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Fitness trackers are transforming the way we move, exercise, sleep and even relax. They are like a personal trainer and a lifestyle coach put together .

A fitness tracker lets you set and hit goals, with constant monitoring of your movements that reveals where you need to work harder.

Whether you want to hit your daily step count or are an amateur athlete trying to beat your current BP, a fitness tracker can do the heavy lifting for you.

Say goodbye to the distorted, sleep-deprived, stressed version of yourself, and welcome to the easy-going, well-rested you - the one with the envious body.

Start each day off right with one of these best fitness trackers and exercise watches. Whether you want to keep tabs on your heart health, monitor your weight loss, or motivate yourself to get up and move, these health trackers will paint an accurate picture of your fitness and well-being. picture of perfect health.

The 15 best fitness trackers of 2021-2022

RankBrandBest for
1Fitbit charge 4Best overall
2Withings PulseBest value
3Apple watchBest high end
4Withings ScanWatchBest with an oxygen monitor
5Garmin Forerunner 35Ideal for running
6Fitbit As 2Best for kids
7Suunto 7Ideal for outdoors
8Garmin VivofitIdeal for the elderly
9Fitbit Inspire HRGreat for beginners
10Garmin VivosmartIdeal for swimming
11Fleece A370Ideal for small wrists
12Withings scaleBest for weight loss
13Withings RH SportIdeal for gym workouts
14Garmin VivoactiveIdeal for training without a phone
15AmazfitBest budget

To help you find the fitness tracker that's best for you, check out our buying guide to picking the best sports and health watch from the list.

Fitbit Charge 4: Overall the best fitness tracker

Stuck in a fitness rut? Ready for a health revolution ? Next, get your hands on the Fitbit Charge 4, our pick for the best overall fitness tracker. He has it all.

There is built-in GPS so you can monitor your pace and distance on the screen . There's the Active Zone Minutes feature that alerts you with a buzz when you reach your target heart rate zones. And the heart rate monitor also gives you an accurate indication of calories burned, which essentially means no more excuses to indulge in your favorite edible treats.

You can even wear it in the shower or at the pool as it is waterproof to 50 meters.

Making fitness fun isn't easy, but the Fitbit Charge 4 manages to do it with insightful monitoring of virtually every aspect of your health. A nice gift for her.

Best for: Discovering your inner athlete.

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Battery life: Up to 7 days or 5 hours when using built-in GPS Sleep tracking: Yes Waterproof: Yes, at 50 meters Heart rate monitor: Yes GPS: Built-in Compatibility: iOS and Android

Withings Pulse HR: the best value for money fitness tracker

Reaching your exercise goals can cost effort and energy, but it doesn't have to cost hundreds of dollars. Not thanks to the Withings Pulse HR fitness monitor.

This stylish little health bracelet includes connected GPS so you can accurately plot your route during all of your daily activities. The heart rate monitor offers information to strengthen your heart and increase your endurance. And the water resistance to 50 meters makes this exercise tracker perfect for those who want to swim.

Finally, a Daily Sleep Score will make sure you are timing enough zzz to make up for all your hard work.

Helping you live a healthier life without needing a loan to pay it off, the Withings Pulse HR is our most beneficial fitness tracker.

Best for: Perfect health without a high price tag.

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Battery life: Up to 20 days Sleep tracking: Yes Waterproof: Yes, up to 50 meters Heart rate monitor: Yes GPS: Connected Compatibility: iOS and Android

Apple Watch: Best High-End Fitness Tracker

Apple Watch Series 6 is one of the most advanced and premium smartwatches and fitness trackers. It's basically a combined fitness trainer and personal assistant .

Track your daily activity with Apple's most accurate fitness tracker. Measure your workouts, whether it's running, yoga or dancing. Sync your favorite music, podcasts or audiobooks and enjoy listening on the go with the best wireless headphones.

You can even monitor your blood oxygen and check your heart rate with the ECG app and take calls and answer texts right from your wrist.

With its ultra-smooth performance and sophisticated user experience, the Apple Watch Series 6 is the best fitness watch ever.

Best for: Making monitoring your well-being enjoyable and effortless.buy now

Battery life: Up to 18 hours Sleep tracking: Yes Waterproof: Yes, up to 50 meters Heart rate monitor: Yes GPS: Built-in Compatibility: iOs

Withings ScanWatch: Best fitness tracker with oxygen monitor

Pulse oximeters are the latest trend in fitness trackers, so take advantage of the latest technology with the clinically validated ScanWatch from Withings, the best fitness tracker with oxygen monitor and a cool Android fitness watch too. .

