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We're excited to know you wish to capitalize on our content marketing platform opting for the blogger- entrepreneur model, a guaranteed way to earn substantial revenues while writing on topics you love.  

Our Blogger-entrepreneurs are paid monthly for revenue generated for features and articles .(70% our rates)  which implies you will be busy pitching businesses, entrepreneurs , start-ups to find clients for tailored content marketing ( Additional documentation will be provided if you're interested in the Entrepreneur program).

Not only that, we also give you the possibility to negotiate and close leads on our behalf, i.e. Incoming press releases that are regularly submitted to us.

*Details available soon, as we update this page.

Now what's next ?

Pitch your business to new clients, entrepreneurs, new brands, start-ups who might need your service, tell them how we can help give their brand a boost by featuring them on YEET MAGAZINE.



Launched in October 2017, YEET MAGAZINE is a fast-growing publishing platform that captures a variety of audiences and as such, we serve as the ultimate opportunity for advertisers to promote their brands.

We promote, write about entrepreneurs who are disrupting, innovating and reshaping business – and much like the people we cover, we see our content writers as entrepreneurs themselves.

Through our platform, we’re giving you the support and exposure you need to grow your loyal reader base and extensive tools to generate multiple revenue streams to support your work.

Blogging as your business.

As a “Bloggers Entrepreneurs', we want you to be more than just a writer. You will play a key role in the generation of new business by offering content marketing service to businesses, entrepreneurs in your town and country of residence while you're published on YEET MAGAZINE.

You will charge your clients our competitive rates for each article, interview,  and depending on length, (450 and 650 words or 1200-1800 for feature and interviews).

This means you will be busy pitching businesses, entrepreneurs , start-ups ,  to find clients based on the topics you choose to write about. You're also responsible for negotiating and closing leads based on your expertise, deal with corresponding - incoming press releases that are regularly submitted to us.

You will manage marketing and customer service activities and, as you build your client portfolio, you get paid a split (70%) of the revenue you generate, backed by YEET MAGAZINE brand, our editorial, marketing and customer service/support functions, payment management as well as the extensive reach of the site.

Simple Blogging.

If you wish to contribute based on the "classic" blogger model without building a client portfolio or just seeking internship you can still be published on YEET and in that case, you will be paid based on a revenue-share model: in other words, how much you make depends on the success of your article. We expect our bloggers to be deeply invested into building, expanding their social media reach and part of our commitment is to provide a solid support mechanism with this and consolidate each other as a team.

Please reach out by email to confirm you're joining YEET and upon on confirmation, you will receive a YEET MAGAZINE SUCCESS KIT which will include the following:

A YEET MAGAZINE 2021 press kit.

  • Your blogger agreement
  • YEET MAGAZINE content guidelines 2021 - SEO best practices.
  • YEET MAGAZINE's guide to social media best practice for new bloggers.
  • Client agreement
  • Payment link and instructions to provide to each client you sign.

    In return we require that you send us the following:
  • Your name
  • Your initial story pitches, (kindly feel free to submit your stories starting now, strictly using this email:
  • Your PayPal account email  or any other detail on how you would eventually like to get paid.
  • A full headshot ( not cropped) photo to feature on your blogger's page. (view example here)

    That's all !On behalf of the entire team, we're all very excited to have you on board and can't wait to read your posts!