Julia Fox's Tell-All Memoir: Shocking Claims about Kanye West

Julia Fox's Kanye West Memoir: Shocking Revelations Unveiled in 'Down The Drain

Julia Fox's Tell-All: Shocking Kanye Claims & 'Boob Job Offer' - Read exclusive revelations on YEET MAGAZINE. Celeb stories at their wildest!

Julia Fox's Kanye West Memoir: Shocking Revelations Unveiled in 'Down The Drain
Explore the jaw-dropping revelations in Julia Fox's memoir, including Kanye West's surprising offer: 'I'll get you a boob job if you want.' Dive into the shocking details in this exclusive story.

By PAOLA BAPELLE  YEET MAGAZINE | Published October 17,2023

Julia Fox's Tell-All Memoir: Shocking Claims about Kanye West

Check out this exclusive story featured in YEET MAGAZINE, where Julia Fox's shocking memoir revelations about Kanye West are making headlines.


Julia Fox, the actress and model, has been making headlines with shocking allegations about her brief relationship with rapper Kanye West. In her upcoming memoir, "Down The Drain," she reveals intriguing details about their romance, some of which have left readers stunned.

Julia Fox's Bold Claims

In this tell-all, Julia doesn't hold back. One of the most startling revelations is the story of their first meeting back in December 2021. It was here that the whirlwind romance between Julia, 33, and Kanye, 46, took flight.

Julia recounts how Kanye persistently pursued her through text messages and numerous phone calls, eventually inviting her to join him at a New Year's Eve party in Miami. She initially declined but changed her mind when Kanye promised to fly her to the event on a private jet.

At the party, Julia describes an intimate encounter where Kanye, in a surprising turn of events, began urinating on a wall. She quickly intervened, shielding him from prying eyes. After he zipped up his pants, they shared a passionate kiss.

Financial Offers

Julia's memoir also delves into Kanye's offers, such as paying for her breast enhancement. While sharing their time together, they played games like Uno and one that involved highlighting positive words in the dictionary. It was during one of these moments that Kanye casually mentioned offering to finance a "boob job." Julia, however, declined this offer.

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Being Used as a Pawn

Reflecting on her time with Kanye, Julia expressed that she felt like a pawn in his grand plan to get back at his ex-wife, Kim Kardashian. She felt humiliated by this realization. In interviews, she mentioned how Kanye had weaponized her against Kim, especially during a tumultuous phase of the former couple's split when Kanye was using social media to harass Kim and divulge her private messages.

Julia shared how she initially believed that their relationship had the potential to be something real. However, she soon discovered that Kanye's treatment didn't align with her expectations.

The Lack of an NDA

Julia's openness about her experiences is notable, as she revealed that she didn't sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) despite her time with Kanye. This transparency is in contrast to many celebrities who often sign NDAs. She clarified that her decision not to sign was on principle but added that she might consider one for professional opportunities.

Facing Consequences

Julia also hinted that her association with Kanye might have cost her certain projects. Several brands dropped Kanye due to controversial statements he made. Julia said, "I know for a fact I've been up for certain things and couldn't do it because of dating Kanye. It's kind of wild."

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Moving On

After her fallout with Kanye, Julia decided to take a break from dating. She shared that she still doesn't see the point in pursuing romantic relationships. She emphasized that the romanticized idea of men no longer exists for her. Instead, her focus is on her two-year-old son, Valentino, whom she welcomed with her ex-husband, Peter Artemiev. She cherishes the love, intimacy, and closeness she shares with her son and co-sleeps with him at night.

In summary

Julia Fox's memoir, "Down The Drain," offers readers a glimpse into a tumultuous relationship with Kanye West, providing unexpected revelations and a candid perspective on her experiences. While Julia may have been used as a pawn in a grand scheme, her openness and resilience have defined her journey beyond the relationship, focusing on the love she shares with her son.

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