5 Apps Every Car Owner Needs To Download

Speed Tracker is one of the most sophisticated and unique apps available, it includes a GPS speedometer and a trip computer all in one application. Speed Tracker helps you answer all the questions that you may have such as, what is my distance covered? Stopping time, average speed, and route time.

5 Apps Every Car Owner Needs To Download


By Deni Porter | YEET MAGAZINE | Updated 0439 GMT (1239 HKT) December 3, 2021

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Android Auto Apps 2021 | Enhance Your Driving Experience with Best Android Auto Apps 2021

If your car is equipped with Android Auto, install these 4 apps in your Android device to make your car safer, more useful, and enhance overall Android Auto experience. Get the best out of your Android Auto and flaunt it to your friends. Some of these apps does help "Pimp your Ride".

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Americans certainly love their cars! There is no denying that owning a car is a massive help, However, having this huge responsibility comes at a price.

But, with a little help from technology, your lives can be made a lot less complicated when you know what’s wrong with your car, preventing major issues, and even avoiding heavy traffic.

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For all you car owners out there, take a look at these incredible apps you need to download – you’ll thank us later. Publish less to discover more?​Scientific research productivity: How can we tackle complexity in research? Find out more in our study!

5 Apps Every Car Owner Needs To Download

Speed Tracker

Speed Tracker is one of the most sophisticated and unique apps available, it includes a GPS speedometer and a trip computer all in one application. Speed Tracker helps you answer all the questions that you may have such as, what is my distance covered? Stopping time, average speed, and route time. What’s even greater about this app is that with all these amazing built-in features, you can easily gather all the necessary info that you need.


Although the FIXD app needs you to purchase the FIXD Sensor for your car – believe is its totally worth every penny! As much as you rely on your car, people not always remember that your car needs you just as much. This great app lets you know all the issues your car may be having and the best way to fix it. Thanks to modern technology, there’s no need to constantly be worried every time you get an alert while driving. But that’s not all, FIXD also provides you with information based on your cars make and model. Again, we know the app is not free but it certainly will gove you so much peace of mind.


It comes as a huge surprise to know that there are way too many people around the world who don’t know use this brilliant app. Waze is by far one of the top apps to ever been created. It’s not just a navigation application but so much more. Drivers are able to avoid traffic, spot police roadblocks, speed traps and lets you find the fastest route – all this is updated in real-time. Everything you need to know about what happening on the road is readily available with a simple click of a button. But that’s not all. Waze is free and is available on iOs and all android devices. For those of you who are using it -you definitely should be!

Find My Car

Ever parked your car at a shopping mall or sports even only to come out hours later and not remember where you parked your car? Don’t fear -you’re not alone! Find My Car makes locating your parked car so much easier.  This excellent free application uses Google Maps Navigation, then takes picture of your parking spot and keeps as many positions as you like. So yes, this is more than a simple GPS car-parking app, its comes highly recommend by many users, which is why you should download it too!

Auto Care

Everyone knows that owning a car is a huge responsibility, however not enough people pay close attention to their vehicles. We understand that cars often have many expensive problems but that does not mean you should neglect your ride. This is why you definitely need to download Auto Care, in order to stay on top of things. So, how does it work? Well, you’ll get monthly reminders relating to the distance you have covered as well as how much money you have spent. It’s so easy to use and one of the best things about this app is that you can back up all your previous data.

Techposts Guides  Techposts Guides62.1K subscribersSUBSCRIBEGet 46% off on 4-month Audible app subscription: https://amzn.to/3h8AJjX If your car is equipped with Android Auto, install these 4 apps in your Android device to make your car safer, more useful, and enhance overall Android Auto experience. Get the best out of your Android Auto and flaunt it to your friends. Some of these apps does help "Pimp your Ride".

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Techposts Guides

Pinned by Techposts Guides

So many dislikes...why?

Soham Das

@techposts guides I just bought Samsung m21 but unable to connect android auto with baleno even with original cable. Can you help?

Techposts Guides

Have you tried installing and setup the Android Auto app on your device. If yes, read the car manual or device manual to see how Android Auto works in that.For eg. I had  to choose between two options in my car's audio system. If i want to connect Suzuki Connect or Android Auto.So do check these in both device.

