPLY

Biscuit Bumper

Biscuit Bumper5 years agoPaul Walker is a terrible actor lol3REPLYView 2 replies

Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman5 years agoDrugs are not a horrible crime, in my country we don't even put someone in jail for taking them we rather put them in a rehab center.REPLY

Subangelis Gaming

Subangelis Gaming5 years ago (edited)RDJ had a drug abuse problem. Not exactly a horrible crime.Will Smith's charges were dropped, either by lack of evidence or the evidence showed he didn't do it. He wasn't convicted. Not a criminal.And to clarify, Tim Allen's arrest & conviction happened BEFORE he became a comedian, not while he was one as you have implied. It was the conviction that turned his life around to become a comedian.Read moreREPLYView 5 replies

Some sad knick fan

Some sad knick fan5 years agoHow did Tim Allen not go to prison when he was just a comedian no way he had any kind of influence thenREPLY

Kael Hate

Kael Hate5 years agoReckless crimes or Societal crimes but nothing here is hardly Horrible. Except for Broderick's driving incident that killed a young lady, no crime listed here was anything other than the common crimes society faces every day. Persons affected by depression or societal neglect and falling into substance abuse or violence as a means. The common man and the superstar alike need help sometimes.REPLY


Alejandro5 years agoJohnny Depp for domestic violenceREPLY

Noa Kalter


Ramsés Vásquez

Ramsés Vásquez3 years agoNext thing you know, they will say....only in Hollywood!!!!REPLY


ianwins15 years agoDamn lol it seems like the 80's was just a period where EVERYBODY was doing crazy shit hahaREPLY

Leo Mozsik

Leo Mozsik5 years agoI think chum lee from pawn stars and hid drug dealing incident although I gues he doesnt classify as an amazing actorREPLY

Harley Martinez

Harley Martinez5 years agoRobert Downey Jr. Came to my home town Merced CA and got in a bar fightREPLY


ModernRetroStudios4 years agohow come everybody commited crimes in mostly the eightiesREPLY


22 BRICKS5 years ago"horrible" crimes, like driving while being drunk😲REPLY

Rafael Montoya

Rafael Montoya5 years agoC'mon who didn't know Robert Downey Jr.REPLY


Bird4 years agoYou forgot OJ Simpson. He was pretty funny in The Naked Gun movies.REPLY

Latifa Mosleh

Latifa Mosleh5 years agoI dont care if RDJ did that hes got over it and became the highest paid actor in hollywood!!!REPLY

chris stanbery

chris stanbery5 years agoPaul Walker might have been an amazing person, I really don't know, but as far as acting goes he had no skill what so ever. Just watch any of his movies. Not sure whys he's on a list of amazing actors?REPLY


Johnny5 years agoWhen Robert Downey Jr. Was in High School he got suspended for ripping up a kids comic book.  Many Years later Robert Downey Jr. Got cast for lead roll, in the film production of the very Story he ripped up. Yes, the comic book he tore up was... ITON MANRead moreREPLYView reply

Logan Mooney

Logan Mooney5 years agoone of my dads friends gave paul walker his one of his last mealsREPLY

Eliana Patt

Eliana Patt5 years agoWoody Harrelson also starred in Now You See Me.REPLY

Velin Sevven

Velin Sevven5 years agoThe moral of the story is: If you want to be a successful actor, commit crimes.REPLY

M Miller

M Miller5 years agoI bet you 3/4 of these crimes is just someone trying to get attention or a journalist who got bored and decided, "f**k it, let's ruin some poor mans life"REPLY


Ethala5 years agoWow, actors were high in the 80's? go figure. You guys are despicable.REPLY


Lestat37215 years agoWhat about Tim Allen? He was busted back in, I think, the 70's dealing coke. That sounds like it should have made the list over Matthew McConaughey being arrested high on pot and playing the bongos naked.REPLY

Manny Adan

Manny Adan5 years agoWoody assaulted someone in 0'6?I guess white men CAN jumpREPLY


COMEDY TV GUY5 years agoSo what we all make mistakes it matters if we learn from themREPLY

tania suarez

tania suarez5 years ago#rip Paúl walkerREPLY

Oiva Vekki

Oiva Vekki5 years agoSo thats why when the Simpsons went to Hollywood and Robert Downey Jr was shooting at the police and Lisa said: Wait, I don't see any cameras! :D2REPLY


