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By   Sophia Ava  YEET MAGAZINE | Updated 0439 GMT (1239 HKT) February 23, 2022

Meta is desperate to get young people back on Facebook. Mark Zuckerberg announced that Facebook Reels will roll out globally yesterday, and the company introduced a few new ways creators can make money from its TikTok clone.

Zuck’s two months away from starting a hype house.

Meta has TikTok in its sights, launching its Reels product globally for all Facebook users Tuesday. Reels is a huge deal for Meta: On the company’s most recent earnings call, Zuckerberg said it’s the company’s fastest-growing content format.

And even though the metaverse is kind of Meta’s…whole thing, that earnings call mentioned “Reels” more than twice as much as the “metaverse.”

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The announcement is a sign that Facebook sees short-form video as the future of social media, and the future of its own platform. It's also part of a broader push to get young people back on Facebook, which may not work at all, but at least the platform is willing to pay.

The rise and impact of TikTok is so real, that Facebook launched Reels globally with new editing tools on priority.
So now you have reels on Instagram, Reels on Facebook with Meta promoting the short video format on its parent app to retain its consumer base!

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There is no doubt that there is a serious product war going on between Meta and TikTok to win the loyalty of millennial and Gen-Z consumers.

TikTok is miles ahead already with their shoppable live streaming. Seems like TikTok is playing Chess and FB is playing checkers.

In 2021, TikTok won an important battle as the platform drove the most amount of downloads last year and overtook Instagram in popularity with younger consumers.

It is no surprise why Meta made the move to make its Reels format available to as many users as it possibly could. It needs to fend off TikTok's continuing growing popularity in 2022 and stop Instagram and Facebook users from migrating to the TikTok platform.

As this fight between two titans of platforms wages on, I am curious to hear from my network on these two questions:

Will Meta's expansion of Reels globally be enough to impact the hockey stick like growth TikTok has been experiencing?

What other moves can Meta make to ensure their users stay on their suite of apps rather than migrating over to TikTok?

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Reels is Meta's fastest growing surface, in terms of usage, and it's looking to lean into that with the expansion of Facebook Reels to all regions. Which will open up a lot more reach potential for creators, and could be a strong lure for top stars. #Facebook #Meta

My biggest takeaway from this update - on one hand, the expansion of Reels to Facebook is an important weapon added in their armour against TikTok, and on the other, Facebook is also giving creators the opportunity to maximize monetization potential through longer content (cue YouTube). Best of both worlds?

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It's interesting for sure! I think FB will struggle to gain much impact on the Reels, as they just don't seem like a primary source go to for that sort of content. They could integrate the Reels into Instagram similar to what they done with the Stories and Feed for larger impact, though.