Soham Das

I have tried installing and reinstalling. It is showing  that device is connected to the car but it is not working when I am trying to use on the car screen

Techposts Guides

Which car? And as I said, did you check you car system?

Soham Das

Hey thanks man sorted it. But as usual it's a usb cable issue. It is not working even with the cable given with the phone. But worked with Redmi k30 pro's cable. Don't know why baleno accepts some cables and rejects others.1

Techposts Guides

Max Muster

No Sim card, no car.

Kyle Transue

I'm watching this right now. Clear run down of the different apps. Very good video4

Techposts Guides

Zack Ehlers

Maybe because you didn't show us new people how to download and use these features and apps

Death Star

It's a good video. I think the dislikes are because of the extra hardware that needs to be bought for some of the apps.

aditya chaturvedi

Hey, are you connecting your phone through the USB cable meant to connect to android? So, most android auto/apple car play music systems have 2 USB cables coming out from the back of the stereo , one for connecting android auto/apple car play and other for connecting pen-drives. You might not be connecting to the USB meant for Android Auto/apple car play.

prithvi rajput

Can android auto be installed in 2018 scorpio s9 model?

Techposts Guides

Android Auto infotainment is needed. If not, installing Android Auto on S9 won't help.

Kshitiz Kumar

Will these app works on iOS ( car play)

Techposts Guides

Some. Not all

Julien Mt

is it possible to have a widget on the android laucher with torque info without any action ?

Stev A

Waze is nice, but it's not better than Google maps. Not even close.

Carlos O

How to load GTA radio from SD card?

Hicham O-sfh


Hard Chaps

The only APP that you mentioned that I think adapts to ALL CARS is WAZE! NO MORE, NO LESS!Your other apps are just a waste of money!

R-B-J Tech

waze is one of the best navigation app3

Techposts Guides

Tomas Prochazka

In Waze volume is really low, even though in setting has been maxed out

scott johnson

Hi mate, how do you add sensairy to your cars android auto?

Techposts Guides

You need to download the Android Auto version of Sensairy app which isn't available on the Play Store. Here's the link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Hv9wzUo9k9OM-8yElJnQn2m9ivjD8SsN/view?usp=sharingMake sure to disable Auto Update for Sensairy app on Play Store after installing this APK file.

scott johnson

thanks mate,Do you have a link to the torque app for Android auto aswell?

lez briddon

where a lot of units fall on their backside is when doing 'real life' of navigating with waze while streaming radio with tunein and recording front+rear cams as dashcams. my unit (different brand) can just about cope with any 3 of the 4 tasks, oddly it finds streaming with tunein harder than running waze and after running waze for 8yrs i'm looking at going back to sygic due to 3/4g blackspots in my area. its maybe time to upgrade but i need to really research the options

Dheeraj Yadav

Which phone u use ?

Nabajyoti Paul

Can u tell me how sensairy app add in Android?

Techposts Guides

Contact Tymtix, they will sh

Marc Novell

Marc Novell5 months agoVery enlightening. Thank you so much for your explanations.1

Techposts Guides

Juan Gamba

Where can I buy the Sensairy tpms in the US? The links you have it’s for India only. Thank you.

Techposts Guides

Techposts Guides6 months agoContact them here: https://www.tymtix.com/#/homeREPLY

Emma Marinelli

Worst app around the World !  Android Auto, disconnect every-time, unstable , full of bugs, sometimes works with bluethoot sometimes not, Voice GPS Google Maps Delay random. If you are listened Music and Maps GPS floating , forget it, unstable again. Android Auto would be Beta -3, must to develop  one year more. For now Android Auto is a headache .

ابو جابر ر


Paul Trewin

Love waze

Akshay kumar Tiwari

There is no open option in android auto. ,only update option ,please solve this problem.REPLY

Real Mobile Income

Waze is cool but the speedometer is so tiny


MUST install.!!!!REPLY

Exploring Wheels

agoDidn't know someone living near me and owning a baleno is making YouTube videos :p. Let's meet some day once this lockdown is over ??1

Techposts Guides

Joe Cach

Great video, I thought I wouldn't learn anything but you showed me some really cool stuff1

Techposts Guides

Techposts Guides

Awesome! 😄Also, you can now play Youtube videos without root, using AAD1

Mohammed Arshad Mahmood

You should add Head Unit Reloaded into the list as it can make Android Auto wireless with another app called Wifi Launcher.