Keeping an eye on your breathing levels is not only good for those who engage in high altitude activities. Knowing your SpO2 measurements - or blood oxygen levels - also helps you recover faster after workouts and even exposes conditions like sleep apnea.

One of the best fitness watches out there, it also has a medical grade ECG capable of detecting signs of arrhythmia, potentially making it a life-saving device. And 30 days of battery life also saves life in a slightly different way.

With its oxygen monitoring capabilities, Withings ScanWatch is the watch you can't do without.

Best for: The next best thing to a healthcare professional.buy nowBattery life: Up to 30 days Sleep tracking: Yes Waterproof: Yes, up to 50 meters Heart rate monitor: Yes GPS: Connected Compatibility: iOS and Android

Garmin Forerunner 35: Best fitness tracker for running

Improve your running game with a fitness watch designed to help you hit your stride. Garmin's Forerunner 35 is arguably the best smartwatch for Android.

Whether you hit the curb a few times a week or train for your fifth marathon of the year, this fitness tracker watch will optimize your running footprint . With built-in GPS, it tracks distance, speed and where you run, as well as an estimate of your heart rate and lets you listen to music from your phone.

This fitness watch is thin, light and can calibrate itself depending on whether you are running indoors or outdoors.

Reach the finish line every time with the Garmin Forerunner 35.

Best for: Getting that "getting high" on a more regular basis.buy nowBattery life: Up to 9 days Sleep tracking: Yes Waterproof: No Heart rate monitor: Yes GPS: Built-in Compatibility: n / A

Fitbit Ace 2: Best Kids' Fitness Tracker

Here to prove that fitness is fun for the whole family, the Fitbit Ace 2 is the perfect way to get your kids out. It is one of the best fitness trackers for kids.

Encourage the inner Olympian in your child with a fitness tracker that records their steps as they jump, jump and run all day. They can earn virtual badges, and the Fitbit group also hosts on-screen celebrations whenever they hit a target.

The Fitbit Ace 2 is the perfect way for kids to let off steam. They'll sleep better for it, and so will you.

Best for: Giving kids a constructive outlet for all that energy.

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Battery life: Up to 5 days Sleep tracking: Yes Waterproof: Yes, up to 50 meters Heart rate monitor: No GPS: No Compatibility: iOS and Android

Suunto 7: Best outdoor fitness tracker

Get off the couch and get outdoors with the Suunto 7, a fitness tracker with over 70 sport modes plus GPS to accurately track your outdoor adventures. In addition there is a wrist heart rate sensor to give you valuable information on your body's performance.

You can also check incoming calls and messages and even make payments - perfect for that post workout coffee treat. Ultra-durable and waterproof to 50 meters, this is the ultimate rugged sports watch.

Take your outdoor activities to new and more exciting heights with the Suunto 7, a serious contender for the best activity tracker and a great gift for it.

Best for: An extremely functional sports watch for any adventurer or outdoor enthusiast.buy nowBattery life: Up to 40 hours or 12 hours in GPS mode Sleep tracking: No Waterproof: Yes, up to 50 meters Heart rate monitor: Yes GPS: Yes Compatibility: iOS and Android

Garmin Vivofit: Best fitness tracker for seniors

Staying fit and healthy later in life can be difficult when our bodies are not what they used to be. The Garmin Vivofit, the best senior fitness tracker, is here to motivate you to get up and move.

This motivates you to move with a red “move bar” that displays after an hour of inactivity. It also logs calories and even gives you a personalized goal each morning, increasing your weight loss and well-being.

Wear it 24/7, at any event or occasion, and even in bed to monitor your sleep patterns and improve the quality of your rest.

You are as old as you feel. The Garmin Vivofit is here to make sure you feel fit, healthy, and full of beans.

Best for: Proving that staying in shape isn't just for spring chickens.buy nowBattery life: Over a year Sleep tracking: Yes Waterproof: Yes, up to 50 meters Heart rate monitor: No GPS: No Compatibility: iOS and Android

Fitbit Inspire HR: Best Fitness Tracker For Beginners

The Fitbit Inspire HR is perfect for training first-timers with all the necessary features, but nothing so serious that it becomes a chore.

Track activity throughout the day, from steps to active minutes and calories burned. It's also one of the best fitness trackers with a heart rate monitor out there with a sensor that monitors your pulse 24/7.

At night, it will monitor your sleep, giving you statistics to help you determine if you are getting enough rest. And all in a friendly, accessible and supportive manner.