Moe5 years agoMatthew Broderick also did mr gadgetREPLY


JW5 years agoBill Cosby should've been number 1REPLY


Chase5 years agoMathew Broderick didn't purposely commit that crime though.REPLY

lonzo123456 7

lonzo123456 74 years ago#RIPPAULWALKERREPLY


MaySpitfire5 years agoAh yes the rich and privileged, there's no justiceREPLY

curt wall

curt wall5 years agomatthew broderick cant believe he killed to people due to him being careless and didnt get time in prisonREPLY

Rivierium Tharuuk

Rivierium Tharuuk5 years agoHuh, it's kinda funny that a guy from fast and furious, a movie BASICALLY staring cars, got killed by a CAR collisionREPLY

Grayson Myers

Grayson Myers5 years ago"Actors who committed terrible crimes" has picture of a person who died unfairly because of his friend and the car they were in. Mmmm charming.REPLY

Santiago Rodriguez Guillen

Santiago Rodriguez Guillen5 years agothey paid their time or whatever the law said they needed to doREPLY

Wes Andes

Wes Andes5 years agoI am now team cap all the way.jk please don't kill me I love Robert Downey Jr.Read moreREPLY

James Fuhr

James Fuhr5 years agoMatthew Broderick was more of an accident but you shouldn't be driving if you think you might make a mistake like driving on the wrong sideREPLY

Robert Espinoza

Robert Espinoza4 years agoI just knew Tim Allen and mark walberg had themREPLY


Glasgow2k65 years agomost of these actors are not amazing, the only thing amazing about them is the fact they got so much workREPLY

Cookie Betts

dfds5 years agoThis is what happens when rich people have too much free time and to few to fear.REPLY

Banana Joe

Banana Joe5 years agoHey kiefer Sutherland also starred in MGSV the phantom painREPLY

Rune Artifact

Rune Artifact5 years agoRIP Alan walker......REPLY


Lyonheart501st5 years agoi dont think a fight is a serious crime.... that shit can happen anytime for just about any reasonREPLY


Nirnad5 years agoAll those actors and their crimes but Mel Gibson is the persona non grata. Makes you thinking...McCarthy would be proud of Hollywood. ;)REPLY

Joefish Gaming

Joefish Gaming5 years ago100 bucks says paul warkers crime was street racing ;-)REPLY


CaptainTaco975 years agoI didn't even know that Broderick killed people. Holy shitREPLY


FabledGames5 years agoR.I.P Paul WalkerREPLY

RC Chick

RC Chick5 years agoI had to stop watching this after RDJ cus ur crazy for saying being addicted to drugs is a "terrible crime" wtf wrong with u guys on this channel? Terrible crime is Murder rape kidnap ect being a junkie is not a terrible crime. Get real1REPLY

Lebron Traveled

Lebron Traveled2 years agoYeah. Pompeii is the Keifer Sutherland movie that comes to mindREPLY

Mumincunt Official

Mumincunt Official5 years agoNo wonder they died when they drive in to a Volvo.REPLY

prying eyes

prying eyes5 years agoSo dancing in the streets, playing bongos in your own home, and using drugs that are less harmful to the body than alcohol (which is most of them) are horrible crimes? How was that ranked as a lesser crime than a racially motivated murder attempt? Screw it, you must be high.REPLYView reply

The Rat Haired Bastard

The Rat Haired Bastard5 years agoman i wished they showed the archer voice actor voice i heard him while listening to my dads favorite channel NPR i heard him there and on bobs burgersREPLY

Simon Van Liew

Simon Van Liew5 years agowhy do people that can buy their own planes get DUI's😂😂😂REPLY

Mathias Pedersen

Mathias Pedersen5 years agoWait what?! Woody "horrible crime" was dancing in the middle of the street?? WTF! They might as well put me away for life then :D :DI know that I probably misunderstood this... Just let me have my moment...Read moreREPLY

Hamid Miraly

Hamid Miraly5 years agoTim Allen Also played zoomREPLY

James Jenkins

James Jenkins5 years agoIf they hadn't been celebrities, a lot of them would have been in jail for much longer or even still be in jailREPLY

Ramon Penalo

Ramon Penalo4 years agoiron man better be on this listREPLY


MishMish2Chingy5 years agoHorrible crimes "arrested for dancing in the street" 😂1REPLY

Haaris Khan

Haaris Khan5 years agol feel sad for Paul walker.REPLY


An_Outsider5 years agoI'm serious, when I saw the picture of Paul Walker, and all I saw the title said "10 Amazing Actors Who Committed..." I thought that it had said committed suicide.REPLY

Anne S.

