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These haircuts will look great on you!

"How do you want to style your hair?" This is the standard question you get at the hairdresser, which is guaranteed to stress you out immediately. Are you finally going to dare this daring short haircut, or do you play it safe and only have your tips cut? It can be quite difficult to determine which hairstyles look good for your face shape. But don't panic, because we have the answer. The next time you sit down in the barber's chair, you'll know exactly what to say!


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You can see what are the right haircuts for your face shape on the next page.

Face shape

Before choosing a brand new haircut, it is important to determine your face shape. For example, you can have a round, heart-shaped, oval, or square face. Unsure of your shape? So you can always ask your hairdresser. Hairdressers are often trained to provide advice on this.


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Round face

Do you have a round face and don't want to stress it? So, it is best to have your hair straight or wavy next to your face. In general, long hair is more suitable for a round face. It's best to avoid too much volume around your ears, and going for an ear-height hairstyle probably won't work for you, as it will make your face look even more round.

Heart shaped face

People with a heart-shaped face are often chubby, have a large forehead and a narrow chin. Do you have this face shape? Then you are in luck, because there are many hairstyles suitable for this face shape! It is good to go for a lot of volume on the top of your head, because it emphasizes your face in a positive way. You can even go for a bold hairstyle, like bangs or bobs!

Oval face

Just like a heart-shaped face, there are many different hairstyles that work well for an oval face. People with this face shape generally have a hairline that is slightly rounded, and their jaws are slightly narrower than their temples. Medium length cuts will look best with an oval face, such as a bob or a slightly short cut. It is best to avoid a haircut that is too short, as it emphasizes the top of your head and makes your face appear even longer.

Square face

One characteristic of a square face is that you have a pronounced jaw line. Chances are, you want to soften this trait. You can do this by choosing to cut bangs. Make sure the hair falls around your face. So, straight cuts are not such a good idea. If you are going for a hairstyle with a lot of volume, you should also make sure that your jaw line is less noticeable. For example, think of curls or gradients. This will give the impression that your hair is falling nicely around your face and your face will appear a little rounder.

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