Go from an avid fitness beginner to a full exercise expert with the aptly named Fitbit Inspire HR. Grab your water bottle and gym bag and you're good to go.

Best for: Getting on the road to a superhuman body.buy nowBattery life: Up to 5 days Sleep tracking: Yes Waterproof: Yes, up to 50 meters Heart rate monitor: Yes GPS: Connected Compatibility: iOS, Android

Garmin Vivosmart: Best Fitness Tracker for Swimming

If the only type of fitness that interests you is the one that takes place in the water, then you need the Garmin Vivosmart, the best fitness tracker for swimming. Unlike many waterproof watches, the Garmin Vivosmart can actually track your activity in the pool .

But its functions go beyond exercising in the water. This feature-packed Garmin fitness tracker also has a heart rate monitor, advanced sleep monitoring technology, and can even measure blood oxygen levels using the Pulse Oxygen Sensor.

Whether you're working out at your local recreation center or swimming in cold water in the wild waters of the ocean, you need the Garmin Vivosmart on your wrist.

Best for: Aquatic adventurers looking to improve their underwater exploits.buy nowBattery life: Up to 7 days Sleep tracking: Yes Waterproof: Yes, up to 50 meters Heart rate monitor: Yes GPS: Connected Compatibility: iOS and Android

Polar A370: Best fitness tracker for small wrists

A wearable fitness tracker is a great invention, but not if it doesn't fit on your wrist. You need the Polar A370, the best fitness tracker for small wrists.

Despite its size, the Polar A370 is very compact, with a continuous heart rate monitor, calorie counter, as well as assisted GPS that connects to your phone to track speed, distance and your route.

You can also get notifications for any incoming call , messages or other phone alerts. And it will monitor your sleep and give you information so that you can develop better sleeping habits.

Put on your sports leggings now. The Polar A370 is waiting.

Best for: Superb fitness tracker for those with very small frames.buy nowBattery life: Up to 4 days, or 12 hours with GPS Sleep tracking: Yes Waterproof: Yes, up to 30 meters Heart rate monitor: Yes GPS: Connected Compatibility: iOS and Android

Withings Smart Scale: Best fitness tracker for weight loss

It's not really a fitness tracker. This is a set of scales clinically tested by Withings. Naughty, we know. But if your priority is weight loss, then you need an optimized gadget to help you lose weight.

Already have your new stylish sports outfit? Now is the time to see the results. These scales provide a comprehensive weight tracking experience. Weigh, get instant feedback on your trends and BMI, and sync with the app to track your progress, set a weight goal, and save your diets.

These ultra precise scales from Withings revolutionize the way we lose weight - that's why we consider them the best fitness tracker for weight loss.

Best for: Watching the stairs go up and the pounds drop.

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Battery life: Up to 18 hours Sleep tracking: Yes Waterproof: No Heart rate monitor: Yes GPS: Yes Compatibility: iOS, Android

Withings HR Sport: Best fitness tracker for indoor training

Hitting the treadmill at your local studio with new determination? Stacking weights and lifting reps like there's no tomorrow? The best fitness tracker to take to the gym is Withings HR Sport.

For the exercise junkies among you, this is the perfect workout companion with multisport tracking , connected GPS, heart rate monitoring and personalized fitness level assessment.

It can also show you calories burned and a detailed breakdown of the time you spent in different heart rate zones . Plus, it looks cool enough to wear in the evening.

We have nothing but nothing, as they say. But with the Withings HR Sport, we believe there will be a lot more gain and a lot less pain. Potentially the best smartwatch for fitness.

Best for: Inner intelligence about your body's performance.

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Battery life: Up to 24 days Sleep tracking: Yes Waterproof: Yes, up to 50 meters Heart rate monitor: Yes GPS: Connected Compatibility: iOS and Android

Garmin Vivo active: Best smartwatch for phone-less workouts

Many fitness trackers depend on a connection to your phone for activity monitoring. This is not the case with the Garmin Vivoactive, a GPS connected watch that does not depend on anything. Other than you, that's it.

The Garmin Vivoactive offers meaningful health, fitness, and wellness information with estimates of VO2 max and fitness age. You can even monitor stress with the estimated heart rate variability.

You can download up to 500 songs to the watch for phone-free listening, and there are over 15 preloaded sports apps, including yoga and strength training.

Say goodbye to your phone screen with the Garmin Vivoactive. A top contender for the best smartwatch and perfect for phone-less workouts.