Anne S.5 years agoRIP Paul Walker ;(REPLY

Bruno Lanzavecchia

Bruno Lanzavecchia5 years agoRobert Downey Jr's, Woody Harrelson's and Matthew Mcconaughey's are nowhere near horrible. This is stupid.REPLY

Kellie Williams

Kellie Williams5 years agoIts weird about how a lot of these crimes were just drugs and this video dubbed them horribleREPLY

Abysswalker Studios

Abysswalker Studios5 years agoSome of those weren't very bad crimesREPLY


Cherryfan0015 years agoOf course RBJ on this list, he stole some poor kid's Iron Man comic in high schoolREPLY

Jeremey Tidmore

Jeremey Tidmore5 years agoJust thoughts, all real people have been confronted with issues. Not one of us happens to be innocent and without shame. on the other hand, ....REPLY

Deja Vu

Deja Vu5 years agoHahaha, Damn these actors and actress are straight thugs.REPLY

Alan Smithee

Alan Smithee5 years agoNews Flash; Famous people and actors are just regular people!REPLY

Sheryar Khiry

Sheryar Khiry5 years agoWOW.. what the hell ironmanREPLY


Niche5 years agoMatthew Brodrock shouldnt be on this. Hes from a different country. I live in ireland and it is weird seeing americans driving on the right hand side of the roadREPLY

William Flowerday

William Flowerday5 years agoWill smiths crime was Jayden smithREPLY




SteamrollerViolin5 years agoThe use of the word "amazing" is questionable at best.REPLY

Ashtrey Gaming

Ashtrey Gaming5 years agoDUI is not a "Shocking" crime.  Come on dudes.3REPLY

Torque the prisoner

Torque the prisoner5 years agopaul walker littering at least he could of cleaned up after him self after he wanted to hug a tree with his car.REPLY


sunshineflicker5 years agoJohny Depp thoughREPLY

finbar wall

finbar wall5 years agohas everyone forgotten matthew broderick was in war gamesREPLY

Spencer Maley


fn 2198

fn 21985 years agowtf iron man is crime he is ny all time favourite actor and he was in 2016 movies too so ftwREPLY


Quicksilver5 years agoMatt Hardy.Something to do with drugs.REPLY

Xray Ted

Xray Ted5 years agoI believe James Caan took a tank for a joyride a while ago....REPLY


HuskyCOGtnt1185 years agoJust to clarify you go to jail for offenses a year or less and prison for more than a year.REPLY


EthicalHacking5 years agoDrugs and alcohol aren't horrable crimes, i dont do them myself but they arent all that bad. you could of added Steven seagul for spouse abuse.REPLY

Kacper Kaliszczak

Kacper Kaliszczak5 years agoI have a couple of things to say... The thing about RDJ, who cares if doing drugs is bad or good? If you think this list is bad, then click off. No need to post the definition if the word horrible.Also, Paul Walker, and also other celebrities that died... Heres a thing that I realized, people, if they don't know the person that died, they pretend they do. I didn't know Paul Walker until it was showed in the news. I didnt go around screaming "Paul Walker is an amazing actor if you disagree you are disrespectful". This also goes for Muhammad Ali, he died recently. I never was interested in boxing and never will be. That still doesnt mean I should go around say that he was an amazing boxer just becuase he died. What I'm trying to say, don't di that thing that I just explain, AND if you dont like what you see on the internet, just ignore it, mabye dislike it, dont butthurt in the comments(this may or may nit be hypocritical)Read moreREPLY

Braden Hardin

Braden Hardin5 years agothat's astoundingREPLYView reply


ツSamara2 years ago (edited)Well it looks like Robert Downey Jr died in endgame and retired in marvelREPLY

Raffi Andhika P.

Raffi Andhika P.5 years agoYou know, you miss transformers 4 movie the actors is Mark WahlbergREPLYView reply


MINGUVKS2 years agoWasn't Rdj forced by his dad or something?1REPLYView reply


Xro5 years agoWoody Harrelson ? Hard to believe ?    HahahaREPLY

rasta fosta

rasta fosta5 years ago"horrible crimes"?? I've only heard a few horrible crimesREPLY


10,236,698 views5 years agoI love fresh prince of bel airREPLY

Bismuth the Anarchist

Bismuth the Anarchist5 years ago"resisting arrest""Marijuana"you get that terrible nasty human being. how dare he resist oppression violence threats imprisonment and a corrupt system that thinks bodily autonomy issues are things for the state to mandate.Read moreREPLY

Llean Lovelyn

Llean Lovelyn5 years agoam i the only one who got pissed off when the vid started with RDJ? 😠😠 uhm drug use is not a "horrible" crime.REPLY