Pulsating Sausage Boy

goHahaha! I laughed my ass off when he said “Pimp your ride” with that accent. 😂👊🏻



Why is it when the minute I heard this guy say you MUST!!! install these apps all I hear is "I am a Microsoft certified technician".


Very interesting and useful too

Hector Alvarez

Gracias por la información!1

Techposts Guides

mystic satiricalist

Omg finally! I was wondering why almost none of the videos on youtube mentioned a hack or app for the tire pressure monitoring system. They only show you how to reset it and finally I found this! So helpful! Thank you. Great video. 👍3

Techposts Guides

Vinh Prag

re you absolutely sure that Torque shows up on the main screen? Your footage only shows info on the phone screen.

arafat asif

How can I watch youtube on accord 2019  through android auto?


luqman haidar

luqman haidar9 months agooh my God yarREPLY

Jeff A

Jeff A10 months agowhy you used your phone to show rather than the car android system 🤣REPLY


好想養袋鼠10 months agoVideos of this kind are so obviously a scam that I can't believe people today actually get tricked by like this. If you would like hack anyone's viber account then absolutely use ViberHax0r. I'm not sure exactly what the download link is, however, you can find it using one of the search engines :)1REPLY


Felipe10 months agoMy problem is the forward and back music controls on the steering wheel. On my Android auto 8.1, only the native audio app works with these controls.REPLY

Lewis Bird

Lewis Bird11 months agoWhat car launcher is your head unit running?REPLY


MILAD MANU11 months agoThodday we need tto thalk😂2REPLY

Ravi Kotecha

Ravi Kotecha11 months agoI tried but in android auto customised launcher sensairy application is not ther after installing that means android auto is not supported this application. I used android auto latest version...n same for sensairy applicationREPLY

Ravi Kotecha

Ravi Kotecha11 months agoSensairy application is not supported by android auto applicationREPLY

rook rook

rook rook11 months ago300 rupees on AliExpress. Nuff said.1REPLY


Turbo61411 months ago (edited)1:10 does not have satellite mode(crucial for delivery drivers) thumbs up regardless for a good video :REPLY

Adeline Nicholas

Adeline Nicholas1 year agoWhy have waze when android auto has maps.REPLYView 2 replies


megau1 year agour english is better than my hindi...Still, your accent hurts my ears.2REPLYView 4 replies from Techposts Guides and others

Jude Decamp

Jude Decamp1 year ago (edited)“Thank you very much, come again !”8REPLYHide reply


SAPPY10 months agoWhat's the best price?REPLY


Vigilante1 year agoCan you also show a detailed video on what hardware to buy and how to setup torque on andriod auto. Thanks :)2REPLY

sudhir shetty

sudhir shetty1 year agoobd2 is good, but it connects via bluetooth. which means , when your phone is connected to ob2 it cant connect to your stereo. Which means the cool looking meters will not work if you are connected to stereo via bluetooth1REPLYHide reply


Vigilante1 year agoUnless ur phone supports dual Bluetooth which are supported on lastest Bluetooth 5.0 devices2REPLY

Murat Tezel

Murat Tezel1 year ago (edited)your phone ?model ? 2:51REPLY

Raviraj Desai

Raviraj Desai1 year agoworst information6REPLY

Harsh Raut

Harsh Raut1 year agoAny way to use android auto on after market head unit which doesn't have itREPLYHide 6 replies

Techposts Guides

Techposts Guides1 year agoNo. Not possibleREPLY

Harsh Raut

Harsh Raut1 year ago @Techposts Guides anyway mi has alot of android auto issues my phone has aa already installed but can't see or open it Actually on XDA I saw there is an app which uses aa head unit server that displays aa on non supportive devices Well I just saw the video Well it was nice and torque is a great app1

Techposts Guides


Brian Upward

Brian Upward1 year ago @Harsh Raut Hey, check out Head Unit Reloaded. I payed 6$ CAD for it. Don't bother trying to set it up with the Wifi or Direct wifi it doesnt seem to work. You'll need to plug in your phone to the head unit with a USB and it works great.1REPLY

Harsh Raut

Harsh Raut1 year ago @Brian Upward yup it works fine it's kinda lag and still trying to figure pixel  density  wireless works alright actually. But it keeps on shutting off after 20mins or so that's a new issue nowREPLY