Best for: Leave your phone behind and focus on the best in yourself.buy nowBattery life: Up to 7 days or 5 hours if using GPS with music Sleep tracking: Yes Waterproof: Yes, up to 50 meters Heart rate monitor: Yes GPS: Yes Compatibility: iOS and Android

Amazfit: the best budget fitness tracker

This Amazfit fitness tracker is all the proof you need to get in shape doesn't mean spending all your savings.

Burn calories but no money with a 24/7 heart rate and activity monitor. You can also monitor your sleep as well as blood oxygen saturation during high intensity workouts. Integration with Alexa is another bonus. You can ask questions, set alarms, create shopping lists and even check the weather.

The ultimate budget fitness tracker, the Amazfit means money can no longer be your excuse for not exercising anymore. Sorry.

Best for: Fulfill all of your fitness dreams for under $ 50.

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Battery life: 18 hours Sleep tracking: Yes Waterproof: No Heart rate monitor: Yes GPS: Yes Compatibility: iOS, Android

Buying guide: how to choose a fitness tracker

When buying a fitness tracker, there are a few things you need to research before investing. Here are the main criteria to consider when choosing.


There are different styles of fitness tracker. Some are trackers, others are smartwatches. Most are worn on the wrist, but there are also clip-on trackers and locator rings. We recommend that you get a bracelet type tracker as you are less likely to lose it.

And if you plan on using your activity tracker to monitor your sleep, you'll want one that's comfortable to wear in bed.

Battery life

The longer the battery life the better, but the more features you use, the faster the battery will drain. Battery life can vary from 5 to 25 days. There are also a few fitness trackers that use button batteries instead, which can last up to a year.


Fitness trackers send all of their information to an app, so you want to make sure it's compatible with your smartphone and that the app works as well as the tracker.


A waterproof activity tracker has the advantage of being able to be worn in the shower and even for swimming. Water resistance up to 50 meters means you can wear it in the pool.

But a waterproof fitness tracker is not the same as a swimming fitness tracker. To get the best information about your swim, you may want a specialist swim watch.


There are fitness trackers for all prices. Cheaper trackers often lack display so you will have to check your smartphone for information and statistics.

The more money you spend, the more features you get. More expensive fitness trackers are generally aimed at suitable athletes, so consider your fitness goals before purchasing.

Features to watch out for

Built-in GPS - the most accurate motion tracking requires GPS. Unless you want to take your phone with you, you want a phone with built-in GPS, although that often makes fitness trackers more expensive.

Connected GPS - this is when your activity tracker uses the GPS capabilities of another device, usually your smartphone.

Sleep Tracking - Fitness trackers use a three-axis accelerometer to monitor movement and determine light versus deep sleep.

Heart rate monitor - get additional information about your overall health.

Exercise trackers - find a fitness tracker that can record your favorite type of exercise. Runners will want a tracker that monitors time, distance, pace, and lap time. Cyclists may want a tracker that monitors power and cadence.

Step counter - measure the number of steps you take. Try to reach the recommended goal of 10,000 steps per day.

ECG Measurements - EKG sensors record the electrical signals generated by your heartbeat to track how your heart is working.

Stress Tracking - By monitoring your heart rate variability, or HRV, fitness trackers can detect heart rate fluctuations and give you a stress score.

Smartphone integration - some trackers notify you when you receive calls, texts or emails, and also let you control your music.

Training Feedback - If you want information on how to improve your fitness or health, look for a tracker that can offer coaching advice.

Frequently Asked Questions About Fitness TrackersWhich fitness tracker is the most accurate?

The most accurate fitness tracker is the Fitbit Charge 4. It has built-in GPS, heart rate monitor, calorie counter, and water resistance to 50 meters. For more information and advice on choosing a fitness tracker, check out our list of the best fitness trackers.

What are the best fitness trackers of 2021-2022?

The best fitness trackers include the Fitbit Charge 4 and Apple Watch Series 6, both with cutting edge technology to accurately monitor your health and provide information about your fitness. The Withings Pulse HR is also a popular and budget-friendly fitness tracker that has connected GPS, a heart rate monitor, and water resistance up to 50 meters.

Are Fitness Trackers Worth It?

Fitness trackers are worth the money if you are looking to improve your fitness or improve your overall health. They don't just monitor exercise. They can also track sleep and heart rate, helping you get better rest and monitor stress levels.

Are Inexpensive Fitness Trackers Good?

Inexpensive fitness trackers are often a great fit for those who just want to get in shape. Unless you are a serious athlete who needs advanced GPS tracking or want cutting edge technology like ECG monitors, a cheap fitness tracker can do the job of tracking your workouts and reminding you. to move more.