Where To Shop Designer Pumps And Siletto Heels At The Best Price : A Quick Comparison

Whether you prefer a high heel, cat heel, block heel, pointy toe, a classic nude, needle-thin stiletto or a timeless mule, we've tried and tested the most comfortable heels of 2021-2022 to suit your needs. all your needs.

Take Footwear Comfort To New Heights With The Most Comfortable Heels This Year

Home Style Take footwear comfort to new heights with the most comfortable heels of 2021-2022

By Sophia Ava YEET MAGAZINE | Updated 0439 GMT (1239 HKT) March 11, 2022

Take footwear comfort to new heights with the most comfortable heels of 2021-2022

17 Most Comfortable Heels: The Best Comfortable and Stylish Heels (2021)


A good pair of heels will literally elevate your outfit, but they don't look as stylish when you're limping in pain after a few hours. So if you plan on wearing your heels for an extended period of time, you need to make sure they are comfortable.

You could wear minimalist sneakers or remember to pack a pair of fail-safe trainers or hiking shoes in your bag… or you could totally bypass the problem by choosing the most comfortable heels first.

Fortunately, today's designers are a step ahead of the game , with comfy pumps to match any occasion, available in almost every style and color under the sun.

Whether you prefer a high heel, cat heel, block heel, pointy toe, a classic nude, needle-thin stiletto or a timeless mule, we've tried and tested the most comfortable heels of 2021-2022 to suit your needs. all your needs.

The heels below are made to wear during all your favorite activities: strolling, exploring, shopping and dancing the night away.

The 17 most comfortable heels

#BrandBest for
1M.Gemi the Esatobest overall
twoChristian Louboutinbest luxury
3DreamPairsbest value
4M.Gemi The Lustrobetter to walk
5everyone'sbetter for work
6Gianvito Rossibest designer
7ClarksBest to stand all day
8Nina Genaybest for wedding
9Size & Pairbetter to dance
10Jimmy Choobest nude
11aquazzurabest black
12naturalizerbest platform
13Castanerbest wedge
14Stuart Weitzmanbest ankle strap
15Cole HaanBest for wide feet
16VionicBest for flat feet
17Roger VivierMore expensive

M.Gemi The Esatto 90mm: Best overall comfortable heels

Day or night, you will dazzle wearing The Esatto by M.Gemi. Classically elegant, this go-anywhere style is delicate and timeless, offering a heel you'll wear for years to come. A trendy take without the fuss, your soles will thank you for choosing these heels thanks to a super-soft heel and an eye-catching style.

The quintessential pointy toe is a popular choice that wears any outfit and the 90mm (3.5″) heel is the perfect spot between flats and high heels. Gorgeous and stylish, these high heels are a superior transitional choice that will take you through the seasons. A padded sockliner offers an extra level of comfort and a choice between black leather, patent black or two-tone suede means there's an option for whatever you're pairing with these high-heeled shoes.BUY NOW

Christian Louboutin Clare suede pumps: the best luxury heels

Not sure which heels to wear for your business meetings or cocktails with friends? Louboutins promise to match any look and few luxury footwear brands are as iconic as these. Red-soled Clare pumps are a premium option that adds a touch of luxury to any outfit. Sculpted in Italy with a velvety suede leather upper, set over a moderately slim 80mm (3.1″) heel and finished with a pointed toe if you're looking to invest in a pair of classic yet comfortable heels, you must do these.

Unique style means that chic and versatile Christian Louboutin shoes can be paired with just about anything: the only rule is to make sure the red sole can be seen when you're out and about. The classic black heel and red sole combo effortlessly elevates even the simplest outfit, making these stiletto heels perfect no matter your mood.BUY NOW

DreamPairs Low Jump: Best Value Jumps

Dream Pairs is a brand worthy of any woman looking for a sophisticated casual silhouette without a high price tag. The Dream Pairs Luvly comes with a cat-eye heel for an elegant, elevated finishing touch to your everyday wardrobe. Flattering and versatile, the low heel complements jeans and dresses, while the classic round, latex-padded sockliner adds an extra level of comfort.