Brian Upward

Brian Upward1 year ago @Harsh Raut ah, I bought it last night and haven't used it very long. Hopefully I don't have that issue.REPLY


henrychinaski7 months ago @Harsh Raut I'm really wondering that is HUR working properly for wireless android auto? I tried trial version and couldn't manage to project my screen wirelessly.REPLY


Nimesh1 year agoHey, please make video about that Torque pro app & OBD 2 port on AA. I Want to know how to use it on AA.1REPLYView 2 replies

Blaze INC tucker

Blaze INC tucker1 year agoUsing waze for a long time now better than Google map8

Techposts Guides


Saad Thahim

Saad Thahim1 year agoOk google doesn't works on my car audioREPLYView reply

Kikelein R

Kikelein R1 year agoclever way to advetise shit hahaha2REPLY

gbwildlife uk

gbwildlife uk1 year agoMy insignia has all this and more built in with onstar and intellilink1REPLYView reply

Brian Collison

Brian Collison1 year agoI have Android Auto, but it runs for 20 minutes then loses connection, so I have to unplug it then plug it back in to reconnect which works for a time then repeats the problem, I have tried changing the cable to see if it was that, but it still happened, frustrating. It is a new car as well.I use Waze on the phone and it is good.2REPLYHide reply

Techposts Guides

Techposts Guides1 year agoMake sure Android Auto is not with Power Saving On option. Also, if you use Power Saver mode on your device, make sure to add exception for Android auto.Which device you using BTW?1REPLY

Manoj Pradhan

Manoj Pradhan1 year agoApps are not showing in Android auto, how to sync2REPLY


area51r1 year agoI deleted the auto app entirely because every time i connected my phone to the charge cord it would pop up and ask me to download something. it was annoying to say the least because I actually clicked on the prompts and NOTHING would happen. JUST DELETE IT2REPLYView reply


CHEONG KC1 year agoTotally rubbish4REPLY

Siddharth Chowdary Vunnam

Siddharth Chowdary Vunnam1 year ago3:04 why would anyone need any of these apps if they don't own a car or have android auto on it in the first place? 😜2REPLYView 3 replies

vishal chothani

vishal chothani1 year agoBest app for GPS transmission for car tracking purpose?REPLY

Macca 75

Macca 751 year agoDo you need to Jailbreak your phone to have Torque Pro and Sensairy display on the head unit?  ThanksREPLYHide 2 replies

Techposts Guides

Techposts Guides1 year agoNo. No rootREPLY

Techposts Guides

Techposts Guides1 year agoNo. No rootREPLY

James Clouse

James Clouse1 year agoAm I the only one who finds Indian accents soothing?7

Techposts Guides

REPLYView 2 replies

Stalin Thomas

Stalin Thomas1 year ago (edited)I am using hyundai venue.am using sensairy tpms.. But not able to project sensairy in cars infotainment system.. Have you done any settings change in phone including debugging or allow developer options1REPLYHide 2 replies


ILAVARASAN TD1 year agoi too facing this issue in new tiago . do u got answer ?1REPLY

Stalin Thomas

Stalin Thomas1 year ago @ILAVARASAN TD they responded but no solutions from their side... Told to wait1REPLY

Anas SH

Anas SH1 year agoPlease we need a vid about how to  play YouTube on android auto ..5REPLYHide 3 replies

I.P Daily

I.P Daily1 year agoThat video was done over 12 months agoREPLY

Simon Eldridge

Simon Eldridge8 months agoYou can't play video through android autoREPLY

Techposts Guides

Techposts Guides8 months agoYou can using Carstream. But it requires root access. Not recommended.REPLY

Eric Perry

Eric Perry1 year agoWould be nice if there was an update to android auto that give you a spectrum analyzer while listening to music3REPLY

Maryla Rodowicz

Maryla Rodowicz1 year agoWhat is this car stereo?REPLYHide reply

Techposts Guides

Techposts Guides1 year agoSmartplay Studio system from Harman & Suzuki!REPLY

Chris936 Chris

Chris936 Chris1 year agoTorque is very bad appsREPLYHide reply

Techposts Guides

Techposts Guides1 year agoUI/UX is bad, agree but displays useful obd2 data.REPLY

RG Entertainment

RG Entertainment1 year agoamazing app bro please use hindi you are doing good