Men's Haircut: What Will Trend In 2022?

If adopting a new hairstyle in 2022 is one of your challenges, these few lines should interest you. But after years of asking your hairdresser for the same hairstyle, are you still on top of the trends? What are the new trendy men's haircuts?

Men's Haircut: What Will Trend In 2022?

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By Gaurav Inani | YEET MAGAZINE | Updated 0439 GMT (1239 HKT) January 10, 2022

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If adopting a new hairstyle in 2022 is one of your challenges, these few lines should interest you. But after years of asking your hairdresser for the same hairstyle, are you still on top of the trends? What are the new trendy men's haircuts?

In 2022, no prohibitions, short haircuts or long haircuts ... to each their own style, even if a hair orientation is clearly emerging. We asked Cyril Ballu, manager of two Parisian barbershops , one in the 15th arrondissement and one in the Marais, Barbe à Bidou , to update us on the 2022 men's hairstyle trends . They also give us their advice on the maintenance of men's haircuts.

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The white gradient: for a close shaved effect

The sides and back of the head are therefore clean shaven and the top of the head is left longer. There is the top or bottom gradient. For the manager of the Barbe salons in Bidou , the finishes must be perfect. And to keep an optimal effect, he advises his clients to come back to the salon every two weeks.

Spotted with a gradient to white: Matt Pokora

Matte pokora degrade white

The French crop: the men's haircut with Roman looks

Also called Caesar Cut , this cut is short on the sides and back and longer on the top. The very straight and short bangs accentuate this “Roman emperor” effect. The French crop is often found on colored hair and thus gives more intensity and character to the hairstyle.

Spotted with a french crop : Cellian Murphy

Cellian Murphy french crop

The Buzz Cut: “clean shaven”

This is a shaved cut picked up by followers of many styles. The buzz cut can be longer or shorter, with or without gradient on the sides. Various variations exist. Very trendy for several years, we find it ultra short or mid-length according to the morphology and the desires of the men who wear it.

Spotted with a buzz cut : David Beckham

Davide Beckham buzz cut

The pompadour: the timeless men's haircut

This cut, whose name is directly inspired by that of Louis XV's mistress, Madame de Pompadour, is a trend. The forehead is bare, the hair, long above, is pulled back or pulled back. The temples are clear. It is suitable for both curly hair and straight hair. This hairstyle gives a more or less rockabilly effect, but still voluminous on the top of the head. The variants that are on the rise are the cuts: Pompadour undercut and Pompadour with beard (for a hipster style) .

Spotted with a pompadour: Justin Timberlake

Justin Timberlake pompadour cut

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The undercut: the asymmetry worked on

The temples are short, the neck appears very short or even shaved and we find the entire length on the top of the head. This men 's haircut plays on asymmetry. And 10 centimeters in length can separate the shorter parts from the longer ones. With this hairstyle, we blur the lines with a different look to show off every morning. Wick on the side, plastered back or to wear with a beard… You adapt your mane to your look of the day.

Spotted with an undercut : Sergio Ramos

Sergio Ramos undercut

The long men's haircut: for creative people

In this case, maintenance is very important. Cyril Ballu tells us that this style is less in demand this year in the salon. If you adopt long hair, you have to think about moisturizing it well. And of course not to wash them too often so as not to weaken the hair fiber. Her advice for silky hair? A shampoo once a week and a nourishing mask once every three weeks. For the cut, a visit to the hairdresser every month is generally sufficient to keep a well-groomed cut. With this haircut, easier to wear for young men, it is possible to get a new hairstyle every day! For the more creative, it is very easy to play with a ponytail or create a man bun.

Spotted with a long haircut : Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt cut long hair

Men's haircuts that we forget

At Barbe à Bidou, we don't consider that there are really any really old-fashioned or importable cuts. For the show team, we advocate “To each his own style”. The brush cuts would be done a little less. But once again, hairdressers are there to adapt the desired hairstyle to the morphology of the face. Haircuts bring character and modernize any style. In the two Barbe salons in Bidou, we also noticed that few customers really ventured out of their comfort zone. They choose their hairstyle more and more on the internet and know what they want beforehand. Very few men arrive at the salon having no idea what they want.

Will you be in the trend for this year? For all your desires for novelties, hair refreshes or hairdressing advice, make an appointment directly online . We tell you what are the availability around you . With the budget you indicate and we will find the perfect meeting for you.

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