An easy slip-on design makes this low-heeled pump an effortlessly comfortable option for commuting from the office to the bar, and an array of colors means the only difficulty you'll have is choosing which pair to buy first. Opt for black suede for a classic look, add a pop of color with the nude pair, or subtly elevate your outfit with a dash of red lipstick and matching red heels.BUY NOW

M.Gemi The Lustro: more comfortable heels for walking

Leave your back shoes at home the next time you wear heels and walk all day, because The Lustro by M.Gemi combines everything needed, from a high heel that will literally ease the pain of walking in heels. A 90mm (3.5″) heel might look intimidating if you know you're going to be standing for a while, but a super-cushioned, flexible shape means you'll almost forget you're walking higher than usual.

With their gorgeous, delicate profile, these nude block heels are beautifully crafted and sustainable, with a flattering, elevated look without any pinching. Style and quality make these heels a pair you'll keep for years to come. An almond-shaped toe and slim heel make them incredibly easy to walk on and beautifully finished. Pair warm neutral patent heels with dark colored outfits for a fresh look, or keep it classic with basic black patent heels.BUY NOW

Tod's Black Leather Pumps: Most Comfortable Heels for Work

Take the stress out of Monday-Friday outfit planning with the addition of Tod's Black Leather Pumps to your work wardrobe. Classy and stylish, this mid heel will easily take you from meeting to meeting, and the handcrafted black Italian leather and lightly padded sockliner are proof that a comfortable heel really does exist. A round toe takes no prisoners in the boardroom and a classic silhouette makes these heels easy to match with any work outfit.

This chunky block heel adds a modern look and offers more comfort than an initial look might assume. The sole features the label's trusted signature, which means you can walk around safely during the day without fear of slipping when you're in a hurry. Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, is a fan of Tod's, and the brand is known for its premium quality fabrics. Style yours with an oversized blazer for a chic office ensemble.BUY NOW

Gianvito Rossi 85 mm pumps: more comfortable design heels

This wardrobe staple is a designer heel you'll never regret spending the money on. “More comfortable” is certainly an impressive compliment in the vast and growing world of high heels, but the Gianvito Rossi pumps are fully deserving of such a title. An instant classic, these heels are designed to look and feel great, with a medium stiletto heel and a low-key silhouette. Gianvito's timeless elegance is never more prominent than with the Gianvito 85mm pumps, a handcrafted high heel in supple suede and a pointed toe to complete it.

Gianvito Rossi is the epitome of high quality Italian craftsmanship and the brand has earned a reputation for designing some of the most wearable high heels in the world.
Wear them casually or formally - black suede heels and nude heels are timeless pairs that are great to invest in. Or step out of the ordinary with a soft, chic and elegant gray pair.BUY NOW

Clarks Sheer Rose: Most Comfortable Heel for Standing All Day

If you're in the market for a new pair of heels that refuse to let you down, no matter what kind of stress you put them on, this pair from Clarks is a winner. Nobody likes to be kept waiting, but what makes it even more unbearable is a relentless throbbing pain in the heels. Clarks' Sheer Rose has a square toe and 65mm block heel that ensures comfort for hours.

Available in three colors (Black Leather, Tan Leather and Blush Varnish), both options add a clean, minimalist look with a big stylistic impact. This is a heel that effortlessly wears jeans with a natural edge, adds an extra layer of elegance to wearing skirts, or provides a contemporary pair with short pants.

The durable sole for a reliable grip and the brand's dual density Cushion Plus™ technology for unbeatable comfort create a very comfortable heel and table staple for dinner.

