By Eleanora Carisi | By YEET MAGAZINE | Updated 0650 GMT (1450 HKT) July 21, 2021

Losing weight: 7 simple habits of thin people

Weight Loss Expert Shares Lean & Slender People's Habits!

1. They prepare their meal for the next day


Thin people have a habit of making the next day's meal

Thin people are used to having pre-prepared meals on hand. Having meals ready to go and to eat helps prevent slippage and reduces the chances of succumbing to the cupcake sold near the office when the temptation arises. “People who need to put in the effort to stay lean - in other words, those who do n't have a good metabolism - would do well to prepare their meals and snacks for the next day,” says Dr Charlie. Seltser, specialist in obesity and weight loss.2 / 7

2. They keep track of their day


Thin people are used to tracking their diet

To regain or maintain a healthy weight, it can be very useful to keep some track of the foods you eat. However, we must not fall into an obsession: it's all about balance. "Researchers have shown that those who keep track of the meals and foods they consume are more likely to be successful in losing weight in the long term," explains Dr. Seltzer.

3. They eat what they want (in most cases)


Thin people don't ban food

There is a major benefit to keeping track of the foods you eat: It gives you the flexibility to eat what you want, all in a reasonable way, says Dr. Seltzer. This explains why, most of the time, you will not meet thin people who are addicted to restrictive diets or who exclude food groups from their diet. In fact, diets work best when they're in harmony with your lifestyle. You must avoid a diet that is too drastic and unrealistic, which will have the effect of disrupting all your lifestyle.4 / 7

4. They avoid carbonated drinks


Thin people avoid sodas and diets

Diet sodas are just as bad as their original version. A recent study published in the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society found that people who sipped diet sodas gained almost three times the abdominal weight over a nine-year period than those who did not consume the type of drink. Instead, opt for water, tea or coffee. You could also try one of these 5 drinks for weight loss .

Other research has shown that obese people who increased their water intake had an easier time losing weight.5 / 7

5. They spend quality time with their families


They spend quality time with their families

If wanting to be in good shape is having a negative impact on your lifestyle (for example, you obsess over food so much that you miss the opportunity to do activities that you enjoy), something needs to change, notes the Dr Seltzer. The people who are most successful at losing weight are also those who have other interests - such as playing guitar, reading, or playing with their children after 6 p.m. Here are 6 easy ways to spend quality time with your family.PUBLICITY

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6. Surprise: no they don't train all the time


No, thin people don't train all the time

Okay, you're going to see thin people at the gym. But in order to lose weight, you don't just need to have a life outside of your training periods , you also need a real break. Rest days are just as important as the days you work out. Training without ever stopping can lead to "burnout". In addition, without rest, your body does not have time to build  muscle mass  and regenerate itself adequately.