Adam Effinger

Adam Effinger5 years agothis should be known as criminal dominanceREPLY

Wevin Katson

Wevin Katson5 years agoactors don't have to be role models. lolREPLY

Adam KM

Adam KM5 years agoSutherlands bigest crime is replacing David Hayter... ;PREPLY


Sasha.ABA.Cat5 years agoWhat about Johnny DeppREPLY

ryan fabritz



Cinemaspire5 years agoPaul Walker, is not an amazing actor. And also, I swear you did this video like 2 months ago.REPLY


Belbe5 years agoAlthough not all these were "horrible" crimes, lots of comments here have me worried whether people know what crimes are... you break the law it's committing a crime - it's not up to SR or you to decide what is a crime or not... the list is accurate as all these actors broke the law. Jeez.REPLY

The Many-Faced God

The Many-Faced God5 years agosince when is drug possession a "horrible crime" lolREPLY

Aiden Hess

Aiden Hess5 years agoDoes anybody know that downey is in weird science?REPLY


coolguyhino925 years agoDid you just say that Marky-Mark has been in Successful movies such as 'Planet of the Apes'?!?!!   WTFREPLY

Infamous Justice

Infamous Justice5 years agoYou should have stuck to crimes that they were actually convicted of 1REPLY

That Redline Cat

That Redline Cat4 years agothat soft bell noise in the beginning made me check my door twiceREPLY

Alan Bernstein

Alan Bernstein5 years agoI like your videos and I like this video, but I had to downvote it because I don't think playing Bongos in your house is a horrible crimeREPLYView reply

Tyrell G

Tyrell G5 years agoPaul Walker was also in Brick MansionsREPLY

Some sad knick fan

Some sad knick fan5 years agoBroderick crime definitely doesn't seem like wow,thing that should I be on here I thinkREPLY


DEITZ NETWORK5 years agohay leave Mathew bradric? alone it was a accident im only 13 and I can forgive himREPLY

Steven R

Steven R5 years agoif your going to use the term 'horrible crimes' at least pick actors with serious history, Broderick was an accident caused by his inexperience and nobody treats drug use as a horrible crime (dealing maybe) its an addiction1REPLY

Cathi Jaeger-Cordes

Cathi Jaeger-Cordes5 years agorip paul walkerREPLY


GOT YOUR MOTHER BICEPS5 years agorip paul walkerREPLY


AJGAMING25 years agoDamn Paul walker i didn't know thatREPLY


Steve5 years agoLOL - A young Irish teenager (Wahlberg) from Dorchester saying/doing racist things... who-da-thunk-it?REPLY

Web User

Web User4 years agowhere are the amazing actors here?REPLY

Max Thorpe-Downey

Max Thorpe-Downey5 years agoDecent human deings 😝REPLY

Ramona Price

Ramona Price5 years agoDrugs and alcohol do all this stuff yet people still take them for some reasonREPLY

Blake Bryant

Blake Bryant5 years agoI wouldnt consider a dui or drug possession or minor assault and battery "horrible crimes". Matthew brodericks was pretty bad but clearly an accident.  I was thinking theyd say these guys had like attempted murder charges or something lol. Matthew mcchonaugheys was pretty funny though lolREPLY


FlumenSanctiViti5 years agoSo, where's the horror element in those 10 cases?REPLY


Schwagg2 years agoI don't know if these all fall under the category of "horrible crimes".....except dancing in the street.....that's just disturbing and wrong. DAMN you Woody Harrelson!!!REPLY

Yancey Wegner

Yancey Wegner5 years agoWhy did stuff happen in 1999?REPLY


ColeyM5 years agohow are you about to compare smoking pot and playing the bongos to assault??REPLY

Cody Levey

Cody Levey5 years agomark whalberg wasn't a popstarREPLY

Andrea Hernandez

Andrea Hernandez5 years ago"horrible" crimes?1REPLY


GunMetalDrip5 years agoTim Allen....2 years for all that cocaine???REPLY

Lone Retz

Lone Retz5 years agoI only knew about the Robert Downey Jr. oneREPLY

Mind Flayer

Mind Flayer5 years agoDanny Trejo, armed robberyREPLY


TheBbapache5 years agoSince when was crashing a car which you was not driving a crime ? I mean I can see accidentally manslaughter but Paul walker didn't do pooREPLY

YiFan Tey

YiFan Tey5 years ago6:02 I thought it was Leonardo DiCaprio2REPLY

Kileriz Lt

Kileriz Lt5 years ago#loveironman❤️❤️REPLY

Oli S

Oli S5 years agoMathew Broderick's was an accident, he didn'c commit a "horrible crim"REPLY