If you know you're going to be on your feet all day, this is the heel to go for.BUY NOW

Nina Genaya: Most comfortable heels for a wedding

Shoes can make or break a wedding attire, thanks to their ability to keep you dancing for hours on end, or sitting in the corner of the room sipping a glass of champagne to ease the throbbing in your toes. The Nina Genaya is the perfect choice for any occasion from day to night, with a strappy silhouette and a flattering fit. Available in six different colors, the reflective silver pair is a simple addition to any wedding attire, promising a dazzling touch of elegance without the temptation to take it off in the middle of the night.
A mid-point of comfort and style means you can dance for hours while wearing the Genayas, without even remembering that you're wearing new sandals. A 50mm (2.5″) heel is high enough to stretch your leg without accidentally reaching for the stars or compromising your ankles. Prefer a more simplistic look? Choose the option lined in black and gold or navy.BUY NOW

Porte & Paire Black Leather Sandals: Most comfortable heels for dancing

High heels are a staple in any woman's wardrobe and a pair of strong black strappy sandals can be worn over and over again on many occasions.

Porte & Paire's black leather sandals are chic and smooth, with a square toe, 60mm block heel and padded footbed for luxurious comfort. Made from supple black leather and designed with thin straps that dance over your feet, these are the heels to grab for a night out with friends with confidence that you'll go home without any of the typical high heel pain.

Equal parts chic, stylish and comfortable, the woven design means these heels can add a touch of fun to whatever you're wearing. Pair it with a cotton dress for an easy summer look that's perfect for whatever song plays next.BUY NOW

Jimmy Choo Neutral Romy 60: Best nude comfortable heels

Your classic nude shoes deserve an upgrade. Pulled out of the wardrobe for weddings, dinners and drinks, important meetings or something in between, a strong pair of nude heels is something you'll thank yourself for buying in the future. Stretch your legs with Jimmy Choo's Neutral Romy 60, letting the updated version of the pointy toe, high-gloss finish and classic silhouette take the lead. Favored by royalty and fashion editors, these nude heels are made from cream leather and give even the simplest outfits an instant polish.

A 60mm (2.4″) heel counter makes them the perfect mid-point for elongating your legs, letting you go through the day with confidence. Beautifully handcrafted, expect lots of compliments whenever you pull them out of your wardrobe. Timeless, trendy and always wearable, a good pair of nude heels will always save the day when the rest of your outfit needs a quick pick-me-up.BUY NOW

Aquazzura Bow Tie Pumps: The best comfortable black heels

It's impossible to go wrong with a good pair of black heels and a comfortable but stylish pair should be the first pair of heels you invest in. Find a classic pair that is versatile with a touch of fun and consider it one of your best fashion investments ever. A favorite of shoe lovers everywhere comes from Aquazzura.

Expertly sculpted in Italy from velvety black suede, Aquazzura's timelessly elegant Bow Tie pumps are definitely worthy of the front-row seat they will occupy in your wardrobe, ready to be pulled out for virtually any occasion (and we mean all occasions ). ). Both the Duchess of Cambridge and Meghan Markle champion the versatility of Bow Tie Aquazzura pumps - the pointy heels have been seen on many royal visits.

With a slingback strap and sleek silhouette, the toe pumps rest comfortably on an 85mm stiletto heel, while cutouts follow the foot's natural lines and leave a glimpse of skin exposed. High heels can be worn in fashion in a way that only Aquazurra knows how, and they exude class and style whenever they are effortlessly worn. Let the bow ties in the back do the talking by pairing them with an all-black outfit, or enjoy Aquazurra's sense of fun by mixing colors, textures and fabrics from top to bottom.BUY NOW

Naturalizer Michelle Pump: most comfortable platform heel

Not only do platform heels never go out of style, they are also completely seasonal. You'll be wearing them to summer parties or winter nights out, making them one of the most versatile heel styles out there and therefore one of the best fashion investments you'll make.

Our favorites are the Naturalizer Michelle Platform Heel, a pair of heels known for having a comfort level as high as the heel itself.

