By   Gaurav Inani |  YEET MAGAZINE |  Updated 0439 GMT (1239 HKT) October 16, 2021

34.what's manspreading

Do you hate Manspreading? There is indeed a scientific explanation which justifies this habit in men. The word "manspreading" might be foreign to you, but just look at the pictures and you will understand what it is. Indeed, it is the habit of men to spread their legs when seated. Manspreading is not a problem if men don't do it in public transport or other public places like waiting rooms or church.

An irritating phenomenon for some women

Jonathan Borba / unsplash

No one would choose the metro as their favorite place. The place is crowded, it is hot, and it is believed that death is imminent whenever the train makes the slightest turn. However, none of these inconveniences is an obstacle to the development of some men. Indeed, there is barely enough room in the subway car already, but the situation only worsens when a man insists on spreading his legs and stretching his arms.

For many who are also sitting on the train, this man's behavior is a reckless, unnecessary, and immature way of signaling domination and disrespect for others. If you are one of those people who get frustrated with manspreading, maybe you would like to understand the reasons why men do this.

It would be the hormones

Alex Iby / unsplash

American psychologist Amy Cuddy explained how certain postures can have measurable effects on our hormones. Our postures would affect the way we see ourselves and how others see us. This is revolutionary information, even if it validates some of the most annoying people in your life like your yoga teacher or that guy who always tells you how to stand up during a job interview.

According to Cuddy, the results of several studies reveal that when our body language is typically "beta," we have higher levels of cortisol and the stress hormone. However, the level of testosterone is lower and this is what gives us confidence.

"Alpha" strength positions make physiologically less stressed

The researchers learned that if the men adopted alpha body language , with the sex exposed, they showed increased levels of testosterone and reduced levels of cortisol within two minutes. Is that why Superman and Batman look like real badass? Haven't you noticed their posture which makes them look proud? For men, manspreading is the position of power.

Their shoulders are wider than their pelvis

Yogendra Singh / unsplash

This is another scientific explanation for manspreading. Indeed, according to some researchers, men had to spread their legs when seated to balance the width of his pelvis to that of his shoulders. This is because unlike women who have a larger pelvis, men might not be comfortable bringing both legs together when seated.