Thermoxin5 years agoOne does not simply erase a criminal record.REPLY

Lamont Whitebear

Lamont Whitebear5 years agoI like screenrant but I think it's stupid I think he shouldn't have done one like this because all the actors changed. And all the crime were from years ago. I still like him thoughREPLY

Everything Lego

Everything Lego5 years agoDidn't Paul walker die in 2015?REPLY

Josh Davis

Josh Davis5 years ago"Amazing actors" most of them are nobodys now, and after this video, some of them would be better to never act again.REPLY

Skid Marky

Skid Marky4 years agoI kept rewinding the video because I think it skipped the part that talks about "Amazing" actors committing "Horrible" crimes.REPLY


MomBlk332CN5 years agoI knew all but Will Smith & Paul Walker( which is why I clicked on this video).REPLY


Eva5 years agoWhat about Emma Roberts?REPLY

grace minion

grace minion4 years ago (edited)It's unlucky to talk bad about the deadREPLY

Branden Mozr

Branden Mozr5 years agoJaden Smith got a nice flow lmfao you lames who at his throat listen to rock music 😂REPLY

Adam Collins

Adam Collins5 years ago"Amazing" actorsREPLY

Alexandros Simitzis

Alexandros Simitzis5 years agoYou didn't put the most obvious one. OJ Simpson.1REPLY

Devin Rockas

Devin Rockas5 years agoMatt dicapiro for using drugs in a movieREPLY

Gabri EL

Gabri EL5 years agoso what's the ,,horrible crime" R D Junior committed?REPLY

Bearded Cain

Bearded Cain5 years agoI accidentally clicked 6:27 when I was trying to add subtitles to the vid, then I thought somebody was talking about what I was doing last Friday night...REPLY

Dian Taylor

Dian Taylor5 years agoSubstance abuse us a "horrible crime"?1REPLY

Rory The Panda

Rory The Panda5 years agoWhen I think "horrible crimes," I think of stuff like murder, assault and rape.  I understand that drugs can really mess up a person's life but.... I don't know... The damage there is usually focused inwardly.Let the comments correcting my line of thinking begin.REPLY


Shareef5 years agoi thought this was gonna say amazing actors who commited suicideREPLY


Skipper5 years agoROBBERT DOWNY JR 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂REPLY


THE FLASH 135 years agothey turn there life aroundREPLY


NINJA/SNIPER PRODUCTIONS5 years agoWhere's Charlie Sheen?REPLY

royal M

royal M4 years agowho else is watching this in 2017?😂REPLY


shadowsmirk5 years agoNothing on Bill Cosby?1REPLY


Rockbottom5 years agoexcept mathew Broderick ,christian Slater Mark whalberg's crime i didnt find any of the other horribleREPLY


hazardouslaugh5 years agoPlaying pretty fast and loose with the term "Horrible crimes"REPLY


Damn_Robotz_25 years agobasically they are humans like us ..............2REPLY


MrJb7135 years agosince when is substance abuse a horrible crime?REPLY


HelnKellrFresh2Deaf5 years agoYou know, it doesn't make sense to include alleged offences that were dropped and never ended in conviction. At best, it amounts to spreading rumors about people. Also, struggling with an addiction is not a "horrible crime". Additionally being in possession of a drug is not "horrible"; its just illegal. What a lame video. You guys make so many good videos. Why would you publish this crap?2REPLY

Dezirie Gonzalez

Dezirie Gonzalez5 years agoI knew about only will smithREPLY

Dutch Universe

Dutch Universe5 years agoNot even a cosby?1REPLY

Flak Outsourcing

Flak Outsourcing5 years agoMark walberg almost died in 9/11REPLY

Moussa Sy

Moussa Sy5 years agoPaul walker I have no respect for the man 16 shame on you dude just because you are an actor or famous or rich doesn't mean you have the right to break the law I mean come on your an actor and she is 16 she isn't even old enough to smoke cigarettesREPLY

Jack McGrory

Jack McGrory4 years agoI hate Matthew Broderick so damn much right now.REPLY


Wolf5 years ago"Horrible...?" In some cases that is quite an exaggeration.REPLY


123myballsitch5 years agoLol.. Paul Walker was never an amazing actor.REPLY


epicto125 years agomy grandpa almost arested woody harrison father for a D.U.IREPLY

Nice catch

Nice catch2 years agoRdj is not crime he is just addict drugs you shouldn't say thisREPLY


Ted5 years agoits not really criminal but in the newest hunger games film, someone died with a mix of drugs after the recording of part 1REPLY