Dual-density cushioning in a patented contoured sockliner with arch support provides an extra level of comfort and yet another reason to wear these heels. The durable non-slip sole of these platforms provides enhanced stability as you walk around town. Available in many different shades, there's a pair to match whatever you want to wear in the seasons to come.BUY NOW

Castañer espadrille wedges: more comfortable wedge pump

True comfort comes in the form of wedge heels, thanks to the even distribution of weight across the foot. Fortunately, they're also one of the biggest summer footwear trends year after year, so if you're thinking of investing in a comfortable pair of heeled shoes this month, Castañer espadrilles wedges will make a great addition to your wardrobe. . Chic, comfortable, and closed-ended for those “off pedicure” summer days, these wedges are luxurious, easy, and smooth to ride.

Available in different neutral colors, they are a brilliant addition to your suitcase for evenings spent along the boardwalk or laughing with family and friends at a barbecue. The pretty ribbons are securely tied at the ankles, allowing you to relax and enjoy the day without worrying about sore feet. Pair them with jeans or airy sundresses for an easy summertime solution.BUY NOW

Stuart Weitzman NearlyNude Leather Sandals: the most comfortable heels with ankle straps

Grab an ankle heel when you're planning to dance and you'll never look back. Sure, a stiletto might be the traditional choice, but once you make the switch, you'll be a longtime convert.

Expertly crafted in Spain from smooth leather, it's the 80mm block heel you're likely to notice first when you're admiring Stuart Weitzman's NearlyNude leather sandals. The heel is just the right height to wear or wear casually, making these comfy strappy sandals the first thing you'll add to your "packing for the holiday" list for late-night outings or Sunday morning brunch. Adjustable ankle strap with hidden elastic adds an extra layer of support and comfort.

Classic, versatile and a pair to achieve for years to come, they look as cool with floral dresses as they do with short jeans and a white tee.
It's no wonder these minimalist sandals are a favorite among the stylish crowd - from Gigi Hadid to actress Emma Roberts and former first lady Michelle Obama.BUY NOW

Cole Haan Grand Ambition Pump: Most Comfortable Heels for Wide Feet

Finding stylish and attractive shoes for wide feet can be a matter of trial and error, even without considering heels. Overcome fears of sacrificing pinched or numb toes with Cole Haan's Grand Ambition Bomb.

The name says it all - this pair was designed with the high ambition to change the way you think about comfort: with its uncompromising fit, touch, flexibility and cushioning, we'd say its mission has been accomplished.

These heels come with a supportive, anatomically contoured cushioned sockliner and lightweight platform-to-heel construction for all-around comfort from the first wear.

With an elite comfort-level heel that's ultra-chic and practical, these stylish, easy-to-wear shoes take the stress out of finding wide heels once and for all.

Keep it simple with a black heel or add a summery touch with a white pair.BUY NOW

Vionic Amor Mariana: more comfortable heel for flat feet

It might seem easier to ditch jumps altogether and stick with the plans if you struggle with bow issues and the Roulette-style guessing game of whether your new jumps will do their job or not is something none of us want to face. . Vionic Amor Mariana could be the answer to your problems, helping you stay pain-free and fabulous even when your feet are determined not to play. Party-ready from the start, these heels will quickly skip all the shoe shopping frustrations.

Versatile enough to be worn to a wedding, daytime event or at work, they are ideal for comfort and style. A 76mm (3″) heel lengthens the legs without any calf pain and a round toe leaves plenty of room for wider feet. Cute and feminine, these heels are a joy to dance to on any occasion. Keep the party theme with Wine color or go back to basics with elegant black or brown heels.BUY NOW

Rogier Vivier Flower Strass Satin Pumps: The most expensive pair of heels

If there's one thing we can say for sure, it's that you'll dazzle any room with this pair of Rogier Vivivier flower bombs. Glamorous from start to finish, these are the heels you'll save for cocktail parties and exclusive evening occasions. It's hard to know what to focus on first with these Rogier Viviers: you'll be stunned between admiring the brand's crystal-studded buckle, the subtle sparkle and the elegant, pointed fingers.

Made in Italy with smooth satin, these ultra-sexy heels demand attention everywhere they go. A manageable 65mm (2.5″) heel is high enough to make an entryway without sacrificing comfort in favor of style, and Rogier Vivier's dedication to quality means you can stand for as long as you need to. In short, they are the epitome of shoes that will brighten your day - both literally and metaphorically - before you even put them on.BUY NOW

Buyer's Guide to Comfortable Heels

Do your feet a favor and choose wisely when it comes to investing in your next pair of heels. Before clicking “Checkout”, remember these factors:

Choose your material wisely

Leather or suede heels may be more expensive, but the premium quality means they will almost certainly outlive synthetic materials. Leather and suede are also more flexible, molding to the shape of your foot much faster, and they also don't tend to rub as much.

buy the right size

It might go without saying, but you should never buy high heels that don't fit properly - or beware of the curse of slowly starting to resent wearing them. High heels should fit comfortably and hold your foot firmly in place to prevent blisters or ankle pain. For best results, try putting your heels on at the end of the day after a long day of walking. Feet are usually less swollen in the morning, so this gives you a good idea of ​​how comfortable they will be after a few hours of standing.

types of jump

If comfort is the key, a wedge heel can be your secret weapon. You should also look for heels with an ankle strap, pairs with a lower heel height, and heels with plenty of room around the toes. If you can't stay away from taller heels, choose a pair that has a sturdier, thicker heel for added stability and counteract the extra height. Thin stilettos may look amazing, but they offer less support for your feet.

wiggle your toes

Heels can feel a little big if there's room to wiggle your toes, but prioritize those heels that cause foot cramps. In the long run, this can lead to arthritis if your toes are constantly pressing for more space. Round toe and almond toe shoes offer more space than classic pointed toes.

heel height

Heels between 30mm and 90mm (1.2” to 3.5”) are considered the most comfortable, providing lift without being too high and putting a lot of strain on your legs and lower back. Opt for low heels if you're planning on standing or dancing for hours on end, or treat yourself to high heels if you haven't been on your feet for a long time.

Comfort and cushioning

Cushioned soles can be a lifesaver when it comes to comfy heels and a memory foam sole can be the difference between throwing your favorite pair in the back of your wardrobe or just putting them out for a walk around the house to relax. have fun. If you accidentally buy a pair of heels that feel like sleeping on a concrete bed, invest in some memory foam insoles to fill the gap.

Comfortable heels FAQWhat are the most comfortable women's heels?

Overall, the most comfortable heels are M.Gemi's The Esatto, known for their classically elegant, go-anywhere versatility and attention to detail. Read our complete guide to the most comfortable heels of 2021-2022 to find a perfect pair for a wedding, a day at the office, or anywhere else.

What is the most comfortable heel height?

The most comfortable heel height is considered to be between 30mm and 90mm (1.2” to 3.5”). Heels higher than that don't offer as much support or protection to the foot, which can cause aches and pains later in the day. Our comprehensive guide details the best high heels with comfort in mind.

What are the most comfortable evening shoes?

The most comfortable evening shoes include pairs from Porte & Paire, Jimmy Choo, Christian Louboutin, Gianvito Rossi and Aquazzura. Equal parts chic and comfortable, they ensure you can walk, stand and dance for hours without pain.

What kind of heel is most comfortable?

Wedge heels and those with thick or block heels are considered the most sustainable and therefore the most comfortable. If comfort is essential, avoid shoes with thinner, higher heels in favor of shoes that are easier to walk on. Castañer's espadrille wedges are a great choice for comfortable wedge heels and The Lustro by M.Gemi promises to walk effortlessly no matter where you're going.

Who makes the most comfortable heels?

Some of our favorite comfy heel brands include M.Gemi, Jimmy Choo, Gianvito Rossi, and Aquazzura and Christian Louboutin. All of these brands are known for their high quality workmanship, premium leather fabrics and ability to make even the highest jumps an effortless experience. Check out our complete guide to choosing your next pair of comfortable heels.

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